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Du Xiao felt like he was dreaming or something. He could've suspected anyone, but he could never have suspected Meng Luo.

After all, Meng Luo and his Meng Clan had been most supportive of this alliance. Moreover, Meng Clan had been the most forceful since Ao Xie Yun's hunt had begun. The reason for this was very simple — the Meng Clan had come to a dead end. So, they had been hoping to benefit from this chaos.

On top of that, Meng Luo had never gotten along with Ao Xie Yun. In fact, a selfish guy like Meng Luo would never break an alliance for Ao Xie Yun's sake even if they had been friends.

Therefore, this betrayal had come from the most unlikely person.

This matter had made Ou Du Xiao, Tian Bu Hui, and the others depressed, angry, and puzzled at the same time.

[What the hell is this?]

[Meng Luo has had several opportunities to let Ao Xie Yun escape in the past. He could've silently sent Ao Xie Yun out of the encirclement at several instances. But, he didn't do that. Therefore, all of us had felt quite reassured!] 

 [Why didn't he act before if there was indeed some sort of collaboration between him and Ao Xie Yun?]

[Did he want to act at the last moment when Ao Xie Yun was completely cornered, and it was absolutely impossible for him to escape? Did he intentionally wait until all of Ao Xie Yun's loyal subordinates were dead…? Wouldn't it be useless if he rescued Ao Xie Yun like that?]

[Does he think that Ao Xie Yun will simply forget everything?]

Everyone's heads had turned into a mushy paste from thinking too much. And, the more they thought about it, the more confusing it became.

[However, things have come to a point where the situation seems completely out of our control. So, we must continue to chase even if we don't understand what is going on. After all, we would be done for if we allowed Ao Xie Yun to return to the Ao Clan...]

More than a thousand people bellowed, and began to chase.

Gu Du Xing was darting away like a meteor while carrying Ao Xie Yun. Ao Xie Yun felt as if he was riding on the clouds. He thankfully said, "Thank you very much for rescuing me, Senior. May I ask who you are?"

Ao Xie Yun was obviously a very knowledgeable and experienced person. And, he had noticed that all of the enemy's swords had started to issue orderly sword cries the moment Gu Du Xing's sword had come out of the sheath. In fact, it had seemed as if they were worshiping their emperor. So, Ao Xie Yun had immediately come to realize that this man was a Sword Emperor.

This was the so-called example of 'I've never eaten pork, but I have seen pigs running around'. There hadn't been such a Sword Emperor in the Middle Three Heavens for centuries. However, Ao Xie Yun was the successor of the number-one clan of the Middle Three Heavens. So, how could he not recognize a Sword Emperor?

Therefore, he naturally assumed that, [Someone with this kind of cultivation has to be a highly skilled senior expert!]

Gu Du Xing lightly smiled behind the mask and said, "Evil Young Master, I am Gu Du Xing."

Ao Xie Yun nearly collapsed to the ground as soon as he heard this.

In fact, he would've fallen down from the shock if it weren't for Gu Du Xing holding him.

[What is this? Is this truly that Gu Du Xing who is equally famous as me?]

[This Sword Emperor… turned out to be Gu Du Xing?] Ao Xie Yun's mind instantly blacked out.

[How did he suddenly become a Sword Emperor? And... how can I be equally famous as him if that's the case?]

Gu Du Xing had covered a distance of ten-thousand feet at a stretch. Then, he shrugged his shoulder up, and threw Ao Xie Yun away. Dong Wu Shang let out a bellow, turned into a starry saber-light together with his saber, and caught Ao Xie Yun. Then, he dashed away like a saber beam while carrying Ao Xie Yun on his back.

Ao Xie Yun didn't ask anything this time. Instead, he just slightly sighed, and whispered, "Dong Wu Shang, thank you!"

He felt a sense of loss in his heart, [Those two were once equally famous as me. However, one has become a Sword Emperor, and the other has become a Saber Emperor now. And, I'm still a mere Sixth Grade Martial King. Yet, I've been pushed forward to the rank of 'number-one young master of the younger generation of the Middle Three Heavens'.]

[Would I have obtained that title if I didn't belong to the Ao Clan?]

[It's no wonder that people don't acknowledge me as the number-one. Why would they do so when they know that my clan is the reason behind my success?]

