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Chu Yang didn't dare to neglect, and hastily moved the Purple Crystal bottle close to Mo Qing Wu' mouth.

However, Mo Qing Wu was already unconscious. Moreover, her teeth were tightly clenched. So, the Nine Tribulations Pill couldn't go inside.

Chu Yang wrinkled his brows. He circulated his martial power to form a vacuum cavity in his mouth without the least bit of hesitation. Then, he put the Nine Tribulations Pill in his own mouth, and moved closer to Mo Qing Wu. Then, he gently began to open Mo Qing Wu's jaw with the tip of his tongue.

The flexible tip of his tongue slowly started to open her soft lips…

Mo Qing Wu's mouth had been tightly shut, while her teeth had been tightly clenched. But, she suddenly felt as if something was gently moving on her lips, and this made her feel a little ticklish. So, she couldn't help but gently open her mouth…

Chu Yang seized the opportunity and shoved the Nine Tribulations Pill into her mouth using his tongue. And, the pill finally went in!

He heaved a sigh of relief.

But, an accident happened at this moment – Mo Qing Wu was unconscious, but she instinctively discovered that something had been forced into her mouth. So, she subconsciously clenched her teeth again.

"Ah~~~" Chu Yang screamed miserably. His scream sounded muffled, and vague — Mo Qing Wu had bitten his tongue, and had cut out at a section of his tongue…

Minister Chu was in a tragic mess as a result.

He was stuck to the front of the little girl with his tongue stretched out… Moreover, it was being nipped…

He started to sweat all over. He wanted to pull out his tongue… [For goodness sake! She bit it so hard that it's bleeding… but, no martial power can be circulated to this wounded area…]

Mo Qing was biting it very tightly. The little girl had closed her mouth, and had clenched her teeth very firmly…

Minister Chu repeatedly sighed in his heart. He didn't have any better option than to try to pull out his tongue. But, that didn't work. Therefore, he moved his tongue back-and-forth in the mouth of this little girl, and poked his tongue up-and-down while enduring the pain…

Mo Qing Wu felt a little weird because of the tickling in her mouth. And, she unconsciously opened her mouth as a result…

"Sss~~~" Chu Yang finally saved his tongue. But, he felt a lot of pain. He stuck out his tongue and touched it. [So much blood…]

"Dis lil gal is quie stong…" Minister Chu stretched out his tongue and mumbled in a weird manner. He had a painful expression on his face.

The Sword Spirit was fully aware that he shouldn't laugh because this was a very important and crucial moment. But, he couldn't help it, and started to sway back-and-forth while laughing.

The Nine Tribulations Pill changed into countless channels of pure spiritual power as soon as it entered into Mo Qing Wu's body. It then rushed in all direction inside Mo Qing Wu's body. And, the dots of starlight started to shine magnificently on Mo Qing Wu's body in the blink of an eye as a result!

The starlight shone brightly. It seemed that the whole universe had shrunk and centralized in Mo Qing Wu's body.

 "A person's body becomes the universe! You can see, right?" the Sword Spirit said very lightly, "This saying definitely wasn't just for show."

Chu Yang looked at the starlight on Mo Qing Wu's body. Then, he imagined the twinkling stars in the sky, and suddenly realized something.

"This is indeed the instance of a person's body turning into universe. But, no one can bring out its true potential without achieving the power of the nature's law!" the Sword Spirit added, "Therefore, innumerable almighty expert with great wisdom and knowledge have stubbornly tried to pursue the nature's law since ancient times! Many people have sought after the nature's law, but they didn't know how to pursue it… In fact, there are many people who believe that the nature's law… is actually a form of power!"

Sword Spirit said disdainfully, "But, the fact is… the true pursuit of the nature's law rests in the opening of a universe of nature's law in the person's body! Henceforth, it makes that person self-sufficient. It helps the person get detached from shackles of the nature's law. And, they get detached from the cycle of life and death, and they attain true transcendence!"

"What happens after attaining the transcendence…" Chu Yang asked in a deep tone, "Who can guarantee… that this so-called 'transcendence' is perhaps another beginning in itself? Or maybe… it's the real beginning…?"

Sword Spirit was startled by this, and said replied, "This sounds rational!"

