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Chapter 557: Kill People in a Way That No One Hears a Sound!

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Meng Chao Ran was so grieved that he wish he were dead. [This Tan Tan can even force a sage to turn into a villain if they stay with this guy! This is even worse than how I felt when I was forcibly separated from my beloved… this is fu*king unbearable!]

[What fu*king sin have I committed that I've received such a disciple…]

Meng Chao Ran had always been cultured, refined, and aloof towards everything. However, he had been compelled to turn nefarious by his own disciple! Moreover, he couldn't even do anything to fix it…

"The Mysterious Ice Level is up ahead," Meng Chao Ran spoke up in a weary manner, "I can't do anything if this place turns out to be useless as well. So, you will just have to deal with your 'heating up' issue…"

Suddenly, he made a blank face, "Pay attention, there has been no sound of activity from the people who were chasing after us. However, they must've known that we will come here. So, they must be lying in wait up ahead to ambush us! So, keep up your spirits for me!"

"How would they know?" Tan Tan was at a loss as he asked.

"Bastard! Do you have a pig's brain?" Meng Chao Ran became angry, "You think they haven't seen that you've come here steaming the entire route? And, what else besides the Mysterious Ice Layer can eliminate this kind of temperature? Are you willing to die because of your own damn stupidity?"

Chu Yang had heard Tan Tan's voice from a distance. So, he had obviously understood the situation… [These people of the Black Devil Clan wish to ambush my master and junior martial brother!]

[I haven't even settled the account for the time when you guys hurt my Mo Qing Wu… And now, you're targeting my master and junior martial brother?]

Chu Yang felt extremely angry in his heart!

He looked the location where they had laid out the ambush, and secretly counted their numbers. There should've been about twenty people at this side! Moreover, the overall strength of these people made it obvious that there was no hope for Chu Yang, his master, and his junior martial brother to emerge victorious…

In fact, there would be very low chances of a successful escape if they were to fall into their ambush.

After all, the Black Devil Clan had sent these people here. So, it was obvious that none of these people would be weaklings.

This was a major event which related directly to the decade's worth of future prospects of the Black Devil Clan. How could they be reckless in these circumstances?

Therefore, Chu Yang felt that he couldn't act rashly either. After all, the three of them would have their graves dug here in case he acted without


Chu Yang gazed around. Then, he submerged into the layer of ice.

He then stealthily made his way to the back of these Black Devil Clan's people, and nobody was able to discover him.

It must be mentioned that everyone had been focusing on the two people who were about to arrive here from the front…

[Ninth grade spirit beast's inner core, ah! It's with these two people!]

Many experts of the Black Devil Clan were so angry that they had almost collapsed from excessive anger in the backdrop of this incident!

They were two mere King Level Experts! And, the Black Devil Clan had dispatched a troop of five famed individuals to chase after them. But, these two small loaches were crafty in many ways. They also had very high sense of vigilance. And, this had irritated their pursuers to death!

They had tried to besiege them, pursue them, and block them on many occasions. They had set up countless of traps for them. But, these two people had still managed to escape and hide every single time! In fact, it was like these two had some kind of foresight since they seemed to be predicting everything.

Therefore, the Black Devil Clan sent out another forty experts as time passed. However, they still couldn't catch these two! This was simply unimaginable…

However, they got lucky when they discovered a phenomenon afterwards. And, it made everyone very certain their hearts – [One of these two has either a very high fever… or he has been poisoned by fire.]

[There was always water available in the places they've passed through.]

[However, these two have turned towards the direction of Mysterious Ice Level… So, they probably intend to neutralise the issue with the mysterious ice.]

Therefore, the Black Devil Clan's people arrived here in advance to ambush these two. And, they had been waiting there for the exhausted enemy in a kingly manner ever since. However, how could someone be burning up so fiercely in the cold weather of this Northern Wilderness… Everybody remained perplexed about this despite much thought…

Every person of the Black Devil Clan was gnashing their teeth… [I will do that once I catch those two… I will do this… and that as well…]

[I will torment those two to death! Giving them an easy death would be unfair to the tiredness and pain that I had to bear in past few days because of them…]

The experts of Black Devil Clan lay on their stomachs, and focused their eyes. They saw two silhouettes slowly coming here from far away. Their bodies were embedded finger-deep into the mysterious ice.

[You two have come a little too quickly.]

[But, the anxiety was killing me anyway!]

Everyone was feeling anxious. But, they didn't dare to act rashly. [We have encountered them several times at this distance. So, we know that they will run away if anyone of us moves

moves even a little.]

[And, we won't be able to overtake them even if we chase after them!]

[So, we need to stay steady for now. Let them come closer and closer…]

This King Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan was anxiously waiting. His body seemed like an arrow nocked on a pulled bowstring. It was all-set to set off!

Suddenly, he felt something peculiar under his body… But, he didn't pay attention to it. [This Mysterious Ice Level has stayed unchanged since ages! What can possibly be down there? It's not like someone drilled their way down there or something, right?]

Even he smiled at this idea of his own.

But then…

A transparent thing suddenly rose up from under the layer of mysterious ice. Then… the section of a sword point silently appeared under his neck…

His head was raised at this moment, and he was trying his best to keep watch in front. So, this posture was very good! In fact, he appeared like a chicken that was waiting to get slaughtered. After all, the skin of his throat had become tight because of this posture…


The sword point suddenly pierced through his throat like a thunderbolt. And, the sword energy flowed into his body like tides. The first thing it did was… it took over his brain, and destroyed it!

Then, it took control of his body, and ruptured his meridians and Dantian.

