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The efficacy of this medicine was remarkable.

However, Chu Yang didn't have any prior experience of treating such a condition. And, he didn't want the efficacy of this medicine to fall short. So, he had given Luo Ke Di the full bottle of the Lust Dragon's blood for the fear that it won't be effective if consumed in less quantity.

However, this quantity was a bit too much with regards to the so-called 'illness' of Second Master Luo. In fact, only a sip would've been sufficient for Luo Ke Di's condition. However, Luo Ke Di had drunk a full bottle of it…

The consequences were obvious.

Second Master Luo circulated his martial power since he feared that the medicinal efficacy of the Lust Dragon's blood would go wasted. He only felt as if his body was somewhat feverish at first. Then, he started to feel some gradual reactions in his body. And, he became pleasantly surprised in his heart as a result…

He stopped the flow of his martial power after an hour. Then, he became somewhat flabbergasted.

He stood perfectly straight, and saw that there was a bulging tent on the crotch-part of his trousers. It was protruding proudly!

In fact, Luo Ke Di felt as if he was about to explode…

However, he was elated in his heart. In fact, he was incomparably pleased! [Motherfu*ker, I'm finally cured!]

Something unexpected had happened to him when he had been thirteen years old. He had been sleeping next to his elder brother, Luo Ke Wu. And, he had been repeatedly bumped by his brother's thing that night. That incident had ruined him for life since his heart had become very tangled. He had thought that he would never be able to recover from this strange illness. He couldn't even marry due to this illness. Moreover, it was embarrassing for him to tell this to anyone.

However, this illness had been eliminated by this medicine. Luo Ke Di thought, [I would feel blessed even if I have to carry this tent for a lifetime.]

"Ahwooh~~~" Second Master Luo jumped fifty feet high with his tent proudly erect. Then, he laughed heartily. "Hip hip hurray. Second Master Luo is open for business now…"

However, this was no longer the howl of a wicked wolf. It had turned into the howl of a pervert now!

Everyone spat in disgust when they heard it…

Second Master Luo started to walk with an exaggerated swagger… with his head held high and chest out. He started to walk in a heroic manner. In fact, he was walking ahead of everyone with his beautiful and shiny bulging tent. He even sang folk songs along the way!

All the brothers looked askance at him!

Chu Yang didn't dare to utter a word even though he had noticed something, [This guy has taken too much of the medicine. Perhaps it will be erect for several days if he isn't relieved very soon…]

[But, how would he… release it at this time?]

Minister Chu looked around in this widely spread area. But, he couldn't find any female… not even a female animal…

"Black Water River is about twenty-five kilometers ahead!" Gu Du Xing was quite familiar with the terrain, "And, the Ou Clan comes after crossing the river. So, we'll have to quickly go to the Xie Clan, and stay there for a while. We must sleep there, and rest well."

"Black Water River…?" Chu Yang's feet hadn't touched the ground the last time he had been here. After all, he had been running through the journey. In fact, it had seemed as if he had flown through it. So, how could he possibly have paid attention to some Black Water River while passing from here the last time? Moreover, he had taken a different route the last time he had visited the Xie Clan. This further confirmed that he had never seen this river.

"The entire riverbed of the Black Water River is black. The river water also appears jet-black as a result. That's why this river is called the Black Water River. The width of this river is around two-to-three kilometers. And, it has a turbulent flow," Gu Du Xing said with a smile, "By the way… the fish in this river are very delicious. Big Brother, you should definitely have a taste of them."

"Um, you never show a desire for food. But, you're still saying that the fishes here are delicious. It seems that I must taste them..." Chu Yang nodded.

These brothers chatted and laughed as they care-freely headed towards the Black Water River.

They could faintly hear the sound of water after they had covered a distance of more than fifteen kilometers.

However, Chu Yang suddenly wrinkled his brows. He then muttered, "Something seems off."

Tan Tan flared his nose, and sniffed the air. He also seemed to be somewhat amazed.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang stopped after walking a few steps, "Indeed, something feels off. There's a constraining feeling… like the calm before a storm!"

