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Chapter 1396: 1396

Gu Duxing was rather disapproving of Mo Tianji’s excessive caution . “You’re overthinking this . In my opinion, the Nine Super Clans may be formidable, but they are not necessarily much to worry about either . Their so-called ten thousand years old foundation is nothing but a joke . ”A cold smile appeared on his face . “There are no doubt a lot of experts, but… judging from the current situation, what we lack is just a bit of time, that’s all… If anything, they weren’t able to see through your scheme . ”

Mo Tianji’s countenance darkened . There was true worry in his eyes .

Forcing himself to get up, he said very seriously to Gu Duxing, “Second Brother Gu, this mindset of yours is very dangerous! You are the most crucial member among us brothers . If you underestimate your enemy like this too… the consequences will be unthinkable!”

A sharp and cold Gu Duxing replied, “Back in the Lower Three Heavens, Boss rose above all by himself with just his sword! In the Middle Three Heavens, we also worked our way up from nothing and gradually became stronger! In the Upper Three Heavens… we’ve already successfully taken our first step!”

“A ten thousand years old legacy has been destroyed within a day!”

Mo Tianji cut him off . “Do you know why it was so easy?”

Gu Duxing replied impassively, “All the Super Clans are well aware of the fact that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master emerges once every ten thousand years . They shouldn’t have been unprepared for it . Yet when it’s finally happening, they still end up as wretched as this . How am I supposed to hold them in high regard?”

Mo Tianji heaved an immensely heavy sigh . His somber eyes were fixed on a spot above him . After a long while, he said, “Duxing, let me tell you something about the Nine Super Clans… But first, let me correct your mindset before I go on . Otherwise, if you carry on being like this, there will eventually come a day where you will make a rash decision and end up sending all the brothers to their death!”

Gu Duxing replied coldly, “Go on . ”

Outside, Lan Buhui was originally intending to attack . However, upon hearing what Mo Tianji said, he couldn’t help but stop in his actions .

One could tell from the conversation that between the two of them, one was probably the brains of the Nine Tribulations, while the other was either the sword spine or the sword edge? There was an imposing drive and an extremely domineering air around him .

Lan Buhui could disregard anyone’s opinion — in fact, he wouldn’t have cared even about the opinion of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master — but the assessment and view which the brains of the Nine Tribulations held toward the Nine Super Clans was something that he absolutely had to hear and care about!

The brains of the Nine Tribulations, no matter which generation it was, was someone who could shatter the heavens and earth bare-handed, and create something from nothing, thereby changing the universe!

Using any of these wise men, no matter which one it was, even in a struggle for power among royalty or to quell the chaos of the world… would be a waste of their talent!

They were true geniuses and prodigies!

At this point, although the Lan Clan had been destroyed, they still had manpower in the Lower Three Heavens, more than 30 Supreme Martial Artists who had survived, as well as the clansmen who were dispatched to the northwest, which included 60 to 70 Supreme Martial Artists!

With such manpower, even if they had lost their headquarters, they could still make a comeback anytime!

Mo Tianji’s commentary was of critical importance, especially at a time like this .

Mo Tianji was quiet for a moment before he asked, “How long has it been since we reached this place?”

Gu Duxing replied, “A night has passed . It’s already dawn now; the sky is starting to brighten outside . ”

Mo Tianji fell silent . Then, with a laugh, he suddenly said, “Since Elder is already here, why bother standing outside? Isn’t it tough staying outside when the winds are strong and morning dew heavy? How about coming in and having a talk? As for the feuds and scores between us, there’s no harm making a decision after our discussion . ”

Gu Duxing jumped to his feet in horror, his hand pressed against his sword .

Could the enemy really have pursued us all the way here? Surely not… With my skill in evasion, even Chu Yang may not necessarily be able to follow me…

Outside, Lan Buhui got a shock too .

He has discovered me? How could he have? With his meager cultivation, especially when he’s gravely injured now, how could he have discovered me?

Could he be trying to bluff me?

Lan Buhui was convinced at once .

This is definitely a bluff!

I shall keep my composure and refrain from making any move . I am one with the universe right now . You can’t even see me even if you were to come out and stand right in front of me, so how could you possibly detect me?

Lan Buhui was absolutely confident about this .

Mo Tianji listened for a moment . Then, he shook his head and smiled rather speechlessly . “Looks like Elder doesn’t deign to grace us with his presence… Hurhur, you must be afraid that I’m bluffing you?”

He went on quietly . “Elder arrived quietly and unknown to anyone . The winds did not stop and neither were the birds alarmed; your arrival was certainly unknown even to gods and spirits . I wasn’t able to discover you too . However, Elder should know of something called the sixth sense . ”

A jolt went through Lan Buhui .

He was right . There was indeed a kind of feeling like that . Oftentimes, the heart would suddenly palpitate without any warning . When that happened, it meant that something bad was about to happen or was happening, or that danger had arrived or was in the midst of arriving .

This was true .

