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The fierce figure of this weirdo started to move amidst the sounds of loud laughter. He jumped down the tree with a ‘shua’ sound, and disappeared in the dense fog without a trace.

It was Second Master Ji Mo who was disguised as a person of the ‘Three Stars Divine Clan’! And, he had genuinely succeeded in playing this part.

The Fourth Elder was furious. He was about to pursue and attack. But, he suddenly noticed that his subordinates were looking under their feet with a frightened look on their faces. The Fourth Elder also looked down. And, he couldn’t help but scream out at what he saw. He then spouted blood from his mouth…

He only saw that his subordinates were dumbstruck while standing still. Their faces filled with despair. The people who had shaken hands with that freak were in more miserable conditions since their hands had been reduced to bones.

A few of them lifted their trousers to have a look. Then, they screamed even more pitifully since only bare-white bones had remained up to their calves to support their bodies…

There was no trace of flesh or blood on their calves. Moreover, a trace of blackness had silently started to spread upward on their bodies. And, the flesh had begun to rot wherever it had spread to…

Moreover, one couldn’t feel anything from this rotting!

"This… what kind of a poison is this?" the Fourth Elder fished out an antidote pill in a flurry. He then stuffed it into his mouth. It was said that the detoxifying medicines of the Ou Clan were the best in the entire Middle Three Heavens. However, he couldn’t feel anything even after he had popped a big pill.

The Fourth Elder wanted to lower his head so that he could take a look at his legs. But, he realized that he couldn’t see anything as he lowered his head…

He held out his hand to touch his face since he was very frightened. But, he felt that a large chunk of flesh had fallen down, and he was touching only the bone that had remained.

"Old Fourth!"

"Old Fourth!"

The anxious voices of the Second Elder and the Third Elder were coming through from afar. They had obviously discovered this situation by now. Therefore, they had gone all-out to rush towards this side.

"Don’t come here!" the Fourth Elder gathered his remaining strength, and shouted at the top of his voice. However, his voice had a sobbing texture to it, "The water here is poisonous! You will be killed if you got infected! We are done for… Don’t come over! Don’t come over… No matter what…"

His voice had become hoarse as he spoke those last words. And, his tongue was spurt out of his mouth with a ‘puff’ sound immediately-after. His throat then issued an extremely hoarse cry. Then, he collapsed on the ground with his face upwards.

The eight people in the surroundings also became frightened and scattered in all directions… as if they would be saved if they were to leave this place. But, they could only run up to four or five steps. The bones of their calves had already rotten. So, they could no longer support their bodies. And, they eventually fell down in the water with plop sounds…

The Second Elder had literally flown to arrive here when he had heard the sounds of commotion from this place. And, he had immediately begun to descend when the Fourth Elder had shouted. However, he had become alert when he had heard the Fourth Elder’s warning. And, he had quickly grabbed the branch of a nearby tree. So, his body had gotten suspended in the mid-air as a result…

The branch was on a verge of breaking as it issued a faint snapping sound. It seemed that he had been relying on a weak support to remain suspended from the tree.

The Third Elder also rushed over with his men in tow. And, the people of the Second Elder were also gathered together. However, the eighteen people were left dumbstruck when they saw the Fourth Elder and the other eight people of his team tumble into the muddy water, and slowly rot afterwards. They repeatedly tried to shout, but couldn’t. They slowly wriggled and twisted. And, they gradually turned into skeletons. Their bones also melted gradually, and turned into the marsh after decaying…

Several bubbles appeared in the marsh. Then, there was a little turbulence in the water. After that, vapours rose up in the air, and got merged with the dense fog. And then, the marsh regained its state of tranquillity…

It now seemed as if nothing had happened here.

Even a miraculous detective wouldn’t be able to tell that this tranquil marsh had swallowed nine human lives! Moreover, those nine individuals had been experts in their own merit. In fact, one Emperor Level Expert, and eight King Level Experts!

The Second Elder, the Third Elder, and the others watched their brothers die in front of their eyes in a daze. However, they were struck dumb, and were at their wits’ end… as they saw them changing into skeletons, and then dissolving into the marsh water!

