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Mo Tian Ji immediately realized that he had miscalculated one thing after his plan had been implemented. And, this aspect was the current state of humanity's apathy.

Nowadays, people were too indifferent towards the incidents of people's deaths and extermination of clans. They didn't care as long as they weren't the ones dying in peril. In fact, many people were jumping around. They were enjoying watching the show, and were taking pleasure in others' misfortunes.

The information Mo Tian Ji had collected for his plan had indicated that there were 40-50 small clans that met the requirements. The first task had been to eliminate the three wicked ones.

Mo Tian Ji had assumed that the elimination of these three clans ought to cause some sort of reaction. However, people had only showed 'indifference', and this had gone against his expectations.

Consequently, Mo Tian Ji quickly realized his own mistake. He then ordered to exterminate three more clans. Moreover, the operation of gathering the young beggar-girls was also being carried out in a synchronous fashion. And, this eventually set off some waves…

However, it was still far from meeting his expectations. Therefore, Mo Tian Ji gave another order, and had seven small clans slaughtered in one fell swoop. The gathering of young female beggars was also intensified. It was being aggressively carried on in secrecy.

It was seen that the people of Jianghu had begun to flare up after several days. So, Mo Tian Ji exterminated six more clans. And, he added more oil to the already raging inferno by doing so.

And, he also had the most apathetic fellows of JiangHu eliminated one by one!

The least amount of manpower deployed in these operations was – Revered Martial Artists, a team led by Martial Emperor, and a certain number of King Level Experts...

And, the scene that Mo Tian Ji had anticipated finally emerged at long last...

He was stopped up in the restaurant when he went out on this day...

"Mo Clan Lord, aging man has something on his mind that he wants to trouble you with. May I ask if the Mo Clan Lord would be willing to listen to my words?" an old man with white hair and white beard humbly asked.

The old man was named Mo Ruo Shui. He was also surnamed Mo, but he wasn't a member of the Mo Clan. He was old, but he was a Ninth Grade Martial King. Moreover, he was a solitary expert who operated within the control range of the Mo Clan. He had always been a lone operator who complied with the Mo Clan's administration. However, he had never pledged loyalty.

He was basically a free man who was beyond the bounds of rules and regulations. And, Mo Tian Ji was targeting this kind of people to be precise...

"What's the matter, Old Mo? Please don't hesitate to speak. It's no problem." Mo Tian Ji stood up with a smile on his face. This smile clearly seemed 'forced' on his calm face. And, it made people feel that the situation was serious.

"Clan Lord Mo, may I know your opinion on the recent incidents of extermination of the clans in the Jianghu? Everyone is very much puzzled. Would you please point us in the right direction?" Mo Ruo Shui first expressed gratitude to Mo Tian Ji. Then, he impatiently raised the issue.

"Well..." Mo Tian Ji faintly knitted his brows into a scowl. Then, he resumed a smile that was as brilliant as the radiance of spring on his face, and solemnly said, "This affair... Isn't this… a rather common thing in the Middle Three Heavens? He-he, this shouldn't be a big deal. Old Mo needn't worry. Everyone, you may disperse."

However, people believed his words even lesser as he continued to talk. They didn't disperse. Instead, they stood firm there. They didn't go anywhere…

"Mo Clan Lord mustn't underestimate the gravity of this matter... I'm afraid this matter may turn out to be extraordinary." Mo Ruo Shui stroked his white beard and said, "I am certain that Clan Lord Mo has a certain degree of idea. This old and senile man wouldn't dare to pry too much. I might be speaking out of turn here, but I only wish to ask one thing — what was the outcome of the investigation of the exterminated clans?"

Mo Tian Ji's complexion sank. He indifferently said, "Old Mo, you don't need to worry too much about this case. You have grown too old now. You should spend the remaining days of your life in leisure."

There was no trace of politeness in this sentence, but everyone on the scene was left shocked in their hearts.

[Mo Tian Ji's attitude seems to be plagued by pain. It seems as if someone has poked his sore spot? His reaction gave off a vibe… as if he had been ashamed into anger? Doesn't this mean that he has secretly tried to deal with the perpetrators, but doesn't have any proper means to deal with them?]

