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"The direct descendent of Ao Clan? A pure bloodline?" Meng Luo was somewhat in a daze. He said in his heart, [Wouldn't it mean Ao Xie Yun? Why did he suddenly mention Ao Xie Yun?]

"May I ask if a pure bloodline of the Ao Clan is useful to Young Clan Lord?" Meng Luo became vigilant in his heart.

"You fool!" Tan Tan scolded Meng Luo as if he had failed to meet his expectations. He then smacked him on his head. "Have you grown up eating nasal mucus? Why would I want to catch him if he were useless to me? It's not like I wish to make him the husband of my younger sister, huh?!"

"Eh…" Meng Luo stroked his head. He was perplexed. [What is this?]

"Let me tell you… I've heard that Ao Clan has acquired a dragon's vein. Do you understand? And, there's a hidden treasure-house under that dragon's vein. However, there are some prohibitions in that area. An average person can't go in there. However, the Ao Clan had occupied that area a thousand years ago. Consequently, the pure bloodline of the Ao Clan has attained the power of that dragon's vein. So, I need the blood essence of a direct descendant of the Ao Clan in order to open the sealed dragon's vein… and, get the treasure!"

Tan Tan told him everything, "Otherwise, that dragon's vein is restricted by the energy of the Nine Tribulations Sword. Even a Saint Expert wouldn't be able to avoid serious injuries if he tried to open it by using force. Understand? I will pinch you both above and below if you dare to disclose this secret!"

"So that's how it is," Meng Luo responded. He then analyzed this matter in his heart in order to estimate its possibility.

[Dragon's vein exists! I can't say about other clans, but the Meng Clan was established on a dragon's vein. But, I have to consider that the Ao Clan keeps on expanding more and more. And, there has to be a reason behind it… It seems that there's also a vague mention of opening a dragon's vein using blood essence in the legends. Is it possible that this guy has spoken the truth?]

Meng Luo repeatedly pondered in his heart. He remained spellbound for a while.

"Ao Clan mustn't find out about this." Tan Tan raised one his eyebrows up to the sky, and lowered the other to the earth. He had put on an extremely serious expression as he had warned Meng Luo. Then, he continued to smile frivolously, "Those blockheads have been guarding that enormous treasure for more than a thousand years. They have known this all along, but they've still treated it like an ordinary dragon's vein. Ha ha ha… But, this Young Master luckily got the map of that treasure-house. Humph, humph, dumbfu*ks!"

Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others suddenly found themselves filling with admiration for Tan Tan. All of them sighed at the same time. They could clearly see that Tan Tan's eyelids weren't even blinking while lying. And, he had clearly fascinated this Young Master of the Meng Clan. Moreover, he was furthering the plan step by step, and was getting close to saving Ao Xie Yun…

[He's a very talented person.]

In fact, Minister Chu even felt ashamed of his inferiority. Ji Mo had always believed that he was very eloquent, but he was even fuller of admiration at this juncture. [Crap! This matter can be handled this way too...]

[I didn't know that Young Master Tan Tan could come up with something like this. This is god-tier story-telling!]

"Why the sighs…? Why are you guys sighing over?" Tan Tan aggressively glared at them, "You lot… How would you understand this magnificent blueprint that I've put all my heart into?"

He held Meng Luo's shoulder while saying this. Then, he raised his nose upward and said, "We had originally decided to look for some assistance after coming here. After all, we knew that we would need some help in order to accomplish our mission. But, this work is done here now. Little Meng Meng has a slightly slippery character. But, why can't we bring him back to the clan with us if he can help us accomplish this? After all, I am very farsighted."

Chu Yang sighed. He shook his head, and he firmly looked at Meng Luo while adding fuel to the fire. "Meng, don't try to play any cheap trick. We will slaughter your entire clan like livestock if I find out that you harmed the Young Clan Lord in any way!"

