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Jun Xi Zhu was also very depressed regarding this event!

She had changed the black clothes she would usually wear when she arrived in the Northern Wilderness. She had done this because she was fed up with them. And, she had then put on her favorite clothes since they presented her natural features. She had only dressed in white in front of some of her trusted aides.

Young Master Yu hadn't returned ever since he had gone out. So, Jun Xi Zhu was somewhat worried. Moreover, she had received news that Young Master Yu had started a feud with a clan that had sent experts to hunt the ninth grade spirit beast in the Northern Wilderness.

Jun Xi Zhu had come to fear that Young Master Yu might lose. Obviously, it would've been useless to send other people to help him. So, she had personally come to look for him. Jun Xi Zhu was the only person in the entire Dark Bamboo who could help Young Master Yu if were ever to get in some trouble by any chance …

She had come to look for Young Master Yu. So, it was obvious that she would first check Young Master Yu's old nest. She knew that Young Master Yu had come back here because he had some big reason.

Moreover, she was very curious about Young Master Yu's secret den since nobody had ever visited that place…

In short, Jun Xi Zhu had all kinds of reasons to come here looking for him.

She had just located Young Master Yu's den. But, who would've imagined that she'd bumped into these two young hoodlums who'd start to tease her. This had indeed left Jun Xi Zhu in an angry and funny mood.

Those whistles that were blown one after another had echoed ceaselessly in particular. Jun Xi Zhu had become angry, and had decided to teach them a lesson. However, they turned out to be acquaintances when she came over to look. Moreover, they were the pampered sons of two wealthy clans of the Middle Three Heavens.

Jun Xi Zhu had originally planned to scare them with her glare. In fact, she had planned to make them retreat by doing that. But, these two well-known and mischievous men had started to blow their own trumpet in an attempt to flatter her before she could even open her mouth to talk when she came over.

[They want to write an article and a poem?]

Jun Xi Zhu coldly glared at them, "Luo Ke Di, you want to write an article? And Ji Mo, you want to compose a poem?"

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo started to shiver in an instant. Luo Ke Di wiped his sweat. His head was unexpectedly steaming hot in such a cold weather. So, it was obvious that he was very distressed, "Jun… Jun Jun Jun… So, it's Minister Jun, ha ha. Ahwooh… Minister Jun, please forgive me… Ahm, ahm, ahm… we were just… he he, we were only joking… really… just joking… joking… just joking… joking…"

Jun Xi Zhu's gaze had become more and more cold. And, Luo Ke Di was still wiping his sweat. He became increasingly dumbfounded as time passed. And, he eventually couldn't continue to say anything.

"Minister Jun, please calm down… hee hee hee hee… Minister Jun, please appease your anger… Give your rage a rest… supress your anger… this, this…" Ji Mo rolled his eyes as if his life depended on this, "You see… a man's heart can't help but admire beauty… All men have this… that…"

"What is this and that?!" Jun Xi Zhu became so angry that she couldn't control herself, and went totally all-out. She quickly grabbed Luo Ke Di and lifted him up. Then, she punched the Second Master Luo's belly. She then knocked him on the ground with her kick, and stepped on his chest. Her charming face had become demonic by now, "Have you seen Young Master Yu?"

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo looked at each other, and put their hearts at rest, "Yes. We have seen. We have seen."


"He's in there… but, he hasn't come out yet. So, we are waiting for him here," both of them rushed to reply. [This woman is too scary…]

"In there?" Jun Xi Zhu heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, nothing bad had happened. Then she turned to see these two guys, and suddenly flew into a rage.

Jun Xi Zhu wasn't worried anymore since Young Master Yu was alright. So, she simply decided to wait for him here. And, she decided to teach these two se*ual harassers a good lesson while she was at it.

She kicked Luo Ke Di with a 'bang' sound. The kick made Second Master Luo squeal like a pig. Jun Xi Zhu shouted, "Luo Ke Di! Write an article for me! Quickly! Can't you write? You wrote one for your nanny, right? You're very talented…"

Luo Ke Di's face turned yellow in pain, "Minister Jun, Minister Jun… this, this…"

"Hurry up and write!" Jun Xi Zhu furiously said, "I want to see a complete literary piece of writing today. Otherwise, you will get an article written for you by others, Second Master Luo. And, that would be for your funeral!"

