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Mo Tian Ji thought for a while. Then, he made a prompt decision and replied, "Alright!" [The clan is currently in crisis. Mo Tian Yun has mortgaged half of the clan’s property. So, I would have to deal with Mo Tian Yun if he wins. Otherwise, he could use the newly gained financial resources against me. And, it would be very difficult for me to deal with him if that happens.]

[But, it would be a heaven-sent opportunity for me if he loses!]

"I will settle scores with your Mo Clan sooner or later…" Chu Yang coldly looked at Mo Tian Ji. He spoke in a dark manner, "I wouldn’t have cared about anything if Little Wu was safe and sound, and was taken care of in a proper manner. But, your Mo Clan has mistreated Little Wu like that. So, I might as well inform you of this. You owe one to Little Wu. And, I will later come to balance the account with the Mo Clan… regardless of whether you or Mo Tian Yun becomes the Clan Lord!

"If I – Chu Yang — don’t want it… nobody in the entire Nine Heavens can take advantage of me without paying a price!" Chu Yang heavily added.

Mo Tian Yun complied after Chu Yang finished speaking. Chu Yang took large strides to leave. He said, "I will go and look for Young Master Yu."

"Let’s go together." Mo Tian Ji’s face was flushed with shame as he followed after Chu Yang. He had never been scolded by someone like that. Mo Tian Ji felt sad, but he couldn’t complain. Therefore, he swallowed his pride down his throat. [Who would like to turn their clan into an environment that lacks any feeling or sense of justice?]

"You guys don’t need to come with me. You must seize the moment, and continue with your practice. We can’t afford to make any mistakes in tomorrow’s battle!" Chu Yang spoke to Gu Du Xing and the others.

Gu Du Xing nodded. Then, he went back with his other brothers, and continued practicing.

"Brother Chu, why are you so good to my little sister?" Mo Tian Ji could tell that Chu Yang was more concerned about his sister than her own elder brothers.

"I adore Qing Wu," Chu Yang casually replied.

"You adore her… but in what way…" Mo Tian Ji whispered in his heart. But, he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

It was obvious that Chu Yang didn’t dare to inform him either. [I like your little sister. I want to marry her and make her my wife when she will grow up…] However, Mo Tian Ji would’ve opposed him with all his power if he had expressed his views! In fact, Mo Tian Ji would’ve thought that Chu Yang and that beast Meng Luo were no different…

"Don’t worry. I will clean-up the evil elements from the Mo Clan if I become the Clan Lord," Mo Tian Ji exclaimed.

"Brother Mo, can I say something if you don’t mind…?" Chu Yang said while taking quick steps.

"Please, go ahead!"

"Your vision is focused on one clan only. So, it is somewhat limited. Also… your approach isn’t broad enough," Chu Yang gave his honest opinion.

"It’s not that I don’t know…" Mo Tian Ji let out a deep sigh, "Mo Tian Yun and I fight for power and profit. Do you think it’s because I – Mo Tian Ji – want the position of the Clan Lord? I have deep sentiments towards the clan! I can’t see my clan getting ruined in the hands of Mo Tian Yun. Mo Tian Yun is narrow-minded. He is vicious and merciless. He can use any fair or foul method for his own gain. So, I can’t let the Mo Clan fall into Mo Tian Yun’s hands!"

He took a deep breath and said, "I want to lead my clan to the Upper Three Heavens! I wish to complete the desires of the several past generations of the Mo Clan."

Chu Yang didn’t speak anything. Then, he sped up and spoke, "I wish for your success."

The two of them walked hurriedly with their heads lowered. And, they arrived at Young Master Yu’s place soon after.

"Brother Yu, Chu Yang is here to pay a visit. Please, come out!" Chu Yang shouted with vigor in his voice. And, his voice spread far and wide.

Mo Qing Wu jumped up in the inner parts of the area, and danced with joy, "It is Elder Brother Chu Yang!" She had heard this voice every night in her dreams. It would often console her tenderly, [Little Wu, don’t worry. Little Wu, you have me. Little Wu…]

Now, she was hearing this voice for real!

Mo Qing Wu jumped up, and was about to shout happily. But then, she suddenly fell into shock. She erected her small ears, and nervously listened what was going outside. Then, she suddenly grabbed Jun Lu Lu’s hand and anxiously asked, "Sister Ah Lu, I didn’t mishear that, right? Someone actually shouted, right? It was Elder Brother Chu Yang’s voice, right? It wasn’t my imagination, right…"

Jun Lu Lu tried to restrain her laughter and replied, "I didn’t hear anything."

