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Chapter 430: Proposes Marriage?
"Everyone escape ah. These bastards are too savage..." a loud voice sounded from afar. It was King of Hell Chu’s voice!
Jing Meng Hun got so angry that he nearly threw up blood, "King of Hell Chu! You are too shameless! Wasn’t it you who said ‘let’s start the decisive battle and fight to the death’?"
King of Hell Chu’s condemning voice sounded from far away in reply, "Jing Meng Hun, you are a stupid cunt. A brain-dead retard like you has no qualification to engage with me in a ‘fight to the death’. I had exhausted you to death once. Won’t that be considered ‘a fight to the death’? I had tricked you to death once. Won’t that be considered ‘a fight to the death’? Ha ha..."
Jing Meng Hun’s eyes turned red. He bellowed, "Chase!" He didn’t believe that King of Hell Chu’s motley crew could escape from his golden horse riders!
Jing Meng Hun had become even more dead-set and super determined in his heart when it came to Diwu Qing Rou’s firm order regarding killing King of Hell Chu. Moreover, he had obtained such a big advantage at this juncture. So, how could he not chase after them?
The two teams – one chasing, and the other escaping – darted off as they left billowing dust and smoke in their wake...
Meanwhile… Wu Kuang Yun had taken his army, and had quickly arrived at Tie Bu Tian’s side. However, he suddenly sucked in cold air when he saw the utterly chaotic battle that was going on within the Great Array of Seven Killings!
"Your Majesty, why not give an order to attack…?" Wu Kuang Yun asked gently and cautiously. One look at this scene was enough to determine that this was the best moment to attack. The people fighting inside were clearly exhausted by now. So, it would be very easy to grab victory by sending in a fresh army. Moreover, there were so many officers and soldiers of Iron Cloud in there.
"That won’t work." Tie Bu Tian slightly shook his head, and replied with a look of pity in his eyes, "It’s not like I don’t wish to. But, I can’t. Diwu Qing Rou has exploited the heavenly potential of this terrain. He has linked this mountain and the terrain around it with a killer array. He has already started the Great Array of Seven Killings in order to sacrifice the lives of millions of officers and soldiers! Moreover, this array links the heaven to earth, and hence can’t be eliminated."
She sighed deeply, "Even if ten million people are to go in at this time… they will only get killed by the array’s influence, and would then turn into mere corpses."
Wu Kuang Yun sucked in a mouthful of cold air. And, his eyes opened wide in a stare like two big copper bells.
"Diwu Qing Rou has gone completely insane. What he has done… is something even the heavens can’t tolerate." Tie Bu Tian angrily spoke-up.
Everyone went silent. [Diwu Qing Rou has arranged such a battle array! One thing is clear from this… that he plans to wipe out the soldiers of Iron Cloud and Great Zhao alike! It would’ve been understandable if he had only done this to kill Iron Cloud’s soldiers. After all, they were his enemies. However, he has planned to sacrifice his own people too. This is too inhuman!]
"It’s such a pity... truly… such a pity. These loyal men have always risked their own live-and-limb to fight for Diwu Qing Rou. In fact, they’ve been fighting for him for decades now..." Wu Kuang Yun heaved a long sigh. Indeed, these people had always risked their lives for Diwu Qing Rou’s sake. And, they had continued to fight in spite of the setbacks… as long as it was Diwu Qing Rou’s command. Moreover, they had been guarding the borders of Great Zhao for decades without any complaints and regrets. Yet today… they had been so heartlessly abandoned by Diwu Qing Rou. Therefore, Wu Kuang Yun couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad for them.
Tie Bu Tian also sighed with emotion. Then, he changed the subject, "But then… Diwu Qing Rou is

the kind of person that appears once in thousands of years."
Wu Kuang Yun felt cold in his heart. He bowed and said, "Indeed! Luckily we are in the capable hands of Your Majesty. That’s why we are a million times stronger, and eager to excel than those Great Zhao guys."
He spoke this, and turned to look at the great array. He then said, "Your Majesty, it looks like this battle will conclude in the afternoon. Your Majesty might as well take a break and rest. Leave the matter here in my humble hands."
Tie Bu Tian smiled lightly. Then, she obliquely looked at Wu Qian Qian standing on the side. Her eyes then lit up as she said, "I see. I will go find Young Miss Wu, and have a chat."