[But, all of us will have to suffer if these big clans wouldn't take care of this… How can we not worry?]

Mo Rui Shui didn't take offense. Instead, he sincerely and earnestly said, "This old man has a humble theory..."

"Hm…?" Mo Tian Ji looked at him without changing his voice or expression. He then asked, "What's your theory, Old Mo?"

"I went in the vicinity of the scenes where those clans were exterminated in the past few days. And, I visited the sites where those clans were destroyed… However, this old man discovered that the blood was flowing everywhere, and the corpses were piled up like mountains. The method of assassination was too horrible to look at. The scene was quite messy, but this old man also found something else from there…"

He somewhat smiled in self-satisfaction while he spoke. He took out a piece of blue jade brick from his bosom. The brick was tightly wrapped up. Then, he uncovered it layer by layer. And, everyone suddenly discovered that a corner of the brick was made of purple-black color.

Mo Ruo Shui pointed at the purple-black spot on the brick, "The murderers have done a good job cleaning after themselves. But… this piece of brick clearly has traces of poisonous blood… Such a bloodstain can only be formed from the wounds of a recently poisoned person… or from their vomits. Moreover, it can exhibit fierce toxicity if it is sprayed on blue jade or white jade. Moreover, no traces of this kind of poison are found after one dies of this poison…"

Mo Ruo Shui took a step forwards, and spoke in a soft voice, "This should be the poison of… the Poison Spirit… Ou Du Xiao… assuming this old man doesn't have blurred vision…"

"The poison of Poison Spirit?" Mo Tian Ji couldn't help but cry out in alarm. However, he instantly lowered his voice, and warned in a serious tone, "Old Mo, you can't make irresponsible remarks like that."

Mo Ruo Shui became somewhat depressed. [Weren't you the one who allowed me to talk freely? Can't you see that I've stepped forward and lowered my voice to tell this to only you? But, you became so frightened that everyone has heard you… However, you're warning me instead now? This is madness…]

Mo Tian Ji grabbed the blue jade brick, and fiddled with it to take a good look. However, his complexion turned uglier as he continued to examine it. Then, he moved it close to his nose, and gently sniffed it. After that, his complexion turned extremely gloomy.

He had called this out in alarm, and everyone had heard it very clearly. And, it had turned awfully silent there as a result. [The poison of Poison Spirit? The Ou Clan? Is there Ou Clan's hand in all this? But, why…?]

Mo Ruo Shui's complexion became awkward. He felt trapped. He remained startled for a while, and then his complexion turned resolute. He then spoke-up as if he was ready to make any sacrifice, "Clan Lord Mo, there's one more thing. I don't know if Clan Lord Mo has found it yet or not… The nineteen clans that have been exterminated… were known for having talented daughters of fourteen to fifteen years...

"Moreover, those girls have going missing… particularly young girls…"

Mo Ruo Shui clenched his teeth and said, "In addition to this… a lot of experts have also disappeared mysteriously…"

Mo Tian Ji frowned. He pondered for a long time. Then, he shook his head, "I know what you're talking about. But… that is too outrageous. They can't possibly have such big courage? It's akin to highly overestimating their capabilities."

Mo Ruo Shui heavily said, "It's better to be safe than sorry."

Mo Tian Ji hesitated for a while. He had a look of struggle and contradiction on his face. It seemed as if he was uncertain about something…

"Clan Lord Mo, only a great and powerful clan like yours can deal with this mess. Only you can save us. We'll have no other way to survive if you don't..."

Mo Ruo Shui looked very pitiful as he said this. Two of his old friends had gone missing within a few days. And, one more person was killed right away. This had left him with a sense of crisis.

"I'll reconsider… this matter! I will think about it carefully, and I will see how the wind blows… After all, this is not a trivial matter." Mo Tian Ji said while comforting him, "Old Mo, you don't need to harbour groundless fears. You're a person of virtue and prestige, and possess excellent martial power. They won't dare to put their hands on you."

