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A+ A- Chapter 556
Chapter 556: I am Looking for a Wife, Not Meat to Eat!

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The reason why the people of the Black Devil Clan were hiding in the peripheral area was because… Black Devil Clan was always ready to loot any clan's victory gains… This had been a consistent tradition of the Black Devil Clan — Charge and break through the lines of the other clans. You obtain the gains from victory first. And then, we will snatch it and flee…

They couldn't eat cooked food since their operations depended on ambush strategy. After all, smoke would rise from the cooking. And, those great clans had plenty of old foxes. So, who would the Black Devil Clan loot if people didn't pass from here?

Therefore, they could only eat raw rations.

Dammit! The people of the Black Devil Clan had been eating raw food in this Northern Wilderness. However, they discovered thick smoke rising in the sky from a not too faraway place… [Crap! Someone is roasting meat?]

Therefore, they came over here by following the smoke, and hit the jackpot. [These idiots have dared to roast meat here? You're roasting and cooking meat here…? Wouldn't it hinder the operations of our Black Devil? Moreover, this area is a peripheral area. So, which big clan can be here?]

[Big clans generally go into the inner parts of the wilderness.]

[So, which ordinary clan has dared not to give face to the Black Devil Clan…?]

Therefore, the people of Black Devil felt much relieved and relaxed when they were rushing here. They finally arrived here and looked around. And, the first thing they noticed was that the blood was still flowing from the corpse of the Single-Horned Dragon…

[Fu*k!] The ten or more King Level Experts of the Black Devil suddenly became wide-eyed.

[This is a fu*king gift bestowed upon us by heavens. How can such a small clan get such a precious thing…? Doesn't this mean that the heaven has bestowed this upon us? Why else would there be such a coincidence?]

Thus, the people of Black Devil Clan confidently and boldly rushed in with their sleeves rolled up for a battle.

Consequently, the people who were jubilantly eating the dragon meat were forced to face their bad luck!

A fierce battle ensued, and the people who had eaten the meat of dragon died in it. This proved the saying – A dragon's meat can't be eaten causally! It was surely a Single-Horned Dragon, but it still had the word 'dragon' in its name.

All of the blood essence, dragon muscles, dragon bones, dragon skin, and other things were stolen. However, the two King Level Experts took the inner core, and desperately broke out of the siege. But, they burned their vitality in the process, and got riddled with scars as they made it out and bolted.

The people of the Black Devil Clan were unwilling to let go, and chased after them. However,

the vitality of the two King Level Experts got used up quickly as they ran for a distance of thousand miles. And, they ran into Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan when they had fully exhausted themselves…

It could be said that this bizarre coincidence wouldn't have taken place if they had even a little bit of strength left!

However, the Great Young Master Tan didn't need to spend any strength in getting his hands on this inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast; he got it free of cost! It was equivalent to an undeserved profit coming flying from beyond the heaven…

He then stuffed the undeserved fortune in his pocket, and made a run for it!

And, this master-and-disciple duo was successfully able to run away owing to the extraordinary sensing abilities of Meng Chao Ran. Three days passed by, and they weren't being pursued anymore! They had surely been intercepted several times. But, they had taken advantage of the enemy's lack of besieging prowess, and had successfully fled at each instance…

The experts of the Black Devil Clan had obviously been angered by this…

Therefore, they had let off the news – all the squads of the Black Devil must get ready to rob a victim after beating him unconscious with a club. Consequently, they started to focus on pursuing and attacking the targets. Moreover, they had two Emperor Level Experts in their ranks…

This increased Meng Chao Ran's difficulties on their escape route.

Then, an unexpected incident happened at such a frightening time. This accident was sudden, and came without warning. In fact, it even left a man of Meng Chao Ran's forbearance dumbfounded. Moreover, he was so perplexed that he simply failed to understand the reason behind it!

This accident had happened to Tan Tan.

