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The law of the jungle was followed in the Middle Three Heavens! Strength was the ultimate reason. And, Chu Yang had known this point all along.

Any attempt to reason with people would instead make them believe that one was ‘actually’ terrified to take action...

So, he wasn’t planning to use any reason in the Middle Three Heavens this time around.

"We are the people of Black Devil group!" These two people were Revered Martial Artists. They had noticed Chu Yang’s strong aura. So, they weren’t daring to be rash. They neatly revealed their origin to him instead.

"Um, ok. People of Black Devil — leave!" Chu Yang rolled his eyes as he thought, [I wouldn’t have bothered to teach you two a lesson even if you weren’t the people of the Black Devil...]

He unleashed his sharp and murderous aura. The complexions of the two scouts of the Black Devil turned pale. So, they immediately stood up and said, "We present this seat to Your Excellency. But, we’re leaving behind a few words for you – we hope to develop a cordial and warm relationship that lasts forever. "

"Cut the crap! You die if you don’t go!" Chu Yang coldly snorted.

The two men in black clothes looked at him with bitter resentment in their eyes. Then, they went downstairs and left. The waiter swiftly came over, and cleaned the table. Then, Chu Yang sat down in a leisurely manner.

[I must say that this feeling of using power to bully people is really awesome. Especially... while bullying the Black Devil’s people…]

A moment of silence spread in the restaurant.

Chu Yang stood up, and smiled in a gentle manner. He cupped one fist in the other hand as a sign of respect, and showed the gesture to everyone present. Then, he solemnly spoke-up, "I suppose that everyone clearly understands my purpose of occupying this table. I merely wish to learn some recent news… such as the current situation of the Middle Three Heavens… the status of the major aristocratic clans… ha-ha. No need to hold back. I’m all ears here. I certainly understand that you all are very busy. Hence, I won’t let anyone down if I manage to obtain some desirable information from your discussions!"

Everyone let out an ‘oh’ at once. There had been a gloating look in their eyes a moment ago… as if they were taking pleasure in others’ misfortune. However, that look had vanished by now.

[This guy arrived and offended the Black Devil right away. He looks like an ordinary youth, but the words he spoke make him seem like an old traveler. Especially that last sentence ‘I won’t let anyone down if I manage to obtain some desirable information from your discussions’. Only an old traveler talks like that!]

[Moreover, these words also illustrate that the amount of information he needs is huge. And, he’s clearly finding it difficult to put emphasis on any one topic. That’s why he chose this approach in which we just discuss… and he merely gets to listen to everyone.]

[Fu*k, what kind of an old fox comes up with such a terrific way...]

[However, this person’s cultivation obviously isn’t low. It’s hard to imagine what sort of rewards he would take out if we talk about the content he’s interested in?]

"Hey, have you heard? Ji Clan’s two brothers have clashed with the Gao Clan. I heard that the Ji Clan’s Second Young Master Ji Mo and Gao Clan’s Eldest Young Master Gao Sheng are rivals in love. These two are engaged in a terrible struggle…" a man seated at a nearby table suddenly changed the subject of their previous conversation, and began to talk about the recent anecdotes of the Middle Three Heavens.

Chu Yang raised his eyebrow, [Ji Mo? Ji Mo and Gao Sheng are rivals in love?]

This caught his interest. He flipped his palm over. ‘Chink’ sounds were heard, and glistening gold ingots fell on the table where those two men were seated. A total of 12 gold ingots!

Those two were pleasantly surprised. They turned their heads to look at Chu Yang. Chu Yang smiled, and nodded his head. His indication was obvious — [Keep talking.]

They were overjoyed at this. They put the gold in their pockets, and began to talk loudly about the history of Young Master Ji Mo and Young Master Gao Sheng as love rivals...

The other people saw this, and their eyes emitted a golden light, [Motherfu*ker, they earned gold for saying a few words? What sort of charity is this?]

The atmosphere in the restaurant immediately turned lively.

"Hey, do you know who are the Eight Big Young Masters of the Cang Lan Battlefront right now?" the person who said this winked at Chu Yang. He was obviously speaking to Chu Yang.

[Eight Big Young Masters?] Chu Yang flipped over his hand, and a gold ingot went flying...

"Yeah, let’s talk about the current situation in the Cang Lan Battlefront..."

