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Chu Yang literally wanted to kick this bastard into the river!

[You dared to call me by my childhood name… And, that too such a weird one…'Yang-itchy'…? You're asking for a spanking!]

However, the situation at present was unusual. So, Chu Yang was forced to submit to humiliation. He replied, "I've heard that there's a clan named Meng in the Middle Three Heavens. And, that it's a big clan. These people before us here are most likely from Meng Clan."

"Oh uh-huh~~" Tan Tan let out an uncanny smile as he said, "So, it's originally a clan of the Middle Three Heavens? No wonder I've never heard of it. I see… a clan of the Middle Three Heavens… uh-huh… Yang-itchy, isn't this the first Middle Three Heavens' clan that we've seen since we've come 'down' here?"

The King Level Expert of the Meng Clan stood opposite to him. His complexion had turned pale, and his body was on the verge of collapse. After all, he had been repeatedly bombarded by Tan Tan's endlessly destructive voice. Consequently, he had nearly fallen apart.

However, Meng Luo's eyes shone brightly, [People from the Upper Three Heavens? Moreover, it seems that their status isn't low.]

The person standing next to him was a Third Grade Martial Emperor of the Meng Clan. He whispered at this moment with a solemn look on his face, "Young Lord, this person... he is seemingly from the Upper Three Heavens."

Meng Luo rolled his eyes. He then said in his heart, [Do you need to tell me that? That guy himself said so earlier].

"Moreover, the people around him are all experts… I can especially sense the pure sword energy that is soaring to the heavens, and the pure saber energy that is surging around unhindered. I'm afraid... there's at least one Sword Emperor and at least one Saber Emperor among the black-clothed people at his side!"

"Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor?" Meng Luo's eyes brightened up.

"Furthermore, the person beside him… the one who had spoken just now… his cultivation is concealed. I can't make out its depth..."

Meng Luo was shocked to hear this.

He was a direct descendant of a top-notch clan of the Middle Three Heavens. So, how could he not know about the significance of Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor? There were indeed many Emperor Level Experts in the Middle Three Heavens. Meng Luo himself knew of at least seven such people! However, he didn't know of any Sword Emperors or Saber Emperors!

The practitioners of palm and fist techniques could use each other's experiences as reference. Similarly, the sword way and the saber way had things in common as well. The other weapons also always had some common basis of existence between them… whether they were hard or flexible. Therefore, the practitioners could learn from others' strong points in order to make up for their own weak points. They could achieve mastery of the subject via a comprehensive study of the surrounding areas. And, they could ultimately succeed in achieving the Emperor Level in this way.

However, the Emperor Level that was achieved like this would seem heterogeneous and impure! One would indeed reach the Emperor Level by this method. However, it would merely be an ordinary Emperor Level.

Some people would learn from each other's experiences in the early stages. They would grasp the concepts, and would gradually progress upward. However, they would choose a special subject to master when they reached a certain point. And, they would subsequently become the so-called Sword Emperor, Saber Emperor, and such... However, there was absolutely no comparison between such a Saber Emperor and Dong Wu Shang. After all, Dong Wu Shang had wholeheartedly focused on mastering the saber way since childhood. This was the reason he had come so far.

The dry and dull road that Dong Wu Shang had taken could drive any expert insane!

However, this road would become smooth once the Emperor Level was achieved! Therefore, it was said that a genuine Sword Emperor or Saber Emperor would be like the seedling of a future Saint Level Expert as long as he didn't die an accidental death! This legend of the Nine Heavens had been there all along. Also, it was their most dominant legend.

[So, this grotesque youth in front of me has a pure Sword Emperor and a pure Saber Emperor as bodyguards? What kind of family background does he have?!]

[However, that exceptional expert whose cultivation can't be sensed should be the true guardian of this Young Master!]

[When will I become friends with such a noble Young Master if not now?]

Meng Luo came forward bravely. He then smiled gracefully, and said, "Dare I ask the respectable Young Master… have you come from the Upper Three Heavens? May I know what your name is?"

"Smart! Boy, you have a promising future. My family name is Ye." Tan Tan burst into loud laughter. He looked extremely ferocious and wild as he replied. However, he only knew the name of the clan of his master's dear wife from the Upper Three Heavens. In fact, he merely knew that it was a big and respected clan; he obviously hadn't been able to come up with anything else at this time.

