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The green fog gradually filled the air. Even the people who were outside the encirclement slowly drew back. And, they all kept a distance of several hundred feet from that green fog!

The men of Dark Bamboo had obviously overtaken everyone from three directions. Their swords flashed in their hands as they were eyeing the beast covetously. It seemed as if a tiger was watching its prey. They seemed prepared to attack at any time!

Chu Yang gazed at the beast with rapt attention. He was secretly startled in his heart!

[The ninth grade spirit beast is truly worthy of its name! It can withstand the combined strength of Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu! It is at a disadvantage right now. And, it can't run from their ferocious attacks either. But, it still hasn't sustained any injuries!]

[The terror of the ninth grade spirit beasts can be inferred from this!]

Suddenly, a loud and hoarse roar was heard from the field while Chu Yang was still thinking about this. The roar was powerful and strange. Chu Yang hurriedly looked-on, and saw that the monster snake had suddenly let out that severe roar. It had started to soar upwards, and the red shadows had begun to wave around it!

Everyone heard the sharp roar of that monster snake, and couldn't help but feel dizziness in their heads. In fact, they felt that an illusion had started to spread out everywhere!

Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu whizzed at the same time. They went in different directions, and launched a pincer attack from two sides!

Three undistinguishable shadows rushed up in the air at the same time. All of them were very fast. So, they were leaving countless afterimages in their wake. And, this had created a wonderful visual illusion!

The people who didn't get the time to raise their heads to look up could see that the three shadows were still engaged in battle on the ground. And, the one who had looked up to some extent could see that the three figures were fighting in mid-air. However, those who had fully raised their heads upwards were clearly able to see the three figures fighting high up in the air at this moment!

The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake wanted to escape!

Everyone present on the scene could see this clearly.

Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu were also aware of this. Therefore, they had intensified their attacks! It seemed that they had wanted to capture the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake alive. Else, these two experts would've killed this snake a long time ago by using their true strengths!

However, both of them had understood this by now — [It seems that it's impossible to catch this ninth grade spirit beast alive!]

Young Master Yu let out a long cry and shouted, "I will smash it down! You quickly go and take a breath!" his voice hadn't even faded when his blue shadow flashed. Suddenly, a blue robed-silhouette covered the whole sky.

Jun Xi Zhu flew so fast that she left a trail of black line as she rushed outwards. She went about a thousand feet away from the fight in a flash. Then, she finally let loose of her mouth and nose, and breathed-in a mouthful of the spirit energy from the world. Then, her body transformed into a rainbow as she ferociously flew back into the area!

[I see! So, both the experts had been holding their breaths while fighting with this Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake! It seems that the green fog is so poisonous that these two individuals don't dare to breathe it despite having such great cultivations!]

Chu Yang secretly pondered in his heart.

Young Master Yu suddenly exhaled loudly like a bull while Jun Xi Zhu was flying back. He then shouted, "You are going down now!"

His blue figure fiercely flew up and went over the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake in the sky. Then, a palm ruthlessly slapped the fire-emitting head of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake. And, a dozen or more palms wantonly pounded on all the three heads of the Green Rainbow Blood Snake immediately after!

The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake let out a pitiful scream as its body started falling down! However, Young Master Yu fell towards it from high altitude while it was in the midst of the falling process, and used both his feet to firmly kick the Green Rainbow Blood Snake's body in an unbroken succession!

All three heads of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake spurted out arrows of blood with a 'puff' sound!

Three blood-fountains were spurt out in such a way that they fell in three directions on the snowy ground! And, the ground was dyed scarlet as a result…

Many experts of the aristocratic clans were present on that scene. And, all of them revealed greedy looks in their eyes as they looked at these three pools of blood!

[Yes, we need this blood! We would be returning home from a rewarding journey if we obtain even half of it.]

The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake fiercely fell on the ground with a 'Bang'. Fragments of ice swirled in the air as a result of the impact. The blood that had just fallen also splashed up. And, people's shadows ran back-and-forth in chaos as they went flying above the three pools of blood!

Mixed up sounds of cussing were heard, "It's mine! Don't snatch it!"

