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Chapter 429: Bu Tian Pavilion Vs Golden Horse Riders Department
Minister Chu was in extreme pain. He had unknowingly lost his chastity... so, how would he not feel like that? Moreover, he didn’t even know who that woman was, or how she looked…
Could there be something more dumbfounding for a man?
Furthermore, this matter involved losing something very important…
"Regardless of who it was… I think Tie Bu Tian knows!" the Sword Spirit said.
"Sigh..." Chu Yang heaved a deep sigh. A suffocating feeling suddenly rose from his heart. [Tie Bu Tian, you knew everything! Then, why didn’t you tell me? What happened back then? Was I perhaps toyed with?]
He got angry after feeling suffocated for a moment. However, it was undeniable that he was grateful as well. [It doesn’t matter who she is. I was lying unconscious under the effects of lust poison. So, she must’ve had to take the initiative to do it with a stranger like me… and that too by taking complete charge of the act. This must’ve been extremely difficult for any woman…]
[Moreover… she must’ve gone through unbearable pain.]
[Because – according to what Sword Spirit said – my ‘purity’ is very powerful. Therefore, an ordinary woman can’t withstand it...]
[Therefore, this woman is equal to my savior. But, it’s a shame that I don’t even know… who this savior is…]
Chu Yang fell in deep silence. He felt like going over to Tie Bu Tian to ask him about what had happened. However, he couldn’t do that at such a crucial time.
Therefore, he could only wait until-after the war had ended.
Chu Yang heaved a long sigh.
He eventually accepted Sword Spirit’s method – to use the inner core of Lust Dragon to make lust water. Firstly, it was more dangerous than the poison of the Poisonous Flood Dragon. Secondly, it was colored, but tasteless and odorless. Moreover, it was very convenient to use it – just toss the inner core into the lake. And, job done!
But, the most important point was... the lust poison would evaporate three days later, and the lake water would return to its original state.
The drug’s efficacy would vanish in its entirety. So, there would be no associated worries afterwards.
Therefore, Chu Yang had already taken out the two inner cores of the two Lust Dragons a few hours ago, and had hidden them in the lake water.
Chu Yang received the news that Tie Bu Tian was unharmed, but noticed that Jing Meng Hun was still strutting-about in a blusterous manner. Chu Yang couldn’t help but be extremely angry. And, a vicious feeling arose in his heart.
[Motherf*ker! You had continued to run around clamoring while I was sitting here depressed?!]
"Wu Qian Qian! You go with Wu Kuang Yun to that side! Leave this side to me!" Chu Yang spoke with a cold look on his face.
"Chu Yang, let me stay here," Wu Qian Qian calmly replied.
Chu Yang turned his head towards Wu Qian Qian, and saw that her attire was the same as his — a black robe that shrouded her entire body.
She’d only need to put on a mask to look exactly like the real King of Hell Chu!
"What are you doing?" Chu Yang’s complexion turned cold.
"I’m taking your place to be the bait!" Wu Qian Qian’s eyes were full of determination. Everyone already knew that there was going to be a large disparity of military power in this fight with the Golden Horse Riders Department.
Chu Yang had merely gathered a motley crew of people in an ‘ad hoc’ manner. They couldn’t be compared with the 30,000 experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department! So, this battle was going to be dangerous… far more dangerous than the battle between millions of soldiers!
Moreover, the enemy was being led by a top expert like Jing Meng Hun – a Ninth Grade King Level Expert. There were dozens of Ninth Grade Revered Martial Artists. In fact, the weakest enemy expert had the cultivation of Martial Master Level! So, even an Emperor level expert

could lose his life if he weren’t cautious… let alone a King Level expert like Chu Yang.
Wu Qian Qian was very pessimistic in her heart. However, she was clear about one thing, [Its okay if I meet a cruel a death, but Chu Yang mustn’t meet with a mishap!]
Therefore, Wu Qian Qian was already prepared, [I’ll take Chu Yang’s place, and I’ll fight with Jing Meng Hun. I’ll Keep fighting until I’m unable go on any longer. Then, I’ll lead the enemy to that lake!]