"So, it turned out to be Young Master Ye." Meng Luo turned speechless once again. [No wonder he's so flashy and arrogant. He's the Young Master of the number-one clan of the Upper Three Heavens. However, it's a great aristocratic clan with ten-thousand years of inheritance. Therefore, it should have outstanding genetics, right? So, how did it give birth of this repulsive freak? Don't tell me that he's a product of incest…]

He was thinking these things in his heart, but he naturally didn't dare to show any of it on his face.

Tan Tan snorted, and pointed a finger at Meng Luo's nose from across the river. His arrogance overflowed the sky as he asked like the insufferably arrogant freak that he was, "Is your surname Meng?"

"Yes, my surname is Meng!"

"Well, Meng… do you want me to keep talking to you from the other side of the river? Aren't you getting tired?" Tan Tan's arrogant behavior had nearly reached the sky. It was basically like this, [I have a complete upper hand over you! So, it doesn't matter what I say… you have no choice but to follow obediently!] However, this kind of attitude fully demonstrated the hegemony of the hedonistic son of the number-one clan of the Upper Three Heavens.

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di were hedonistic sons of their clans. However, Tan Tan's demonstration had made them feel ashamed of being inferior. [This is pure talent... to think that a brazenly shameless guy like him could be capable of pulling this off.]

Ji Mo secretly cursed in his heart, [This guy should maybe try acting in plays… It's needless to say that the others have believed that he's the Eldest Young Master of the Ye Clan. But, perhaps he-himself has also started to believe it…]

"In that case, the Young Master might as well cross the river." Meng Luo readily accepted the good advice. He then quickly gave a hand signal to respectfully welcome 'Young Master Ye' and help him cross the river.

Several big trees were laid down. Chu Yang took the lead, and stepped on a big tree to float forward. The big tree was extending for several hundred feet from the river side. He reached the end of the tree, and leapt. He sprang himself forward with this jump, and covered 300 feet in one fell swoop. He then flicked his hand, and shot the branch that he was holding in his hand. Then, he lightly stepped on it once, and arrived at the opposite shore of the river while floating like a feather. He didn't even glance at Meng Luo who was standing right before him. Instead, he turned around at once, and began to wait on the shore for Tan Tan and the others.

It was the image of a loyal and devoted old bodyguard.

And, the fact that he was the first one to cross the river confirmed what Meng Luo had guessed in his heart, ['This expert is the true guardian'].

Gu Du Xing let out a long and loud shout. And, the sword energy burst into the sky. He then stepped onto the big tree. He reached the terminus, and then suddenly soared up. A strand of sword light shot towards the horizon like a rainbow while staying snugly over the water surface.

The swords hanging from the waists of the people of Meng Clan had issued a 'clang' sound the moment his sword light was released.

This was because these dozens of swords were like common people. But, the Supreme Emperor of the swords had suddenly appeared before them at this time.

"Sure enough, it is the purest Sword Emperor!" The Third Grade Martial Emperor opened his mouth wide. He confirmed in his heart while talking to himself, and quickly closed his mouth shut thereafter.

Then, the saber light filled the air. Its power was overwhelming and tyrannical; Dong Wu Shang was the next one to arrive.

"Purest Saber Emperor!" The Third Grade Martial Emperor confirmed his guess to himself.

Tan Tan and the other talented people skimmed over immediately after that. Finally, everyone had arrived.

All of them were silent at the moment. They appeared indifferent and arrogant. They seemed to be repelling people in thousand miles distance. However, everyone was excited in their heart, [Didn't think that crossing the river would be this easy!]

Chu Yang was also surprised.

However, they didn't know that Meng Clan was detested by everyone in the Middle Three Heavens. Therefore, it was dying to improve its status by making powerful connections.

Moreover, there wasn't even a single Pure Sword Emperor or Pure Saber Emperor in the Middle Three Heavens. Naturally, this had made Meng Luo's imagination roam even more.

The arrival of a Sword Emperor, a Saber Emperor, and a Young Master from the Upper Three Heavens had given rise to an opportunistic mentality in Meng Luo, [Who would dare to touch my Meng Clan in the Middle Three Heavens if I can claim connections with the Ye Clan…?]

[Even the Ao Clan wouldn't dare to do that!]

Therefore, he didn't dare to suspect them for the fear that he might appear inconsiderate to his guests.

