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Chapter 1412: 1412

“What are you looking at?” The Great Elder rolled his eyes in displeasure . “Come here and answer my questions!”With a strange expression on his face, Ning Tianya pointed at his own nose “You… are talking to me?”

Frowning, the Great Elder answered indifferently, “If not you, then is this old man calling a dog over?”

“Calling… a dog…” Ning Tianya straight up fossilized .

Did he need to insult others like that?

Even when this old man is facing the Emperor, Xue Leihan… I’ve never once been insulted like this!

The sudden fury made Ning Tianya almost unable to catch his breath .

When he came out this time, he had originally thought that if he could persuade them to go back, he would just give them a piece of advice and that would be it . After all, it wasn’t suitable for him to get involved in the war between the Nine Tribulations and the Nine Super Clans…

But… who would have thought that before he could even open his mouth, a vicious scolding would be aimed right in his face?

Someone chided him loudly as he was pushed on his back . “What? Weren’t you pretty formidable earlier? Cat got your tongue? Hurry and go over!”

The push actually caused Ning Tianya to stumble over to the Great Elder .

The Great Elder snorted in a rather dissatisfied manner . Then he asked, “Tell me, where are the people whom the Lan Clan sent down here previously?”

Ning Tianya breathed heavily . “What?”

“Acting dumb?” The Third High Priest flew into a rage and strode forward . “Are you deaf? He’s asking you a question!”

As he spoke, he raised his arm, about to deliver a huge slap!

“Kill that old thing!” Loud clamoring could be heard from all around .

Ning Tianya was somewhat trembling all over — from fury .

This has seriously reached an intolerable point! Even I, the number one expert in this world, have never bullied anyone like this even when facing a weak and powerless regular human!

This is simply too much!

The next moment, Supremacy Ning erupted completely!

Reaching out, he swiftly grabbed the Third High Priest’s hand coming toward him . The next moment, the crisp sound of bones cracking rang out . A forceful slap then landed on the Third High Priest’s cheek . With a loud smack, the Third High Priest’s face swiveled forcefully to the side!

His hand trembling, the seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist Third High Priest crumpled like a heap of mud . With a thud, he fell to his knees before Ning Tianya!

Before the brutality and elation on his face could even be wiped off, the Third High Priest was thrown straight into the deep abyss .

In fact, his expression wasn’t even in time to switch to one of astonishment!

Everyone was stunned!

Seeing Ning Tianya ‘tidying up’ the Third High Priest so cleanly, all of them were filled with shock .

No matter how careless the Third High Priest might have been, even if he had been ambushed by a sneak attack, surely he shouldn’t be this helpless? He collapsed just like that?

One must understand that he was a seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

One who had crossed the boundary between immortal and mortal!

A tragic scream escaped the Third High Priest . It was only now that he registered the pain . Ning Tianya had only grabbed him gently earlier, but the bones in his right hand were totally crushed now!

The scream had only just left his mouth when he realized . He quickly clamped his mouth shut and bore with the pain .

“Kneel properly and don’t move! Don’t scream!” Ning Tianya let go and said impassively .

As his dispassionate voice rang out, Ning Tianya felt killing intent, which hadn’t welled up in him for a very long time, suddenly start to burn wildly, as though oil being heated by white-hot flames .

These people had crossed Ning Tianya’s limits!

“So it’s an expert!” Beads of cold sweat caused by the pain formed on the Third High Priest’s forehead . However, he raised his head with a sinister smile and tentatively got onto his feet slowly . “But… even if you’re an expert, what can you do in front of so many people?”

Ning Tianya gave him an icy smile . “I told you to stay on your knees! Didn’t you hear me?”

All of a sudden, an overwhelming aura gushed out from all over him, as though torrential mountain floods .

In this instant where Ning Tianya’s unbridled aura was unleashed, the entire world of the Nine Heavens changed!

The entire Lower Three Heavens, no matter where, felt this strong and powerful pressure at the same time!

Every single person was filled with fear!

These people from the Lan Clan who was right opposite him were the first to bear the brunt of it . They could feel the terror of this wave of power even more deeply!

The Third High Priest, who had just gotten off his knees, suddenly crashed back onto his knees with a loud slam . The forcefulness of it was enough to even let everyone present hear a loud and crisp ‘crack’!

On the ground, a puddle of blood formed and started to spread .

With this kneel, both his knees were totally crushed!

But he had forgotten all about the pain . There was only boundless fear in his heart!

The Great Elder had long been frightened out of his wits!

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There was no way he would ever have imagined that this old man, who looked as if he could trample on him anyhow he wished to, was actually such a fearsome skilled expert!

At this moment, Ning Tianya’s aura, coupled with his looks, finally summoned a faraway memory in the Great Elder’s mind — Someone who existed in legends and a figure who had already become a legend itself!

His face suddenly turned deathly pale!

He was still a middle-aged man when he had unwittingly met that elusive person . At that time, with a heart full of worship, he had paid his respects to that person under a senior’s recommendation .

Ever since then, he had never seen him ever again in the thousands of years that followed!

But at this point, he suddenly recalled it — In that memory that had turned fuzzy and indistinct since a long time ago, how was it that that person’s looks were so similar to those of this old man in front of him right now?

“You, you… Who… are you?” The Second High Priest circulated his energy desperately to resist this terrifying aura .

Several of the others had already collapsed onto the floor . There were even some who could no longer move . Under the influence of such a fearsome aura, even shifting one’s little finger was as difficult as ascending to heaven .