Great Young Master Tan had obtained a ninth grade spirit beast's inner core. And, it was similar to finding the most precious treasure for him. He would often hold it and take a look at it with pleasure. However, one noon… the Great Young Master Tan tried to bite it for some reason…

Tan Tan had taken a vow that he wouldn't exert himself! But, he had to try…

It was only for his research. Everyone knew that Tan Tan's craving for researches had always been very strong…

In fact, Meng Chao Ran was at his side at that time. But, he only shook his head with a smile on his face. After all, he had tacitly accepted that his disciple was mischievous… [Tan Tan can't go without being mischievous…!]

He hadn't even bitten it; he had only kept it in his mouth… However, that ninth grade spirit beast's inner core suddenly came to life. Then, it suddenly rushed into Tan Tan's mouth with all its might.

It was a fist-sized inner core…

Tan Tan let out a sudden strange scream. His eyes then rolled back, and revealed the whites! He didn't get anything out

out of it. Moreover, that fist-sized inner core of the ninth grade spirit beast got stuck in his throat…

Tan Tan was left to scream in pain…

He opened his mouth, and it stayed open…

Meng Chao Ran turned pale with fright. He hastily went to take it out… but, he couldn't take it out no matter what he did. Meng Chao Ran became very anxious as he watched his disciple choking to death. So, he straightforwardly took out his sword to lever it open…

The inner core stuck in Tan Tan's throat seemed desperate to go down. It seemed desperate to get inside Tan Tan's body… Therefore, Meng Chao Ran pushed it down since Great Young Master Tan was going to die of choking… And, it somehow turned out to be effective!

This inner core ferociously drilled inwards with the help of the external force… And, Tan Tan's throat forcibly widened to twice its size. Then, this inner core entered Tan Tan's belly at a leisurely pace…

Meng Chao Ran's eyebrows trembled, and his hair stood on end. In fact, he almost fainted. It looked as if a finger-thin snake had swallowed an egg. Tan Tan's neck bulged up to an awful extent… as it went down.

The master and the disciple were as if struck by lightning!

There was distress on Meng Chao Ran's face… [Ninth grade spirit beast's inner core ah! Even an Emperor Level Expert won't be able to stop himself from exploding if he eats it raw, right? My disciple… my poor little disciple…]

Tan Tan also became anxious. He tried to vomit it out, but couldn't do it. So, he took off his pants, and tried to take it out from below by using a twig as a 'hook'…

His belly was overwhelmingly hurting as he tried to take it out from under, but the inner core didn't come out. It seemed as if it had settled down in his belly…

Meng Chao Ran gave Tan Tan a laxative. However, it didn't work on Tan Tan. So, Meng Chao Ran increased the dosage at a gradual pace. He had eventually given Tan Tan about ten times the normal dose of laxative… It could be assumed that the Single-Horned Dragon would've gotten diarrhoea if it had taken this much laxative...

However, there was some reaction this time – Tan Tan had eaten up ten times of a normal laxative dosage. So, he let out more than a dozen or so smelly farts… one after another…

However, there was no response down below. And, it seemed that ten times of laxative… had only induced these farts.

Meng Chao Ran couldn't find a solution either. He deeply sighed since he felt helpless. [Dammit! I have only received two disciples. One is Chu Yang… who already exists as in defiance of nature. However, I didn't expect that this little disciple of mine will have the physique of an evildoer…]

[He should still get diarrhoea

get diarrhoea after taking this medicine even if he has a monstrous body… right?]

Fortunately… Tan Tan's body didn't undergo the terrible phenomenon of exploding even after two days had passed. So, Meng Chao Ran felt relieved in his heart.

But, Tan Tan started to have a fever.

Moreover, this fever was different than an ordinary fever.

His body temperature was getting higher and higher and higher! However, the feverish Tan Tan's spirits had also gone up a hundredfold. Moreover, the feverish Tan Tan was somehow healthy and active. In fact, the feverish Tan Tan… didn't even need to sleep…

Tan Tan's body temperature eventually rose to a frightening level… In fact, Tan Tan could've evaporated if Meng Chao Ran hadn't circulated his martial power after putting his hand on Tan Tan's forehead! But, the person who had the blistering fever felt as if nothing was wrong.