And, this unusual situation had been created by none other than Chu Yang!

He was the one who had exposed Meng Luo's evil technique on Mt Dingjun, and brought about this phenomenon. This could be considered as the case of delayed cause and effect. After all, the cause that had occurred way back had produced an effect only now...

"What are you doing here?" Tan Tan came over, and right away occupied the big stone on which Meng Luo had been sitting earlier. He relaxed his legs, and asked in an authoritative way like a minister.

"Well... Hha, I won't hide this matter from Young Master Ye. We're here because we're hunting down a fugitive." Meng Luo smiled and said, "This guy has committed every imaginable crime in the Middle Three Heavens. He rapes and loots wherever he goes. The public's resentment overflowed, and we were force to move into action. We had no choice but to join forces to uproot this evil!"

Tan Tan replied in a disinterested manner while picking his ear, "Fugitive? Damn, I'm so disappointed in the Middle Three Heavens. It's so unclean. It even has fugitives on the run. Yang-itchy, I think this person of Meng Clan is pretty nice. How about we lend him a helping hand?"

Meng Luo instantly became delighted in his heart.

Chu Yang's heart was full of rage at the moment. But, he acted respectful and sincere in his response, "Well... Young Master, I think this isn't a good idea… The Clan Lord had told you something when we were leaving… he had said that we mustn't meddle in other people's business if we can avoid it. You must finish your job here, and go back as soon as possible. Please don't delay too much..."

"Humph!" Tan Tan's eyebrows moved up and down as he flew into a rage. He then stood up from the rock with a jerk, and yelled, "Fu*k off! What's not good about this? What do you mean by meddling in other people's business, huh? Yang-itchy! You always use that old bastard's name to try to push me down! I'm not the future Clan Lord. But, I'm still the Second Young Master, am I not? Shouldn't what I speak before you be a command?

"This won't do; won't do!" Tan Tan said furiously, "Today, I must look at what this fugitive looks like..."

"But, Young Master... this is... not appropriate. You are on an important mission. So, this distraction is not advisable since it might cause some side issues," Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang tried to dissuade him as well.

However, Tan Tan became even more furious. He kicked Dong Wu Shang and cussed, "Fu*k off! I know that you're a disobedient brat. You hit me three days ago when we were practicing martial arts. And, now you even dare to try preventing me from doing a good deed! You won't allow me to go? So, I will definitely go."

Dong Wu Shang endured that kick, and grimaced in pain. [This bastard redressed personal grievances out in public. I just kicked him a few times while practicing martial arts three days ago. And, he chose to take revenge at this time…]

[You just wait!] Saber Emperor Dong secretly gnashed his teeth.

Chu Yang watched Meng Luo intently, and very clearly indicated him to reject.

Meng Luo might have rejected the offer if they hadn't been acting like this. However, Meng Luo pretended not to see Chu Yang's eye signal in this case. He didn't change his mind, and politely said, "Of course, it's a great thing that Young Master Ye is willing to help us. But, for what matter has Brother Ye come here? You see… my clan can be considered somewhat influential in the Middle Three Heavens. And, I would love to do my best in helping Brother Ye in completing his important mission once this matter ends!"

He had tried to become familiar amidst the exchanges by very conveniently changing 'Young Master Ye' to 'Brother Ye'.

Tan Tan became extremely happy. He looked at Meng Luo and said, "You are a good person."

Meng Luo nodded again and again. He just smiled... as if he was saying that he didn't deserve Tan Tan's praise. However, he couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart, [I have become a fu*king street rat nowadays, and this guy calls me a 'good person'… However, it's for the best that you think that I am a good person!]

"Are you convinced now?" Tan Tan seemed to be immensely proud with himself. He looked at Chu Yang and Dong Wu Shang.

The two men made a 'we have no alternative' gesture one after another. Then, they let out a long and a brief sigh.

"Brother Ye, please come with me!" Meng Luo had found a very powerful helper whom no one could afford to offend. So, he was naturally going to grab credit for it. There was no way that he was still going to hopelessly guard the downstream. He was in high spirits as he led Tan Tan to the upper reaches of the river.

Hundreds of people were carefully searching in the river upstream. Some people would come out of the water, take a deep breath, and then dive back into the river. They were continuously repeating this process.

The range of the search reduced more and more with time. In fact, it was very close to Ao Xie Yun's hiding place at the moment!

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