Luo Ke Di was continuously whining in his heart. Jun Xi Zhu's foot felt like an entire mountain when placed on his chest. He couldn't move even a finger. So, he was helplessly rolling his eyes. In fact, he even cried out for help, "Third Brother… Help me write an article…"

Ji Mo slowly turned around. He was about to rush off. But, he halted his footsteps where he was when Luo Ke Di shouted. However, he had already lifted his foot when he stopped. So, his foot was in air at this moment…

[This bastard… I almost ran away. But, you dragged me back to suffer the same fate with you…]

"Oh! I almost forgot! Ji Mo, you wanted to compose a poem, right?" Jun Xi Zhu squinted and looked at Ji Mo, "Compose a poem within three steps you take! Otherwise, I will make Luo Ke Di write an article for your funeral!"

Ji Mo jumped up with a pitiful scream. He cried loudly, "Luo Ke Di… You bastard! I will get killed because of you now…"

Luo Ke Di rolled his eyeballs up and down while being laid on the ground…

"Ji Mo, you start first!" Jun Xi Zhu's anger hadn't died down yet. So, she thrust her toe on Luo Ke Di's chest. Luo Ke Di's entire body trembled as a result. And, he shouted loudly, "Third Brother… quickly compose a poem. Quickly compose a poem… I… I, I can't take it anymore…"

Ji Mo spread out his hands… as if to give up. He felt so miserable that he wanted to cry, "If I could compose a poem… wouldn't I have done it by now? But, you want me to compose one quickly now?"

"Compose it. Quickly!" Jun Xi Zhu's complexion changed. The coldness in her eyes became more intense, "So, you were harassing me, huh? Is it fun to harass women?"

Ji Mo started to cry with 'boohoo' sounds, "We didn't know it was you…"

"Cut the crap!" Jun Xi Zhu shouted while emitting her murderous aura.

"I'm composing a poem… I am doing it…" Ji Mo stood motionless. He wrinkled his brows and racked his brain for a solution, "From above the heavens… heavy snow… is fluttering again…"

He unconsciously took the second step forwards and recited the second verse, "Making the waist of a big mountain turn white in June…"

"Puff…" Luo Ke Di's whole body shivered as soon as he heard these two verses. His face had also turned red due to chocking. He could hardly move under Jun Xi Zhu's foot. But, he had still managed to laugh somehow.

"Are you laughing?" Jun Xi Zhu looked at him astonishingly, "Second Master Luo, you're very courageous. You genuinely don't seem afraid of death, ah…"

Luo Ke Di's eyes turned white when he heard this. [I couldn't help it… what this motherfu*ker is reciting… can it even be called poem…?]

Ji Mo stumblingly took the third step as he finally recited the third verse, "Composing poetry in this cold weather…" He tweaked his cheek and scratched his ears as he pondered for a while. Then, he said, "Isn't that bad…"

Then, he bounced, "Wa ha ha ha… I did it…"

"From above the heavens, heavy snow is fluttering again; making the waist of a big mountain turn white in June; composing poetry in this cold weather isn't that bad?" Jun Xi Zhu twisted her thin eyebrows, "What a crappy composition…"

"You only said that I have to compose a poem. You didn't tell me that it must have a certain standard…" Ji Mo straightened his neck and contended on strong grounds. [I must struggle at all costs. I will certainly die if Jun Xi Zhu made me write one more poem… This poem was already the most meaningful poem I've ever composed…]

"Very well!" Jun Xi Zhu waved her hand, "Get lost! I will make the whole Ji Clan prepare for your funeral if I see you teasing a woman again."

Ji Mo bowed his head and nodded, "Yes. Yes. I am already engaged to a woman. And, Aobo is very good… I didn't want to do this. It's entirely that pervert Luo Ke Di's fault…"

He covered his head and sneaked away like a rat. He was as scared as a stray dog in reality, and he swiftly rushed away like a fish that had just escaped a net…

"Ji Mo! You pig!" Luo Ke Di cussed while being miserably laid on the ground. He hammered the ground with his hand since he was feeling too much pain, grief, and indignation.

"It's your turn now." Jun Xi Zhu looked at Luo Ke Di and said in a cold voice, "Show me your literary talent."

Luo Ke Di became vexed to death as he said, "Minister Jun… how about you stop beating me…"

"Stop your nonsense!" A cold light flashed. A long sword was pierced through the crouch-part of Luo Ke Di's pant with a 'shua' sound. It penetrated through the cloth, and went into the snow on the ground. Then, the blade of the sword shook and issued a cold light.

