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Chapter 420: Stupid C*nt, Are You Tired?
Sword Spirit heaved a deep sigh in his consciousness and said, "But, she must go to the Middle Three Heavens or the Upper Three Heavens after she reaches a certain level. She can’t promote much in the Lower Three Heavens."
Chu Yang knitted his brows. He raised his head to look at the pleasantly surprised Wu Qian Qian and spoke in a low voice, "I will give her that suggestion when the time comes…"
There was stalemate on the battlefield these days. Diwu Qing Rou seemed to have gone berserk. And, he was unceasingly venting his anger. Iron Cloud could only resort to passive defense since Tie Long Cheng was genuinely baffled by this super abnormal phenomenon!
[Storms don’t last forever, and it doesn’t pour all day long! Diwu Qing Rou doesn’t understand this truth. He’s wantonly attacking again and again without making time for rest. His troops will get tired at this rate. And, he will be in big trouble when Iron Cloud launches a counterattack.]
[Why is this wise and clever man making such an obvious mistake?]
However, Chu Yang was completely unaffected by this. So, he was calmly overseeing his own three-hundred-thousand troops. Chu Yang was motionless like a great mountain despite Diwu Qing Rou’s wanton attacks!
He was sure that Diwu Qing Rou had a plan!
And, the time to fight a decisive battle with Diwu Qing Rou would arrive once that plan would reach maturation.
Moreover, this was a tactic. A tactic to tire-out both the sides! However, Great Zhao’s soldiers would only be physically tired… not mentally. In fact, they would remain in high spirits since it would indeed be incomparably exciting for them to see that they were the ones attacking, while the enemy had only been defending against their attacks.
Iron Cloud’s soldiers were aggrieved on the other hand. In fact, they were rather depressed. They had been facing the enemy’s attack without a break, and could only defend or retreat. And, they had exhausted their power in order to safeguard their position from getting wrecked.
How could this not be aggravating?!
However, they couldn’t act rashly because any opening in their defense could give Diwu Qing Rou’s army an opportunity to focus on expanding it. And then, the enemy could engulf them!
Everyone understood this point very clearly. That was because three army units would be dispatched from different directions each time. Two of these army units would try to sweep into the Iron Cloud’s formation, while the third one would continue to attack like madmen. It was evident that the two army units would immediately widen any openings that were made in the formation. And, they could then rip the entire formation apart.
Moreover, the enemy would send another attack-team to take advantage of the opportunity if they tried to mobilize troops from other military camps.
Diwu Qing Rou’s tactics were crazy… but effective!
Chu Yang had a feeling, [It seems that Diwu Qing Rou is deliberately forcing the two armies in an explosive warfare. He’s pushing them to the point of exhaustion. He’s shoving them to the end of the line. And then, he would start a decisive battle to death!]
Chu Yang had realized this, but he still couldn’t believe it, [Why? Diwu Qing Rou has no reason to go so far!]
Therefore, he could only continue to speculate for now as he steadily tackled the violent attacks and harassment battle-tactics of the Great Zhao’s army.
The Great Zhao’s army would suddenly appear like surging storms, and attack. And then, they would disperse like low tides after a short while. It seemed as if Great Zhao’s soldiers didn’t know what it meant to feel weary…
Chu Yang had been anticipating attacks from the Golden Horse Riders Department amidst all this… but they never appeared.
"Minister, our troops’ morale is going down." Chu Yang was in his tent when Wu Kuang Yun stro

de in. He looked a little anxious as he spoke, "Everyone’s depressed. How long will we last this way?"
"Is your men’s morale down… or is it yours?" Chu Yang raised his head, and looked at him with slanting eyes.
"Eh… Actually… I just went to ask the Supreme Commander and His Majesty, but they didn’t give any instructions..." Wu Kuang Yun’s face was red from the nervousness.
"Slow down." Chu Yang suddenly thought, [the morale of the army might plummet irrevocably if this goes-on for long. Wu Kuang Yun is grumpy and violent, but he’s still a famous army general. And, even someone of his stature is panicking like this. So, how can the ordinary troops be calm?]