"It isn't a constraining feeling. It's the aura of death!" Tan Tan sniffed in the air. He then shook his eyebrows and said.

"There seems to be a situation up ahead…" Dong Wu Shang muttered, "Haven't we dealt with an ambush a little while ago? How come there's more?"

Each of these brothers possessed an exceptional spiritual awareness. So, they quickly concealed themselves. Then, they moved forward cautiously whilst staying hidden.

However, they then saw something. This scene extended as far as their eyes could see. And, it had brought a sudden change in their complexions!

They saw that there were piles of shiny-white carcasses of fishes and shrimps on the grass around the shores. These carcasses had obviously been intercepted by the plants and trees on the shores. [There are so many dead fish. Could it be that the Ou Clan has used some poison on the river water?] Ji Mo thought to himself.

There were many people standing aloft. They were eyeing the river in a covetous manner… like a tiger watches its prey.

Those people upstream were probably seeking for someone or something in the river…

"What's going on here?" Gu Du Xing looked at these men with his sharp eyes, "I can say by looking at the faces of these men that they're probably looking for something… or someone…"

"Ao Xie Yun!" a brilliant light flashed in the eyes of Chu Yang and Dong Wu Shang since they had suddenly recalled this name.

[Those people of Ou Clan had prepared an ambush for Ao Xie Yun earlier. And, there's an army at this place as well. So, it is fairly obvious that we have run into an ambush that is meant to catch Ao Xie Yun… or a battlefield to be precise.]

"Should we save Ao Xie Yun or not?" All eyes turned towards Chu Yang.

Chu Yang hesitated for a while.

It could be said that Chu Yang had only one reason to save Ao Xie Yun. His impression of Ao Xie Yun could neither be considered good nor bad. But, one thing was certain – the Middle Three Heavens would spiral into chaos if Ao Xie Yun were to die.

"Why is Ou Clan targeting Ao Xie Yun?" Chu Yang asked while muttering. He seemed to have asked this question to himself. "Look at this lineup. How can the Ou Clan have so many people? There must be at least three clans here. They must've formed an alliance. But, why do they want to kill Ao Xie Yun?"

"Could it be that something big is about to happen in the Middle Three Heavens?" Gu Du Xing murmured.

Chu Yang indifferently replied, "What major event could occur in the Middle Three Heavens now? The matter of the Northern Wilderness has ended very recently. And, the Three Stars Divine Clan has also been silent of late. In fact, they are quieter than before. So, nothing major should happen in such a short time!"

However, a brilliant light suddenly flashed in his heart, "But, the clan that is dealing with Ao Xie Yun is Ou Clan. And, the people who have recently offended the Ou Clan… are us. Moreover, we represent great aristocratic clans even if we aren't important people. Could it be that…"

"Is it possible that the Ou Clan is planning to deal with Ao Xie Yun with the intention of shifting the blame on us?" This thought suddenly popped in Dong Wu Shang's brain. He then immediately raised this point.

"This could easily be the case…" Chu Yang pondered for a while. Then, he raised the tip of his brow and said, "We will cross this river first… because, we must hurry along on our journey. And secondly… we can't just stand and watch this with folded arms if our prediction is right. So, everyone must listen carefully…

"First of all, there's no harm in meddling in this if are able to do so. But, we mustn't force ourselves into this if can't handle this." Chu Yang closely looked at the men's silhouettes flashing continuously in the distance. "Our enemy is very strong. They have several hundred people. But, we are only seven people. So, we won't be enough to tackle the enemy!"


The brothers agreed with him. The plan was already decided. So, everyone quickly decided to set into action. However, Chu Yang stopped them when they were just about to go over, "There's this river between us and them. And, this isn't a good thing for us. So, we will first have to think of a way to cross this river. Then, we will plan our next move..."

"How to cross this river?"