Chink! Another gold ingot dropped.

"Have you heard about the talented Young Clan Lord of the Gu Clan – Gu Du Xing?"

Chink! Another gold ingot.

"Do you know the Ten Great Experts of the upcoming young generation?"


"Did you hear that the two brothers of the Mo Clan are engaged in a terrible power struggle?"


[Damn! Where is this guy taking out so much gold from? He keeps throwing gold ingots as if they are mud balls or something.] He had ignited the atmosphere of the entire restaurant!

The extraordinary might of gold had urged everyone to talk about stuff while they tried their best to outdo one another. However, they were still being very discreet. Sometimes, the people – who had raised a topic in advance – waited for the others to finish their talk before resuming their topic. Such patient people received an applauding look from Chu Yang, and also got many more gold ingots as reward...

Chu Yang had a huge stock of gold; he had obviously obtained it by looting the treasury of the Great Zhao Palace. The Nine Tribulations Sword hadn’t hesitated to draw out the power of the gold. But, a big pile of gold was still left from the loot...

Besides, there was no other way but to spend lots of money if he wanted to get information on so many aristocratic clans of the Middle Three Heavens in one stroke. After all, all of these clans were noteworthy. Therefore, Chu Yang didn’t mind spending the gold.

The people realized that this gentleman would enthusiastically throw a gold ingot over even when some old rumor or anecdote was mentioned. This discovery made everyone ecstatic.

Some people had already earned their second ingot… or even their third.

This restaurant had been turned into a news conference!

The people who came later to have a meal couldn’t go inside. Chu Yang continued to throw gold left-and-right like some rich and overbearing person. This had wrapped the entire restaurant in a golden cover…

Everyone was full of excitement. And, they were trying their best to come up with the most interesting talks. Meanwhile, Chu Yang gradually organized his thoughts.

[So, the situation of the Middle Three Heavens is like this ah.]

The Three Stars Divine Clan had wreaked havoc for some time, but had later encountered the united resistance of the forces of the Middle Three Heavens. So, they were somewhat restrained by now, and their influence had been curtailed within the region of the Raging Fire Mountain Range. It looked like the situation had been restored to how it used to be when everyone minded their own business.

However, the major aristocratic clans had already tasted the sweetness of power and resources. The sheer amount of spirit beast cores they had gained this time – irrespective of the quality and quantity of the cores – was several times more than what they had been able to obtain in the past.

This was indeed an enormous wealth!

So, who wouldn’t wish to get some more?

The Three Stars Divine Clan had already retreated. So, an internal strife began between the major clans. They began to compete over the resources they had obtained. These were indeed the chaotic times!

Ji Clan, Mo Clan, Gao Clan, Black Devil, Ao Clan, Meng Clan, Gu Clan, Luo Clan, Dong Clan, Xie Clan, Li Clan, Tian Clan, Tu Clan, Zhao Clan, Huyan Clan, Ou Clan, Huangfu Clan, Li Clan...

This stretch of region had turned into a chaotic battlefield for dozens of major aristocratic clans and hundreds of smaller ones that spread across the Middle Three Heavens!

Several young experts had risen to fame, and had revealed their outstanding talent amidst this endless fighting over resources!

Ao Clan’s Eldest Young Master Ao Xie Yun had triumphantly advanced to the Fourth Grade of King Level. He had become the undisputed number one expert in the younger generation of the Middle Three Heavens! Moreover, he had done it in secrecy. He was said to have taken some unusual path, and this path had been very effective. Therefore, people had nicknamed him ‘Evil Young Master’!

Gu Clan’s Young Clan Lord – Gu Du Xing – had led his clan’s forces to fight in one place after another… everywhere from north to south. He himself had smoothly broken through to the Second Grade of King Level. He possessed sword cultivation. So, he was now a Second Grade Sword King. This also proved that his strength ought to be above everyone else. Therefore, he shared the number one spot with Ao Xie Yun. Gu Du Xing was a reserved guy who didn’t seem to associate with anyone regardless of their rank or stature. He always preferred to act alone without relying on anyone. Therefore, he had been nicknamed — 'Lone Traveler’.

Mo Clan’s Eldest Young Master Mo Tian Yun and Second Young Master Mo Tian Ji had stepped into the King Level as well; that too at the same time. Mo Tian Ji had become extremely clever with his schemes. His plans were foolproof, and he knew innumerable variations of every stratagem. He was called the ‘God of Crafty Plans’, and was praised for his supernatural skills when it came to formulating plans.