Her tone of voice had meticulously exposed traces of tender sentiments.
Wu Kuang Yun gawked for a moment. However, he then revealed an ambiguous smile and replied, "Your Majesty, please do as you wish."
Tie Bu Tian nodded, and walked over to Wu Qian Qian. The two of them exchanged a few words, and then left under the protection of the imperial guards.
They entered the big tent, and Tie Bu Tian dismissed everyone. Only he and Wu Qian Qian remained sitting across each other as a result.
Wu Qian Qian had been constantly worrying about Chu Yang’s safety. So, she was somewhat inattentive. And, Tie Bu Tian was somewhat confused, and didn’t know to make her open up. Therefore, they were silent for a while.
Wu Qian Qian regained her composure after a long time. Then, she solemnly asked, "Your Majesty, what did you wish to talk about?"
"Eh..." Tie Bu Tian seemed somewhat embarrassed, and replied with a smile, "Well, there’s something I wish to discuss with Young Miss Wu.
"He-he, I just wish to speak what’s on my mind… this war, it’s very brutal… I only hope there won’t be such a cruel war after this one ends... there’s no need for people to die needlessly. The sight of common folks meeting with disaster… is a spectacle too horrible to endure..."
Wu Qian Qian insipidly replied, "Your Majesty is a wise man with divine might. So, I’m sure that the lives of common folks will get better and better under your rule."
"He-he..." Tie Bu Tian smiled gently. Then, he changed the topic and asked, "Young Miss Wu, how do you see Minister Chu?"
Wu Qian Qian’s pupils contracted as soon as she heard the words ‘Minister Chu’. And, her lax attitude gradually roused up. Her eyes twisted as she coldly asked, "Why do you ask?"
She said in her heart, [This whole situation is under control now. So, could it be that His Majesty wants to get rid of Chu Yang once he has served his purpose?] A deep sense of alert spontaneously arose in her heart as soon as she thought of this possibility.
"I’m not asking this in that sense..." Tie Bu Tian went silent midway, coughed once, and then said, "I’m saying that Minister Chu seems to have a woman he truly loves... and… he-he..."
Wu Qian Qian’s bright eyes turned bleak as she replied, "That has nothing to do with me."
"Of course..." Tie Bu Tian had always been an eloquent speaker. However, he ‘actually’ found himself stuttering every time he spoke a few words at this juncture. To the extent… that he didn’t know how to express himself.
"But, could it be that Young Miss Wu plans to stay this way?" Tie Bu Tian’s eyes flashed as he continued, "You must be aware of the saying that ‘upon growing up… every male should take a wife, and every female should take a husband’..."
"Your Majesty, what are you trying to say?" A trace of concern arose in Wu Qian Qian’s heart when she heard him speak ‘upon growing… up every male should take a wife and every female should take a husband’. She couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this. [Well, I will soon turn 20. I will be considered an ‘old girl’ if I don’t get married. I have taken an unbreakable oath, but father will certainly urge me to get married. That will be very bothersome… and extremely annoying.]
She thought of this, and she couldn’t help but be at her wit’s end.
"I am saying..." Tie Bu Tian coughed several times since he found it difficult to speak. He thought for a long time. Then, he finally sighed and asked in a stretch, "I – Tie Bu Tian – have been the crown prince since childhood. So, I’ve been under huge pressure over the past dozen or more years. In fact, even when I have to breathe a sigh of relief… I have to do it very cautiously... as for the emotion of love shared between ordinary men and women… I’ve never tasted that either…"
Wu Qian Qian immediately heard a loud alarm bell in her heart, [what’s the meaning of this? Is he showing off his chastity? But, why is he telling me that he has never enjoyed women?]
"I had a few maids in my crown prince’s palace. I’ve now ascended to the throne, and I’ve become the Emperor. But, I still don’t have an imperial concubine..." Tie Bu Tian spoke in an obscure manner, "In fact, I have no beauty at my side even though I’m the Iron Cloud’s Emperor..."
Wu Qian Qian snorted, and her face turned somewhat pale. In fact, she would’ve left a long time ago… if she weren’t in the presence of the Emperor.
