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This delicate white shadow quickly and skilfully swept past from under the body of the Single-Horned Dragon with a whooshing sound. It then madly dashed away while taking help of the impeded line of sight that was provided by the gigantic body of the Single-Horned Dragon…

Suddenly, it sensed that a person with as great a formidable aura as its pursuer was coming from the front. This meant that two people with formidable auras were approaching it from two sides!

[Is this a trap?]

The little white shadow lost its head out of fear upon this realization. In fact, this strong creature unexpectedly felt weak in its paws in this split second! It rolled its eyes a few times. Then, it sensed a friendly aura coming from a certain direction. So, it fled in that direction without the slightest hesitation.

In that direction…

Chu Yang was rushing over while carrying Mo Qing Wu. Chu Yang's heartbeats fastened as he heard an earth-shattering sound from afar. And, he immediately accelerated his pace.

That white shadow flashed past with a 'shua' sound. It's speed so fast that it was difficult to see it with naked eyes. In fact, the white shadow disappeared before Chu Yang could even react.

Then, a large hurricane with formidable power came sweeping along with the whiz of the wind. One couldn't even open their eyes in the face of such powerful wind. In fact, one would even feel empty under feet… as if they were being thrown up towards the sky.

Chu Yang shouted loudly. He held Mo Qing Wu tightly in his arms as he used his entire strength to stand firm on the ice-field.

The hurricane blew past them, and eventually formed a tornado behind the two of them. It then went further into the distance in a straight line!

"What just happened?" Chu Yang opened his eyes. He puffed out a piece of snow that had gone inside his mouth because of the hurricane. He then shook his head to shake off the ice and snow.

Mo Qing Wu obviously didn't understand what had just happened. So, she could only shake her head blankly.

Neither of them noticed as a small white head peeked out from the pocket of Mo Qing Wu's loose-fitting sable-fur coat in a careful manner. It rolled its eyes in a circle. A section of snow-white tail was emerging from the back of its head. Its tails stood erect, and were swinging.

However, the little head went back inside Mo Qing Wu's pocket immediately-after. And, only a small section of its flagpole-like tail was left outside now. Then, it immediately extended out its delicate white claw, and quietly pulled its tail inside…

However, Mo Qing Wu and Chu Yang were completely unaware of this…

Chu Yang had especially prepared this furred-coat for Mo Qing Wu. And, he had then wrapped Mo Qing Wu's petite body inside it. He had also made a big pocket in the coat; it was meant to carry food and snacks…

However, neither of them could've ever expected that a formidable ninth grade spirit beast would take refuge in such a small place.

The delicate head moved slightly inside the pocket. It had made itself comfortable therein. In fact, it had lied down, and had covered its whole body with its tail. [I've blended into the color of this sable-furred coat. No one would think that a ninth grade spirit beast is hidden here as long as I don't move my tail…]

This little thing comfortably breathed a sigh of relief. Then, it looked around its new abode. And, it realized that many sweets were present there… on its side.

It tried to un-wrap a candy. And then, it put the candy into its mouth.


[It's so delicious! So delicious!]

[Is this place paradise…?]

The pure aura that was coming from Mo Qing Wu's body had made this little beast very comfortable. In fact, it couldn't help but close its eyes in contentment. [Hm? Something doesn't feel right! How is this girl's body is gathering spirit energy?]

[Isn't this the purest form of spirit energy? Wow! It's very comfortable, ah…]

This tiny spirit beast had already approved of this place in this short period of time. It didn't wish to leave it. It looked at a pouch that was full of colorful candies… [Humph! I won't get so many good things to eat if I leave this place…]

[Moreover, this small girl can gather spirit energy… So, wouldn't I soon have more than one tail if I practice while staying by her side?]

[Plus, no one would be able to recognize my true identity if I have a human as a cover… This will be like shooting two birds with one stone.]

[But… for how long can I stay at her side?]

This little guy anxiously rolled its eyes… [This matter is going to get messier.]

A thunderclap-like explosive sound echoed in the sky!

Everyone lifted their heads to look at it… and were left stunned by what they saw!

Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu were even more stunned than the others!

The Single-Horned Dragon that was 'alive and kicking' a moment ago… had gone limp! Moreover, it was letting out painful wails from its mouth…

A white-robed man was causally carrying it by its tail. This white-robed man stood in the emptiness high up in the sky. However, it seemed as if he was standing on the summit of some mountain, and that there was solid and stable platform under his feet. He gently swayed his hands, and it seemed as if that Single-Horned Dragon – a ninth grade spirit beast with formidable power – was being swung around by him like a horsewhip…

This man had a casual and carefree appearance!

The Single-Horned Dragon cried 'boohoo' sounds from its mouth. The white-robed man spoke-up in a mocking way, "Haven't I only extracted a little bit of your blood essence? Look at your pathetic appearance!"

The Single-Horned Dragon wailed twice. It let out two 'boohoo' sounds. It then hung its head in low spirits… [I accept my misfortune… as decreed by fate.]

Jun Xi Zhu's eyeballs almost popped out as she looked at this scene.

[This man… is so powerful!]

[Is he a Supreme Expert?]

The white-robed man seemed to be finished dealing with this beast. So, he casually tossed it away. However, the Single-Horned Dragon was thrown away at a very high speed… And, it went flying to a distance of thousands of feet!