"Yes. Yes. I will sincerely obey Senior's instructions. I won't dare to go against you in any way." Meng Luo swallowed the insult. He said in his heart, [I'd first pay you bastards back for this so-called 'favor' if I ever crawled up to a position higher than yours…]

"Yang-itchy… uh-huh…" Tan Tan raised his eyebrows. He was unable to contain his joy, "You tell me… would daddy make me the next clan lord if I completed this secretly important mission? Or, do I have to break the legs of my elder brother, and throw him out?"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes, and stammered for a while. Then, he 'honestly' said, "Second Master… I don't think that you will get the Clan Lord's position…"

Meng Luo greatly approved of it in his heart. He thought; [A guy like you can become the Clan Lord of the top ruling clan in the Upper Three Heavens? I won't believe it even if you beat me to death.]

Tan Tan flew into a rage. He became furious like a madman. He stomped about in anger, and shouted, "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up… this position of the Clan Lord is a job for slackers. Even dogs can do it!"

Everyone was dumbstruck upon hearing this.

Meng Luo formed a smiling expression. He thought, [Wouldn't that mean that you're calling your father a dog?]

"Why haven't we arrived there yet?" Tan Tan complained, "Where is that scum? We will catch him, and go back without delay… Why are we talking about this rubbish matter?"

Meng Luo came back to his senses. He had made up his mind, [I must accomplish this thing. After all, I presently have an opportunity to make a great contribution.]

"Congratulations, Young Clan Lord. Congratulations, Young Clan Lord…" Meng Luo lowered his voice, "This escaped criminal is exactly the one you are looking for… He's a pure bloodline of the Ao Clan… In fact, he's their Eldest Young Master — Ao Xie Yun."

"Eh?" Tan Tan became 'shocked'. He suddenly turned his head, and looked towards Meng Luo. He then suspiciously asked, "Damn it! I barely asked, and you're already prepared? You can't deceive me like that! How can there be such a coincidence?"

His expression suddenly became severe. Then, he said angrily in a low voice, "Do you think that I'm so easily fooled? Damn you, you are a scoundrel!"

Meng Luo forced a smile. He wished that he could pull out his heart, liver, and lungs to prove that he was speaking the truth, "Young Clan Lord, I'm telling the truth. The man that we're trying to track down is the Young Clan Lord of Ao Clan – Ao Xie Yun."

"Stop your nonsensical lies, Motherfu*ker!" Tan Tan became angry, "Do you think that I don't know about the Ao Clan? That clan is considered to be the number-one clan in your Middle Three Heavens even though this Young Master hasn't seen it yet. And, the pure-blooded son of the number-one clan is considered as a fugitive by you? Motherfu*ker! Don't shoot off your mouth! Don't boast so much!"

He almost drew his mouth close to Meng Luo's face and spat on it, "Take my example. Who would dare to hunt me down in the Upper Three Heavens? I would execute all of them. And, I will execute you too if you dare to deceive me!"

"This is true… it is indeed that way. Young Clan Lord, you've just got very lucky today…" Meng Luo felt wronged. He cried out, "Ask them if you don't believe me… Everyone knows this…"

"How can there be such a big coincidence?" Tan Tan flew into a rage as if he had been cheated, robbed, and raped. He felt grief and indignation, "Meng Luo, Meng Luo. I wanted to guide you properly. But, I didn't expect that you'd take me for a fool. You have done it now. Tsk tsk, I kill the people who try to play tricks on me…"

Meng Luo almost vomited blood since he felt unjustly treated. "It is true. Young Clan Lord, you can ask anyone if you don't believe me." However, the only hope that was left in his heart vanished like a puff of smoke when he saw Tan Tan flying into a rage.

"Nonsense! They are your subordinates. What's the point of asking them?" Then, Tan Tan's face suddenly turned dark. "Do you want to die?"

He spoke till here, and suddenly his belly made a rumbling sound. He couldn't help but cuss, "Motherfu*ker, you're making me so angry that I feel hungry!"

He took out a bright and sparkling fist-sized inner core of a sixth-grade spirit beast. He then stuffed it into his mouth, but didn't chew it. He simply stretched his neck, and it swelled up. Then, he continued to gulp down the inner cores one by one while issuing gulping sounds.

