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Chu Yang beat Tan Tan to his heart's content. And, he felt very satisfied at the end of it. After all, he had given vent to all the worries that he had harboured in his heart.

Tan Tan obviously squealed like a dying pig. Meanwhile, the five brothers were taking joy in Tan Tan's misfortune from the sidelines.

Chu Yang finally lifted up his hand after his anger had calmed down. He felt very rejuvenated now. He then waved his hand, "Get ready! We are leaving."

They started their journey some time later. Though, these brothers appeared as if as if they were trying to recall something. However, they were in a daze in reality, and couldn't think properly as a result. They came a long way like this… and finally –

"Hey… Second Master Luo, Fifth Brother Luo, I feel that something is wrong with you…" Rui Bu Tong stroked his chin as if he was thinking something.

Luo Ke Di's face flushed with anger, "Get lost! There's nothing wrong!"

"Yes, yes. I know." Dong Wu Shang suddenly had a realization, "But, it seems that Fifth Brother Luo isn't the same as others in some place… I wonder where it is…"

Luo Ke Di was stuck in a dilemma. He repeatedly bowed with his hands joined in front, "Elder brothers, younger brothers. Please spare me. I don't want to discuss this topic… We should change the topic. Change it to something like… Ji Mo likes to fart and snore while sleeping. He farts seven or eight times in one night…"

Ji Mo became angry. So, he blurt out without thinking, "You haven't grown hair down there. Would you still not let anyone speak of it?"

Luo Ke Di was thunderstruck when he heard this. So, he spoke-up in grief and indignation while pointing his shivering finger towards Ji Mo, "Ji Mo… you, you…" He had been rendered speechless…

However, Ji Mo also somewhat regretted it this instant. So, he hastily apologized, "Eh… I'm sorry about this. I wasn't careful. I would never say that your birdie doesn't go up… oh my… what the hell am I saying…"

He then shut his mouth in regret, and didn't speak any further.

Ji Mo's attempt at explaining himself didn't go well. In fact, his explanation had given the whole picture.

Luo Ke Di wanted to die inside. He looked at Ji Mo with tears in his eyes. He shouted while vomiting blood, "You you you… you've made so angry that I could die…"

Everyone laughed heartily while holding their bellies.

However, Luo Ke Di felt so ashamed that he was unable to show his face. In fact, he nearly started to cry.

Chu Yang couldn't bear this in his heart. So, he said, "Um. Coyote, there is… nothing to worry about. The term 'Hairless Cleaver' has been in use since ancient times! In fact, it's a common saying that 'Smooth Cleaver' and 'Smooth Beaver' are exceptional body types. So, what is there to be shy about? Moreover, it doesn't affect you whatsoever…"

Then, he leaned close to Luo Ke Di's ear and whispered, "I've heard that such men are extraordinarily vigorous in bed…"

Luo Ke Di's face blushed harder when he heard this. And, he suddenly shouted out loud, "Fine, you guys don't need to laugh! I will explain everything properly!"

Everyone stopped laughing. In fact, they somewhat regretted in their hearts… [Could making fun of other people's flaws be appropriate behaviour for us brothers?]

"I had found this a long time ago. That's why I've never taken a bath with any of you…" Luo Ke Di spoke-up with a calm and righteous attitude... In fact, it seemed as if he was prepared to sacrifice his life, "Boys develop them at the age of twelve or thirteen… But, I haven't developed them till now…"

Everyone looked at him in silence; they had an ashamed look in their eyes.

"Moreover… It's not a bad thing that I don't have them. Big Brother says that such men are extraordinarily vigorous in bed… But, I don't know what the matter with me is. It somewhat… somewhat, anyway… it's not right! You guys understand this, right?"

Luo Ke Di angrily roared.

"Coyote…" Ji Mo shamefully lowered his head, "I'm sorry."

Dong Wu Shang, Gu Du Xing, and Rui Bu Tong also went forward a step at the same time. Then, they sincerely said, "Coyote, we are sorry. We should've known that it would hurt you."

Luo Ke Di bitterly smiled and said, "You don't have to apologize. You guys are my brothers. I should have just told you before. After all, I can't say this in front of anyone else. In fact, I feel relaxed in my heart after sharing this with you."

He softly whispered, "My family had been urging me to get married with my fiancée two years ago. But, I had used all sorts of excuses to decline... I was afraid that I might cause her trouble. After all, my fiancée is a one-in-million kind of beauty. I thought... Wouldn't she be wasting her life if she married someone like me... who can't have sexual intercourse?"

Luo Ke Di smiled distressfully. Then, he suddenly said loudly, "I admit that I'm not a good man. I try to hit on every beautiful woman that I see. I feel like roaming around in brothels for fun. I feel like snatching something precious from someone if I'm bored! But, a marriage concerns the matter of harming an innocent person for lifetime. And, I can't do such a thing!

"This is the matter of a woman's lifelong happiness. And, I won't marry her if I can't give her this happiness!

"I would have three wives and four concubines if I were normal. Heck… even eight to ten wives wouldn't be too many. After all, the damn men are fighting and killing each other every day out there. They all fu*king die! Doesn't that make their women widows?

"But, I am not normal right now. I am no good! I can't even do it! So, I can't even have one wife!

"Why?! Why should a pure and virgin maiden die virgin because of me? It doesn't make any sense. A woman also deserves to enjoy her life. Why should I bar her from experiencing what it means to be a woman? My mother had told me that a woman becomes a genuine woman only after she gives birth to a child! How can I marry her if I can't make her a woman?

"I want the honor. But, I can't have this honor at the cost of an innocent woman's happiness! I am telling you that I don't want this honor anymore! I will break off the engagement as soon as I return to the clan. I will tell them that I have an intimate relationship with someone else…"

Luo Ke Di spoke everything like a barrage of artillery. Then, he remained standing in a daze for a while. He had become deflated as if air had leaked out of a balloon. His whole body seemed to have lost all the energy at this moment.

