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Chapter 1401: 1401

Forceful gusts of wind shot toward Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing’s hearts!Should this strike land, their hearts would definitely be crushed!

Mo Tianji smiled and exchanged a look with Gu Duxing . During the final moments of their lives, both of them saw regret in each other’s eyes!

What a pity that we ultimately couldn’t keep our promise to Boss!

We had originally wanted to accompany Boss as he waltzed through the storms of the universe, reigned over the world and stood above the Nine Heavens!

But today, we have no choice but to lament the outcome .

However, even at this point of certain death, although they found it a pity, they had no regrets .

The two of them exchanged a look and smiled . Then, as though they had prearranged it, they closed their eyes, a serene look on their faces!

My brothers, we shall meet again in our next lives! And laugh as we stand above the Nine Heavens together!

Boss, take care!

My brothers, take care!

During this moment of his attack, Lan Buhui’s feelings were extremely complex . He couldn’t tell whether he was feeling sympathy, respect or something else . In any case, this strike consisted only of pure strength; there was actually no murderous intent within at all!

His words had only just left his mouth when all of a sudden, sword light flashed past him, as though a shooting star . A leisurely voice said, “You’re not qualified to kill my brothers yet!”

The languid voice had only just rung out when a ray of sword light spun in mid-air, as though a silver dragon, and completely cut off the wind impact from Lan Buhui’s palm strike! A swift and forceful blast of razor sharp sword aura suddenly filled the entire dimension and the sky!

The Black Dragon Sword at Gu Duxing’s waist let out a clang, drawing itself out of its sheath by 6 inches on its own and releasing an excited wave of sword intent!

A Sword Supremacy!

As the sword light landed, a figure also quietly landed right in front of Lan Buhui . Holding a sword in his hand, his eyes were limpid like the autumn waters, clear and bright .

His figure was tall and graceful, yet as though a lofty and indestructible mountain, as he stood in front of Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji and shielded them from the attack!

Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing’s eyes flew open . There was a surprised look in them .

In that very instant, their hearts suddenly settled!

Boss is here!

We won’t need to die anymore!

Chu Yang’s cultivation was clearly a lot weaker than Lan Buhui’s, but this thought crossed their minds in this instant nonetheless . It seemed as if so long as this man in front of them was around, the brothers would be indestructible!

Even if the blue skies were to collapse, they could push it back up without any problem!

“You’re not qualified to kill my brothers yet!”

That was what Boss had declared .

Even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist didn’t qualify! A brilliant gleam shone in their eyes .

Yes, you do not qualify! Even if… you’re a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

Lan Buhui stopped his attack and took three steps back . With an acute sense of hateful fury, he said, “It’s you!”

“Yes, it’s me!” That man snorted and replied .

“So it’s you! So you’re the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!” Murderous intent suddenly emanated from Lan Buhui’s entire self .

A man stood in front of him, his face adorned by a sinister golden mask!

Memories of this mask could be said to be fresh in Lan Buhui’s mind!

After that extremely ugly ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist had stormed into the Lan Clan, it was precisely this man who had gotten him to leave by merely saying a few words!

So he was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

“Is it that weird… that I’m the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?” Chu Yang, who was wearing the golden mask, gave him an icy smile . “But it’s too late even if you now know it!”

“Late?” Lan Buhui let out a loud laugh . “With just your third-grade Sword Supremacy cultivation? Don’t you find this laughable?”

If Chu Yang hadn’t attacked, Lan Buhui wouldn’t have been able to see through his cultivation level . But the moment Chu Yang struck out just now, Lan Buhui got a thorough idea of his cultivation right away .

So this bastard was just a third-grade Sword Supremacy!

“Lan Buhui, do you dare to have a showdown to the death with me?” Another voice rang out from behind Lan Buhui .

This voice was extremely jarring to the ears, much like a drake speaking with its mouth full of sand after recovering only halfway after swallowing medicine that could mute a person . Not just that, it also sounded like fingernails scratching forcefully against a chalkboard…

It made the hair of anyone who heard it stand on end .

