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Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were also stunned. [We've been beating and killing these men for quite a long time. And, it turns out that they haven't come here to deal with us…? So, we've been risking being the scapegoat for Ao Xie Yun this entire time?]

[What kind of a matter is this? Dammit, do we even have that kind of friendship with this Ao Xie Yun…]

The Ou Clan's people felt their heads spinning along with a few of their assistants from the Black Devil Clan. [You've chopped so many of our men like melons and vegetables. And, you still have the nerve to give an explanation for it by saying that it was a misunderstanding?]

[It's fu*king insane that he has the guts to explain himself. But, he is even explaining himself in a high and mighty manner.]

Ji Mo puckered up his brows. He then said with a bitter face, "Crap! You see, I'm… seriously embarrassed about this thing. Who is Ao Xie Yun? Who the hell is he…? We don't know. You get it, right? Ahm Ahm… this is a huge misunderstanding!"

He touched his nose, and mischievously smiled. Then, he awkwardly said, "You see… we apologize to you… Um, we're very sorry… But, let's forget about this matter now; okay? So, are we good now? Let it go, okay? After all, it's better to squash enmity than keeping it alive."

Ji Mo's words felt increasingly heartfelt and sincere as he continued to speak.

The third grade Martial Emperor of the Ou Clan nearly went mad out of anger, "What the hell are you talking about?! You've killed our men. Do you think that this matter will be over by a mere 'sorry'? You say it's better to squash enmity than keeping it alive? What bullshit!"

Ji Mo seemed deep in sorrows. He replied in a very serious manner, "Senior, it's said that 'a dead person can't come back to life'. So, please restrain your grief and get over it… After all, even killing us won't bring back the dead… Moreover, we want to show our sincerity so that we can win over your understanding…"

"What sincerity?" That Emperor Level Expert looked at the expressions on faces of the three. And, he was finally a little convinced that this was indeed a 'misunderstanding'…

"You see whether this will work or not…" Ji Mo cautiously spoke-up in a probing manner, "We weren't being careful, and we ended up killing thirteen people of yours… So, we've decided to compensate you with thirteen coffins… We first want the dead to be buried in peace irrespective of what is said or done… After all, leaving the corpses in this wilderness would be too cruel…"

"And then what?" The third grade Martial Emperor heard till here. However, he then saw that Ji Mo had stopped talking. So, he couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing, ah…" Ji Mo replied with a grim face, "You see, we are away from home. So, we only have bare necessities on us. And, we've also become someone else's scapegoat… So, we also feel wronged. What kind of fu*king logic do you use to explain this situation? Do you think that we wanted to kill your men? We aren't homicidal maniacs, you know…"

"You've killed thirteen of our men, and you want to compensate the loss with thirteen coffins? And, you don't have anything else to offer?" The third grade Martial Emperor finally exploded. He bellowed in rage, "You bastard! Are you fu*king with this old man?"

"I wouldn't dare…" Ji Mo pulled a long face, "We really… don't have a choice. We don't have any money. Maybe we can do another thing. We could try this out… those unlucky dead people may have wives and children in their families. And, we can take care of them on their behalf…! For instance, they may have young and pretty sisters, daughters, or so… And, we will take care of them with ease…"

"Bastard! You're playing with me!" The third grade Martial Emperor flew into a rage. In fact, his forehead had literally started to emit smoke.

"Ha ha ha… old bastard…" Ji Mo laughed heartily. He jumped up, patted his buttocks, and said, "I'm obviously playing with you, you old tortoise! You are lucky that you're still alive despite being so old. Have you gone senile? You're a stubborn old fool with a knot in your brain. You're not open-minded. You're just an old sucker! You're a millennium old tortoise! You deserve to be played with!"

That third grade Martial Emperor's body convulsed with anger. He wasn't even able to take a breath. His lips quivered as he said, "You, you, you… you brat! My name won't be Ou Mu Feng if I don't shred you to pieces today!"