Mo Tian Yun was nicknamed the 'Ninth Heaven Cloud’. He was so aloof and remote that even his limelight on a whole new level.

This wasn’t a standalone or accidental occurring. There was another pair of brothers who had made a breakthrough at the same time. Ji Clan’s Eldest Young Master Ji Zhu and Second Young Master Ji Mo had also broken through to the King Level at the Cang Lan Battlefront. People had named them the ‘Ji double bears’. These two brothers were called by this name since they were whimsy and lazy like a black bear...

The Dong Clan’s Dong Wu Shang had used his incredibly large saber, and had crashed into mighty lineups. He had also broken through to the First Grade of King Level. He was nicknamed the ‘Black Saber’! This was because the other saber of the Black Saber Clan simply didn’t stand a chance ever since his’ had come into being. Dong Wu Shang had also become the Dong Clan’s representative figure.

Luo Clan’s Eldest Young Master Luo Ke Wu was eagerly waiting to lead the clan. However, the one who made the breakthrough was the Second Young Master Luo Ke Di. He had become a King Level expert, and hence was called — 'Wolf Sword King’.

Xie Clan’s Xie Dan Qiong shook the entire Cang Lan Battlefront with his ‘Jasper Flower’ attack. The rumors said that the Jasper Flower attack is relentless, and causes utter devastation! The Jasper Flower attack had unmatched power, and hence was called ‘the concealed weapon of ancestors’. Xie Dan Qiong had also broken through to the King Level, and had become one of the leading figures of the younger generation.

There were others such as Tu Qian Hao, Li Xiong Tu, Ou Du Xiao, Meng Luo, Huangfu Wannian, and Tian Bu Hui. These people had emerged to fame throughout the Middle Three Heavens. It was like the arrival of a new era. The heroes of the young generation were coming forth in large numbers.

The Eight Big Young Masters were – Ao Xie Yun, Mo Tian Yun, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Lei, Xie Dan Qiong, Gao Sheng, Meng Luo, and Tian Bu Hui.

However, there was another list of people known as the Ten Big Experts. Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang were in it. These sworn brothers of Chu Yang had impressively occupied nearly half the positions!

The current situation of the Middle Three Heavens could be described in one word — Chaotic!

"It seems like these guys are getting along fine," Chu Yang muttered to himself. He held a glass of wine in one hand, and had rest his chin on the other as he wondered. [What’s up with these titles – Ten Big Experts and Eight Big Young Masters? They sound so awesome.]

Ji Mo won the support of Dong Clan, Luo Clan and Gu Clan as the struggle between Ji Mo and Gao Sheng went out of hand. These powerful figures then rushed into the tiger’s den to seize its tooth. They went together to help him snatch his wife.

Gao Sheng didn’t like Huyan Aobo… but, he still couldn’t accept the fact that someone was looking to snatch his wife-to-be away. Not to mention that this also involved his family’s prestige… Therefore, Eldest Young Master Gao refused to admit defeat, and united with the Li Clan, Tu Clan and Meng Clan to form a strong battle formation in order to be combat-ready.

Chu Yang sprayed wine on the table as soon as he heard this.

[I have yet to see Gao Sheng, but I’ve met Huyan Aobo… It can be said that I’m much obliged to her. One could say she’s a gallant woman with heroic presence. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she will be like a hero in a bridal dress!]

[And... it feels a little weird to see Young Miss Huyan and Ji Mo together...]

Chu Yang recalled Young Miss Huyan’s sturdy build, and her tall and burly physique. He also recalled her majestic and tyrannical presence. She looked brave, and was full of power and grandeur. Moreover, the size of her body was quite overbearing. And then… he thought of Ji Mo’s weak and skinny body… it was like that of a chicken...

He repeatedly shook his head, but he simply couldn’t link-up these two people in his heart… no matter what he thought of. A bed would come up in his heart whenever he would try to…

A pure big black bear ravages a small white rabbit in the scene that followed after that. Moreover, the small white rabbit is the male of the pair...

The man in-discussion was none other than Ji Mo. And, he was the one who had declared the war. Chu Yang couldn’t help but have intestinal spasms when he gave it a thought...

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