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Chapter 1406: 1406

Mo Tianji’s face was calm as still water, yet his heart was boiling . I am the killer!

So many people died because of me .

However, now this mother thinks that I saved her daughter and is kneeling to thank me!

Her body stayed in this position until it suddenly stiffened .

She had long been dead . It was arguably a dead body supported by faith and a mother’s love . Once she felt relieved, her body immediately became stiff!

Did I do the right thing?

Was I wrong?

He stayed on his knees, just asking himself this over and over again in his heart .

What would I do if it happened all over again?

Chu Yang and Gu Duxing stood by his side and watched .

They didn’t make any sound .

Both of them had expected Mo Tianji to fight . However, they did not expect Mo Tianji to use this method and were shocked .

Mo Tianji knelt quietly for a while, then slowly cradling the little girl, he stood up, took out the food from the ring and fed the little girl .

The little girl was obviously very hungry . She was three or four years old and was not very sensible . She watched her mother stiffen on the ground . Although her heart was heavy and tears were streaming down, her mouth was gorging and swallowing the dry food eagerly .

Looking at the little girl in his arms who was ignorant yet innocent, Mo Tianji ‘s heart trembled .

This child probably doesn’t understand that her mother is gone forever, right?

Cradling the little girl, Mo Tianji turned around and said to Chu Yang, “It seems that… our forces must be established here!”

Chu Yang nodded in understanding . “You can take care of it!”

Mo Tianji nodded .

Gu Duxing asked coldly, “Your one plan has killed so many people, can you atone for the sin by simply kneeling?”

Mo Tianji and Chu Yang turned their heads at the same time .

Gu Duxing went on . “Hundreds of thousands of people’s homes have been ruined because of you, can you atone for the sin by simply kneeling?”

Mo Tianji took a deep breath and replied, “At least, it sent me a message of caution . And… if things were repeated once more, I would still do the same . ”

“Even now, I regret it!”

“I knelt for the mother, not for my guilt!”

“I have a lot of guilt! No matter what I do, I am full of guilt . Emperors conquer the world, who thought of how many such orphans and widows will be born after the war? Since we are living in this world, such things are unavoidable!”

“It’s just like normal work, there are still several people competing for a job . Maybe a family will collapse because there is no financial source after someone fails in the competition, and people may die! But if the successful one knew, would he feel guilty?”

“But if things happened again, would he give up the chance to compete to let that person succeed? Does anyone think about what will happen to his family if he gives up?”

Mo Tianji calmly said, “I know what I’m doing . I’m the think tank of the Nine Tribulations . In the future, I don’t know how much blood will flow because of my plan . I don’t know how many more millions of orphans and widows will be made because of my one order!”

“Yet… am I supposed to do nothing?”

Mo Tianji took a deep breath and continued . “What happened today just reminded me of one thing . When I make decisions in the future, I need to consider one more aspect . I have to think about whether it’s possible for the poor people to avoid some tragedies!”

“I feel guilty, but I do not regret it; I do not dare to regret it . ”

Mo Tianji closed his eyes and sighed deeply .

Chu Yang also sighed . He undoubtedly understood these words of Mo Tianji the most . In the Lower Three Heavens, he created so much chaos under the name of King of Hell Chu . In the Great State of Zhao, and in Iron Cloud, millions of soldiers were brutally killed!

Who thought of the families of those soldiers who died?

Shouldn’t one think about them?

No, he dared not think about them!

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Just like what Mo Tianji was saying now — He didn’t dare to regret it!

Even though Tie Butian made great compensations afterward… how could anyone possibly compensate for the regret of a parent who lost their son, a son who lost his father, or a woman who lost her husband?

That’s something no one could do!

Mo Tianji sighed . “Tragedies are happening every day… What we are doing now is undoubtedly producing more tragedies! But… After we defeat the Nine Super Clans, we can bring peace to this world for at least two thousand years… or this is the only thing we can comfort ourselves with . ”

As he spoke, Mo Tianji applied force to that bun almost fully covered in blood to preserve it, and then placed it inside his ring .

He looked a little miserable and said, “This bun… when this… when this girl grows up, I will hand it over to her myself… This is what her mother obtained for her risking her life and soul… All the blood on the bun flowed from the heart of her mother…”

Chu Yang and Gu Duxing were dealing with the woman’s body, looking for a place to bury it, and Mo Tianji covered the girl’s eyes . He sat on one side dully .

“Duxing, wasn’t what you just said…” Chu Yang said in a low voice via telepathy .