“My surname is Ning!” Ning Tianya said dispassionately, “My name is Ning Tianya!”


In this instant, everyone from the Lan Clan practically felt as if the sky had just fallen on them!

Ning Tianya!

The number one expert of the Nine Heavens!

The person, whom they had resorted to every conceivable means to humiliate earlier while pointing at his nose, was actually the Ning Tianya whom all of them worshipped like a god?

“Ning… Old Elder Ning…” The Great Elder dropped to his knees with a thud, his facial features all warped and contorted . In a voice that wasn’t even a voice anymore, he uttered, “It’s us juniors who failed to recognize greatness when it’s right in front of us…”

Ning Tianya heaved a heavy sigh . He said mournfully, “When I came here, I had originally intended to protect two people and then persuade all of you to return, and that would have been it…”

“But I absolutely didn’t expect that today would actually be the very first time in this old man’s life being called a bastard . ” Ning Tianya shook his head . “I’ve always been one to have a clear conscience in my behavior as well as my actions . But today, I was actually called a dog by someone else! Similarly, this is also the first time in my entire life!”

“For the first time in my life, someone pointed at my nose and told me that I needed to get on my knees before I can answer their questions! …This world has really become one that I cannot understand anymore…”

Ning Tianya sighed . “Each new generation truly surpasses the previous… and the new generation replaces the old…”

The Great Elder shook like a leaf . “Elder… Please spare us, Elder… On account of…”

“And today remains the first time in my entire life that such intense killing intent has erupted in this old man! Disregarding just how many sins all of you have committed usually with this sort of behavior but only because all of you have offended me today! …”

Ning Tianya said peacefully, “Get up and fight with this old man! After you’ve killed me… You’ll be able to do whatever you want in these Lower Three Heavens . ”

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Kill you?

The Great Elder was close to tears .

If we’re capable of killing you, would you, Ning Tianya, even have survived till now?

What kind of joke is that!

Fight with you?

In these Nine Heavens, the only one of enough status to fight with you is Bu Liuqing alone . Or the Lord Dharma Supreme, or Lord Wu or the Moon Breeze couple might have the capability to… but definitely not us…

“Today, my killing intent has been roused, so I will definitely kill!” Sharp murderous intent slowly formed in Ning Tianya’s eyes . “So… Get up and fight with me… Do not let me look down on the Lan Clan!”

“Elder Ning, spare our lives…”

“I really didn’t know…”

Pleads for mercy echoed all around .

Fight? What a joke! Against Ning Tianya, who dared to fight?

Even if it were the Lan Clan’s Elder, Lan Buhui, who was here, he definitely wouldn’t dare to agree to fight with Ning Tianya!

The disdain on Ning Tianya’s face got heavier and heavier .

If they could just stand and battle Ning Tianya, perhaps Ning Tianya might have taken into account that at least they dared to own up to what they did, and perhaps there would be a chance that things might turn for the better .

But their behavior now only disgusted Ning Tianya!

Are all of you only capable of bullying very weak people? The moment you meet someone powerful, all of you turn into backbone-less invertebrates?

When did the Nine Super Clans who once commanded the wind and the clouds turn into this?

“Since that’s the case, then all of you can die!” Ning Tianya heaved a heavy sigh . His hand came down and landed on the Third High Priest’s forehead with a smack . With a soft grunt, disbelief shone in the Third High Priest’s eyes and his body slowly crumpled onto the ground .

Ning Tianya’s killing intent had already been triggered . He didn’t care whether others resisted or not!

His killing intent had never been easily roused . But once triggered, there was no way to reign it back in!

In this world, there truly wasn’t even a single person who could escape Ning Tianya’s pursuit!

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Thud, thud, thud . Another three people crumpled onto the ground .

“Let’s risk it! So what even if he’s Ning Tianya? Everyone, get him!”

The Great Elder took off into the air, the fear in his eyes turning into a crazed look . But at that very instant of him charging forward, the tips of his feet rose into the air and kicked an unfortunate fellow towards Ning Tianya while he himself retreated like a specter .

Ning Tianya sighed long and hard, his palm striking out!

The Great Elder, who was in the midst of flying backwards, suddenly jerked as though he had been struck by lightning . A numb sensation went through him . Then, he crashed downwards through the air .

Lan Clan members dived toward Ning Tianya from all directions . A hint of grieving sympathy flashed across Ning Tianya’s eyes . All of a sudden, he struck out with full force, not holding back at all!

Only five minutes had passed .

Ning Tianya walked out of the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion . His cyan robes were clean and neat . He paused in front of the doorway to the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, murmuring to himself, “The Lan Clan… is probably finished…”

Then, he turned around and walked toward the palace without even looking back .

Within the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, all was calm and peaceful . Not even a trace of blood could be seen .

All those who participated in the battle earlier had already disappeared, their whereabouts a mystery . Perhaps, only when one dug into the earth underneath would one be able to find them .

Ning Tianya did not know that this was precisely where the previous batch of Lan Clan members who had come to Iron Cloud Citadel was buried after being killed by Chu Yang!

And now, the corpses of those from the Lan Clan were buried into these grounds once again .

Both batches were elites from the Lan Clan .

Gathering and meeting here .

For some reason, ever since Chu Yang left this place, it seemed to have become a fantastic burial ground . Not only did Chu Yang choose this place to kill, but Ning Tianya had also chosen this place…

At the same time as Ning Tianya going on a killing spree, Chu Yang and his brothers were also doing the same thing…

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