"It’s just that... the ‘world unification’ is within sight. So, I’m going to become an Emperor who must leave behind a thousand years of inheritance. And, I will have no choice but to carry forward my agenda. It is considered ‘unfilial’ of a son to have only 3 wives in ordinary families… because it’s as good as not having a wife if there are any lesser. So, what could one speak of a family like mine since… we are the descendants of phoenixes and dragons…?" Tie Bu Tian was beating around the bush; and, he was feeling rather helpless in the heart.
Tie Bu Tian raised his head, and saw that Wu Qian Qian still had that same cold face… like that of a clay Buddha; in fact, there wasn’t the slightest expression of her face. Tie Bu Tian sighed in his heart, and then continued with great effort, "Nowadays… my ministers try to convince me every day. This is making me very annoyed."
Wu Qian Qian snorted again. Then, she suddenly stood up, "Your Majesty, if you will excuse me. I will take my leave now."
"No no no, wait..." Tie Bu Tian quickly stood up, and stopped her, "I will be honest with you now. Actually… I wish to ask Young Miss Wu to do me a favor… that’s all… just a small favor."
"What favor?" Wu Qian Qian asked.
"Young Miss Wu!" Tie Bu Tian’s expression became serious and earnest, "If you will just forget about my status of the Emperor, and look at me as an ordinary man. What redeeming qualities do you think I have?"
"Your Majesty is the world’s most remarkable man. So, there are several desirable qualities!" Wu Qian Qian replied insipidly.
"Then, how do you see me in your heart?" Tie Bu Tian insistently asked, "I wish to know your honest opinion."
"Your Majesty is handsome and dashing. He does everything gracefully. Your words and actions are filled with elegance. When you are gentle… you make people around you feel like they are bathing in spring breeze. When you are strict… you drop thunders on people’s heads. When you are calm… you’re like a maiden. When you move… you’re like an escaping rabbit. You’re a first-class man in the current generation of men!"
Wu Qian Qian spoke with sincerity, "But..."
"But what?" Tie Bu Tian anxiously asked.
"... But, you are obviously a bit short," Wu Qian Qian replied with no trace of politeness as she pointed out the most vital point. And, she looked at Tie Bu Tian with that kind of look in her eyes… as if she was clearly implying… [you are almost as tall as a woman like me…]
"Eh..." Tie Bu Tian was somewhat speechless.
In fact, Tie Bu Tian wasn’t very short. He was 1.7 meters tall. And, that would clearly stand out among women. However, Wu Qian Qian was a tall beauty herself. In fact, she was as tall as Chu Yang. So, the height of a ‘short man’ like Tie Bu Tian… was clearly a shortcoming in her eyes.
"Actually, I’m not that short… Minister Chu is only a ‘palm’ taller than me..." Tie Bu Tian tried to defend herself powerlessly.
Wu Qian Qian rolled her eyes, [he’s a ‘palm’ taller than you? What a dexterous explanation! Forget about palm… don’t you know that you can never surpass a person’s height even if they are only ‘bean’ taller than you?
[There isn’t much discrepancy between the mountain and the sky by your argument. After all, there’s only a difference of hundreds of thousands of miles between them...]
"Your Majesty , what’s the important matter that you desire my help with?" Wu Qian Qian couldn’t tolerate anymore, and asked out loud, [you are keeping me here — a single man and a single woman alone. What if Chu Yang comes back, and gets some kind of misunderstanding by seeing us together like this?]
"Actually, I... Actually, I..." Tie Bu Tian stuttered a little. Then, he mustered strength in his heart and spoke-up, "Actually, I’ve always liked Young Miss Wu..."
"Stop!" Wu Qian Qian got furious. She said in her heart, [you really said it!]
However, Tie Bu Tian had already said it. So, why would he stop now? He disregarded everything, and continued, "Nowadays… the imperial courtiers have been urging me to get married. If Young Miss says yes — I would like you to be my Empress. Then, I wouldn’t need to have two colors throughout my life…!"
"What nonsense are you talking about?" Wu Qian Qian’s face turned frost cold. She leapt up to stand, turned around, and walked outward.
"Wait!" Tie Bu Tian abruptly shouted.
However, would Wu Qian Qian listen to him? Instead, she walked faster, and was about to make her exit…
Tie Bu Tian fiercely chased up, grabbed her hand to stop her, and said, "Why are you in such a hurry?"
Wu Qian Qian furiously said, "You let go of me!" as she held out her hand to push him.
However, her two hands formed a convex-like shape as they happened to push against Tie Bu Tian’s chest...

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