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"You bastard!" The girl angrily rushed forth like a mountain: "I killed that snake for the Snake cores in its heads! Ugh… this is infuriating, I am really pissed right now..."

"Snake core?" Tan Tan was somewhat at a loss. [Is it something similar to an apple or a jujube?]

Meng Chao Ran nearly held his belly in order to contain his laughter before finally coming forward to mediate between those two. When the girl noticed a bystander's presence, she indignantly let go of Tan Tan and ran over to examine the three snake heads which had already been turned into minced meat by him...

After thorough examination, she found nothing and dejectedly fell back on her buttocks, as if wishing to cry, but couldn't find any tears to shed: "My Snake cores..."

"Hey girl, what is your name?" Tan Tan touched his nose as he walked over. It seemed like he had finally realized his own mistake: "Cough, Cough, listen girl, I saved you just now; won't this be considered as the scenario of a hero saving a beauty?"

"A hero saves a beauty?" The girl looked at him with teary eyes, unable to wrap her mind around what he said just now. [You call this the scenario of a hero saving a beauty? I say, you call this showing off quite shamelessly; by putting a beauty precisely in a tough spot to be saved later on. ]

"Yes." Tan Tan proudly replied, and completely forgot to maintain the shocked expression on his face as he said: "My brother apprentice once said that when a hero saves a beauty, she devotes her life to him. Henceforth, she harbors deep affection towards him and the two of them live happily ever after, weaving a charming story that goes on for all eternity..."

"To… devote my life to you?" The girl stuttered as she looked at the guy standing in front of her, thinking: [This guy is really insane. This scoundrel ruined my chances of obtaining the Snake cores by smashing then, sending all my hard work down the drain. And now he has the guts to say that I should devote my life to him? How can he be so thick-skinned? ]

[From where does he bring such shamelessness? How can he be this shameless?]

"Correct! Devote your life to me!" Tan Tan stated in a 'matter-of-fact' manner: "I am a hero, and you are a beauty. Since I saved you, then shouldn't you devote your life to me? Besides, my martial arts achievements are as big as your chest, and I'm as handsome as your exuberant and round buttocks. We make a perfect match, don't you think?"

Tan Tan suddenly came to realize something as he finished his sentence, and hastily put on that same 'shocked' expression on his face as he said: "Whoa! Do you think such a handsome and confident man like myself… isn't worthy of being joined with a beauty like yourself?"

He said this with raised eyebrows, while trying his best to maintain that 'shocked' look on his face.

"Blargh..." The girl suddenly felt dizzy as she rolled her eyes and flipped over. It seemed as if she would faint any time now.

[I've really run into my bane today...]

Both sides eventually calmed down under Meng Chao Ran's mediation, and sat down peacefully while facing each other. Tan Tan was quite angry: [I am a hero who saved this beauty, then why doesn't she devote her life to me?]

The girl also quite furious: [this guy is simply a mental case ].

Meng Chao Ran used his superb conversation skills and profound wisdom to moisten the matter. He silently inquired the girl, who was unknowingly wrapped in his amiable smile, and ended up giving out all the information about herself as a result...

*Cough! It was not easy for Meng Chao Ran to fool his own disciple's first love into giving out her personal information; however, he didn't really hesitate in use his charismatic persona to achieve that...

Xie Dan Feng was Xie Dan Qiong's younger sister, who was the Xie Clan's Young Clan Lord. Moreover, she had received the key trainings from Xie Clan. She was a talented individual with great potential...

Although she wasn't extremely beautiful or anything, she could easily leave several beauties coughing in the dust!

Judging from her face, it could be said that she had above average looks, but her fiery hot figure more than compensated for that flaw.

However, there was still the matter of their compatibility!

Although those two didn't get along well now, Meng Chao Ran was 10,000% confidence in his disciple's annoying yet marvelous ability to entangle anyone he met.

Moreover, he was incomparably shameless and incredibly narcissistic as well...

Meng Chao Ran was confident that it wouldn't be difficult for his disciple to get this girl... [Well, the only trouble we may face might be from this girl's clan… However, this is not the right time to be worrying about that since these two young birds must agree to be together first. As for the other concerned parties… when the time is right, I will let Chu Yang worry about them.]