They felt so grieved that they wanted to die. But, they were helpless still!

The Third Elder looked at this marsh in a daze. His lips quivered as he nervously said, "Old Fourth… what kind of poison is this? Old Fourth… what kind of poison is this…"

The Second Elder looked up and let out a loud scream as tears swirled down his face! He bellowed in deep sorrow, "Chu Yang! Gu Du Xing! You bastards! I take a vow in front of the heaven and earth – I swear I wouldn’t be a man if I don’t chop you bastards into ten-thousand pieces!"

The sound of several grim laughs was heard from afar in the dense fog.

"Chase after them!" The Second Elder’s face was filled with a murderous look. He had gone mad in anger, "You think that you can use poison, and our Ou Clan can’t?!"

Everyone was even more cautious during the chase this time. Each person was carrying a few little animals in their hands. And, they would first throw an animal into any marsh they’d find on the way. They would obviously do this in order to examine it for poison. Then, they would hasten-on with their journey based on the situation they’d encounter.

The trees all around were having a bad day since they would break the branches of the trees one by one. Then, they would throw them into the water, and rush forward while stepping on them.

Everyone was extremely cautious and timid. But, nothing happened on the contrary to their expectations. It was somewhat unexpected that what they were expecting didn’t happen again the entire way.

This continued for a while. Then, they realized that the land under their foot had become increasingly soft. In fact, they were already half in the marsh even though it looked like solid-ground. So, they lowered their heads and took a look. And, they noticed that they were already inside a very faint stream of water.

The Second Elder took a deep breath. He first threw a snake into it. The snake panicking out of fear as it desperately wandered in the marsh. However, everyone felt relieved when they saw this happen. The Second Elder wrinkled his brow, and thought of an exquisite plan.

He took a deep breath. Suddenly, a steaming black energy ferociously came out from his body. He slowly extended his hands in a manner that made it seem as if he was holding a little baby in his arms. The black energy rose up from his palm at first. However, it suddenly disappeared thereafter. Then, he pressed his palms on his Dantian.

A snow-white layer that could be clearly seen with the naked eyes started to emit out of the feet of the Second Elder. The snow-white layer touched the water on the ground. Then, it started to expand like snow-frost. It was so fast that it rapidly expanded far-and-wide on the ground in a short while!

Everything to which it had expanded became frosty in the entire area. In fact, it would even spread up and cover an entire tree if it came in contact with one. And then, that large tree would turn snow-white in an instant.

This strange whiteness was still spreading at a rapid pace. A few water snakes suddenly rushed out from the marsh. But, they began to twist once they fell into the range of this hoarfrost. Then, their bodies became stiff and motionless.

The small ants by the wayside also died due to poisoning. There were some birds on the trees. They also fell down with ‘pop’ sounds. The Chill Wind Forest had suddenly changed into a dead region!

Poisonous Evil Divine Art!

This was a secret technique of the Ou Clan! In fact, it was so secretive that it hadn’t been passed-on to everyone. There were only some out of all the people of the Ou Clan who could use it! However, the Second Elder had already mastered this technique due to his cultivation level.

[Chu Yang and others will undoubtedly die if they come within the range of this white fog!] The Second Elder had confidence in himself. It had never been heard that anyone in the Middle Three Heavens could break this Poisonous Evil Divine Art of the Ou Clan!

[We will use poison against poison! You poisoned my brothers. So, I will kill you guys by using my poison!]

The range of the poison became increasingly wide as the Second Elder strode forwards. It got more and more concentrated, and began to spread out in an increasingly wider range. More and more small creatures died due to this. And, their dead bodies were left to float on the water’s surface.

The eyes of the rest of the experts of the Ou Clan lit up as they watched this happen. [This technique is so good, ah. Not only is it constantly omitting the need to be alert at all times, but it can even kill the enemy!]

Therefore, everyone started to imitate the Second Elder in quick succession.

The hoarfrost continuously spread out as a result. The eighteen other people had also launched Poisonous Evil Divine Art soon-enough. And, it spread within the range of several thousand feet within a short period of time.