"I've spared your life!"

The white-robed man said indifferently. Suddenly, he erected his eyebrows and shouted loudly, "I said that I've spared its life! Is it possible that you want to kill it, you bastard?!"

His voice wasn't too loud. In fact, the people who were present there didn't even feel anything. But, the voice had somehow travelled to the west like an artillery shell…

A short and stout man was about to chase after the Single-Horned Dragon over that side. However, he let out a pitiful scream when this happened. His body suddenly fell down on the ground from the mid-air, and went rolling over!

It turned out that the words of that white-robed man had changed into a powerful spiritual energy attack. They had then flown out to a distance of over a dozen kilometres, and had suddenly exploded near the ear of this short and stout person. Consequently, he had listened to the words very clearly. But, these words had left him to suffer an unprecedented jolt!

This level of controlling capability was simply beyond imagination!

The seven apertures of this short and stout man's head had started to bleed by the time he stood up. He also had a big mole on his forehead. So, his present appearance seemed even more terrible than a normal person's would have!

The two people who were following him also became gobsmacked. They hastily stepped forward, "Sixth Master! What happened, Sixth Master?"

The short and stout man revealed an extremely frightful look in his eyes. The look in his eyes flickered with uncertainty as he looked in the direction this voice had come from. He could've gotten that Single-Horned Dragon by simply extending his hand. However, he had no desire to put his hand on it anymore!

"Come over here!" the white-robed man coldly said.

This message also travelled to a distance of over a dozen kilometres through the air to arrive to the front of the short and stout man. The air in front of the short and stout man densely vibrated as a result. And, three words appeared out of nowhere, "Come over here!"

Suddenly, a voice transmitted out of the three words that were written in the air. And, these were the exact-same three words, "Come over here!"

They were full of power and authority that could not be refused! This person obviously possessed the power to dominate the world!

The legs of the short and stout man became so numb that he nearly knelt down. He endured it with difficulty as he said, "Follow me. Be careful… Don't make any irresponsible remarks."

He mumbled in his heart, "Dammit! It seems that I've run into a monster this time… Fu*k! I've never met him once in the Upper Three Heavens, but I ran into him after I arrived in the Middle Three Heavens… Why the fu*k did this have to happen? I've run into such a master now. Do I have no other choice but to acknowledge my bad luck…"

He walked along with his two subordinates, and proceeded towards the direction from where the voice had come. However, he had hung his head in very dispirited manner.

That white-clothed man who was hurriedly rushing here from the north smiled wryly, "You have indeed run into a monster! How can this be good?"

This white-clothed man heard a voice as he was thinking this, "What are you doing there? You also come to me!"

The white-clothed man forced a smile at first. Then, he also rushed over due to the lack of a better option.

Winds rose and clouds scudded in the south as a frantic person's shadow came rushing over from the horizon. The sight of his incredible momentum made it seem as if the whole sky had arrived along with him!

Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu looked at each other, and felt shocked in their hearts!

These two individuals were already standing on the peak of the Middle Three Heavens! In fact, it could be said that there was no third person who was more powerful than Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu!

However, this white-robed man had appeared at this time. And, he was far more powerful than these two. Moreover, the cultivation of this frantic figure that had arrived wildly a moment ago seemed evenly matched with the white-robed man…

They looked at each other again, but they only saw tranquillity in each other's eyes.

The matter had come to a point that no disaster would occur if they were lucky. But, they would have nowhere to hide if the disaster came for them. It would just happen!

The man who had come from the south was the old man who had been chasing after Mo Qing Wu. He had arrived here as well. He looked at the white-robed man. Both of them stood floating high up in the sky. However, one of them stood a little lower in altitude. Then, their eyes met.

The spirit energy in the atmosphere began to produce dense sounds of collision in the moment their eyes met. Suddenly, the sky seemingly cracked. In fact, it seemed as if a black hole had opened in the sky, and had then begun to expand. The crack then went spreading downwards until it reached the ground. It seemed as if the zone between these two men had gotten divided into two parts!

A crack of undeterminable depth was suddenly split open in the ground with a 'bang' sound! It was three feet wide, and immeasurably deep! A wave of cold and gloomy wind blew out from the crack. It seemed as if it was coming straight out of hell!

These two had merely glared at each other. However, that had given rise to such an incredible impact!

Chu Yang's heart started to beat loudly at the sight of this.


Real monsters!

Then, Chu Yang looked at the expression on the faces of Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu. And, he became more certain that these two people were Supreme Level Experts!

The Supreme Level was an existence that had been standing on the peak in the Nine Heavens Continent since the ancient times!

No one could possess such incredible power… except for a Supreme Level Expert!

"Why have you come here!" the white-robed man wore a warm smile on his face as he asked. He had lowered his head, and was looking at the people on the ground like a supreme sovereign looks at his subjects. It seemed that he was talking to the people who he had his eyes on. But, he had instead spoken these words to that man who was standing opposite to him in the air.

The spatial crack in the air had already disappeared. A faint stream of energy slowly rose up in the air as he spoke these words. Then, a dense voice suddenly echoed him, "Why have you come here?"

Then, the voice suddenly jumped up. It seemed as if countless people were speaking at the same time… in a chaotic and disorderly manner!

"Why have you come here?!"

"Why have you come here?!"

"Why have you come here?!"

"Have you come here?!"

"You come here?!"

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