It was obviously quite irresponsible on Meng Chao Ran's part to be thinking like that.

All great clans had set out towards the Cang Lan Battlefront in order to participate in the war, but Xie Dan Feng had showed up here for an entirely different reason. In reality, she had run away from home in a fit of pique after getting scolded by her elder brother, Xie Danqiong...

[This is simply a heaven-sent opportunity.]

Thus, Meng Chao Ran was deliberately walking far ahead of them as those two hung out together in the back. This was a rare chance for creating a 'young couple'...

They would indulge in fierce martial art battles every day since they had first met, and that too several times a day.

Fortunately, Tan Tan's cultivation had been progressing quickly these days. Even though Xie Dan Feng was a trained genius who had cultivated with the help of countless elixirs granted by her clan, her overall strength was actually evenly matched with that of Tan Tan. In the beginning, he had been at a disadvantage but after losing a few times, he actually managed to hold his own; he also began to defend himself and fight back as well. And three days later, Tan Tan finally occupied an overall upper hand and firmly got a hold on the winning end of the curve...

In fact, Tan Tan had actually reaped great benefits from these fights; after seeing his battles and gradual progress over the past few days, even Meng Chao Ran realized that he had actually underestimated his disciple:

[This guy really does not give handicap to the fairer sex!]

As his master, Meng Chao Ran was a little bit worried about it, but still admired his disciple for having such a decisive disposition.

Therefore, all along the way, one could often see Tan Tan roaring like a fierce dragon as he would overturn a fiery tigress like Xie Dan Feng to the ground before suppressing her under his body, while exchanging fierce punches. Besides the face, all other spots on her body were fair game in Tan Tan's eyes!

He'd grab her chest, buttocks, thighs… whatever he could, whenever he could!

Bang… Bam… Thump, it was as satisfying and fulfilling as punching a sandbag to one's heart content!

And beneath him, Xie Dan Feng would continue to struggle rather furiously… cursing loudly as she took a beating...

The most impressive thing was: even after taking all the beating, she absolutely didn't cry! She would continue to fight back with all her might, thinking up every possible method to beat him while never intending to give up before reaching her goal of coming out victorious...

Her nature was indeed quite extraordinary!

Thus, one could see this scene unfolding almost everywhere on the way; and visible at all times!

Not to mention that Meng Chao Ran's motive to train his disciple and help him in gaining practical battle experience was half complete already, and they had not even entered the depths of the Cang Lan Battlefront yet; this was all thanks to Xie Dan Feng… even though it was actually based on her sufferings, grievances and tears of blood...

Whenever those to encountered a spirit beast, they would immediately scramble, with each striving to be first, fearing to be the last.

All because of Xie Dan Feng, who was on an important mission of obtaining fur and inner cores from spirit beasts…

Similarly, Tan Tan intended on hone his martial arts, and also wanted to make good use of this opportunity for getting rich.

After seizing them, they would keep their cores separately, with each minding their own business; choosing to stay out of each other's battles. Tan Tan would deliberately refrain from gifting her anything - [I obtained these items of my own, so why would I give them to you? Especially when you still haven't devoted your life to me!]

Tan Tan's logic was sort of appropriate… in a way...

Though… his approach was poles-apart from how a man ought to pursue a woman…

Moreover, Xie Danfeng would never accept Tan Tan's gifts: [these are the items you obtained, why would you give them to me? It's not like you are my husband or anything!]

Even though the two young individuals were following their own principles, they had certainly gathered a significant amount of wealth.

Meng Chao Ran's lips began to twitch after witnessing what came next; in fact, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

One thing led to another, and it was hard to tell who exactly raised a proposition: [Let's gamble! Let's begin the gambling fight!]

Each time, they would have to place their stakes, and the loser would have to pay the winner.

Obviously, the gambling stakes were one, or a few spirit beast cores.

One could easily imagine what was going to happen next: Tan Tan lost only a few times, whereas Miss Xie continued to lose all the way; to the extent that she had nothing left except for grief and indignation. She had put so much time and effort into collecting all those spirit beast cores, but still ended up losing them all in gambling since they all went inside Tan Tan's waist pouch.

And once then went inside Tan Tan's waist pouch, they never came out again!