“It’s okay . ” Gu Duxing gave him a rare smile . “Mo Tianji needs a scolding . For me to scold him is the most appropriate . If he doesn’t get scolded, he will actually think too much . This guy looks like a cold-blooded butcher . In fact, if he got emotional, it is easy for him to get hurt . ”

“Scolding him gives him the feeling that he has already been punished . ”

Gu Duxing said, “If you did the scolding, it would be too hard . For me to do it is just right . ”

Chu Yang agreed and replied, “This is good then . ”

“In fact, there are many things in this world that are difficult to explain . ” Gu Duxing sighed . “Although Mo Tianji justified himself, he was still left with unease in his heart; if he did not justify himself, he would actually be fine . ”

Chu Yang paused and said, “This may be a good thing for Tianji . His decisions in the past, albeit correct and effective, were undoubtedly too cold-hearted and ruthless . I hope what happened this time can soften him…”

Gu Duxing nodded, “Tianji has done a lot of things in the past and killed many people, but it has never been like this…”

Chu Yang inhaled gently but spoke nothing .

Watching Mo Tianji bowing before a newly made grave with the little girl, Chu Yang and Gu Duxing also made a bow silently .

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This woman was very ordinary .

Yet what she did for her daughter was worthy of the honor of any so-called “great” person!

“I’m hiring manpower to do some things for this city . ” Mo Tianji looked at the scene of devastation and said softly, “If this city could be rebuilt… I hope its name would be… Mother City!”

Mo Tianji started acting immediately .

To hire manpower in such a city of ruins was really too easy, to the extent of being unbelievable .

So long as there were meals to eat and clothes to wear, only a raised flag and two hot, boiling pots attracted continuous crowds flooding over .

There were also many martial artists among them!

Mo Tianji moved quickly and decisively . He immediately appointed manpower and categorized all the people who came, with the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, and women in one group, and the strong men in the other group . The martial artists were in one separate group .

Then, they started rescuing people in Tianlan City .

“I’ll let there be no tragedy in this city! I’ll let all orphans have food to eat!”

Mo Tianji’s voice rang out, loud and forceful .

Though Tianlan City was in ruins, the wealth of the Lan Clan was still there . With the exception of rare resources like rare herbs, everything else was put into the reconstruction by Mo Tianji . The progress was extremely fast…

Slowly, a few small clans who were originally affiliated with the Lan Clan also joined in, allowing this work to go on a proper path in a mere three days .

Mo Tianji was in charge of the overall situation, he assigned tasks and kept everything in order . Such things were trivial, and for Mo Tianji, this task was simply very easy .

Chu Yang watched Mo Tianji busying around, but he said nothing .

He knew that the destruction of the Lan Clan was no big deal for Mo Tianji, but that mother’s struggle gave Mo Tianji a hard blow!

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Mo Tianji needed recovery!

After this incident, what kind of changes would Mo Tianji have? That was probably the real beginning of Mo Tianji’s true path as a wise man .

The little girl’s original surname was Yun, and she was named Yun Nianci by Mo Tianji in order to show that she should not forget the kindness of her mother . Mo Tianji decided that once he settled down, he would bring little Nianci with him to raise her .

The broken arm, the desperate fight, begging eyes, the blood foam pouring from the mouth, they had left an indelible mark in Mo Tianji’s life!

In the middle of the night, Chu Yang used to hear Mo Tianji muttering to himself .

“In the world, nothing is more touching than emotions! Among the emotions, the most touching one is love!”

In the Lower Three Heavens, Ning Tianya stared and observed .

The little guy in front of him erected a bridge-like thing from the water, put it on the tree, and then found something from nobody knew where and put it into the water .

After a brief moment of confusion, Ning Tianya felt that some changes had taken place in the pool, but he couldn’t tell the specific changes .

In the next moment, every leaf of this strange little tree unfolded, and each leaf was like the size of a finger, in an oval shape .

Countless layers stacked all the way to the top .

Then, a stream of water surged up and suddenly rushed over the bridge . There seemed to be something condensing in the water . At the moment when it rushed up the bridge, it was still gathering . Finally, a tiny, crystal clear little pearl suddenly formed, and then the water brought this pearl forward .

Rushing all the way, more and more pearls appeared along the way . Slowly they became denser and denser .

It rushed all the way to the bottom of the tree, and then actually started to climb up the tree . The water was constantly pushing them in the back, and countless pearls rushed forward and up onto the leaves .

Some rushed to the leaves of the first layer and stopped while others rushed to the second layer and the third layer…

Some of them rushed all the way to the fortieth and fiftieth layer…

All those stayed on the leaves remained there . And those that were restless, rushed all the way up along the current…

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