Mo Qing Wu hung her head down in a dispirited manner. She then sat down on the ground and said, "Was it really my imagination…?"

Jun Xi Zhu’s voice echoed, "Ah Lu, you look after this little girl. I’ll go and see King of Hell Chu."

Mo Qing Wu stared blankly for a moment. Then, she became ecstatic, "So, it wasn’t my imagination!" She got up, and was about to rush out before Jun Lu Lu could’ve gotten a hold of her. This little girl rushed to the door, but immediately turned around and ran back. She directly went in front of the mirror, and anxiously looked at herself from all angles. After that, she turned around, and once again rushed to go out.

Jun Lu Lu reacted quickly this time, and grabbed her hand to stop her. She then said in a low voice, "Don’t worry. Let your Elder Brother Chu Yang and Elder Sister talk about their business first. I will send you to your Elder Brother Chu Yang after they are done talking."

Mo Qing Wu had tears in her eyes. And, she displayed an intensely unwilling look on her face. But, she obediently nodded, "I want to hear their talk…"

Jun Lu Lu complied, "Very well… But, only if you don’t make any noise…"

Mo Qing Wu silently nodded and lowered her head. Her eyes had turned red. That ecstatic feeling had vanished, and a limitless feeling of grievance had bubbled up in her heart instead. [I want to tell everything to Elder Brother Chu Yang. I want to tell him about the sufferings that I’ve been through this year. Boohoo…]

Sound of footsteps rose from the outside.

Chu Yang had shouted. After that, a person came out and asked him to go in.

He followed that person and walked in. Mo Tian Ji also wanted to go after him. But, he was stopped by the guard. The guard said, "Minister Jun only wants to meet one man – Minister Chu."

Mo Tian Ji was helpless. He had no other choice than to wait outside.

Chu Yang walked in, and saw a black-clothed woman standing there. She had her back turned to him. Her silvery temples were like fog. Her stature was slender and graceful. She was dressed in an ordinary black dress. But, it gave people a kind of mystical feeling.

She looked like an elusive fairy that was riding the clouds and controlling wind. She seemed to be floating high up on the ninth heaven.

"Your Excellency must be…" Chu Yang’s pupils contracted as he indistinctly guessed, "Minister Jun, right?"

"Minister Chu has a sharp vision." Jun Xi Zhu turned around slowly. She looked at Chu Yang’s face with her keen vision. And, Chu Yang felt like his face had been severely pricked by two steel needles since he felt a stabbing pain!

Jun Xi Zhu’s face was covered by a black muslin veil. So, her face wasn’t visible. But, her eyes were as shiny as the bright stars in the night sky. They could leave people dazzled.

"Minister Chu has presumably come for Mo Qing Wu," Jun Xi Zhu solemnly said.

Chu Yang’s heart trembled as he replied, "Yes."

"Probably Mo Tian Ji has asked you to rescue her, am I right?" Jun Xi Zhu slightly smiled.

"Yes." Chu Yang frankly admitted.

"As expected… I deliberately made things difficult for Mo Tian Ji so that he would ask Minister Chu to come here," there was a cold smiling touch to Jun Xi Zhu’s voice as she continued, "I could’ve visited you, but it would’ve been like giving you too much face. So, I had to follow this plan. I hope Minister Chu doesn’t take any offense."

Chu Yang smiled, "Minister Jun is a capable person of this generation. She is a senior expert. Her position is very high. You’re the overload of this generation. So, this Chu Yang should come to visit you."

Jun Xi Zhu had unleashed her domineering aura when Chu Yang had come in. And, she had formed a tyrannical energy field that had firmly shrouded Chu Yang when she had turned around to face him.

Meanwhile, she was carefully observing every expression of Chu Yang’s while they were having this conversation. She observed everything – his voice, the look in his eyes, and even the movement of his muscles. However, she didn’t find the slightest of changes in Chu Yang!

He had been neither servile nor overbearing when he had entered. And, he had maintained the same demeanor till now. Even, his pulse rate hadn’t changed one bit.

[Such mental strength at this age…? This kind of a hero is very rare in the world.]

A kind of mysterious light flashed in Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes. She thought, "No wonder Little Yu gives him so much importance. This boy doesn’t seem to be ordinary."

"Minister Jun should say whatever she has on her mind," Chu Yang said.