This King Level Expert only got time to stick out his eyes… However, he didn't even get enough time to show any reaction after that! His body still appeared to be in its original posture. But, it had changed from the stretched and taut one into a soft one lying on the ice. A pool of blood gushed out from the wound on his throat in silence. It dyed the mysterious ice under his body in red, and got frozen immediately-after…

"I've used too much power. Too much blood has flowed out. There will be too much trouble if someone discovers the smell of blood," Chu Yang sighed under the layer of the mysterious ice since he was upset with the result. [I should've acted with restraint while going for the first kill. I shouldn't have put so much strength into it...]

He had the help of Nine Tribulations Sword Point and the strength of Sword Spirit. So, he had quickly sneaked to here from the spot where he had mined the ice cold spirit fruit. Then, he had acted stealthily at the first opportunity, and had violently killed the King Level Expert!

However, his whole body had almost frozen still because of the extreme cold.

This kind of stealth-kill movement required full assistance of Sword Spirit and the Nine Tribulations Sword. But, it wouldn't protect him from the cold. His Seven Yin Cold Energy was still in the Nine Tribulations Sword…

He had resisted the cold by relying on the

on the help of the spiritual power in his body… But, this was a ten-thousand-years-old mysterious ice!

However, there wasn't enough time to consider anything. Chu Yang took control of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and secretly went to the ambush spot of another person. Then, he hurriedly took a Mysterious Yang Jade Core from the Nine Tribulations Space, and slid it into his bosom. And, he felt a little warm and cosy because of it effect.

A slightly inaudible 'puff' sound came out as a tiny blood scar appeared on the throat of another King Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan. This man had also been lying there with his full concentration fixed thirty feet away. He lowered his head without making any noise, and died.

Even the wildest dreams of these experts of the Black Devil Clan couldn't have imagined that there was someone hidden below the surface of this ten-thousand-years-old mysterious ice. Moreover, he was moving stealthily, and was attacking them one after another.

Their ultimate goal was to keep their focus on the two people who could be seen approaching from a distance…

That side, "Master… you don't worry. I will hug the enemy if they come!" His sound felt to be getting closer and closer. He then happily said in a shrill voice… like that of a male duck, "I will burn them!"

"Hmm," Meng Chao Ran powerlessly responded.

This side, another 'puff' sound came...

Chu Yang had cold expression in his eyes. And, his body moved again like lightning.

That side, "I don't know where Chu Yang has gone. It is very strange. I just hope that I don't end up burning him out of sheer happiness when I see him," his voice was still like the mixture of a male duck's scream and a wolf's howl.

"Ugh," Meng Chao Ran rolled his eyes.

This side, another 'puff' sound came!

Chu Yang shifted places again. He was under the mysterious ice, but his warm blood was boiling. After all, he was filled with killing intention! Moreover, the sneak attacks had been going smoothly. So, his nerves were filled with delight.

That side, "I feel sorry for my Xiao Dan Feng… I haven't seen her for quite a while. I will surely want to kiss her lips when I meet her… but, I'm afraid that I will end up scorching her delicate lips…" that strange voice approached even closer.

"…" Meng Chao Ran didn't utter a word in response.

This side, two 'puff' sounds came in a row.

That side…"Sigh, I think it will be a tragedy. There's a chance that Xiao Dan Feng may have a problem with my fever… I think I will be the number-one man in the world who got shoved into bachelorhood by a fever if she backs out of the promise… But, being number-one in the world would also be an honor…" his voice chattered on.

This side, 'Puff!'

That side…"I side, 'Puff!'

That side…"I somewhat regret it, Master. I am definitely not as good as Chu Yang. I can't go to the Iron Cloud Nation and work as a minister there. Also, I will make the worst general… And… and, now I've got this fever… I have a very bad luck…"

Meng Chao Ran's complexion became deathly white…

This side, 'Puff!''Puff!'

There was a bunch of nonsense and daydreaming going-on on one side. Tan Tan was immersed in whimsical thoughts that made no sense. And, he was chattering on and on. It could leave any with an urge to commit suicide.

However, murders were taking place on the other side. In fact, these kills were so silently executed that no one had heard a sound. The murders were happening again and again. And, Chu Yang was chopping lives without creating mess. In fact, every King Level Expert had silently died in an unjust manner.

Consequently, this quiet Mysterious Ice Layer had turned into a graveyard without anyone realizing it!

Chu Yang had killed ten people in an extremely short period of time! This was the highest speed he could achieve! But, it was far from enough if the numbers of the enemy's team was taken into account. In fact, this couldn't even eliminate the threat!

However, his good luck had also come to an end because he didn't have enough time now.

However, Meng Chao Ran suddenly seemed to have discovered something when Chu Yang was about to start again. He then fiercely pulled Tan Tan, and stopped his footsteps.

A proud laughter was sent out from the ground. Then, a voice darkly said, "You two are very difficult to wait for. But, you have finally taken your first step on this road to hell!"

The people of the Black Devil Clan stood up from the ground as this dark voice echoed.

Actually… only the ones who were alive had stood up. However, ten people hadn't stood up.

Chu Yang also silently drilled out of the ice, and hid behind a big stone. His complexion became tensed as he looked at the situation in front of him. He moved his vision vigilantly and randomly. He looked around to size up the terrain in search for things he could take advantage of…

[I've only killed ten of them. And, there were twenty people on this side. So, only half are remaining.]

In addition, ten individuals came out from the other two sides! The particularly serious matter was that there were two people who had very formidable auras. They were clearly Emperor Level Experts!

The three teams had formed a three-side pocket.

Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan were at the entrance of this pocket.

They didn't have enough time to run away from this distance. So, they would voluntarily give the enemy a chance to kill them if they tried to turn and run.

The severity of the circumstance had indeed reached its worst.

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