It was ice-cold!

Luo Ke Di's entire body trembled and his hair stood on end. He could feel the blade swaying and touching him down there. His soul flew beyond the heaven since he had been scared witless by this action. He suddenly felt a sense of urgency to jet-out from the front and back lower parts of his body…

"Spare my life…" Second Master Luo trembled.

"The whole generation of your Luo Clan will have to rely only on your brother Luo Ke Wu for an heir if you won't write an article…" Jun Xi Zhu insipidly spoke-up.

"I will write it!" Luo Ke Di straightforwardly agreed. He then wrinkled his brows and pondered.

"Title… of my writing is — Admiring the heavy snow." Luo Ke Di gasped for breath, "Would you let me stand up?"


"Eh… No? No? Ok... Admiring the heavy snow… Admiring…" Luo Ke Di scowled miserably and made a long face. In fact, it seemed as if he was mourning over his mother's death. Ji Mo had recited a poem about snow. So, Luo Ke Di had also thought of using it as a reference.

"Snow was swirling in the air in the cold winter of June. Snowflakes were ferociously falling, and the north wind was fiercely blowing. The weather was cold and the ground was frozen. It was infinitely sad and miserable…" Second Master Luo's literary talent wasn't bad if one considered it carefully. After all, he had spoken this in one go...

"The winter arrives in June in your clan?" Jun Xi Zhu snorted.

"It is the month of June at present… isn't it a cold winter here?" Luo Ke Di rolled his eyes. He then said while stammering, "I would be sitting bare-chested in my home at this time…"

"Stop your nonsense! And, continue!"

"Um… The weather was cold and the ground was frozen. It was sad and miserable… And, the most miserable was the one who had abandoned me… that Ji Mo – that bad influence! One day will come when his muscles will be removed and his bone will be smashed…" Second Master Luo became more and more fluent. He rolled his eyes, "I saw a beautiful woman. The most beautiful among all the women in the world. She was so beautiful that she could cause the downfall of a nation. Her beauty bewitched me. But, it was pity that she was married to an ugly man. It was such a disappointment! The white snow is going inside my mouth…"

The snow had gone inside his mouth along with the wind while he was reading out the article. Second Master Luo had gotten pretty inspired by the surrounding scenery it seemed... Then, he returned to the original topic, "…the cold was piercing, and didn't feel beautiful. One would feel lucky at first… but eventually unlucky in this Northern Ice-field. I would have gone back if I could. But, the woman I harassed has chopped off my leg. Sister, spare my life. I have tried my best… how was my article? He he he he…"

"Puff…" Jun Xi Zhu was amused by him, and started to laugh. Then, she raised her foot and kicked this guy. She then scolded while laughing, "Get lost! Be prepared to lose your life if I ever see you teasing a woman again!"

"Yes, yes, yes…" Luo Ke Di crawled up. He then fled like a rat without turning his head back. His little heart was beating loudly. [Finally, my poor little life is saved. Oh my fu*king lord… I was so scared…]

[Who would've fu*king experienced such a terrifying thing? That ice cold sword was stuck 'there'. My 'little brother' would've been gone forever if I hadn't been careful. And, I would have become without my 'second brother'…]

However, he realized something while he was thinking all this. His lips had been shivering out of fright, and his face had turned white. However, they had suddenly started to brim with a smile at this moment, "My Second Brother? Second Brother Gu…? I'm very talented… Ahwooh~~~"

"What did you say?" Gu Du Xing appeared in front of him. His face was filled with a murderous aura… He had heard what Luo Ke Di had muttered to himself.

Luo Ke Di's legs went limp from fear. And, his mind was still in chaos. A short while passed before he managed to stammer, "I, I, I… I was talking about the 'second brother'… I didn't mean… Second Brother Gu…"

"I will kill you, you bastard!" Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were originally here to act as reinforcements since Ji Mo had called them. In fact, they had rushed over with anxiety in their hearts. But, they saw that this guy was healthy and active. Moreover, he was also taking dirty towards Gu Du Xing… In fact, Gu Du Xing had heard these words. And, he had become very angry as a result. So, he started to rain punches and kicks on him, and beat him up like a madman…

Half of a quarter of an hour passed… Luo Ke Di was lying on the ground like a fish that had been left to dry in the sun… He was unable to give vent to his anger even if he wanted to…

A white light flashed at this moment. Suddenly, a circular door appeared. Then, Chu Yang and Young Master Yu finally came out…

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