"Ou what Feng? It sounds more like Ou Old Motherfu*ker!" Ji Mo spat a mouthful of saliva. He stood with arms akimbo and said, "Old pimp! Old tortoise! Come on, come on… What are you waiting for? Ahwooh~~ Dog Aunt, Dong Aunt!"

"This is Ji Mo! This is King of Hell Chu's group! That one with the sword is Gu Du Xing!" Someone finally recognized them. After all, the words 'Dog Aunt' had worked as a signboard for him. So, the true identity of Second Master Ji had been exposed!

"Ahwooh~~ That's correct! It's me — your grandpa!" Ji Mo put his hands on his waist, faced upwards, and laughed heartily. "It has been a while since I've appeared in the Jianghu. It is strange that my charm hasn't subsided yet. I had thought nobody would recognize me since it has been so long! But, this is quite comforting in a way. Not bad, brat. You should be rewarded for recognizing me!"

Ou Mu Feng's belly exploded with rage.

A person suddenly jumped out. He looked at Chu Yang and said, "How come only three of you are here? Where are the other people?"

This old man was Ou Mu Feng's elder brother – Ou Jin Feng.

He vigilantly looked around while saying this. He thought, [King of Hell Chu and the others went to the Northern Wilderness together. So, why are only three of them here?]

"The other people are here!" these words weren't spoken by Chu Yang. Instead, two other people had said this in unison.

A shrill and dazzling saber-light came out along with these words. A sharp sword-light also rushed out at the same time!

Dong Wu Shang vigorously and impressively came out like crude iron! He stood in such a way that anyone who looked at him would have the feeling… [A mountain range made up of iron has suddenly appeared in front of me!]

Dong Wu Shang coldly snorted. He waved his big saber, and a Revered martial Artist and a King level Expert got cleaved into four parts on his left. Then, he waved it towards the right side, and smashed it down!

Yes… he had smashed it!

It would feel like the might of his Black Saber wasn't well-described if the word 'smashed' hadn't been used for it. After all, his Black Saber weighed more than 250 kilograms!

Two experts on the right side desperately went all-out to block. And, a snapping sound resounded. Their swords broke, and their heads got cleft from the middle with a 'bang'!

Dong Wu Shang's imposing body was dripping with blood as he fiercely strode forward. Then, he shouted, "Get lost!"

The ninth grade Martial King who was direct opposite of Dong Wu Shang had to bear the brunt. After all, the might of Dong Wu Shang's saber had slashed towards this man like a thunderbolt. This King level Expert raved, "You get lost!" Then, he brandished his sword in a ruthless manner while staking his life.

A loud sound echoed as he did so. That Ninth Grade Martial King's sword shattered into pieces within an instant. And, he was sent bouncing and rolling like a rubber ball. An 'ah' sound came from the sky; it was accompanied with sprinkles of blood. It seemed that this man had decided to comply with Dong Wu Shang's words –'Get lost!'

Dong Wu Shang didn't move a single jot. His body was as calm like still water, and as lofty as a mountain. He then disdainfully snorted, and strode over.

A fifth grade Saber King had fought against a ninth grade Martial King. And, the ninth grade Martial King was the one sent flying when they went face-to-face. In fact, he had gotten seriously injured. Anyone who'd see this would regard it as a miracle.

That King Level Expert was a ninth grade Martial King. But, Dong Wu Shang was also at the peak of fifth grade Saber King! Moreover, he had been supressing his strength since he didn't wish to make a breakthrough. He would've been an eighth grade Saber King if he hadn't done so!

In addition, the Black Saber of Dong Wu Shang weighed more than 250 kg. Moreover, it had some innate supernatural occult force. However, that King level Expert had wielded a sword which was two or three kilograms in weight. This sword was surely being wielded by a ninth grade Martial King… But, it would've been absurd if this collision had sent Dong Wu Shang flying instead.