Miss Xie blew her top going completely frantic… she devoted herself more and more into diligently hunting as many spirit beasts as she could for the purpose of obtaining their cores. However, after accumulating enough for the gambling stakes, she'd come back and gamble with Tan Tan, only to lose them all at the end of it… then, she'd go out for hunting once again… come back with stakes… this cycle continued on and on...

Meng Chao Ran really didn't know whether to laugh or cry in the company of these two young lunatics…

[Forget it, anyway, they will learn through experience. I should allow them to do whatever they feel like...]

And thus began this strange and noisy bunch's venture into the Cang Lan Battlefront.

The Continent Center Citadel was enveloped in the aura of death inside the Lower Three Heavens, while the Middle Three Heavens was in the chaos of an imminent war…

Diwu Qing Rou's purge was still on-going.

Yet, Minister Chu sat in a boat inside Lotus Lake, fishing, far away from the reach of all that mess; he was leading this sort of simplistic life in a rather calm and easygoing manner.

The Lotus Lake wasn't awfully big, but wasn't very small either. The surrounding area, which spread over a radius of 50 kilometers, was very much a part of this fairly big lake.

The lake water was de-freezing since the midwinter was passing by, and one could see the small green-colored grass shoots on the ground. The warm wind blowing against the willow trees, was precisely hinting… 'that' period of the year… was approaching.

Lotus Lake was still in a withered state and its semi-frozen surface was covered with lotus leaves which floated like chunks of rag on the water. That magnificent 'summer-time' scenery of an endless bloom of lotuses on the lake's surface, painting it entirely in a tint of pink and green, was nowhere to be seen.

Minister Chu was clad in a white robe, sitting comfortably in a small boat. He was holding a fishing rod, fishing in the lake as his boat was swayed gently in the water like duckweed.

It seemed as if a white cloud was floating atop the green-colored waters.

The wire attached to the fishing rod suddenly moved and tightened as it made a 'whizzing' sound, and then curled up before fluttering back and forth on the water surface...

It seemed like a fish had swallowed the bait; a big fish at that...

However, strangely enough, Minister Chu didn't pull the fish out of the water even though it had already swallowed the bait. He just let that fish struggle wildly until it actually began to pull his small boat, causing it to drift forward...

"This is really satisfying!" Minister Chu said as he tightly held the fishing rod, thoroughly enjoying that big fish's pulling force, which still struggled to break free underneath the water's surface. He, on the contrary, was completely relaxed and thrilled: "Fishing is so much fun! But is the process of fishing really enjoyable? No! The actual fun begins after the fish swallows the bait, because when that happens, you feel your heart racing since you're thrilled with excitement and pleasure...

"Now, I am going to continue savoring this thrilling sensation until I am satisfied..." Minister Chu looked up, and heaved a deep sigh of pleasure: "This is awesome!"

"Puhaha..." Suddenly, a loud sound of someone's uncontrollable laughter resounded in the vicinity. Not far away from his small boat, was another boat, but slightly bigger in size. In that boat, was a young lady, clad in a brocaded robe, seemingly fishing as well; she held a fishing rod in one hand, while her chin rested against her other.

One could easily tell by her facial expression from a while ago, that she was bored to death. However, she burst into laughter upon hearing Minister Chu's fallacy: "Hey! Mr. Bookworm, have you caught a fish yet?"

Minister Chu's complexion immediately sank as he replied in a displeased tone: "The ancients have said that men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things! The ancients have said that the daughters of a family must strictly adhere to their womanly ethics, and mustn't reveal their teeth while smiling; the ancients have said… when a man and a woman meet for the first time, they mustn't speak randomly as they wish, the ancients have also said that… you should call me young master, not bookworm…"

"Haha…" The young girl burst into laughter once again, revealing her small, yet sharp pair of canine teeth. She rubbed her belly as she replied: "Oh my, you really are a pedantic scholar… I am completely confused after listening to your quotes… 'the ancients have said this, the ancients have said that'..."

"Young lady, your words are lacking, and it seems that you really can't tell the difference!" Chu Yang shook his head as he put on the air of a rotten scholar before actually preaching to her: "I am not a scholar… so, I cannot possibly be a pedantic scholar, let alone a bookworm..."

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