It had never been heard that eating a ninth grade spirit beast's core could have such effects…

Meng Chao Ran was rich in knowledge and experience. However, even he had never heard of such an incident...

Tan Tan had eaten an inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast. But, no growth could be seen in his spiritual power. Instead, his body was heating more and more. His vitality had also increased more and more. In fact, he would be so active the entire day that it seemed as if he could swallow a mountain whole…

However, burning like this was obviously not a good thing. Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan also understood this in their hearts. So, Meng Chao Ran left the hiding place along with Tan Tan. And, he took his disciple towards the mysterious ice plane.

[The mysterious ice plane hasn't melted for ten-thousand years. So, it should defuse Tan Tan's body temperature, right?] – This was Meng Chao Ran's only hope.

As a result, they got caught up in the chasing and killing when they came out of the hiding place. However, Meng Chao Ran only focused on advancing forward for his disciple's sake. And, he ended up exposing his own traces in the process…

Tan Tan had been excited for several days at first. But, he became anxious later on.

"Master, what to do about this…? My body is so hot…" Tan Tan lay on his stomach. However, the ice that hadn't melted in years suddenly changed into a pool. And then, it began to emit steam like a hot spring… Tan Tan leapt up from the pool with splashing sound. Then, his body emitted out steam, and his clothes dried up in an instant.

Tan Tan wanted to cry, but had no tears. "My laundry would be done without drying my clothes under sun. I would only need to stick the clothes to my body. In fact, I wouldn't even need to waste spirit energy…"

"It won't matter if your body continues to remain hot as long as there's no change… and your change… and your body doesn't show any abnormality…" Meng Chao Ran had no other choice but to console his disciple, "It's all right. It's only high temperature… and nothing more. You will get used to it after a while."

"I can get used to it… But, the problem is that others cannot." Tan Tan became sullen. He said, "I will get married to Xie Dan Feng in future. But, what would I do when I take her into the bridal room…? She will get roasted when her body would be under mine. In fact, one would be able to eat her roasted meat if this problem isn't dealt with… Master, boohoo… I am looking for a wife, and not human meat to eat! You have to solve this for me!"

"Get lost!~~~" Meng Chao Ran kicked his disciple to a distance of several hundred feet with a bang sound. After all, he was at the end of his patience. Tan Tan got embedded in the mountain wall. Meng Chao Ran gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice, "You want me to solve this for you? Come here and I will solve this for you, you chicken!"

Tan Tan slid down from the mountain-wall. This action left the big outline of a body in the wall. After that, he turned over trembling. He then happily yet shamelessly ran over, "Master, I have thought of a solution."

"What solution?" Meng Chao Ran curiously asked.

"I will give her an ice crystal if my body is still hot when I enter the bridal room… Then, I will cover her whole body… except for down there…" Tan Tan suggested in a serious manner.

Meng Chao Rao faced upwards and heaved a long sigh… He looked at the mountain wall, and felt an urge to bang his own head against it!

"Oh, it won't do… she wouldn't get roasted elsewhere, but she will get cooked down there…" Tan Tan sighed in despair. He had discovered the loophole in his own plan. So, he couldn't help but seethe in anger. He felt so aggrieved that he wanted to vomit out blood. He crazily cussed, "Why is the goddamn heaven toying with me? I have fu*king turned this way. How will it be easy to fu*king look for a wife now…"

Great Young Master Tan became very furious!

Meng Chao Ran was also angry. He grabbed his disciple's lapel, and started to cuss for the first time in his life, "Are you fu*king going to stop talking right now…? Or do you want me to kill you? Can't you shut your fu*king mouth for once? You motherfu*ker… Do you want me kill you?"

Tan Tan suddenly became startled.

"Master, you swore at me… boohoo… Master, you're abusing me… boohoo…" Tan Tan covered his face and started crying.

Meng Chao was so much in pain that he didn't wish to live. So, he squatted down, and held his head.

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