"Tan Tan, Bu Tong, you two will calmly walk in the front. The rest of us will wear masks, and follow behind you. We will be acting as your subordinates. We will be able to cross the river openly in this manner." An idea popped up in Chu Yang's mind. He said, "These people won't want to cause any issues on the side since they're carrying out an important assassination. So, we'll be able to attack and retreat freely once we cross this river. And, all the power of initiative will be in our hands then!"

"Great idea!" Everyone in this group was bold and rash. So, they all set into action as soon as they heard this idea.

Meng Luo was watching over the downstream stretch.

The Meng Clan's strength had reduced greatly. And, it was notorious for its bad deeds. So, it obviously couldn't be in the upstream where Ao Xie Yun was most likely to be found.

Catching Ao Xie Yun was directly related to who would rule over the Middle Three Heavens afterwards. It would also determine how the power would be divided. So, how could this pleasant task fall into the hands of the declined Meng Clan?

Meng Clan was in-charge of the longest section of the river. The entire downstream stretch of the river was under their jurisdiction. However, everyone knew that there was no hope of catching Ao Xie Yun in that section of the river.

Meng Luo had hung his head dispiritedly, and had a gloomy expression on his face. He bestrode on a stone on the riverbank, and was flinging the whip in his hand. He was clearly dissatisfied with his part in this search. But, he had no other alternative.

Suddenly, a loud shout came through from the distant opposite side while he was uninterestedly making his men search in the river.

This loud shout was bizarre. It sounded as if a hungry wolf had howled while looking up to the sky. And, thousands of male ducks had also quacked at the same time. Therefore, everyone who heard this shout was left to tremble… regardless of how great their martial power was.

They weren't merely shocked. They were frightened as well!

[What kind of a bizarre monster could issue such a sound? Hearing this shout is simply like having a nightmare…]

Meng Luo suddenly stood up. He saw that several men's silhouettes were coming over from far away on the opposite side. They were neither too slow nor too fast.

The group was headed by two bizarrely shaped youngsters. In addition, there were five men behind these two. Those five men had worn masks, and were dressed in black. Their loose black robes made them look like ghosts. They were coming towards this place while drifting over the ground.

Meng Luo's pupils shrank. [They're powerful!]

He clearly felt the strong murderous aura of these seven people. He also felt the overbearing aura of a ruler who looks disdainfully at the common people! [There's a formidable expert among them.]

These seven men arrived at the riverbank while he was still thinking. He couldn't even think of anything when one of them suddenly waved his hand. A big tree on the riverbank snapped from its base the next moment. Then, it fell towards the river. They were ready to cross the river!

Meng Luo felt somewhat offended. [Didn't you see that this young master is guarding this place? Why didn't you ask if you could cross? Did I allow you to come over?]

He then gave a signal with his eyes. A King Level Expert of the Meng Clan understood his signal, and took a few steps forward. He raised his voice, and asked loudly, "Will you gentlemen kindly identify yourself?"

One of the two youths in the front was as skinny as a monkey. He didn't respond. However, the youth who was as ugly and grotesque as a monster stepped out from the middle of the group. He then proudly raised his head to look upwards. Then, he tilted his head and shouted, "Who are you? Who are you to ask about my identity?

The King Level Expert of the Meng Clan felt somewhat dizzy. [So, it was this man that had issued that extremely coarse voice.]

He had listened to this voice at a close range now; it had made his blood and vitalities turn over and over. [This guy is even mightier than the devils mentioned in the legends…]

"I'm a subordinate of the Meng Clan! May I ask who Your Excellency is?" The bearing of the person on the opposite side was unyielding. So, the King Level Expert of the Meng Clan became somewhat soft.

[They've come from the north, and they're quite strong… I haven't heard of any great clans there… So, why is this guy so arrogant?]

Tan Tan wore a bizarre smile. His voice was becoming more and more disgusting… so much so that the people who had heard it wouldn't be able to swallow anything for three days. "Meng Clan? How come I've never heard of it?"

He had looked around while saying this. Then, he raised his nose high, and asked, "Yang-itchy… have you heard of it? Well? Well? Uh-huh?"

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