[It’s necessary to take some action now.]
Chu Yang’s eyes rolled in a strange manner as he waved his hand to beckon Wu Kuang Yun closer. Then, he said, "Do this-and-this after you go out... And, do that-and-that when the Great Zhao’s army comes again..."
Wu Kuang Yun beamed with joy, and nodded repeatedly. Then, he admiringly gave a big ‘thumbs-up’ to Chu Yang and rushed-out like a gust of wind.
Wu Qian Qian – who was present behind Chu Yang – couldn’t help but shiver like a sprig of a plant, [Chu Yang is too mischievous. He actually plans to pull such a prank… and that too in a serious war like this one...]
The sound of hoof-beats reverberated that night. And, it was accompanied by a howling sound. The Great Zhao’s army rushed over like a pack of wolves charging down the mountain.
However, the Iron Cloud’s army suddenly burst into laughter at this moment, "The stupid c*nts are coming... ha ha ha... it’s that gang of stupid c*nts again..."
"Look at that. This gang of stupid c*nts runs back-and-forth so many times every night like a bunch of dogs. This is so f*king entertaining!"
"Brothers, come out and watch the show."
"Oh, we’ve been sitting here in wait for this gang of stupid c*nts to start their play. Motherf*ker, this is so much fun to watch! We don’t need to go to a theater and spend money. We can watch this comical play for free here..."
Iron Cloud’s army finally succeeded in venting out that pent-up anger and frustration from these past days as the burst of such remarks expanded its scope. And soon, every soldier had started to clamor out loud. Not long after… the crowd of thousands of soldiers had begun to chant in unison, "Stupid C*nts! You came! Stupid C*nts~~~ Are you tired..."
Great Zhao’s army had come with grandeur and vigor, but their arrival was met with such treatment. They suddenly flew into a rage. They slaughtered for a while, and paid with casualties. Then, they immediately withdrew. However, they only heard a burst of clamors while they were retreating...
"Stupid C*nts ... are you going?"
"Stupid C*nts, come back soon..."
The general from Great Zhao who was in command of this attack almost fell from the horseback.
Furthermore, Wu Kuang Yun was at the frontline, and had led this instigation. He had even created a song within half-a-days’ time with the help of some outstanding and straightforward men. And then, this song had been spread throughout the army.
The song was called ‘Are you tired?’. The lyrics were as follows…
"You are sicked like dogs every night; are you tired you Stupid C*nts?
Are you able to ride the horse or not, you Stupid C*nts? Are you able to go to war or not?
You are made to run back-and-forth all night as toys; are you tired you Stupid C*nts? Ah wooh, oh yeah ~~~
Stupid C*nts, though you are bitter, though you are tired;
But, I feel so comfortable in my heart when I look at great men like you suffer daily...
Ah wooh, Ah wooh…
Stupid C*nts are suffering; Stupid C*nts are tired; Stupid C*nts are the good babies who entertain us!
Oh good babies!
Thump Thump Clang, Thump Thump Clang..."
Therefore, everyone on the Iron Cloud’s side was busy in making preparations to welcome the enemy by the time the Great Zhao’s soldiers came that night. In fact, they had even built a huge stage. They had prepared for an orchestra to be stationed on this stage. This orchestra was comprised of a few thousand soldiers, and they even had gongs and drums. Those 3000 incredible men simultaneously raised their sturdy necks under the command of a conductor, and began to sing chorus in their magnificent voices, "Stupid C*nts! Are you tired?"
Their surroundings were heavily guard. And, a special security regiment had been assigned to protect them. So, the singers were focusing entirely on putting the entirety of their strength and vigor into singing at the top of their voice...
Therefore, the sound was like thunderclap!
They had even rehearsed for countless times. So, the loud singing voices of a few thousand had completely overshadowed the battle cries of tens-of-thousands of soldiers.
