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Chapter 1413: 1413

Tianlan City entered a period of reconstruction that knew no difference between day and night!One must admit that Mo Tianji truly possessed great spirit — He straight up employed all the manpower that he could mobilize!

Several hundred thousand people were at work here .

Command after command was issued by Mo Tianji, as though flowing water, without even a bit of disorder .

A team was specially tasked to demolish houses that were already half-wrecked . Right after, another team was in charge of cleaning and picking out useful resources and setting them aside . Next, another team would start building tents . Another four teams ushered the common people to take temporary shelter in the tents .

As these took place, several other teams cooked and prepared meals .

At the same time, construction commenced in all regions that were ready!

All physicians in the city were gathered and divided into eight teams . They headed to eight different directions to conduct consultations and treat the injured .

There were some physicians who were unwilling to do free labor . They had only just stated their conditions when Mo Tianji gave the order, and off with their heads it was!

It was fine if anyone didn’t follow orders . There was use for their heads after all — For demonstration purposes to the public .

It was also fine if anyone wanted to take advantage of the chaos to create trouble; their heads were equally useful .

No matter what kind of position one was in the past or how high his status was, all who defied orders at this moment were executed without fail!

With cold-blooded and ruthless extreme measures, Mo Tianji was, in a detached and rational yet most efficient manner, carrying out this task!

The few nearby clans affiliated to the Lan Clan were completely taken in by Mo Tianji . When two of the clans wanted to resist, the moment Mo Tianji issued the order, the Nine Tribulations brothers were activated at once . Overnight, ten thousand decapitated heads formed a towering mountain!

“Severe laws and regulations are needed in chaotic times!” Mo Tianji said .

“Murder is a sin! But when killing a person is for the sake of saving two people, it is a merit!” Mo Tianji said .

“Those who take advantage of chaotic times to get rich — Die!”

“Those who take advantage of chaotic times to commit robbery — Die!”

“Those who do not follow orders — Die!”

“Those who are tardy in following orders — Die!”

“Those who stand by and do nothing when others are in peril — Die!”

Under Mo Tianji’s strict and severe laws, after a period of chaos, the law and order in Tianlan City actually reached The Great Unity[1] standards!

Valuables could be seen in any of the ruins, be it gold and silver or Purple Crystals and White Crystals . They glittered and shone in the light .

Yet no one ever dared to pick them up and stuff them into their bosom .

All of it was piled somewhere quietly and put together for official use .

Some people wailed, “This belongs to my family… You have to give it to me!”

The next moment, blades would come swinging down upon them, their heads leaving their bodies —”Lord Mo has said, ‘Even your life doesn’t belong to you! There is nothing in this world that belongs to you!’”

“My eyes are set only on the reconstructed Mother City!” Mo Tianji said, “During the reconstruction process, I have only one rule for any obstructions there may be — To kill!”

“It may not be the most humane, but in such times, it is however the most efficient method!”

In any region, should anyone freeze to death, death fell upon those in charge of distributing resources! Should anyone starve to death, death also fell upon those in charge of preparing meals!

In merely a few short days, Tianlan City looked completely different .

“I can let all of you live in heaven! As long as you are obedient . ”

“But I can also let all of you go straight to hell the moment you are not!”

Mo Tianji’s almost-monstrous-like ability to plan as a whole, his almost-cold-blooded methods of controlling others, and his almost-legend-like schemes were all displayed to their limit in this incident!

All the remaining monetary assets were piled up in the city square . They were left in plain view and exposed to the elements without anything shielding them .

Purple Crystals, White Crystals, gold and silver — Everything was piled up into mountains!

Thieves visited the area every single night . And every single night, countless people were killed .

“This is exactly my way of luring out and killing off all the avaricious miscreants in this city!” Mo Tianji said apathetically, “Since there are already 400,000 to 500,000 people in this city who have died because of me, I don’t mind doubling this number!”

“I wish only to create a paradise!”

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“Anyone who tries to wreck this is unforgivable!”

Alongside his cold and detached orders, rule after rule was also swiftly implemented . Everyone hadn’t even fully come around from the previous explosion when they naturally accepted the truth that ‘this Tianlan City has changed hands’ .

Countless steeds raced out of the city like whirlwinds .

They brought with them Mo Tianji’s letters to try and recruit all the affiliated clans within the Lan Clan’s territory .

Mo Tianji’s stipulated deadline — Five days!

Within five days, should any of the messengers not return, then the clan that he was in charge of delivering the letter to would be wiped out!

Before the messengers left, they were forced to consume poison . Should they not return despite being able to, the poison would take effect and the messenger would die! And his entire family killed!

Five days later, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong, Gu Duxing, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi set out repeatedly to launch attacks — One after another, several clans affiliated to the Lan Clan were totally wiped out, blood flowing out a thousand miles!

Regarding this, Ao Xieyun had once tactfully brought it up to Mo Tianji —”When one’s sin of killing is too strong, it goes against the natural harmony of the world . ”

Mo Tianji’s response was —”If we do not kill them when we should right now, it won’t be as simple as just going against the natural harmony of the world!”

“Even if they submit to me right now, I would still need to put them on a period of probation, what more when they straight up rejected me? If they don’t follow my orders now, and even if they do pretend to submit, problems will definitely occur in the future . ”

“In that case, they might as well all turn into dead bodies while it’s still a time of chaos!”

