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Chapter 510
Chapter 510: Breakthrough to Fourth Grade Sword King!

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Slowly, a terrifying whirlpool of Spirit Energy was formed in the sky. The gigantic whirlpool could be seen clearly as it slowly stirred-up.

Gu Du Xing and the others could clearly see the shape and the color of this whirlpool!

They looked at each other in dismay. They slowly drew back, and stopped two hundred feet away. They stood there and waited to see from afar.

Spirit Energies from all directions were madly rushing over, and were getting mixed with this whirlpool. In fact, the spirit energy had started to appear like green smoke as they floated in the sky. However, an increasing amount of the spirit energy was coming over into the whirlpool like moth flies into the flame!

The rotation of the whirlpool was slowly speeding up!

It had started to move slowly, and had eventually gained more and more speed…

The whirlpool gradually took the shape of a gigantic funnel with a sharp-pointed bottom. And, the pointed-tip on the bottom was approaching the center point of Chu Yang’s head...

"The spirit energy is gathering like smoke from all directions. It’s getting hard to breathe in a range of fifty kilometers. I’m afraid to say that this is like a Monarch Level breakthrough," A King Level Expert of the Gu Clan looked at Chu Yang with a shocked expression as he remained seated at the center of all this. He then cried out in a low voice in disbelief, "This kind of phenomenon can only be seen in a Monarch Level breakthrough! But, a whirlpool of Monarch Level breakthrough has appeared in a King Level breakthrough. This… this… Am I dreaming all this…"

The ten King Level Experts turned pale. The impact of the breakthrough of Gu Du Xing and the others was more powerful than that of an ordinary King Level’s breakthrough. The Sword and Saber King breakthroughs of Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang respectively had a scary impact. But, this one was simply bizarre!

[These people are sworn brothers!]

[How terrible would it be once the incredible aptitudes of these brothers would mature fully?]

Gu Du Xing and the others looked at each other with amazement! [The impact of Monarch Level Breakthrough…?]

Everyone looked-on as the speed the whirlpool’s rotation became so intense that it started to issue ear-piercing whistling sounds. In fact, the color of the entire whirlpool had changed to dark green by now!

It suddenly stopped for a moment. Then, it started to rotate in the reverse direction. Then, it suddenly started to move downwards! Consequently, the pointed end of the funnel that was rotating with matchless speed disappeared into the center of Chu Yang’s head!

Chu Yang’s body exuded a fierce sound of explosion. And, every piece of Chu Yang’s robe was fluttered away into tatters as a result…

Mo Qing Wu was standing far away. However, she felt that an airstream had hit her. Her mouth and nose were obstructed. She held out her hand in panic, and felt that she had grabbed something. Then, she opened her eyes, and looked towards her hand. She then realized that the thing she had grabbed was a torn-out piece of Chu Yang’s black robe. A long strand of black hair was fluttering unhurriedly in this torn-out piece of the black robe.

As anyone would think…

How could there be a long hair of a woman in Chu Yang’s clothes? Moreover, it looked like it had been carefully stitched in the black robe. This clearly meant that he didn’t wish to hide it from people… What was going on?

The aura of the breakthrough gradually spread out in the air.

Swift and fierce sword energies scattered in all direc

tions. Then, the radiance of the green color disappeared without a trace!

Third Grade Sword King!

It was again a Sword King breakthrough!

The Ten King Level Experts of the Gu Clan looked-on with amazement, [Such kind of a Sword King breakthrough makes for a rare event even in the span of a decade. However, three of them occurred in one fell swoop today!]

"He made a breakthrough!" Ji Mo shouted in excitement. He was about to rush towards Chu Yang and celebrate. But, he was stopped by Dong Wu Shang, "Do not move!"

Everyone found an anomaly. Chu Yang had made a breakthrough, but he was still sitting in the same place. He wasn’t moving…

Moreover, his entire body was covered in a dense aura. And, the aura still hadn’t dispersed away. Instead, an enormous aura was still revolving around him!