Every Iron Cloud soldier was laughing out loud. In fact, they were grinning from ear to ear. They were killing enemies on the one hand, while enjoying on the other. Even the ones who got seriously injured were groaning in pain on the one hand, while laughing on the other, [Motherf*ker, this is too entertaining.]
There hadn’t been much scope for entertainment in the barracks of late. However, they were now having a lot of much fun… thanks to such a good program. This had also aroused everyone’s spirit. So, they started to wave their weapons as they sung along with the melody.
The troops — who were part of the Great Zhao's surprise-attack team — felt as if their belly would explode with anger.
In fact, they even gave-up on their original plan on one occasion. And, they launched an attack on the stage were the soldiers were singing in full swing. However, this action led to their complete annihilation...
There were many casualties during the battle, but everyone was still in high spirits. The usual post-battle depressed atmosphere was gone, and everyone was always humming this song. In fact, they had even started to look forward to the next surprise-attack from the Great Zhao’s army...
Minister Chu’s invention had untied the Iron Cloud Army’s predicament. One could hear the voices of soldiers singing ‘Stupid C*nt, are you tired?’ in the three big camps of Iron Cloud during evening time as well...
The soldiers grew more and more efficient in battles as their singing voice grew more and more loud and resonant. A soldier got stabbed in the chest by an enemy’s knife in one instance. He had indeed received a fatal injury. But, he merely tilted his head to look at his enemy, and spoke with a smile, "Stupid C*nt, are you tired? You must know that I feel very comfortable..."
This sentence enraged the enemy soldier, and he ferociously rushed forward, "See how I make you feel comfortable!"
However, that Iron Cloud soldier revealed a carefree smile as he pulled out the knife from his chest and thrust it into the enemy’s heart...
Iron Cloud had occupied a comprehensively advantageous position during the battles fought on that night in spite of being on the defensive the entire time. Several troops from the enemy teams who had come to invade their territory were left behind. And, they were obviously annihilated in their entirety.
Tie Long Cheng patted his thigh as he laughed uncontrollably inside the commander’s tent. He was unable to conceal his happiness, and continued to smack his lips, "Damn! This King of Hell Chu is too much ha ha ha..."
Tie Bu Tian was on the side. But, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; she was totally speechless...
What could she say? She genuinely had nothing to say about the sly stunt Chu Yang had pulled-off... especially for this kind of a stunt… which could only bring benefits and no harm. So, Tie Bu Tian could only choose to close her ears, and not listen to those singing voices. And, she could only force a smile…
Tie Bu Tian also drew a clear understanding from this — Men have a very strong inborn-desire to cuss and use foul language...
However, Tie Bu Tian wasn’t in the mood to think about this matter since her mind was preoccupied with another problem at the moment. And, a very serious problem at that… a very grave one...
And, this problem had left her flustered...
~~Great Zhao Barracks~~
Diwu Qing Rou’s complexion was very serious. And, his face was slightly pale, "This situation arose from which military camp first?"
"It arose from the big camp of Wu Kuang Yun! The one called Sha Pei!" a general replied with a look of hatred on his face.
"Wu Kuang Yun..." Diwu Qing Rou chuckled as a cold light flashed in his eyes, "I was right. Wu Kuang Yun and his men were assigned under King of Hell Chu’s personal command according to our previous estimates..."
He smiled solemnly, "Everything’s exactly the same as my estimates. Wu Kuang Yun’s army should be under King of Hell Chu’s control. Such a weird strategy might appear vulgar and childish, but it has played a strong role in enhancing the morale of Iron Cloud’s troops... Wu Kuang Yun couldn’t have come up with something like this."
"King of Hell Chu is the one who is creating these obstructions!" Diwu Qing Rou drew an undeniable conclusion.
The generals in audience were suddenly dumbstruck, [so, it’s King of Hell Chu?]
"Prime Minister, then what should we do?" the generals asked in unison.
"Meng Hun, have you made all the preparations?" Diwu Qing Rou asked.
Jing Meng Hun immediately stood up, "Prime Minister, everything is ready."

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