[However, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang have achieved success based on their own hard work… one step at a time. How can I ever compare myself with them? Who would give me any importance if I lost the title of 'Ao Clan's Eldest Young Master'?]

Ao Xie Yun sighed sorrowfully.

He hadn't sighed or lost heart when he was facing a hopeless situation of life and death. However, he felt inferior deep down at this moment.

[I am inferior!]

'Ao Clan's Eldest Young Master'— this title is my biggest enemy..." Ao Xie Yun mocked himself in his heart.

Gu Du Xing and the others had restored their original physiques when they had snatched Ao Xie Yun and dashed off. So, they no longer had that meticulously transformed appearance. Firstly, they had done this so that they could display their strength to the maximum. Secondly, it was to make Ao Xie Yun recognize them. Otherwise, nothing good would've been gained if some misunderstanding had arisen…

Whiz whiz whiz...

The seven individuals pushed forward towards the mountain forest like an orderly group of shooting stars while tracing long marks on the ground.

Meng Luo and the people of his clan were doing their utmost to keep up. And, the experts of Meng Clan who had fallen behind were being wiped out by the raging experts of the other clans.

Many people had been killed. In fact, only two Martial Emperors were left by Meng Luo's side at this moment. However, Meng Luo was still extremely excited.

[Ao Xie Yun has finally been snatched away. And, I've managed to win Young Lord Ye's trust.]

[Young Lord Ye should appreciate me even more, right? He-he, I was so decisive back there. I snatched Ao Xie Yun with such determination and decisiveness. This is the direct descendent of Ao Clan… he's the bearer of pure bloodline. He's the key to opening the dragon's vein wherein lies the hidden treasure-house of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master.] 

[I've provided such a great service to Young Lord Ye, he he, he he...]

[I can now get my hands on a part of the treasures of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, right? Furthermore, I will get an opportunity to rush straight into the Upper Three Heavens...]

Meng Luo was fleeing while thinking all this. He felt as if his body was full of inexhaustible energy at the moment.

He obviously had his own plans as well, [I had better call the Meng Clan's ancestor, and bring along several experts as backup when we go to find the hidden treasure.]

[This Young Lord Ye looks like an idiot. However, I can't rule out the possibility that he won't destroy the bridge after crossing the river…]

[But, the first step has finally been taken no matter what happens afterwards. And, there is no turning back now that it's done. So, I can only keep going onwards bravely even if it is risky.]

[Since ancient times… all those who have become successful… when have they not taken risk? Riches and honor are always found amidst danger.] Meng Luo kept comforting himself in his heart.

[How can there be a huge harvest without huge investment?]

[How can one attain a magnificent future without making effort in the present day?]

[This might be the case of 'Heaven never seals off all exits'. There will appear a new way out even in the most adverse and hopeless circumstances. And, it will be more powerful than any other way.]

All sorts of inspirational allusions emerged in Meng Luo's heart in an instant; [I believe that I, Meng Luo will become a new legend in the Middle Three Heavens in the near future.]

[Who would dare to say that what I did today was wrong after I become successful…? But, there will surely be some people who'd envy my sinister insight and my guts to make this investment… along with my resolution to go forward with strategy.]

[You become a king if you come out victorious, and you become a bandit if you lose. There is no place for compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity.]

[This is fu*king Jianghu for god's sake!]

Finally, Meng Luo fiercely said this in his heart, and then continued to happily rush in the forward direction.

However, the pursuing brigade was getting closer and closer. And, a dozen or more Emperor Level Experts were very close.

The Third Grade Martial Emperor clenched his teeth. Then, he shouted out loud, "All Martial Kings, stay behind and block the enemy. Today is the matter of our Meng Clan's survival. The Young Lord has already endured humiliation as a part of an important mission for Meng Clan's sake. You people won't be able to run away from the Emperor Experts at your current speeds. So, you might as well sacrifice your lives for the clan. Don't worry. This old man swears on his life that your family members will live comfortably after you are gone. This old man will make sure that they won't have to face any humiliation until their last moment."

The dozens of King Level Experts that had survived this far had already given up all hope. And, these words made them so thrilled that they wanted to die.

