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Chapter 1411: 1411
Chapter 1411 So-called Manners And Etiquette

The next couple of days, Ning Tianya naturally became the little fellow’s guardian spirit .

He followed him wherever he went .

The relationship between the old man and the young kid actually warmed up rapidly . They stayed together everyday, no one knowing what they were actually up to .

Tie Butian was greatly comforted by this situation .

With Ning Tianya by her son’s side, practically nothing could go wrong .

Needless to say, Tie Butian was unaware of the exact ongoings between the old man and the young kid . If she were, it was likely that this wise emperor would pass out .

“Cough, Tie Yang, shouldn’t you start on the story today already? What happened to that monkey? Has he come out from underneath the mountain?” asked Ning Tianya .

“What’s the hurry?” The little fellow rolled his eyes . “I need to cultivate today…”

“…” Ning Tianya heaved a sigh .

All of a sudden, he felt as if he had returned to his youth .

When he was teaching his disciple, he had to rack his brains to tell stories to his disciple . Now that he was here to protect this little fellow, he actually needed to rack his brains to beg this little fellow to tell him stories…

At last, one day, a puzzled Ning Tianya asked, “These things are all very deep and profound, but you told me all of it the very first time we met… Is it really because children are unable to keep things to themselves?”

“This is a kind of fate,” replied the little fellow mysteriously .

“Fate?” Supremacy Ning was rather pleased . Looks like he was still pretty likeable… This little kiddo actually felt like he was reliable and could hit it off with him the moment he laid eyes on him…

“But actually, it was my error in judgment!” The little fellow suddenly said rather dejectedly, “You’re here to protect us… but I kept thinking that your cultivation wasn’t very high and was only rudimentary… And so, I thought…”

Ning Tianya was stunned .

Then, his facial muscles twitched, and twitched again, and then once more…

He was even rather grudgeful in this instant .

How great would it be if you had only said the first part? Fate…

But adding on this part afterward…

You really might as well not have added it .

But these few days, in terms of benefitting, it truly was Ning Tianya who had benefited the most! He was just like a wanderer who was originally at the end of his path, yet all of a sudden, several paths appeared right in front of him!

When several paths suddenly appeared in front of someone who had come to a dead-end, not to mention that every path led to an oasis — What kind of feeling would that be?

That was exactly the kind of feeling Ning Tianya had .

Back then, when he had first gone to the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, Ning Tianya knew right away that his cultivation was far from enough .

Otherwise, Xue Leihan wouldn’t have especially gotten him to watch over the Nine Heavens . There were definitely a lot of other people who were suitable for this task… but why did he especially select him for it?

Firstly, it was because it was from here that he had gone up . Secondly… it was probably also because of his aptitude . Perhaps his future wasn’t terribly bright? Staying up there would have been a waste, so he might as well return to the Nine Heavens to carry out tasks…

Ning Tianya had come to understand this a long time ago . Although he was dejected and disappointed about it, he also knew very well that such things couldn’t be forced .

But now, a few words from Tie Yang the little fellow and a few words from Tie Butian, when put together, had given Ning Tianya a tremendous chance!

Perhaps his aptitude remained the same as ever without any changes .

But now, he could see a wide path to heaven and also knew how to get there!

To Ning Tianya, this was no different from an incredible opportunity!

On this day, the old man and the young kid sat under that world tree…

All of a sudden, Ning Tianya’s countenance shifted slightly . He had sensed something .

It seemed like something was out of the ordinary… People from the Lan Clan had come down?

To be honest, Ning Tianya had been puzzling over something the last few days — Why hadn’t anyone from the Lan Clan come down yet? Their speed and reaction were so slow…

Needless to say, Supremacy Ning was completely unaware that the first batch had actually made their way down a long time ago and that they had only been a step behind him . But that batch of people had also gone straight ‘down’ with nary a pause…

Feng Qiliang also sensed something . He came toward them in a hurry .

“Look after the palace . ” Ning Tianya frowned . “I’ll go and intercept them!”

It was as if a huge load had been lifted off Feng Qiliang’s shoulders . He nodded repeatedly .

The Great Elder of the Lan Clan and the others didn’t meet with any obstacles as they made their way down .

All was calm the entire way to Iron Cloud Citadel . For a moment there, all of them were rather alarmed and doubtful . By right, they should have been ambushed or run into some kind of trouble during their way there…

Yet everything was calm and peaceful right now!

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When they reached Iron Cloud Citadel, this feeling became even more prominent .

It was even more peaceful .

Moreover, the bizarre thing was that after searching throughout the whole city, they actually couldn’t detect even a hint of anyone from the Lan Clan!

Where was Eldest Young Master Lan Ruo? And the other few Supreme Martial Artist experts?

Where did they go? It wasn’t as if they could’ve dissolved into nothingness in these Lower Three Heavens, right?

After much investigation, they finally ascertained — There was absolutely no trace of them here!

“Great Elder, what should we do now?” asked one of the high priests, whose countenance was filled with murderous intent .

“Since we can’t find them, the only possibility is that this has something to do with the palace!” With a cold and sinister expression, the Great Elder said, “Let’s go to the palace and seize that emperor for interrogation . No matter what, we should be able to get some news . ”

“Yes… Just that there’s no sign of the Eldest Young Master and the others . It’s highly likely that someone has already laid hands on them!” Someone said .

All of them remained silent, their expressions similarly cold and sinister .

This wasn’t ‘highly likely’ but rather, ‘definitely’! That someone had already laid hands on them!

