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A+ A- Chapter 543: Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake!

Chu Yang and Mo Qing Wu were rushing forwards as if they were as light as feather. Mo Qing Wu's injuries had been completely healed. So, it was the happiest time for both of them. Both of them felt light along this journey.

Mo Qing Wu was particularly feeling as lithe as a swallow while walking since her blood vessels had been invigorated. And, it seemed that her strength was increasing every moment.

Her body felt more and more agile, and her spiritual power had been continuously increasing as well. This had left her to feel increasingly comfortable throughout her body.

Her entire body started to emit heat after she had walked for some time at a fast pace. In fact, it had steamed to such a degree that it had started to give off mist.

Chu Yang intended to make her adapt to her body in the shortest possible time. So, he had intentionally increased his own speed so as to make her push herself to catch up.

Mo Qing Wu had also become competitive and excited in her heart. She had chuckled and flown up. Then, she had overtaken him while gliding forward.

That mysterious expert in the sky above both of them exposed an increasingly satisfied look in their eyes. They then muttered to themself, "The steam from her head is loaded with Yin energy. This is the Three Yin Meridians… such a physique is rare to come across!"

Mo Qing Wu was chasing him with 'whistling' sounds. And, she had an expression of happiness spread over her face. She had managed to catch up with him after they had covered twenty-five to thirty kilometres. So, she had proud expression across her whole face.

But, she suddenly stumbled with an 'ah' sound at this moment. And, a mouthful of blood was spurt out of her mouth!

This blood seemed to be coagulated. It was purple-black and coagulated. It didn't even splash out as it fell on the snowy ground! Instead, it looked like a paste that had clotted together.

Chu Yang was taken aback. The Sword Spirit took a deep breath of satisfaction in Chu Yang's mind, "Very good! Finally, the Heavenly Yin Body and Innate Spirit Meridians are completely linked together along with the throwing up of this bloody lump!"

Chu Yang said 'oh', and opened his eyes wide to take a good look.

However, Mo Qing Wu became panic-stricken after she saw the blood she had puked. In fact, she somewhat lost her head out of fear. But, her rosy complexion hadn't changed even a bit. She walked two steps, and felt lighter and livelier than before.

Mo Qing Wu was baffled by this!

[How come vomiting blood didn't affect me at all?] She tried to jump up. Then, she ran again for a short distance. However, she was left at a loss as she looked up, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, what is happening? How come I don't feel sick after vomiting blood?"

Chu Yang forced a smile and replied, "This was an issue regarding your physique. But, you have vomited out this lump of blood now. So, you won't feel sick anymore!"

"I too feel that way," Mo Qing Wu chuckled. She tilted her head and blinked with a cheerful expression in her eyes. She then said, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I feel very strange…"


"Yes, that's right." The cute little girl swiftly walked and somersaulted once. She then said, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I suddenly feel that this world is so warm and friendly. I feel very warm… I feel as if you have taken me in your arms as I am walking in this world."

"Eh?" Chu Yang was puzzled, "You are feeling something like that?"

"Yes." The cute little girl happily spread her hands and formed a circle. She then said, "I feel that the spirit energy of the world is automatically running towards and into my body. Hee hee… this feels so good."

She extended out her fair and tender little hands while speaking. It seemed as if she was showing off some treasure. She then glanced at Chu Yang with her pretty eyes, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, quickly come and see."

Chu Yang went close to her. He couldn't help but open his eyes wide in a stare.

He saw Mo Qing Wu circulating her martial power. Then, the spirit energy of the world rushed over and gathered hurriedly around the fair and delicate hands of Mo Qing Wu… as if they were taking orders from her. And, two pillars of spirit energy were formed over her fair and delicate hands in an instant!

Moreover, these pillars could be seen with naked eyes as they wormed their way into Mo Qing Wu's meridians with a fast speed…

"Hey, hey… what's going on?" Chu Yang wasn't smiling. Instead, this sentence had unconsciously come straight from his throat.