"Don't worry, Second Elder. We'll leave Young Lord Meng in your capable hands. But, please don't forget the promise that you've made to us subordinates today… regarding the safety of our family members…"

They suddenly stopped after shouting this out. Then, they rushed back to fight with everything they had.

They all had the same mindset – to take down the enemy with themselves.

Everyone knew in their heart, [Second Elder spoke the truth. The situation already looks very dire. It doesn't look like we'd be able to survive today. So, it's better to trade our lives for the safety of our family members.]

[Our Meng Clan would storm into the Upper Three Heavens as long as Young Lord and Second Elder get out alive from this. Then, our family members will be able to get the best care. Moreover, our children will flourish in the Upper Three Heavens.]

[We feel content in our hearts even though we're about to die.]

Then, several explosive sounds were heard. And, this was followed by several screams. The King Level Experts of the Meng Clan had launched a suicide-attack to block the enemy.

The two Emperor Level Experts of Meng Clan heaved a deep sigh. And, their faces suddenly turned red at the same time. They picked up Meng Luo, and simultaneously started a secret technique of burning their vitality. Their speed instantly became threefold as a result. And, they followed Chu Yang and the others like shooting stars.

A trace of intense bitterness flashed in Meng Luo's eyes. He said in his heart, [The kings are already dead. It's a pity. However, it was a last resort. In fact, I would even make these two Emperor Experts go all-out to obstruct the enemy in the name of the clan's future if the worse comes to the worst. After all, that would give me a slim chance of survival.]

[Everything will be worth it as long as I can escape. And, I will have as many Emperor Experts as I want afterwards.]

[Moreover, these people have been continuously chasing for such a long time. All of them must be exhausted and spent. I believe that they won't necessarily be able to catch up with us… Furthermore, they can't possibly be prepared to face a Young Lord that has a Sword Emperor, a Saber Emperor, and a mystical expert by his side...

[The pursuers have an overwhelming numerical strength. So, we may not be able to defeat them. However, we should be able to escape without any issue.]

The experts of the other clans had been pursuing like the wind, while the Meng Clan's experts had been running away in a battered and exhausted state. So, how could the pursuers have anticipated that the Meng Clan's experts would suddenly turn around to fight a decisive battle with them?

The pursuers got held up for a while as they eliminated all these suicidal King Level Experts. Subsequently, they could only see a boundless mountain forest in front of them. After all, their targets had already disappeared without a trace...

Tian Bu Hui and the other young masters caught up at this moment. They were panting, and their complexions had turned extremely gloomy.

"Find them! At any cost!" Tu Qian Hao's gaze turned vicious.

"Set fire! Burn down the entire mountain forest!" Ou Du Xiao had become even more poisonous.

These two had issued commands at the same time.

The two Emperor Experts beside Meng Luo continued to use the secret method of burning their vitality for about half-an-hour before they were finally able to catch up with Chu Yang and his party. However, they hadn't caught up with them of their own merit since Chu Yang and the others had been taking a short break at the summit during this time.

"Young Lord!" Meng Luo stepped forward jubilantly while panting. He then said while laughing gently, "Finally, mission has been accomplished! This man is the bearer of the Ao Clan's pure bloodline. And, we have finally succeeded in obtaining him."

Tan Tan said while beaming with smiles, "You worked hard."

Meng Luo let out a carefree smile. Then, he said in a loyal and devoted manner, "It's an honor to work for Young Lord. So, how can it be called hard work?"

However, he wiped his sweat as he said this… as if it was in fact a very hard work. He then somewhat eagerly asked, "Young Lord, what should we do next?"

"Well, next... you may go back. You don't need to follow me anymore," Tan Tan casually replied.

"This is... what?" Meng Luo suddenly couldn't believe his own ears. He said while stammering, "Young Lord, you... you're joking right..."

"Fu*k off! Joking, you say? Who would be interested in joking with someone like you?" Tan Tan got furious, and started to rant, "I don't even bother to joke with the children back home. So, why would I be interesting in joking with you? Get lost motherfu*ker! Why are you still here? Don't tell me you're still thinking of depending on me? You think I wouldn't destroy the bridge after crossing the river? Why would I keep you? Who the fu*k do you think you are?! Fu*k off! Shoo!"

It turned dark before Meng Luo's eyes. His entire body suddenly started to shudder.

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