It seemed that the spirit energy had again started to rotate slowly in the air…

[Is it the formation of a new whirlpool again?]

Everyone blankly looked-on. [What is this? I’ve never ever seen this kind of a bizarre phenomenon!]

The whirlpool started to get bigger and bigger. And, its range started to become wider and wider. In fact, the spirit energy of higher altitudes was coming over from farther places this time. Wave upon wave of spirit energy started to rush over towards the whirlpool as time passed. And, it again gathered in this newly-formed whirlpool like moth flies into the flame.

The plants in the vicinity started to wither with crunching sounds. In fact, all of them had lost their vitality in a split second!

The whirlpool was slowly getting enlarged. The mild green smoke of the spirit energy again appeared to be becoming denser and denser…

However, its range was two-times wider than the previous one!

"Is he going to break through again? Is he going to do this two times in a row?" the oldest King Level Exert of the Gu Clan cried out in alarm. But, it seemed as if he was cussing. And, his fingers trembled as he clutched a wisp of his beard.

Everyone had been struck dumb! [This is too… unimaginable, isn’t it?]

[Breakthrough… Making a smooth breakthrough even once is tantamount to heaven’s blessing. And, this dude is doing this a second time in a row? Aren’t you tired? You may not be tired… but, would your meridians be able to bear it?]

Then, this expert felt that the spiritual power in his body was seemingly reacting. It seemed as if it was about to part from his body and fly away. It seemed that it was being pulled into that whirlpool of spirit energy…

"Move back. Quickly!"

Gu Du Xing shouted. Everyone hurriedly drew back.

Dong Wu Shang grabbed Mo Qing Wu, and drew backwards by five-hundred feet!

The spirit energy was rotating along with the whirlpool in the sky. It became bigger and bigger with the passage of time, and eventually took the shape of a funnel!

Then, it came swishing down…

The spirit energy issued a sound of explosion once again. But, this one was much more intense than the previous one. In fact, the King Level Experts were nearly knocked down to the ground by the shock!

Countless sword energies were revolving around Chu Yang. It seemed as if they were celebrating the birth of a Sword King. They were fluttering up-and-down as if they were cutting the air itself into fragments.

Chu Yang softly let out a sigh of relief. He then moved his neck. It issued snapping sounds. After that… he slowly stood up.

His breakthrough was finally over with…

Several King Level Experts became dumbfounded as they looked at this genius. They eventually heaved a sigh of relief. [That was too shocking…]

An old King Level Expert of the Gu Clan somewhat wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. He extended one of his hands towards his old fellow on his side. Then, he extended his other hand. He bent down his three fingers. He had a confused look on his face as he shook his fingers.

"What?" the other man was puzzled.

"Seven years…" The King Level Expert of the Gu Clan was at a loss. He was dumbfounded. He shook the seven fingers that were set upright, "It took me seven years to level up from grade three to grade four… Seven years, ah! And, I’m still an ordinary King Level Expert… Take a look at this guy… Just take a look at him… he leveled up from grade three to four in just… seven breaths… I… I… I think that my life has been meaningless… Fu*k it!"

He looked up to the sky, and heaved a deep sigh. His cheeks were streaming with tears, "This disparity will make this old man feel diligent for a lifetime… How would I endure this?!"

The other nine King Level Experts became speechless.

Chu Yang’s bare body had stood up. He spread out his hands, and pulled out a black robe out of nowhere. It then got draped on his body as if it was a black cloud. Then, he pulled and gripped his waistband. And, he regained his elegant appearance as a result…

He smiled as he strode towards Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, and the others. Then, he extended his one finger.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang forced a smile. Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo looked grief-stricken…

One-hundred pounds!