From this, there was already not a chance at all of both parties cooperating!

“Let’s go to the palace!” With a wave, the Great Elder led the team and headed toward the palace . 110 men marched out simultaneously; in this instant, it was as if a great million-strong military contingent was charging forward as one!

Such a team of experts was definitely enough to overturn these Lower Three Heavens!

The entire way there, the crowd automatically separated out of their own volition . A wide path leading straight to the palace appeared right away .

Winds howled as murderous intent pervaded the entire atmosphere!

Since you don’t know what’s good for you, then don’t blame us for being cruel and vicious!

All of them thought this way in their hearts .

They had only walked out 1,100 feet when the crowd in front of them suddenly separated . A figure in soft robes appeared as light as a feather in the path that they needed to take to reach the palace .

It was an extremely ordinary-looking old man . With a smile, he looked at all of them .

As though it was such a pleasure to have friends who came from afar .

“Everyone, where are you going?” asked the old man who was all smiles .

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“You are?” There was wariness in the Great Elder’s eyes .

Could this old man be from the palace?

The Great Elder found the old man somewhat familiar . But even if he were to rack his brains, it would never ever occur to him that the number one expert of the world, Ning Tianya, would actually show up here!

Besides, after raising his cultivation twice, the aura around Ning Tianya was now vastly different from before . In the first place, he was someone who existed in legends, not to mention that the memories of the Great Elder and the others were fuzzy and actually couldn’t recognize him .

“I’m someone who’s here to negotiate with you . ” Ning Tianya smiled extremely amicably . “How about we find somewhere to talk?”

The Great Elder snorted . “You’re from the palace?”

“Yes, you could say that . ” Ning Tianya nodded .

“Just as well . This old man also has something to ask you!” The Great Elder very stylishly waved . “Lead the way!”

“Come with me . ”

Ning Tianya took his attitude in good stride and took the initiative to go first . His destination was shockingly identical to Chu Yang’s choice when he was here — The old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion!

After a short moment .

“How about here?” A smiling Supremacy Ning said, “This place is surrounded by water and quiet and tranquil . It’s very suitable for discussions . ”

The Great Elder’s eyes swept across the area . Smiling slightly, he commented, “It’s also suitable to do other things . ”

Ning Tianya’s eyes were slits as he replied, “Yes, yes… It’s also very suitable for other things . ”

Supremacy Ning was also rather filled with annoyance right now .

Even though I only showed an average level of cultivation because I’m afraid of scaring all of you, it’s also already a good number of grades into the Supreme Martial Artist level…

Why are these people so rude?

“This old thing, your tone of voice is pretty headstrong!” The Third High Priest looked down upon him . “What, are you even thinking of doing something to us here? Come here and get on your knees! And answer my questions!”

He was already full of rage from the start, yet after coming down here, they actually discovered that everyone’s status here was unknown . Right in the midst of their frustration, they had to run into such an unbelievable old man…

Damn it, your cultivation is certainly something in the Lower Three Heavens .

But who are we?

What does that pathetic level of cultivation of yours amount to?

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The Second High Priest hastily mediated . “Third Brother, keep your calm . Let’s get things clear before we talk about other things… Once the truth is out, this old fellow… isn’t his fate going to be entirely up to you to do as you see fit? In the blink of an eye, you’ll be able to put him into 365 different poses…”

“Feh!~” The Third High Priest spat . “You old bastard, you seriously don’t have a discerning eye at all! If I don’t teach him a good lesson later, this old man would seriously have lived all these years for nothing… To think there are half-baked goods like these in the world prancing back and forth thinking that they are already number one in the world… Damn, do you freaking think that you’re Ning Tianya?”

Right away, raucous laughter filled the place .

Ning Tianya’s countenance darkened .

What the hell is this manner of speech?

“Cough, everyone has also already cultivated for several thousand years…” With a displeased look, Ning Tianya said, “As Supreme Martial Artists, you need to have the bearing of a Supreme Martial Artist no matter what… If even you behave like a shrew on the streets… Aren’t you afraid of sullying your own status? And falling short of appropriate etiquette?”

“Feh, what goddamn nonsense! Etiquette? F*ck your goddamn ridiculous etiquette!” The Third High Priest spat at him . Then, he started to rant . “If I have to mind my etiquette even with lowly ants like you… Who do you think you are? Actually putting on a high and mighty attitude to lecture me? Come, come, grandson, let grandpa here show you what etiquette is!”

Right away, the look on Ning Tianya’s face became terribly dreadful .

The Great Elder had already found a raised area and taken a seat by then . He said fiercely, “Third Brother, don’t be rash . Get that old bastard over here first and let me interrogate him . ”

Somewhat in disbelief, Ning Tianya turned over and looked at the Great Elder of the Lan Clan in astonishment .

He had once met this Great Elder many years ago . At that time, the other party’s manners and etiquette could be said to have reached a point where it was entirely natural and part of him, and respectful to an extent that was considerate right down to every little detail .

He had even praised him for such a long time .

He didn’t expect that after so many years, when he had forgotten him and saw him only as a normal person, he was actually this… abominable and filthy!

Or perhaps, when facing people weaker than themselves, this was exactly how these people behaved?

Whereas manners and etiquette… only came into play when facing people stronger than them?

At once, Ning Tianya thought of what Tie Butian had said —”If one disregarded the suffering of people in the world the moment they attain enlightenment, then what is the use of attaining enlightenment?”

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