Luo Ke Di's sword-light swiftly brushed past three people in quick succession like a poisonous snake while issuing 'hissing' sounds. A thin trace of blood appeared on the throats of those three men as a result. Then, the bright blood ferociously streamed out from those scars like fountains.

The three corpses slowly collapsed to the ground. And, Luo Ke Di firmly attacked another King level Expert as this happened. Luo Ke Di's body somersaulted in the air with a 'dang' sound, and went into the encirclement.

And, he landed next to Gu Du Xing.

The temperaments of these two were somewhat similar in expression as well as in spirit at the moment. They both looked like sharp swords!

However, that they differed to some extent if one were to distinguish carefully.

Gu Du Xing was like a peerless heavenly armament that was talented yet self-effacing. There was a hint of sharpness to him even though he had been standing motionless. It seemed that he was prepared to draw his sword at a moment's notice.

However, Luo Ke Di was like a murderous sharp sword that was entirely soaked in blood. He was giving out vibes of intense blood-thirst from his body!

His ferocity was soaring to the heavens!

"Good! Very good! So, all of you are finally assembled here!" Ou Mu Feng slowly nodded. The murderous look in his eyes had intensified by now, "We haven't caught Ao Xie Yun. But, we will still get great rewards if we take your corpses back to the clan!"

Chu Yang mischievously smiled, "You want to deal with us with these weakened troops of yours? Ou Mu Feng, are you sure you aren't dreaming? Let me remind you that we've killed twenty-two of your men so far. But, your people couldn't even put a scratch on us! You might have to pay a bigger price next. Don't tell me you think that it's impossible for us to wipe you people out here and now?"

The words 'weakened troops' weren't empty words. There had been fifty men in this ambush in total. And, twenty-two of them had been killed by only five people! It could be said that nearly half of them had been killed by now. Moreover, Gu Du Xing had killed an Emperor Level Expert. And, that man had been an important part of their martial strength.

"You only have five Martial Kings. You're not that big of a deal despite being Saber King and Sword Kings! And, you're no match for an Emperor level Expert no matter what you believe! Moreover, an Emperor Level Expert of Black Devil Clan – Brother Xu Wu Shuang — is also here apart from us two Emperor Level brothers! So, you're going to die even if you grow wings!"

Ou Mu Feng obviously didn't need to say these words in response right now. However, Chu Yang's words had packed a heavy punch, and had acted as a sharp psychological attack! They had landed a heavy blow on the morale of his subordinates. So, it would've been hard to avoid the dispiritedness of some people if he hadn't retorted back.

"Attack! Kill them all!" Ou Ji Feng roared, "Kill them brutally for this old man!"

The first one to attack after this order was issued… wasn't some man from the Ou Clan. It was Chu Yang instead!

Chu Yang would never let go of such an opportunity. His sword appeared in his hand out of the blue. The sword-light spread out. And, the cold light flew to the midway while whistling. Then, it suddenly changed into ten-thousand sword rays and surged forward!

[One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!]

Ou Jin Feng shouted. He pulled out his sword and rushed forward. But, a man's shadow flashed before his eyes. However, this figure stood calm and stationary like an iron tower as it awaited to meet Ou Jin Feng's attack. Then, a black light changed into a lightning thunderbolt on the top of Ou Jin Feng's head, and ferociously slammed down!

It was Dong Wu Shang!

Ou Jin Feng could only listen to Dong Wu Shang saying, "Old Fool! Second Master Dong is the one who will send you on your way to afterlife. So, don't try to look for other people since you've decided to take this road to hell. After all, you'll become a silly ghost if you don't follow my advice! And, it will be a humiliating matter for an Emperor Level Expert if he were to become a silly ghost… In fact, it wouldn't even matter who'd kill him in the first place!"

Ou Jin Feng shouted in fury. Chu Yang had already turned his body over by borrowing of the power of 'One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms'. He had then flown up in the air to the utmost height. He then turned around. After that, he shot an extremely swift and fierce sword-light!

[What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!]

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