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25 years ago – Diwu Qing Rou had seen the positioning of the stars in the sky, and had decided to shoulder his family-mission. He had then embraced the ambition to unify all under the heaven. That was when he had come to the Lower Three Heavens.

He had gone in accordance with the heaven’s decree, and the people’s will. So, he was bound to be successful!

Diwu Qing Rou had the guidance of the stars in the sky. So, how could he possibly land himself on the losing side? Therefore, he had entered the Great Zhao, and had slowly obtained power and influence. And, he had ultimately become the world’s most ambitious and ruthless persona of this generation — a force to be reckoned with!

However, such an astronomical transformation had occurred all of a sudden. And, that too at the time of this decisive battle!

This was undoubtedly telling him — the entireties of your efforts thus far were just a joke. You were being played with this entire time. Whatever you read in the star back then was a hoax! It was bogus; nothing more! And, what you see now… is the real thing!

This was tantamount to toying with Diwu Qing Rou’s lifetime worth of painstaking efforts!

Would Diwu Qing Rou have gone to Great Zhao’s if he had known that the providence was on Iron Cloud’s side? And, this change had suddenly occurred at a time when he could no longer turn back...

Moreover, it was impossible to contend with the heaven’s will!

His grief and indignation were simply inexplicable. How could this not exhaust him mentally and physically?

"This is the will of the heavens! So, I shall make the heavens pay the price!" Diwu Qing Rou’s elegant beard was stained by the blood he had just thrown up. His gloomy eyes seemed as if they were fixated on a newfound goal. He resolutely muttered to himself, "I can’t turn back this time, but I – Diwu Qing Rou – shall not be humiliated! The providence can’t be reversed, but I shall ensure that these 8 million troops are buried in their entirety! I shall ensure that the entire world remembers the name of Diwu Qing Rou!"

The two armies clashed frequently over the fortnight that followed. And, the war reached stalemate.

Diwu Qing Rou used one trick after another. He used diversionary tactics to distract and defeat the enemy troops. His wonderful strategies continued to emerge one-after-another. The team of Tie Long Cheng, Tie Bu Tian and King of Hell Chu was present on the Iron Cloud’s side. However, even they were caught off-guard by Diwu Qing Rou’s ever-changing strategies. They were unable to manage two or more things at once, and were constantly beaten to the punch by Diwu Qing Rou!

Diwu Qing Rou’s battle and strategy plans could be described as 'unfathomable'. And, his understanding of the war’s situation was keen to the point of being called ‘frightening’.

Moreover, Diwu Qing Rou grasp on the overall situation was amazing. He was wantonly sending out the troops. He was particularly mobilizing the Golden Horse Riders Department’s experts, and they were very elusive. They would appear and disappear unpredictably. Diwu Qing Rou was in no position to use his initial plans after he had found out that King of Hell Chu had come back alive. So, he had no choice but to scatter the intended army formation, and unleash the forces onto the enemy. This had led to a new and aggressive formation under Jing Meng Hun’s control. And, the lethality of this battle tactic had become even more terrifying!

They fought dozens of battles every day. And, they were yet to fight a decisive battle.

Tie Long Cheng, Tie Bu Tian and Chu Yang had to split up, and were forced to move to different sides of the battlefront under the enormous pressure of this aggressive warfare. And, this was merely done to confront Diwu Qing Rou.

Moreover, Chu Yang had surprisingly fallen into a baffled state of mind over the course of these days.

This had started half-a-month ago…

…When Chu Yang had given Wu Qian Qian a secret practice method, and made her practice on her own. Wu Qian Qian had restlessly come to Chu Yang’s tent one evening a couple of days later. She had then started to speak in a hesitant manner.

"What happened?" Chu Yang had asked.

"Chu Yang, I think I have made a breakthrough..." Wu Qian Qian replied in a somewhat uncertain manner. There was a hint of fear and helplessness in her voice, "I... I... I wasn’t messing around… I swear. I was only following the core method of the Ice Jade Divine Art… and then, suddenly I discovered that… I no longer felt obstructed by the bottleneck while I was practicing this core method... and, I have actually leveled-up to become a Four Grade Martial Master..."