Mo Ruo Shui opened his eyes wide, "Clan Lord Mo, you… why do you still need to consider…?" [What I said was so clear… What else do you still need to consider?]

Mo Tian Ji had stood up by now. He said with a smile, "Old Mo doesn't need to be worried. Um, let's do it like this. I will go back first. Besides, they are only two clans… So, they can't give rise to any big storm. It's no big deal."

He brushed his sleeves after he said this. Then, he turned away and left abruptly.

Mo Ruo Shui stood there in a daze.

However, the others in the vicinity swarmed around him, "Old Mo, what did you say? We didn't understand it well..."

"Old Mo, please explain. You said 'poison of Poison Spirit'. Is it Ou Clan?"

"Also, what relation does it have… with the matter of little girls?"

Mo Ruo Shui's facial features were withered. He heaved a long sigh and said, "It is obviously the Meng Clan… The Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique of the Meng Clan's young master had created waves some time ago. Everyone must know this by now. The Meng Clan and the Ou Clan have done this in collaboration if this old man has guessed right.

"Jianghu will fall into chaos… Everyone, let us be safe out there." Mo Ruo Shui deeply sighed. His eyes were filled with an expression of unwillingness, "This old man wants the Mo Clan to step in. We… the scattered people of Jianghu can only save one or two. But, it seems that the Clan Lord of Mo Clan is still indecisive… sigh."

Everyone instantly started to discuss in high spirits. [Yes. That's right. These great clans are the safest right now. But, Mo Tian Ji clearly doesn't want to step in. What can be done about it?]

Everyone sighed and dispersed.

The news was spread the next morning – [Seven more people died in the inns at night.]

Moreover, Mo Ruo Shui suddenly and mysteriously met with an enemy attack last night. He somehow rushed out of danger in desperation. However, he got covered with bruises and cuts, and almost got killed…

The terror of dark clouds dawned upon everyone. And, everyone started to feel insecure. However, no one dared to speak-up due to danger on their lives…

Then, more news was passed on – [Ou Clan and Meng Clan have formed an alliance. And, they want to dominate the entire Jianghu along with some other great clans…]

A lot of people gathered around Mo Ruo Shui after they received this news. Mo Ruo Shui pondered for a long while. Then, he waved, "Carry me to the Mo Clan's courtyard. This old man will head-butt the Mo Clan's clan lord if he doesn't show interest in this matter… Besides, this is a major event of Jianghu. The Mo Clan can also be exterminated if these clans succeed. I can't believe how the Clan Lord of the Mo Clan is so calm…"

This group of people started to protest immiadeitely after in Mo Tian Ji's courtyard.

"Is this news true?!" Mo Tian Ji fiercely stood up. He had an expression of being in excessive shock. Then, he hurriedly paced for a few steps. His complexion was exceptionally ugly. Then, he waved his hand and gave an order, "Investigate! I want the accurate information…"

It wasn't long before the 'accurate' information came before Mo Tian Ji. And, Mo Tian Ji heaved a long sigh when he saw it, "I hate the fact that the people are Jianghu are in a state of disunity, and can't cooperate. The will of the people isn't even. Otherwise… alas…"

He heaved a weak sigh. And, it made the people of Jianghu lower their heads. They felt ashamed in their hearts. [Why would the Mo Clan take our matter on their own shoulders?]

However, these people soon set into action… And, more and more people started to flock towards the Mo Clan from the radius of several hundred kilometres…

The scene was the same in nearly every region at this time.

Those scared people of the Jianghu whose courage had been shattered had winded around every great clan while clasping their heads in frenzy and calling out in pain. And, it was inevitable that the decision was made 'to take on the difficult task' under this extremely 'desperate' situation — [A joint investigation will be performed by the clans!]

The investigation was carried out, and the 'truth' about a 'conspiracy that would startle the heavens' came into picture. TheIt was that Ou Clan, Meng Clan, Tu Clan, Zhao Clan, Li Clan… were eliminating the dissidents to proclaim themselves the hegemon of the Jianghu!

Suddenly, the entire Jianghu was in an uproar!

This news was like the strong wind that had created ripples in the spring-time pond of the Middle Three Heavens!

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