[It will be nice if I can come back alive. But, even if I die in this war… at least Chu Yang will live on! And, it will be a lot easier for Chu Yang to finish them off if I deal with the Golden Horse Rider Department, and manage to weaken them by bringing their strength down to 50% on my own!]
Wu Kuang Yun also started to get ready to set out with the troops once he saw that the armed forces were prepared. On the other hand, Wu Qian Qian began to walk towards the crossroad outside the tent. She then took out a mask from her bosom, and put it on.
[My death won’t be in vain… as long as I die for my love!]
"No!" Chu Yang grabbed her, and looked sternly in the eye.
"I beg you!" Wu Qian Qian spoke firmly, but in a whispered tone. She further said, "I beg you! Please don’t go… let me go instead! I beg you!"
Chu Yang felt a shock in his mind. He suddenly and absent-mindedly recalled Mo Qing Wu. [She used to be just like this… she would rather get injured to death, but she wouldn’t allow any harm to me. She would try to do everything she could for my sake...]
Chu Yang groaned in pain, and then abruptly opened his eyes, "Qian Qian... I can’t accept your request! I won’t allow you to do that!" Then, he shut his eyes to suppress the surging emotions of his heart. He then said in a deep and muffled voice, "I already owe a woman my entire life. I don’t wish to owe my life to another woman in this life..."
Then, he suddenly struck at a point on her chest. She was caught off-guard, and radically had no time to protect herself. Her body swayed a little, and then gently tumbled into Chu Yang’s arms. Her beautiful eyes opened wide, and her face full of anxiety. It was clear from the look in her eyes that she was still requesting him earnestly — Let me go! Let me go!
"Wu Kuang Yun!" Chu Yang shouted loudly.
"The subordinate is here!"
"Young Miss Wu is injured. You take her with you, and let her recuperate beside His Majesty!" Chu Yang commanded.
"Yes." Wu Kuang Yun arranged a carriage for Wu Qian Qian while Chu Yang held her in his arms. Then, he gently put Wu Qian Qian in the carriage while she looked at him in an emotional manner.
However, Chu Yang heartlessly turned around, and walked away…
Tears silently streamed down her face as she watched him stride away from behind. There was endless sorrow in her heart, [Chu Yang, you already owe a woman your entire life. So, you must repay the debt with your whole life. That’s why you don’t wish to owe me your whole life... But, you know what? You know what? You already owe me!]
[You already owe me your whole life! I won’t demand it from you, but you… you genuinely owe me...]
Wu Qian Qian’s tears silently flowed down as the carriage slightly rocked, and slowly journeyed away. Chu Yang would thwart the Golden Horse Riders Department on this side, while Tie Bu Tian would rapidly sort out the battlefield to ensure the victory!
It was rather evident which was more important.
Minister Chu turned around, faced upward, and exclaimed, "Complete the rest of preparations!"
The thirty-thousand elite clamored at once, "Aoo!"
"Our enemy is the Golden Horse Riders Department. And, they are known as the most elite army of the present day! Are you afraid of fighting against them?!"
"Not afraid!"
"Do you think you can defeat the Golden Horse Rider Department?" Chu Yang bellowed in a stern voice, "We don’t care if they are the best in the world! They are nothing but sh*t in our eyes!"
"The Golden Horse Riders Department is sh*t! Even worse than sh*t!"
The 30,000 people raised their arms, and clamored loudly.
Chu Yang burst into loud laughter. Then, he rode forth to the battlefield, and loudly shouted, "Jing Meng Hun! I’m giving you a chance to fight a decisive battle with me! There’s an equal number of soldiers on both sides. So, I challenge you to a fight to the last soldier!"
A look of profound hatred flashed in Jing Meng Hun’s eyes, "I vow to tear you to shreds as long as you don’t run away!"
"Wa ha ha..." Chu Yang let out a strange laughter. Then, he clamped his legs on either sides of the horse, and loudly said, "I will turn each one of you into mincemeat!"
His strong horse neighed, and fiercely dashed forward.
His 30,000 people followed after him like a strong whirlwind.
Jing Meng Hun grinned fiendishly as he waved his hand, "Attack! The one who kills King of Hell Chu will get a three rank promotion, and he’ll also receive 12,000 gold pieces!" The experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department surged forward like molten iron, and gradually gained pace. They appeared like a mighty ocean-wave dashing towards the shore to greet Chu Yang’s troops!