"Get lost! What do you mean 'snatch', huh?"

"Kill this bastard!"

"I got a little bit, ha ha ha…"

A King Level Expert of the Meng Clan managed to get hold of some blood. And, dozens or more King Level Experts arrived there in a flash to distribute the blood. Everyone had come to have greedy-red eyes in front of such a strong temptation.

"You bunch of bastards!" Jun Xi Zhu shouted loudly in anger, "All of you are dead!"

These people were trying to get hold of the ninth grade spirit beast's blood at this time. So, the scene had become very chaotic. And, this had given the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake an opportunity to escape. It issued a strange cry, and attacked with all its three heads at the same time. Then, it hit Young Master Yu hard using its tail with a thumping sound. Then, it rushed out at a lightning speed!

Young Master Yu roared, and quickly flew out to chase after it!

The direction in which the Green Rainbow Blood Snake had escaped… was actually the direction in which Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were present! It seemed that this bastard also knew to bully the weak and fear the strong. This direction had the minimum number of people among all directions at present. The monster snake was hurriedly moving away, and it had its back towards Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu. And, they were rushing over with a sort of reckless speed and power!

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang shouted loudly and attacked using their weapons!

They went forward to face the approaching enemy!

The saber-light was like the vast galaxy, and the sword-light was like a shooting star in the sky!

The sword-move was so sharp that it seemed as if it would pierce the blue sky. And, it was so vigorous that appeared as if it would chop down the earth!

All six eyes of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake exposed a look of astonishment, [Crap! How did the direction I picked to run turn out be the strongest blockade?]

The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake would've spoken out these words in a sorrowful manner if it had been capable of talking! [Those people who are flying-about in chaos and fighting over my blood are far inferior to these two… Fu*k me…]

It took longer to describe, but the attacks of the Saber King and Sword King ferociously came in contact with the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake in the blink of an eye!

An explosive sound was heard!

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang spurt out blood from their mouths as they were sent flying upside-down in the backward direction. But, the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake was also brought to a halt even though it was going with irresistible speed! It stopped in mid-air!

It was this little time that declared the death penalty of this Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake!

Young Master Yu let out a long and loud shout. He extended his foot with lightning speed, and suddenly stamped on the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake's tail with a very large force. A saber-light flashed in his hand at the same time. And, violent sounds of 'bang' were heard in a row thereafter!

Young Master Yu was continually slashing his saber on the necks of all three heads of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake! However, the layer of its scales was so hard that Young Master Yu's saber couldn't chop it off. So, he kept attacking it nonstop!

The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake was screeching in pain. And, it continued to struggle as blood flooded out of it little by little.

Jun Xi Zhu's shadow flew and slammed the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake using her sword-like palm. Then, she clenched her fist, and fiercely pounded it on the snake! The three heads of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake were shoved into the ground with three sounds of 'Bang'!

She then shouted, "Little Yu, you're an idiot! Pound its heads into the ground first. Why are you trying to chop its neck? Its neck is the hardest part of its whole body. There is almost no weapon in the world that can break its defence. You're simply wasting your strength…"

She landed dozens of thunderbolt-like punches on all three heads of the monster snake with a very large force while she said this since it was trying to lift them up!

Young Master Yu exposed an expression of ridicule on his face. [Dammit! This magnificent Young Master got scolded, and also got called an 'idiot'… And, I can't even dare to answer back… After all, she's my sister-in-law. So, I can't afford to offend her…]

Chu Yang was struck dumb when he saw this happen. He even raised his eyebrows in shock…! [This woman is really fierce…]

Young Master Yu and Jun Xi Zhu continued thrashing of snake kept producing 'bang' sounds…

The two big shots of the Dark Bamboo continued to hammer it like it was a punching bag. They had pounded god-knows-how-many punches on the monster snake. The Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake had been struggling and swaying from side to side since the beginning. And, it was constantly trying to lift its heads from underground, but they continued to pound it down with tremendous force!

This happened seven or eight times in a row. Then, the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake gradually stopped moving.