"Say what?" Chu Yang's eyes suddenly turned round in a stare, "Let me examine." [She can’t possibly progress so fast even if she is a genius...]

He grabbed Wu Qian Qian's wrist, and sent his vital energy into her body. His energy circulated through her meridians. But, he didn’t find any anomaly. However, he didn’t give up just yet… he tried again and again. But… he only discovered that her body was full of life force.

"There’s no problem," Chu withdrew his hand and scratched his head.

"There’s no problem?" Wu Qian Qian asked somewhat restlessly, "Then, do I continue to practice?"

"Yes, practice! You should be happy that your strength has increased. Why are you panicking?" Chu Yang spoke-up. He thought, [it seems like she was on the peak of Martial Master Third Grade… this must be the reason why she has made breakthrough so soon…]

Then, Wu Qian Qian came again the next evening… and started to speak in a similarly hesitant manner.

"What’s the matter?" Minister Chu asked again.

"Actually... I seemed to have made… another breakthrough..." Wu Qian Qian spoke and broke-off mid-sentence. Then, she spoke-up again and finished the sentence.

"What?" Chu Yang was shocked, "What’s your current level?" [Did she make a breakthrough from the fourth grade to the fifth one in just one day? How’s she so fast?]

"Sixth Grade Martial Master..." Wu Qian Qian was all ‘flustered and panicky’ in her heart. It seemed as if she was about to cry, "What’s going on? How am I breaking through right when I start to practice… I just practice and a breakthrough happens... don’t tell me… is something wrong?"

Chu Yang was dumbstruck.

Chu Yang conducted some rigorous investigation, and confirmed that there was no issue with her body. Moreover, the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin martial art was also operating normally. So, he was finally sure — [everything is okay!]

However, Wu Qian Qian was very worried.

In fact, Minister Chu was quite worried himself. [This is very strange! She practices… and breaks through right away! How’s that possible?] Minister Chu thought, [what’s going on here? Has this girl consumed some kind of heavenly treasure that turns people into geniuses...]

However, Wu Qian Qian didn’t come back for three days.

Consequently, Chu Yang found himself relieved.

However, she came again the next day – right after he had coped with a wave of Diwu Qing Rou’s attacks, "Chu Yang..."

"Now what?" Chu Yang raised his eyebrows, "Did you have another breakthrough?"

"I broke through to Martial Great Master..."

"Say that again?!" Minister Chu staggered a little, and nearly fell down head-first. Minister Chu had always shocked people with his fast practice-speed. However, he finally got to taste the same taste himself…

Miss Wu Qian Qian advanced forward with irresistible force over that half-a-months’ time, and boldly rushed to the Ninth Grade of Martial Great Master! And, Minister Chu had been numbed by the shock!

[Really... she’s so aggressive!]

Chu Yang had become very restless. So, he asked the Sword Spirit. Even Sword Spirit was shocked. So, he made Chu Yang call Wu Qian Qian. Then, he made Chu Yang take her pulse in order to allow him to inspect her.

Then, the Sword Spirit remained silent for a long time…

"What happened?" Chu Yang asked anxiously.

"I must say... this is truly..." Sword Spirit went silent… then continued, "...this is truly the will of the heavens!"

"Will of the heavens…?" Chu Yang blinked.

"This girl – Wu Qian Qian – unexpectedly possesses the rarely seen Mysterious Yin Body. And, this body appears once in ten-thousand years!" Sword Spirit went speechless again. He then continued, "And... this practice method has been practiced by countless women in the past… but just for convenience. They just found it easier to practice… so they did…

"Nevertheless, this is the most powerful one…"

Chu Yang was puzzled. So, he asked, "What do you mean by that? Is it improper?"

"It’s not improper... the truth is that this practice method is tailor-made for her..." Sword Spirit didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, he explained further, "Do you still remember the name of this practice method?"

"Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin?"

"Correct! It’s called the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin…" Sword Spirit took a deep breath, and said, "A woman can attain the Mysterious Yin Female Body only after she has completed the nine revolutions of practice… but, this female-friend of yours has an inborn Mysterious Yin Body. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?"