They then slowly advanced forward on their journey in this manner. However, the earthworms started to emerge from the soil once this technique’s effect was induced into the underwater channels. This indicated that the ground was safe to walk upon. So, everyone’s speed increased even further.

"Big Brother, what’s to be done?" Luo Ke Di nervously asked at a distance place.

The traps that Chu Yang had arranged had lost their purpose given the way the Ou Clan’s people were advancing.

Chu Yang twisted his brows, and pondered hard. A good while passed before he realized that he didn’t have any good method to deal with the current formation of the enemy.

The traps they had set-up would get discovered as long as the enemy’s Poisonous Evil Divine Art was active. So, how would they be able to find a quick-fix to this situation?

However, Chu Yang’s eyes suddenly lit up as he watched the poisonous fog spread in the entire forest like salt frost. He then turned his head and said, "We must prepare for a decisive battle in this case! However… it must be done in so and so manner …"

Chu Yang waved his hand to beckon everyone. Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Dong Wu Shang gathered together to listen to Chu Yang as he spoke in whispers.

"…so and so… ok. But, you four people must go all-out when the time comes… After that, you must join forces to tie down one of the two Emperor Level Experts … understand?" Chu Yang said in a cold and sinister voice. He clenched his teeth, and his vision became fierce.

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others slowly nodded. They had serious expression on their faces as well.

A long while passed before Dong Wu Shang asked, "Big Brother, can you do it… all alone?"

Chu Yang clenched his teeth and replied, "If everything happens according to plan… there’s 40% chance of success."

"40% chance!" Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing looked at each other. They had a dignified look on their faces as they spoke-up, "Alright! There’s generally not even a 10% chance of success when King Level Experts deal with an Emperor Level Expert! So, it’s good that we have 40%!"

The two of them didn’t hesitate one bit. Gu Du Xing turned around, and gave brief instructions to the King Level Experts of the Gu Clan. However, the atmosphere had became unprecedentedly tensed…

The Second Elder and the others were sparing no effort into urging their poisonous technique forwards. They searched for Chu Yang and the others nearly everywhere in the Chill Wind Forest, but they couldn’t find them.

They had reached the heart of the Chill Wind Forest by now!

"I don’t believe that they have wings that they could fly away!" The Second Elder gritted his teeth in anger, "Continue onwards!"

He hadn’t even finished saying this when he suddenly heard a loud ‘bam’. It seemed as if a heavy object had fallen into the swamp, and had caused a burst of dense moisture.

This sound was sufficient for one to assess that it had been made by a human body’s fall.

The Second Elder’s eyes lit up. He hurriedly whispered, "Go over and take a look. Be very careful."

The Third Elder complied, and went to the side where the sound had originated from. The dozen or more people who stood behind him also went over to surround that area.

"Old Third, launch your field to protect your body first. Rest of you, don’t stop using your Poisonous Evil Divine Art!" the Second Elder hastily reminded them. He had also unleashed his field while speaking these words of caution.

A transparent layer of spirit energy wildly rushed forth from his body. It took the shape of his body, and made a transparent cover around his body. Even the dense fog obeyed command inside this transparent cover of spirit energy, and got gathered to one side!

"Yes." The Third Elder also activated his domain-field. However, he had a mournful expression on his face. He let out a deep sigh and said, "Old Eighth and Old Ninth hadn’t comprehended the power of the domain field. Old Fourth, you had comprehended it, but you never got the chance to use it..."

The Second Elder’s face twitched in pain as he said, "Let’s go!" Then, he moved first.

Some people could be seen rushing away as the poisonous effect of the technique was spreading forward. But, they could only fly to the halfway before they fell down. They fell heavily on the marshy ground. And, their clothes made it seem as if they were Chu Yang and his gang.

There was a particularly dense cover of woods a hundred feet up ahead. However, the trees had already been corroded by the poisonous gas up-until their mid-length. And, the trees had turned white as a result.

A dozen or more people were lying in disorder under the trees. Moreover, these people were continuously struggling. Some of them had managed to stand with difficulty. But, their complexions had already turned blue, and saliva was dripping down from the corner of their mouths.

The Second Elder coldly snorted. He gnashed his teeth and stared in anger, "Running away?! Did you think that you could run away?!"

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