There was a fit of silence as Chu Yang pondered over these words. Then, he suddenly spoke-up, "This actually makes a lot of sense!" Then, he again continued to ponder…

Mo Qing Wu's body whole body felt to be as light as feather as soon as the Nine Tribulations Pill entered it. Moreover, that indescribable pain seemed to have faded away…

She regained her consciousness with a soft humming sound.

She felt her body to be incomparably relaxed. The scar on her chest had been aching before. But, she felt very comfortable now. Moreover, she couldn't feel any pain. In fact, her whole body had become as light as feather, and she felt as if she could fly…

She felt extremely happy. She turned over, and was about to sit up. But, Chu Yang stopped her and ambiguously said, "Do no… oove…"

"Elder Brother Chu Yang…?" The cute little girl opened her round eyes wide, "What are you saying? And, what's wrong with to your tongue?"

"Do… ot oove! It is no don ye…" Chu Yang's tongue trembled. He sucked the air while making 'sss' sounds. And, he vigorously used hand gestures to indicate to the little girl – [Do not move!]

"Oh…" The little girl blinked her eyes, and obediently lay down again. But, her heart was filled with concern, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, your tongue…?"

Chu Yang wanted to cry, but had no tears to shed… [My tongue…? Weren't you the one who bit my tongue? Don't you know that I… I almost became a mute person after nearly getting my tongue cut off…]

The timid girl changed her line of sight, "Ah, ah! How come there are so many stars on my body… they look so pretty! They are so beautiful…"

The starlight on Mo Qing Wu's body had slowly started to dim. Then, the original appearance of her skin gradually reinstated.

Her pinking white complexion made her look very tender and lovely.

"Very well! You can let go now," the Sword Spirit reminded, "The little girl just needs to expel something now…"

"What thing?" Chu Yang asked in his thoughts. The injury to his tongue obviously hadn't affected his speech in his thoughts.

He hadn't even finished the sentence when he saw that the face of the little girl had turned red, and her brows had wrinkled up. She exerted all the strength she had in her legs to stand up…

She looked at him with an expression of shame in her eyes. Her voice seemed to be squeezing out of her throat, "I, I, I… I want to…"

Chu Yang got scared, and he quickly let go of her.

The little girl reacted with lightning speed. She jumped up from the bed like an arrow, and rushed out…

Chu Yang touched his nose. Then, he heard coughing sounds from afar…

A good while passed before the little girl's weak and soft voice was heard again, "Elder Brother Chu Yang…"

"What happened?"

"I haven't brought… that…" Mo Qing Wu felt extremely shameful. She hadn't brought anything clean to wipe to go to the bathroom… So, she didn't have any other way now … And, this was making her very anxious…

Chu Yang burst into laughter.

The cute little girl became shy and ashamed at the same time, "Quickly bring something for me, boohoo…"

Chu Yang hurriedly passed a clean cloth over to her…

The little girl rushed over like a gust of wind after some time passed. Chu Yang only saw her fair and tender body flash. The little girl then grabbed her clothes, and desperately covered her body…

Her charming face had turned red!

Chu Yang laughed in a discourteous manner. [You may wear your clothes if you want, but I tell you… there's no point. In fact, you would be better off not wearing them because you will need to take them off soon…]

A gurgling sound came from Mo Qing Wu's stomach after a short while. Her complexion changed. And, she again ran away like a gust of wind…

This continued to happen for five or six times. Her whole body felt powerless as she leant on Chu Yang's bosom once she was done. Her small face had turned pale. She weakly said, "Elder Brother Chu Yang… this diarrhoea was very difficult to deal with…"

[Do you think it is diarrhoea…? This is the purification of your dilapidated marrow…] Chu Yang sighed.

"Alas…" Mo Qing Wu sighed. Her mood had become gloomy.

"What's the matter?" Chu Yang asked. He had applied an ointment on the wound on his tongue during this time. So, he was feeling much better now. In fact, he could now speak in a manner that was easier to understand.

"I have always made fun of Elder Brother Chu Yang's smelly feet. But now… I stink so much that Elder Brother Chu Yang would die…" Mo Qing Wu pouted her mouth, and said embarrassedly.

"Ha ha ha…" Chu Yang rubbed the little girl's hair in an affectionate manner.