Chu Yang held his breath, "You mean to say... she can skip the nine revolutions... process?"

The Sword Spirit silently nodded, "Yes, that’s precisely what I’m trying to say! She can immediately start to cultivate the Mysterious Yin Energy! The first half of this practice method is as good as walking on a smooth road in her case… without any bumps whatsoever. This means that operating this practice method will be as good as walking on a levelled road in her case. So, she can continue to level-up with ease!"

"F*k me!" Chu Yang’s eyes opened wide in a stare, and he couldn’t help but curse out loud. In fact, his mind was so agitated that he ended-up uttering this…

Chu Yang was holding Wu Qian Qian’s wrist at this time. This was similar to the scene of pulling a girl’s hand and saying… F*k me!

How would this image be?

Wu Qian Qian’s complexion immediately turned crimson. She raised her long brows, and glared at him, "What did you say?"

"I... cough cough..." Chu Yang coughed in an awkward manner, and hurriedly corrected himself. He said, "I meant... for me… for me… it is possible that my martial power may someday be as high as yours..."

"Humph!" Wu Qian Qian glared at him. She knew that this guy didn’t know what he had said… nor did she wish to haggle with him. However, her face turned more and more red.

And, the Sword Spirit had already broken in an uncontrollable laughter in Chu Yang’s consciousness, "You are a complete hoodlum!"

"At least I’m not a monster like you!" Chu Yang flew into a rage out of shame, and fiercely retorted, "Now… continue-on with the explanation."

"She’s experiencing the current promotion-rate because the ‘female inborn mysterious yin real energy’ inside her meridians is rapidly transforming into ‘mysterious yin energy’. But, it will soon be over. However, her progress speed will reach a terrifying extent once she starts to practice this newly obtained mysterious yin energy in the presence of the yin and yang jade pendant with the help of her mysterious yin body…"

"What can be her highest achievement at this rate?" Chu Yang asked, "Can she become a Martial Emperor?"

"Martial Emperor?" Sword Spirit curled his lips in a disdainful smile, "Martial Emperor is nothing for her!"

"Martial Monarch?"

"Martial Monarch? Even that is nothing for her!"

"F*k! Martial Saint?" Chu Yang’s eyes had already turned into little bells.

"Martial Saint..." Sword Spirit pondered.

Chu Yang thought he would say 'Martial Saint? It’s nothing for her'. But, Sword Spirit finally opened his mouth and spoke, "Practicing to Martial Saint is possible if she doesn’t die halfway, and manages to come across chance coincidences… she even has the possibility to advance further… However, she will come across thousands of hindrances in the way. To practice to the top as a woman is easier said than done..."

Chu Yang was stumped for words.

[Isn’t there the Supreme level after Martial Saint?] He was struck so deeply by this… that his brain had automatically ignored the two sentences that followed…

"Unfortunately, the person who had created the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin practice-method hadn’t been able to cultivate to the Supreme level. So, she will have to do it on her own if she wants to go further..." Sword Spirit sighed, "Because… the founder of this practice-method didn’t possess the Mysterious Yin Body at the beginning of the practice."

Chu Yang was finally shocked to the extreme…

He regained his composure, and looked at Wu Qian Qian. Her face was filled with anticipation and uneasiness. He sighed and said, "There’s no problem with your practice-method, but..."

Wu Qian Qian heard him say 'but', and immediately asked, "But what?"

"It seems your body is too ‘fit’… and, that’s the reason why your practice-speed is so rapid!" Chu Yang solemnly warned her, "Don’t allow anyone to examine your body, and don’t tell anyone about your practice-method! Otherwise... it will be very hard for you to grow."

"Got it!" Wu Qian Qian firmly nodded. She then curiously asked with a look of anticipation on her face, "Will this practice-method allow me to reach the King level?"

She had asked this because the cultivation of king level was the highest standard in the Lower Three Heavens. Therefore, she wanted to get very close to the King level.

"King level..." Chu Yang wanted to say — you can reach King Level in six months of practice. However, he only thought this, and didn’t say it. And, he instead replied, "Absolutely! You will reach it soon if you work hard."

"I will work hard!" Wu Qian Qian clenched her small fist.

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