"Almost done." Jun Xi Zhu gasped for breath. She straightened her body. Then, she grabbed the tail of the Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake. And, she pulled the snake out from the ground since its whole body felt to have already become limp. The impact of the punches had already shattered its internals into pieces…

[Has it already died? It can't die 'just' like that!]

Jun Xi Zhu suspiciously looked at this dead Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake. She then wrinkled her brows, "How did it die so easily?"

Young Master Yu went close to it. He also stroked his chin, but remained puzzled after much consideration, "Something's fishy. How did it get killed so easily? Moreover, it seemed to have a weakened appearance since the beginning of the fight…"

Chu Yang had also come over. He secretly clicked his tongue, "This is such a mighty and overwhelming ninth grade spirit beast. And, they say… it looked weak from the beginning?"

Jun Xi Zhu wrinkled her brows. She flipped her palm over, and a delicate dagger appeared in her hand. A cold light flashed as she slashed it with a 'shua' sound. And, the snake-skin was conveniently cut open even though it had appeared extremely hard before!

Jun Xi Zhu's complexion became more unsightly! She cut-open the joints of the snake with the dagger, and moistened her hand with its blood. Then, she put it in her mouth. She tasted it, and suddenly stormed in anger, "Bastard! Who took out half of this snake's blood essence?!"

Young Master Yu was greatly surprised, "What?" He also extended his finger, moistened it with the blood, and then tasted it. The expression on his face became strange as a result, "Blood essence is taken away? Oh my… Who has such great ability? Someone captured it alive, and took blood essence from it. But, the person didn't even scar this snake's body! This snake was still alive and kicking even after losing so much of its blood essence…"

This was a strange fact! Half of the blood essence was missing from the body of a healthy and active ninth grade spirit beast? What kind of magical power… or remarkably talented person could pull this off?

Jun Xi Zhu's face got filled with a murderous look!

"Dammit!" The hand of this Dark Bamboo Overlord went out like electricity. She smashed all three heads of the snake with three 'bang' sounds. Then, she took out the three inner cores. They were white, red, and green in color. Then, she raised her leg and kicked at the corpse of this monster snake even though it weighed several hundred pounds!

This kick was very ferocious! And, this kick sent the corpse flying to a distance of more than a thousand feet. Then, the corpse blasted in the sky…

[Crude! Valiant! Bold and powerful! Overbearing! Fu*king awesome!]

Chu Yang and his brothers – who had just gathered around here – remained silent out of fear!

Even Young Master Yu's brows and eyes throbbed in a crazed manner since he was dumbstruck as well. The muscles on his face got twitched. A good while passed, but there was still a lingering fear on his face as he tilted his head, [Fortunately, the woman that this Young Master has found is her younger sister… and not her… she's indeed very scary...]

[Oh god! You're a very lucky person…]

"These three inner cores are far from meeting my requirement!" Jun Xi Zhu sighed and said, "How can the blood essence be lost…"

Suddenly, she turned around and shouted in a stern voice, "That bunch over there has spoilt the plan! These bastards only know how to take unfair advantage. Kill them for me! These shameless bastards! I wanted this thing, and you had the guts to come and snatch it? These dogs have become very gutsy!"

She became angrier as she continued to speak, "Kill them! Kill them all! You people want the blood of the spirit beast, right? I will make you drink your own blood!"

[That person was able to capture a ninth grade spirit beast empty-handed. Moreover, that person extracted its blood essence without injuring it… Such a person is definitely a legendary existence.] Jun Xi Zhu admitted in her heart that she couldn't afford to offend such a person. She had no way to release the anger that she held in her heart as a result of this realization. So, she flared up on these people instead!

The subordinates of the Dark Bamboo ferociously threw themselves at these people as per Jun Xi Zhu's order. Those King Level Experts fled in all directions like crying ghosts and howling spirits.

Young Master Yu angrily shouted, "Especially, these people of Meng Clan…! Wipe them out for me! They were the first ones to interfere! They thought that I wouldn't see them…"

Tragedy fell upon the people of the Meng Clan as a result. In fact, they almost shat their pants in fear. However, they also felt sad since they thought that they were being treated unjustly… [So many people had acted together… But, you only saw us?]

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