Lan Buhui was no stranger to this voice .

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He spun around like a whirlwind to see someone standing behind him .

This man had an eyebrow which shot toward the heavens and another which plummeted all the way to hell . One eye was round and opened wide while the other was narrowed into a slit . One ear stuck out wildly as though it had been ripped out while the other was practically flat against his scalp .

Only his mouth was comparatively more normal . At this moment, it was spread into a grin, revealing two rows of gleaming white teeth, as he stared at Lan Buhui and chuckled in delight!

“It’s you!” Lan Buhui was so furious that he was practically smoking . “You’re also one of the Nine Tribulations?”

Needless to say, this man was Tan Tan . The moment he heard what Lan Buhui said, he flew into a terrible rage . “What nonsense! I am the great Master Tan!”

Lan Buhui was infuriated . “The great Master Tan? Which part of you is great? Actually calling yourself… the great master?”

Tan Tan retorted furiously, “The part of me that’s great is for my wife to look at . Who do you think you are? Are you worthy of asking me which part of me is great? What are your intentions?”

What were his intentions?

Even though Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing had been grievously injured and were in the midst of digesting the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill that Chu Yang had just given them, both of them almost burst into uproarious laughter!

Lan Buhui almost threw up blood . “You scoundrel! Cough up your name!” This bastard had the audacity to slander his name by accusing him of being a homosexual?

Compared to his burning fury, Tan Tan was in even more of a towering rage . He pointed at Lan Buhui with one hand while the other pointed at himself . “Scoundrel? Open your goddamn eyes and look at me — Does a handsome scoundrel like me even exist? Are your eyes there just for you to take a piss with?”

Taking a deep breath, Lan Buhui suddenly quietened . The moment he did, it was as if even the air in the atmosphere had stopped flowing .

It was apparent that he had already gone into a state of terrible fury that was about to erupt .

In this instant, he was the universe itself; he had already merged with the universe to become one and the same!

The moment he were to strike, his attack would be earth-shattering!

Tan Tan glared at him . All of a sudden, he jumped backwards frantically, patting his chest as he exclaimed, “What the f*ck! You’re going to frighten me to death . Look at this stance of yours; you totally look like an expert . What are you trying to do? Are you thinking of talking to the great Master Tan with your fists? Huh? Do you think you can kill someone just by striking a pose? Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah, do you want to beat me up? Do you want to kill me?”

The great Master Tan was the epitome of a street ruffian right now .

The very living example of one .

Lan Buhui stared doggedly at him, though his voice was light and mild . Taking a step forward, he responded, “So what if I wish to beat you up? So what if I wish to kill you?”

Clutching his chest, Tan Tan started screaming . “Ahhh, I’m going to be frightened to death . You’re scaring me so badly… Don’t you know that the great Master Tan grew up being frightened? Come on, come on, come and beat me up . Come on, come on, come and kill me…”

All of a sudden, he stood akimbo and burst into deafening laughter . “It’s not that I’m looking down on you, but this is a fight, not a chess match! Otherwise, I’ll give you a handicap by not using one arm!”

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At last, Chu Yang couldn’t stop himself from bursting into laughter .

Giving a handicap by not using an arm? Did playing chess even require two in the first place?

Lan Buhui’s voice remained calm and even . “You mentioned having a showdown to the death with this old man?”

Tan Tan stuck his finger up his nose and dug around . Then, he very coolly flicked his fingers and a ball of snot came hurtling out with a whoosh . With a loud crack, it punched a hole all the way through a thick tree . After that, he lifted his chin . “Did you see that? If the great Master Tan wishes to fix you up, you’ll end up just like this tree here . ”

Lan Buhui’s facial muscles spasmed slightly .

The next moment, there was a sudden howl which made the light around them disappear and the skies darken!

The entire sky was already covered by Lan Buhui’s blue robes!

He didn’t bother saying anymore, choosing instead to go straight to attacking!