"I don't know." Mo Qing Wu happily waved her hand, and the pillars of spirit energy scattered with a 'pop'. Then, she again beckoned with her hands, and the spirit energy that had been scattered got assembled again. It then transformed into the hazy shape of a lotus…

"Wow…" The cute little girl's hands danced and feet tripped. "I can do such tricks too!"

Chu Yang was stunned by this.

The old man in the sky almost staggered and fell down! He looked-on as this little girl continuously made a lotus, small birds, pillars etc. from spiritual energy. And, this old man couldn't help but open his eyes wider and wider…

His eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets!

His breathing became increasingly rapid, and his eyes turned red.

"What am I seeing… what am I seeing?" The old man's hands trembled. His complexion made it seemed as if he wanted to cry out, "What am I looking at… it turns out that this physique… exists in this world…"

The big and small figures of those two had changed into two small dots and had gone far into the distance by the time the old man came out of shock.

The old man stopped in the sky.

He just stood there in a daze for a long while. Then, he suddenly opened his mouth and sucked in cold air with a hissing sound.

The spirit energy from above the heavens and under the earth rushed over towards his mouth… as if it had been sucked by his mouth! And, it suddenly took shape of a storm of spirit energy…

Far away, Chu Yang and Mo Qing Wu suddenly felt somewhat suffocated. In fact, they even found it hard to breathe for a moment! It seemed as if the spirit energy in the air had suddenly disappeared…

Both of them were greatly baffled. They had to endure this uncomfortable feeling until they rushed out to a section of the road. Then, they felt that their breathing had become easy...

"What was that just now?" Chu Yang wondered in his heart. He turned around and saw. But, he could only see boundless land; he didn't see anything else.

"That was very strange," Mo Qing Wu also pointed out.

They looked at each other and smiled. Neither of them knew what had happened a moment ago.

Mo Qing Wu jumped up and hugged Chu Yang's neck, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I am tired. Carry me and run."

"Very well!" Chu Yang laughed out loud. He held the delicate and soft body of Mo Qing Wu, and rushed flying along the way.

However, they didn't know that someone was controlling this on a whim. In fact, he was creating all this with a mere deep breath!

This old man didn't have any intention to, but he had actually sucked the spirit energy from the air within a radius of hundreds and thousands of feet! And, he had made this vast area devoid of energy as a result!

What kind of cultivation was this?

However, even this old man with such a terrifying cultivation had been frightened and scared out of his wits by what he had witnessed!

He muttered to himself after a long time, "My Heavens! My earth! My God! What did I see? Heavenly Yin Body! Innate Spirit Meridians! My, my, my… My eyes have been dazzled…"

He remained expressionless for quite a while. Then, he came back to his senses, "I will catch up and take a look again…" he moved forward as he spoke. He set the footing in the air, and suddenly disappeared from there without a trace.

He had left a large passage of vacuum behind his body.

Sounds of fierce fighting could be heard from ahead in the snow and wind. A clear and explosive shout was heard. But, it soon changed into the sound of thunder in this snowy wind!

It was Young Master Yu's voice!

A long and loud shout sound was heard immediately after. It was filled with vigor. It wasn't inferior to that of Young Master Yu's. However, it was a clear sound… and was slightly gentle too.

Moreover, this voice was of a female. It belonged to Jun Xi Zhu!

Suddenly, a scolding sound echoed and fiercely shook everything in a radius of fifty kilometres!

Chu Yang gasped. [Damn, this big sister of the Middle Three Heaven's underworld is fu*king awesome! It looks like she's no less than Young Master Yu.]

They approached further and saw that many people were gathered in a large circle. All of these people were King Level Experts. Gu Du Xing and the others were also present in that circle.

Moreover, people of several great clans were also there. They were nervously looking the scene in the field.