Meng Luo opened his eyes wide in shock. He almost jumped up in fright. In fact, it seemed that his head had somewhat blown out. [He eats spirit beast inner cores? Oh fu*k! He… deserves to be called the Second Young Master of Ye Clan. This motherfu*ker can eat the inner cores of spirit beasts just like that…]

"Someone, come! Execute him for me!" Tan Tan bellowed. He emitted murderous aura from his eyes, "You dared to deceive me! Humph, humph…"

"This isn't fair…" Meng Luo shivered. He hastily shouted, "There's a reason for this…"

"What kind of reason?" Tan Tan waved his hand to stop his men. He then squinted, and looked at Meng Luo.

"The matter goes like this... I was once damned by King of Hell Chu at the Mt. Dingjun…" Meng Luo had no other choice. He was forced to tell the whole matter from the beginning to the end. "… then, since Ou Clan wanted to deal with King of Hell Chu… this led to… therefore… that happened… this is why… we want to kill Ao Xie Yun… this is the whole matter."

Everyone's complexion changed after they had heard the reason.

It was hard to imagine that these many things, these many coincidences, the union of these many clans, and the hunt for Ao Xie Yun… were all because of Chu Yang.

Chu Yang himself was flabbergasted.

[Do I have such a great ability? I can make such a tremendous impact? Fu*k! How did I not know?]

"Is it so? So, you're saying… this man is the Eldest Young Master of the Ao Clan? This Ao… whatever his name is?" Tan Tan looked as if he couldn't believe it. "Fu*k, so this isn't a coincidence, right? It's like a maiden came by herself just when I was thinking of getting married… Could it be that this is the will of heavens?"

Everyone felt so overwhelmed in their hearts that they felt like vomiting.

Chu Yang had never thought that the Junior Martial Brother he had grown up with was such a good actor!

His act had been simply amazing!

Meng Luo repeatedly nodded. Then, he flatteringly said, "That's right. Young Clan Lord, it is a great sign for you. Such a coincidence is proof that Young Clan Lord is very lucky. You only need to stretch your hand, and you can grab anything you want. Everything is easy for you. The heavens have bestowed a gift upon you so that you can succeed in this important mission. This is certainly your luck."

Tan Tan shook his head. He was overjoyed, and he patted Meng Luo, "Damn it! You're very thoughtful. I like it. Wa ha ha… Do you think I'm handsome?"

Meng Luo was startled by this. But, he hastily replied, "Yes! No one can be more handsome than you! I haven't seen anyone so handsome in the Middle Three Heavens…" He felt somewhat overwhelmed in his heart… [Why does he need to ask whether he's handsome or not…? This is fu*ked up…]

"Wa ha ha… Little Meng, you truly talk sincerely. I like it. Wa ha ha…" Tan Tan burst into loud laughter.

Everyone had been rendered speechless. So, they turned away their heads one after another, and pretended not to see.

They had reached the middle reaches of the river while having this conversation. Ou Du Xiao came over from the front along with the other men. Then, he spoke-up in a rude tone, "Meng Luo, why are you not at the lower reaches of the river? Why have you come here? And, who are these people?"

Meng Luo had a big backing now. So, why would he give importance to these minor people of the Middle Three Heavens? He snorted and said, "These are my friends. And, you don't need to talk so rudely, okay?"

Tan Tan picked his nose with his finger. Then, he snapped his finger with a 'snap' sound. Consequently, the yellow and sticky mucus from his nose got pasted on Ou Du Xiao's white robe. Then, he said in an eccentric manner, "Who is this? He's not even paying respect to me. Don't you have any manners here in your Middle Three Heavens?"

The complexion of Ou Du Xiao and the others changed. He threw a rude glance at Tan Tan, "Who is this?"

Tan Tan coldly snorted. However, he didn't get enough time to speak since a wave suddenly splashed nearby on the riverside. Then, a blood circle rose from the bottom of the river. Then, someone rushed out of the water's surface. After that, a loud shout came, "Ao Xie Yun has been found!"

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