Chu Yang let out a long and loud battle cry. Then, he jumped up from the horseback, and recited, "What harm is there in slaughtering the whole world?!" The surrounding area of hundreds of miles – which was originally reeking of blood – suddenly turned bright as soon as this move was executed! And, the atmosphere surprisingly grew even more cruel and brutal!
A bright and radiant sword-light rose high up into the sky. It then turned into an unstoppable streak of light, and burst into the battle formation of the Golden Horse Riders Department; it was aimed straight at Jing Meng Hun!
Suddenly, a magnificent crown appeared impressively in midair!
This crown’s body was glowing reddish-gold… just like the rising sun. And, it was several times larger than the crown of an ordinary King Level expert!
Jing Meng Hun called out in surprise, "King Level Expert?"
[Did King of Hell Chu make a breakthrough to the King level in such a short period of time?]
However, he didn’t get enough time to doubt because Chu Yang’s sword swept through crowd of people, and gave rise to a shower of blood as it swirled in the air. Dozens of people screamed at once. Men and horses had been chopped in half… right in front of Jing Meng Hun’s eyes.
"Let’s see what you’ve got!" Jing Meng Hun jumped from the horseback, and into the sky. He then unleashed a crisscross sword-energy attack in order to tackle Chu Yang’s sword move – What harm is there in slaughtering the whole world!
A loud ‘bang’ was heard, and the bodies of these two people trembled. Jing Meng Hun went flying back, and was a bit distressed. The sword he had used for decades had unexpectedly chipped!
Chu Yang hardly cared about his damaged sword. He simply shouted loudly, and rushed over again.
Jing Meng Hun felt a chill in his heart. [I’ve felt this King of Chu’s progress every subsequent time I’ve fought with him. But, he has clearly appeared as a rival this time. So, he won’t drop under the wind that easily!]
[King of Hell Chu is drawing support from a heavenly sword that can unleash mysterious moves. However, it is still incredible to be able to rival my strength.]
Jing Meng Hun saw King of Hell Chu rushing over to attack in an aggressive manner. So, he dodged to one side to avoid Chu Yang’s sharp attack. Then, Jeng Meng Hun randomly snatched a broadsword from a nearby subordinate, and prepared himself to clash with Chu Yang.
However, he turned around and realized that King of Hell Chu had ignored him. In fact, King of Hell Chu had stormed through the army. In fact, he had slaughtered his way forward, and had spilt blood along his entire path. He bathed his path with blood. And, people’s heads had started to roll on the ground like watermelons. Chu Yang had already covered over 200 feet in a split-second. And, he had left a trail of hundreds of mutilated corpses behind!
Jing Meng Hun roared, and rushed after him.
Then, two armies suddenly crashed into each other like thunders’ clash in the sky. The two sides began to fight in a ferocious manner, and went all-out. They strived to push forward as they advanced through each other’s ranks! Two people would often exchange moves, and then brush past one-another to switch to another opponent!
Everyone was striving to push forward!
A quarter of an hour had soon passed. And, Chu Yang had started to feel that there was a bright future waiting for them ahead. He felt a lot more relaxed now… as if the pressure had been lifted from his body. He had already neutralized the most prominent enemy riders. Thirty-thousand elites had followed him here, but only eighteen-thousand or so had remained. Then, Chu Yang dashed out, and the remaining troops followed after him!
Jing Meng Hun let out a long and loud shout in order to gather his troops. And, the troops assembled at the fastest possible speed in order to prepare for another round of battle!
However, this round of battle had boosted King Level Expert Jing’s confidence! [The enemy has retreated, and has left over 10,000 corpses behind in this battle so far. However, we’ve lost less than 5000 people on our side!]
[We will wipe out the enemy soon if the battle continues like this.]
However, he turned around, and was suddenly startled at the sight of his enemy’s actions. King of Hell Chu was leading his troops away, and hadn’t even turned back to look. They then crossed the barricades, and continued to bolt away in the opposite direction. They only left billowing smoke and dust behind.

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