The people of the Meng Clan were present in a remote corner far away from all of this.

It had become impossible for the people of the Meng Clan to take advantage slyly after Chu Yang had passed their information to Young Master Yu! So, they had no other choice but to carry out their evil plans out in the open. But, they didn't have enough strength to pull that off...

Therefore, they had no other choice but to foolishly wait on the side-lines. They would then look for leftovers… if any. Moreover, their original purpose was to obtain a few drops of blood of a spirit beast; that's all.

Three figures rolled up together like a tornado in the battle field. One of them looked as elegant and pure as a spirit. Her attacks were fierce, and each attack was as heavy as a mountain. Her black robe was fluttering, and her long hair was flying upward. It was obviously Jun Xi Zhu. There was another person in a fluttering black robe. He seemed to be handling everything skilfully and easily even in such a fierce fight. In fact, it seemed as if he was leisurely strolling in a park. Every gesture and every movement of this person seemed devoid of anger. This person was Young Master Yu!

The two bigshots of the Dark Bamboo were attacking a ninth grade spirit beast. So, it wasn't surprising that the others weren't daring to interfere. After all, who in the Middle Three Heavens could dare to use force for snatching something when the Dark Bamboo wanted it?

Many King Level Experts of the aristocratic clans of the Middle Three Heavens had gathered here. However, they were merely looking for the drops of blood that would drip from the body of this ninth grade spirit beast during the fierce battle with Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu!

As for the rest of the ninth grade spirit beast… such as its body and its inner core… It was rather obvious that no one would dare to think about having them!

The target of Young Master Yu and Jun Xi Zhu's attacks was a blood-red monster snake!

"This snake should be Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake…" Chu Yang muttered. Mo Qing Wu rolled the pupils of her eyes as she looked towards the field. Then, she stuck out her tongue, "This snake is very ugly."

The monster snake was only around ten feet long, and its whole body was covered in blood-red scales. It had three heads, and each of them looked very fierce. It had two terrible claws under its lower abdomen. Its tail was an even more powerful weapon! It had never landed on the ground during the fight, and had continued to fight-back while being in the air. It had six eyes, and all its eyes were fierce, ominous-looking, and fretful!

This snake seemed helpless while encountering such fierce attacks. Therefore, it was angry!

The monstrous snake was continuously puffing out frost energy from the mouth of one of its heads. It also emitted 'hissing' sounds. Even the air would freeze for a moment wherever the frost energy would go. Then, the air would disintegrate with a 'pop' sound the next moment! Moreover, it was spurting out flames from its other head. The flames were combusting in the air with a shiver. In fact, even the air would tremble and get ignited in the wake of the flames. The third head was expanding and shrinking from time to time. It could stretch its neck to more than a hundred feet in the blink of an eye every time it lengthened it. A foul stench would fill the air whenever it would expose its ghastly white teeth. However, it would retract its head after one strike. It moved like a thunder, and with the speed of lightning!

And, its flexible tail was swinging back and forth. This was keeping its body in equilibrium. The snake would occasionally make attacks with its tail. Then, it would immediately retract it! Its formidable might was shocking to the eyes and astonishing to the heart. Chu Yang saw this and noticed that he would have no choice but to face its attacks if he were to be present within its attack-range. He would have no second means to dodge its attacks!

Green fog was continuously emitting out from the body of this blood snake while the battle was going on! And, the snowflakes in the air were also getting dyed in green along with the surging of this light green fog. The battle ground had also turned into dull green jade! Many places in the field had already corroded, and this had formed gigantic holes in those places. The battlefield had mostly been damaged.

Obviously, this fog was highly toxic!

So, Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu had no other choice but to fight while floating in the air. They couldn't dare to land on the ground because of this!

Chu Yang looked at this green poisonous fog. He thought, [It's not surprising that this guy is known as Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake. I see. Its body is of the color of blood, and the poison-fog that it emits is green in color, ah…]

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