The meaning of this one finger was clear – [Now, I am one grade above you guys. Therefore, a hundred pound would be added on top of your one-thousand pound! Um, in other words… I will make you run while carrying 1100 pounds of weight on your back from tomorrow onwards.]

"Big Brother… that was shocking!" Ji Mo groaned, "I have never seen such breakthrough capability… you once broke through from Martial Warrior to Martial Master. You had jumped across several levels at once at that time. Then, you had broken through from Martial Great Master to Revered Martial Artist, and you had again jumped several levels at once… And, now you’re a King Level Expert… how do you do this? Are you even human?"

Chu Yang spread out his hands, and replied helplessly, "I have my ways… don’t tell me that you are worried about getting crushed by such a meager weight?"

Dong Wu Shang’s face twitched. He snorted and spoke-up, "Isn’t it just an additional 100 pounds? Ji Mo, are you a blabbering bird? I lift six-hundred pounds more weight than you guys, and I still don’t whine."

"How come…?" Luo Ke Di hopped up. He felt wronged and said, "Your saber is only 570 pounds in weight, alright…"

"A group of evildoers!" That dumbfounded King Level Expert of the Gu Clan looked at these five freaks. He then turned his head, and spoke-up in a sad tone, "This old man will also start practicing. This old man will also carry one-thousand pounds of weight on his back from tomorrow onwards…!"

The ten King Level Experts sighed and walked away. However, their backs looked crooked and their footsteps were unsteady…

"We have nothing much to do right now. So, there’s no harm in practicing and training, right?" Chu Yang said, "Du Xing, you train Ji Mo. Wu Shang and Coyote, you guys come and attack me together."

Ji Mo’s cheek instantly streamed with tears, "Why do I have to be trained?"

Gu Du Xing exposed an evil grin. He suddenly pulled out his sword, and rushed to attack…

However, Lou Ke Di was in full zest. So, he rolled-up his sleeves for battle, "Big Brother… Ahwooh… let your little brother teach you a lesson."

He made a signal with his eyes. Then, he and Dong Wu Shang approached Chu Yang from the left and right sides. The saber-light sprang up in an instant. And, the sword energy spread everywhere…

Chu Yang laughed heartily, "Come on, then!" he pulled his sword out as his back robe fluttered in the air. Then, this group of three started to fight.

Luo Ke Di immediately came to regret this action. And, this was because Chu Yang didn’t show the least bit of mercy. Just one sword was pressing down two men! Dong Wu Shang could tolerate it to some extent because his saber was very heavy. In fact, Chu Yang was only dodging it. However, Luo Ke Di was met with heavy reverses since he was getting attacked by random and chaotic sword slashes. In fact, he was also being kicked once in a while. And, he would be sent flying in the sky like a rubber ball each time this happened…

These five people had just made their breakthrough. So, everyone had gained new insights. They weren’t evenly matched. But, this fight was still a treat to eyes!

The two groups they were previously divided in merged together into one later. So, their fight got full-on chaotic. All of them would fight one vs one at one given time. They would then fight as two-against-three the next moment. And, sometimes they would even fight as one-against-four!

The fighting skills that everyone displayed in this fight were very proficient. And, these brothers were unceasingly gaining battle experience. So, they were constantly gaining new ideas and insights as a result…

Chu Yang, Dong Wu Shang, and Gu Du Xing joined forces against the weaker team of Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di later on, and attacked them with their full strengths. Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di obviously screamed as they got beaten up. They had obviously been pushed into an extremely distressed situation!

These three had the common idea – [Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di are the weakest of us five brothers. Therefore, we must pressurize them. It will make them catch up as quickly as possible.]

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had obviously realized this idea. So, they gritted their teeth and persistently supported each other. They’d scream and cuss since they were being oppressed. But, they also got inspired and attacked with their full strength as a result…

This fight went on until the sun rose from the east.

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di surpassed their limitations during this fierce struggle… This made Chu Yang and the others stunned. [It seems that these two guys have become quite fierce…]

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