There was once when Mo Tianji said something during an inspection of the city . Many years in the future, these words of his were regarded as valuable words of wisdom by countless feudal lords!

“Even if I kill off so many people in this city that only one person remains, I still want this city to function according to my wishes! Otherwise, even if there are millions of people in this city, it is the same as having nobody here when no one follows my orders! If that’s the case, there’s no harm in annihilating it!”

One must admit that in chaos such as these, only inhumane and oppressive methods like this were the most effective .

“I like obedient people . Even if you’re someone whose nature is rebellious, I hope that when you are in my territory, you’ll act like an obedient person, even if you must put on a pretense! Otherwise, you’ll die!”

“Those who are obedient will not be rewarded . However, should anyone be defiant and secretly be up to no good, after he is reported, this person’s entire family will be killed . The person who reported him can take over all his property as their own personal assets!”

As severe rule after severe rule was issued, Tianlan City — err no, it should be called Mother City from this point onwards — Mother City saw people being killed everyday!

Toward the last few days, the number of people getting killed became fewer and fewer . Law and order in the city also became better and better .

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“This city is a fair world!” Mo Tianji said, “After they are constructed, everyone’s houses will be the same . Everyone’s monetary assets will be the same! There are no poor people, no rich people, no merchants, none… There is nothing at all… Whatever you wish to do in the future, think of something on your own . If you wish to make more money, think of something on your own . ”

“I don’t care what methods you use, but do not give me an excuse to kill!”

“All of you can establish your own rules; I won’t interfere! But… If I think that you’ve made a mistake, then you’ll have to die!”

This was an unreasonable way of governance .

A cruel way of rule .

But here, it formed the highest degree of efficiency!

Even Chu Yang was rather astonished . In his opinion, for Mo Tianji to completely take over and transform this city into a totally different look, considering these ruins, he would need at least a year! In fact, a year might not even be enough .

But under Mo Tianji’s forced implementation, it actually took only a month!

Be it martial artists or regular folk, all of them were docile and obedient .

So many people were killed, yet no one grumbled or complained . When they spoke of Lord Mo, they actually had such an appraisal of him —”Although Lord Mo likes to kill a little too much, he’s still a pretty good person . ”

‘Pretty good’…

Even putting Chu Yang aside, when the other brothers heard such an appraisal, every one of them was so astounded that their eyeballs were bouncing all over the floor!

“Aren’t you afraid that this will drive everyone away?” Chu Yang had once asked .

“It’s tough for one to leave his homeland!” Toward Chu Yang’s question, Mo Tianji only answered this way in a low voice, “To people, the land which birthed and nurtured him is his roots . Most people, whether kind or evil, wise or foolish, would rather die than leave the land where they were born . ”

“Of course, there’s a precondition — As long as he still hasn’t made a name for himself in the world after his mid-twenties!”

“Moreover, it is very fair here . As long as they do not break the law, they’ll be fine . If they are bullied, there are even people to stand up for them . This kind of place can even be considered the one and only in the Nine Heavens . ”

Mo Tianji said impassively, “Furthermore, during this entire time, I’ve only taken lives but didn’t establish any specific rules or laws on how they should live . Yet there are already people establishing laws and rules based on every person I killed . When I came across it by chance and took a look, it’s more or less already perfect . There are a good 186 death penalties!”

Mo Tianji smiled slightly . “I’m very satisfied!”

Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

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This could work too?

But he had to admit that this really could! In addition, the common people establishing laws and penalties on their own was far better than having the ruling party establishing them . Although the penalties were discovered and established based on the crimes of those people who were killed by Mo Tianji, in the hearts of the people, these laws were still undeniably figured out by themselves!

Everyone had a common cognition —”How can I not follow the laws that I myself have established?”

By now, about half the population had already moved into their new homes . Another tens of thousands of people would be able to move in in the afternoon the next day . About half the population still lived in the tents .

But they didn’t need to wait much longer . As house after house was completed, everyone would be able to move into their new homes in another half a month at most!

In addition, they would also receive monetary assets that Lord Mo distributed evenly among everyone, as well as food rations that would temporarily sustain them for several months .

With several months’ time, various shops would be opened and various businesses started . Various business transactions would also form and be established .

To every one of them, such a city was a huge opportunity . Everyone was on the same starting line . If one wished to live a better life than others, it was possible — He just needed to think hard and work hard!

“In the future, once the situation stabilizes, I will build schools and all sorts of official city governance organizations in the spare empty land . ” There was light in Mo Tianji’s eyes . “Today’s cruelty will instead let everyone who comes to this city in the future feel the warmth and safety of a mother’s embrace!”

Chu Yang was rather thoughtful .

Turning around, Mo Tianji watched the night sky outside the window as he said softly, “Chu Yang, thank you very much for allowing me to be so wilful this once here!”

Shaking his head, Chu Yang couldn’t help laughing . “Grinding a knife will not hold up the work of cutting firewood; we have lots of time . ”

Mo Tianji stared at the scenery outside the window quietly . “No, our time is very short, and our chances are also very little . We’re already more or less done here . Therefore, the next step of our plan needs to be implemented immediately . ”

“We need to leave this place immediately! It’s only when we leave and let go that this city will survive . If we wait until all the other parties react… This place will be mass-attacked by everyone!”

[1] A Chinese utopian vision of the world in which everyone and everything is at peace

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