Gu Du Xing and the others stood in a daze as well. But, everyone felt that it won't be good if they stepped up to console him. However, it won't be good if they didn't…

"You guys don't need to worry about it… I can let it go now that I've told you this. I can't be a fu*king man?" Luo Ke Di couldn't face it. He laughed out loud and said, "So what if I can't be a man? There are many eunuchs in the world! I can't be a man. However, it doesn't mean that I can't be the wolf of the Middle Three Heavens... Ahwooh… Ha ha ha…"

His brothers wanted to cry even though he was laughing. Ji Mo had never thought that Luo Ke Di had buried such a pain deep in his heart. So, he also wanted to cry…

[His body is undoubtedly perfect. But, that can't make him a man! This matter would be intolerable for any man! It would also be a huge shame for him!]

[And, I was laughing at him just a while ago…] Gu Du Xing and the others nearly slapped themselves in the face after they had thought this. Everyone turned their faces away at once. They didn't have the heart to see the look on Luo Ke Di's face.

"I see…" Chu Yang faintly smiled, "Coyote, you would've held a son in your arms by now if you had told me this before. I also think that this is serious condition. But, it… can be cured with a slight effort!"

"Eh?" The first reaction didn't come from Luo Ke Di. Instead, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others gathered around Chu Yang in a flash, and jabbered in excitement, "Big Brother, do you have a cure for this?"

"Of course, I do!" Chu Yang proudly raised his head, "In fact, I can also make Coyote more vigorous than before… Ahem, at first, I wanted to give it to you guys so that you could enhance your skills. But, now that you people have made fun of your brother a while ago... He-he... You guys know what I mean, right?"

"Eh?! Big Brother, you wouldn't, would you?" Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong shouted at first. They then yelled in misery, "Please don't…"

"Ahwooh~~~" But, Luo Ke Di no longer looked miserable. He howled like a wolf, and pounced over like a tiger, "Big Brother, Big Brother… you are my saviour. You're like a light in my life. You're like the spring sun, the summer sun, the winter sun, and the autumn sun of my life… Ahwooh... Do you really have the cure? Can you really cure it?"

"Don't you believe me?" Chu Yang squinted.

"I do. I believe you! Oh dear Big Brother… give it to me quickly. I, I… I can't wait anymore. I…" Luo Ke Di jumped high, "I will get married when I go back! Dammit, I feel like writing a poem!"

"Writing a poem?" Ji Mo and the others were stuck by thunder. [Didn't this guy change way too quickly?]

"That's right. I want to write a poem!" Luo Ke Di nodded in affirmation. Then, he excitedly said, "A spear has risen after several years. It hasn't done anything yet… except for pissing. But, it is finally going to have an awakening today. Now, this one spear will thrust a million times!"

A 'thump' sound came. Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang swayed and fell owing to this formidable 'poem' despite having such mental strength and cultivation. They crooked their mouth, and slanted their eyes. Then, their entire bodies convulsed. However, Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong were filled with reverence and praise for Luo Ke Di.

Second Master Ji cheered. He gave a thumps-up, "That was such fine literary talent!"

Rui Bu Tong admired, "Such literary talent is hard to come by!"

Tan Tan felt like he was missing out. So, he moved close to them, "I also want to write a poem…"

"Get lost!" Chu Yang's whole body convulsed. Then, he kicked away this troublemaker.

"Big Brother… that medicine…" Luo Ke Di was finally done dreaming. So, he happily went close to Chu Yang, and exposed a flattering smile to him.

Chu Yang knew that Luo Ke Di was more worried in his heart than anyone else even though he had been joking around. And, he knew that Luo Ke Di must be more worried about his future right now than he had ever been…

Luo Ke Di had been pretending to be happy. He had been joking around as if he didn't care. But, he had cared about it more than anything else in reality. He had an expression of intense worry in his eyes even though he had been joking around. In fact, his pupils had enlarged because of anxiety. Moreover, he had been trying his hardest to keep his fingers from shaking. But, they were still shaking a bit…

[I can't fool around at this moment! After all, I'm the only hope for Luo Ke Di now. In fact, I'm afraid that Luo Ke Di would collapse in an instant if I showed even a little reluctance!]

Chu Yang put his hand in his pocket, and took out a bottle of Lust Dragon's blood from the Nine Tribulations Space. He then said in a serious manner with the bottle in his hand, "Coyote, you drink this medicine. It will cure you. But, I want you to remember one thing…"

"Please say it, Big Brother." Luo Ke Di had seen the grave expression on Chu Yang's face. So, he couldn't help but become serious.

"You won't ever feel ashamed about anything as long as you are with us. I won't allow you to feel inferior in front of us brothers! In fact, that would make us feel uncomfortable."

Chu Yang deeply said, "Your embarrassment is our embarrassment. Your humiliation is our humiliation. Therefore, we are there for you… no matter what comes your way."

Luo Ke Di's lips quivered. He didn't say anything; he merely bit his lip tightly.

"Drink it!" Chu Yang handed over the Lust Dragon's blood to him.

A myriad of feelings welled up in Luo Ke Di's heart as he looked at the bottle. He finally took the bottle with his trembling hands. He opened its cap. Then, he turned around, covered his face with his hand, and drained the bottle in one gulp.

He took advantage of the time when he was putting down his hand, and wiped clean the teardrops that had come out from his eyes a moment ago. Therefore, nobody noticed them...

He was somewhat embarrassed. He turned his head and looked up… only to see that Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong had gathered together with their backs towards him. They were discussing about something… In fact, it seemed as if they hadn't paid any attention to him…

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