"Minister Chu… how do you see my Dark Bamboo…?" Jun Xi Zhu hesitated a bit. Then, she suddenly asked.

"Dark Bamboo dominates the entire Middle Three Heavens. Naturally, it is the most powerful force!" Chu Yang pondered for a while and replied, "In fact, this kind of power would be sufficient to dominate the Upper Three Heavens. Unfortunately, it lacks some genuine top-notch experts. Otherwise, the Dark Bamboo can’t dominate the Middle Three Heavens alone, but could very well have ruled the Upper Three Heavens!"

"Unfortunately, it lacks some genuine top-notch experts…" Jun Xi Zhu slowly repeated Chu Yang’s words. She then exposed a smiling expression in her eyes, "Very good!

"I can return Mo Qing Wu to you." Jun Xi Zhu no longer beat around the bush, and said, "But, I want Minister Chu to promise me something… or, make a commitment."

"I never make commitments!" Chu Yang indifferently replied, "I never make commitments to anyone… or for anything!"

He firmly looked at Jun Xi Zhu and added, "Perhaps Minister Jun also knows that the so-called ‘commitments’ are often only used for betrayals. And, I never want to break a promise to anyone. So, making commitments is far too heavy for me!"

Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes filled with a look of admiration. She said, "Okay. You don’t need to make a commitment. But, how about Minister Chu accepts my request in future if he finds it appropriate?" She smiled and added, "I won’t make a difficult request!"

Chu Yang hesitated.

What Jun Xi Zhu had spoken may have sounded simple, but… would it be simple to fulfill the request of Dark Bamboo?

"Minister Chu, you have arrived here very recently. So, you aren’t able to contend against big clans yet. In exchange for this request, I – Jun Xi Zhu – ensure you… Mo Qing Wu will always be at your side.

"No one would be able to snatch her from you." Jun Xi Zhu smiled and declared her terms.

"Ok!" Chu Yang made a prompt decision and complied. This was exactly the most troublesome thing for him at present.

"It’s a deal!"

"Words can’t be taken back once they have been said!"

They looked at each other and smiled. Jun Xi Zhu felt relaxed in her heart, [With this… I will have a method to turn things in my favor when that peerless person with extraordinary abilities would arrive. In addition, there’s some time until his return… And, Chu Yang would be preoccupied with a lot of things during that time. In fact, he would be in endless troubles. Moreover, his ambitions are very big. Would Chu Yang really have time to worry about his relationship?]

Jun Xi Zhu would never have imagined that the ‘man with extraordinary abilities’ of her imagination was actually standing in front of her!

She softly smiled. Then, her body floated away like the gently drifting black mist. And, she disappeared from the front of Chu Yang without a trace.

After that, Jun Lu Lu gently released Mo Qing Wu from behind the curtains. Then, she quietly disappeared as well.

It seemed that the emotions that had been suppressed since ages had now broken out, "Elder Brother Chu Yang…" her voice was so loud that it almost damaged her throat!

"Qing Wu?" Chu Yang’s body shook. He quickly turned his head, and was pleasantly surprised.

He saw a delicate and charming silhouette rushing over towards him. She rushed half-way and swiftly jumped in order to throw herself at him.

Chu Yang subconsciously opened his arms. His eyes couldn’t help but turn somewhat red.

A burst of fragrance came over, and he felt something soft in his arms. Then, her soft body twined over his body like an octopus. Mo Qing Wu firmly buried her little head in his chest. She felt very happy, but she also felt very sad at the same time. However, she was content in this moment. She put on a sad expression, and her tone changed, "Elder Brother Chu Yang… you have come, boohoo…"

She couldn’t even finish her sentence before she broke into tears. Her small nose was opening and closing as she was avidly breathing to take-in Chu Yang’s smell. And, she felt so happy that she wanted to cry. She felt a pain in her heart because of this happiness… [For how long I have longed for this hug…? How may time have I dreamed about it?]

Chu Yang tightly held her in his arms. He couldn’t speak either. His heart was beating intensely, [Little Wu, Qing Wu! I have come! I will never let you suffer again! My Qing Wu…]

A long time passed like this. Chu Yang’s chest had been soaked in Mo Qing Wu’s tears. Mo Qing Wu lifted her head, and foolishly looked at Chu Yang’s face… as if it was some dream. She couldn’t get a grip on this reality. She looked at him in a daze for a long time. She then lowered her head, and spoke as if she was talking in her sleep, "Elder Brother Chu Yang… I finally got to see you again. I am so happy…"

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