He didn’t want to say even a single word to this fellow in front of him anymore!

Because no matter what one said to him, this bastard was perfectly capable of making the other party die from anger!

“Oh yeah yeah, someone has become angry after he embarrassed himself…” Tan Tan retreated hastily, Lan Buhui hot on his pursuit .

With a swoosh, Tan Tan shot up into the sky . Lan Buhui followed closely behind him and also charged up into the sky . The next moment, millions of Lan Buhui’s and millions of Tan Tan’s suddenly appeared in the sky!

A boom resounded in the air . After their afterimages disappeared, Chu Yang and the others could see the two men’s palms hitting squarely against each other’s palms!

Where the two of them exchanged blows, the ground where several forests stood cracked open with a crash and slowly shifted apart, forming a huge fissure!

One couldn’t see the end of the fissure at all .

Two whirlwinds then started flurrying wildly in both directions, howling as they rampaged . All the trees and forestry in their paths fell to the ground neatly in this instant!

High up in the sky, Lan Buhui and Tan Tan stood facing each other, dozens of feet apart!

Above them, wind and clouds blew and scattered while howling anxiously . It was in this instant that all these great changes suddenly took place!

Mo Tianji got up and walked over to Chu Yang, asking in a low voice, “Will Tan Tan be alright?”

Chu Yang raised his head and watched the ongoings in the sky . In a low voice, he replied, “He has just advanced his cultivation today, so he should be fine . ”

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Gu Duxing got up as well . In just this short period of time, their injuries had already fully healed .

Just like what Chu Yang had said, Tan Tan’s original cultivation might have been a tad weaker in comparison to Lan Buhui’s . However, thanks to the advancement provided by Chu Yang’s medicinal wine, he was on par with Lan Buhui now!

Besides, he even had the most high-end abilities of the Three Stars Divine Clan that he had never once shown .

Thus, Chu Yang was full of confidence in Tan Tan right now .

“Speaking such conceited nonsense, you are out of the ordinary indeed!” Lan Buhui’s right arm shifted and a sword appeared in his hand with a clang . His long hair and blue robes fluttered wildly in the air but his eyes were fixed on Tan Tan . Not once did he blink!

Tan Tan snorted . “You’re pretty good too! But you’re dying for sure today!”

In battle, he finally dropped his usual glib act .

“Dying for sure?” Lan Buhui repeated after him . A slight smile formed on his face . “It’s still not known yet who the one that’s going to die will be!”

When they exchanged blows earlier, he could already tell — Even though the other party’s martial domain level was on par with his and was also a mid-level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist like him, there was an obvious sense of instability in his martial domain level .

Which was to say that he was slightly weaker than himself .

Smiling calmly, Tan Tan murmured, “How many years has it been…”

All of a sudden, his body rose sharply in the air once more before he let out a fierce shout . “Rise of the golden sun!”

Lan Buhui was greatly taken aback .

‘Rise of the golden sun’? What does that mean? I seem to have seen these five words somewhere before?

A cloud of thick black aura burst out of Tan Tan . The black aura swirled upwards ferociously, filling and pervading several hundred feet instantly, and continued spreading outwards rapidly .

A ray of light suddenly shot out from the burning sun in the sky with great momentum, piercing through the sky and into Tan Tan like a long rainbow arc!

It was as though this flaming ray of sunlight was being absorbed by Tan Tan . It poured into him without any pause .

Tan Tan let out another thunderous shout once more . “Shine of the silver moon!”

From another direction in the sky, a ray of chilly light suddenly appeared . Same as before, it came piercing through the sky into Tan Tan!

At the same time, Tan Tan shouted yet again, thick and dense black aura spewing out of his mouth as he did . “Twinkle of the stars!”

“When the three stars come together, he shall be invincible!” Lan Buhui’s expression changed drastically at once, almost contorting . He yelled hoarsely as though he had just seen a ghost . “The Great Three Stars Technique! You! You’re the Three Stars Demon King!”

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