Mo Qing Wu's injury had finally been cured. So, Chu Yang's mood was good and bright at this time.

However, the little girl was pouting her mouth even though she had heard that her injuries had been healed. In fact, she hadn't shown any happy expression on her face. And, this had left Chu Yang confused, "Qing Wu, what's up with you?"

"Boohoo…" the little girl didn't seem to have cared about what he had asked. She only started to cry in Chu Yang's bosom.

Chu Yang hopped up in fright, "Are you homesick??"

"No…" Mo Qing Wu cried for a moment, and then said, "Boohoo… Mother says that the girl's body is a precious treasure. No man must see it… But, you, you… Elder Brother Chu Yang… you saw everything… boohoo~~"

Chu Yang was petrified when he heard this.

"What do I do now… boohoo~~" The cute little girl was very heart-broken. Then, she said while sobbing and sniffling, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, you will take responsibility, right?"

"Hic…" Chu Yang bounced his eyebrows twice… as if he had woken up from a dream, "Yes, I will take responsibility. I will definitely take responsibility…"

He wiped the cold sweat. [The Mo Clan's family education is really… strict, ah! Such a small girl knows how to compel others to take responsibility for her…]

The little girl continued to sob. But, she had proudly raised her eyebrows in a place where Chu Yang couldn't see. She stroked the booklet that Jun Xi Zhu had given her in her pocket…

The booklet continued the experiences of the chief of the underworld — Jun Xi Zhu. It also contained information about many agility skills, sword arts, and various other insights. Naturally, the thing that attracted this little girl the most… was none of these things. Instead, it was the education that Jun Lu Lu had written at the back of the booklet…

Jun Lu Lu liked this little girl a lot. She knew that Mo Qing Wu had left her home, and she was very young as well. So, she figured that this little girl would inevitably suffer unless she was taught a few girly things …

Therefore, this Zither Master… who was a motherly figure from head to toe… had eloquently written several pages on girly education. There were numerous instructions to teach Mo Qing Wu the ways of women. Most of the pages were filled with the instructions on how to guard against men… in fact, things like these were in great abundance.

However, this Zither Master would never have thought in her wildest dreams… that the piece she had put her heart and soul in writing…"Ways to guard against Wolves" was just a "How to trap a man" guidebook for the cute little Mo Qing Wu…

Especially, there were instructions about keeping men at a distance of an arm, avoid meeting men, keeping them at a long distance etc… But, Mo Qing Wu was doing the exact opposite with Chu Yang…

[Humph, Elder Brother Chu Yang is mine anyway!]

The little girl had a proud feeling in her heart.

Chu Yang began to test this little girl over the next few days. After that, he explained a few things to her. He conveniently tested the condition of her body. In addition, the marrow purification had also advanced a step further…

It had been eight days by the time they exited the caves! Majority of the manpower from most of the influential clans had arrived in the Great Northern Wilderness by now.

A ninth grade Green Rainbow-Blooded Snake had been seen getting chased by people a couple of days ago. It was heard that the beast was injured very seriously. Young Master Yu had also gone to chase after the beast along with Gu Du Xing and the others. And, they had left behind a King Level Expert of the Gu Clan to wait for Chu Yang. This man would obviously deliver the news to him after he would return…

Chu Yang didn't delay after he heard this news. He immediately pulled Mo Qing Wu, and rushed in the direction as indicated by that King Level Expert.

Two people's shadows – one with tall stature with a carefree attitude, and the other with delicate stature and exquisite bearing – blew over the ice-field like two streams of cold breezes…

There was a person's shadow in the sky. He was flying over from a distance, and was coming towards Chu Yang and Mo Qing Wu. This person seemed unaffected by the snow that was filling the air. This individual was floating in the air like snow itself. And, this individual was approaching at an extremely fast speed…

This individual glanced at Chu Yang on the snowy ground.

This person focused their vision, and thought aloud with a smile, "Such quick and efficient agility skill at such a young age…" But, this person didn't think much. Instead, this person simply went past over the heads of these two people.

Chu Yang didn't sense anything.

However, this person suddenly revealed an expression of intrigue after they flew past them. They then murmured, "There is something fishy about this little girl…" Then, this person unexpectedly changed their direction, and turned around.

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