“There’s also a kind of secret arts called the Heavenly Secrets!” Mo Tianji said calmly, “Therefore, I can be sure that you are outside right now . ”

With some mild mockery, he went on . “If Elder insists on not showing himself, then you can just assume that this junior here has failed in his bluff . Since you are already here, whether or not you show yourself is no longer of importance anyway . ”

Gu Duxing had been keeping a close eye on the doorway, for fear of missing out the slightest movement . However, up to this point, he hadn’t discovered anything at all .

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But Mo Tianji had spoken with absolute assurance and confidence . There was even a faint hint of mockery in his countenance .

Just as Mo Tianji finished speaking, there was a flash of blue robes at the doorway . A blue-robed man then appeared quietly .

He stood in the courtyard where light shone on the pine tree forest . His expression was desolate and lonely . Although he was physically there, the feeling he gave off was as if he didn’t belong in this world .

It was exactly Lan Buhui .

Lan Buhui sighed and remarked, “As expected of the brains of the Nine Tribulations . You certainly are a young hero!”

The moment he appeared, a jolt went through Gu Duxing from head to toe .

He finally realized that Mo Tianji had not been shooting in the dark . Nor was he being overly cautious .

A hint of overcast gloom also flashed past Mo Tianji’s eyes .

Lan Buhui’s eyes flickered . All of a sudden, he stamped his foot and sighed heavily . “So I’ve ultimately been duped after all . You hadn’t discovered me at all!”

Mo Tianji smiled slightly . “Elder’s guess is right . I was indeed bluffing . ”

Lan Buhui asked, “What would you have done if I hadn’t shown myself?”

Mo Tianji shook his head lightly . “You would definitely show yourself so long as you were around . If you didn’t, it would prove that you weren’t present . In that case, I would leave this place with him immediately and escape far away . ”

Lan Buhui raised his face to the sky . He was silent for a moment before he replied, “You’re right . First, you mentioned the Nine Super Clans’ fundamental weakness, yet stopped at the most critical moment, piquing my strong interest . Then, at this particular timing, you suddenly started to bluff . If I were around, I would definitely show myself… Even if I know full well that you’re bluffing, I would still do so nonetheless . ”

“Therefore, there was no way I wouldn’t be duped . ” Lan Buhui went on dispassionately . “Because there’s already something I desire!”

“Exactly so!” Pushing himself off the bed, Mo Tianji removed his disguise and sat up . He commented softly, “What a pity… that I was just a step too late . If we had left the moment I told Duxing to leave this place… Elder could only have walked away empty-handed…”

Lan Buhui nodded . “When I got here, you were right at the point where you were saying that the Nine Super Clans are not to be underestimated . I indeed did not hear you mention anything about leaving… If you had left at that point, even if I could catch up to you, I probably would have needed to go to a lot of trouble . ”

Mo Tianji was silent for a moment . Then, he disputed his words calmly . “If I had wanted to leave, you wouldn’t have been able to catch up . ”

Lan Buhui was silent for a long while . At last, he heaved a sigh . “You’re right… If you had turned back, I wouldn’t have been able to catch up to you . At that point, I wouldn’t have headed back at all…”

The sword resting at Gu Duxing’s waist suddenly trembled intensely!

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Although he was still standing as straight as a spear, just like an unstoppable divine blade that had been drawn from its sheath, there was agony in his eyes .

So, Tianji was right .

He had already arranged everything . I needed only to follow his plan to a tee . Even if danger was abound, it would be neutralized regardless! But just because of my arrogance and that bit of dissatisfaction toward Tianji’s prudence, I ended up holding up that bit of time .

This expert in front of me only overheard the part about how I shouldn’t underestimate the Nine Super Clans… Before that, when Mo Tianji had suggested leaving, I had thought about it for a moment and even rebutted him .

It was just a short few moments and yet, it’s enough to make the difference between life and death!

Gu Duxing exhaled lightly . No wonder; it might have been just a few short moments, but even with Mo Tianji on his back, it was enough for him to cover more than ten miles! In fact, dozens of miles!

How could the enemy possibly catch up to them?

But now, it was too late for regrets .

There was a smile on Mo Tianji’s face . His expression was serene and tranquil as he asked, “If my guess is correct… Elder must be the founder of the Lan Clan?”

There was a flash of surprise in Lan Buhui’s eyes . “That’s right! You’re indeed sharp-eyed!”

Mo Tianji smiled in response . “People who can regain their composure swiftly after the great explosion and find their way here… There probably aren’t many in the Lan Clan capable of that, right?”

Lan Buhui acknowledged his words . “Indeed, there aren’t many . ”

Mo Tianji kept quiet for a moment . Then, in a somewhat disappointed tone of voice, he asked, “Since you are the founder of the Lan Clan, then you must be the son of one of the Nine Tribulations from the previous generation?”

Considering Mo Tianji’s age, it was indeed rather inappropriate for him to say that to the ten thousand years old Lan Buhui .

But when Mo Tianji said what he did, the three of them instead felt that this was natural and as it should be!

Because… Lan Buhui’s father was one of the Nine Tribulations from the previous generation!

While these two men in front of him right now were two of the Nine Tribulations from the current generation!

There was a look of familial love in Lan Buhui’s eyes . In a low and deep voice, he replied respectfully, “Yes, Lan Tingxue is my father . ”

In this instant, Lan Buhui displayed absolute respect .

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It wasn’t respect for these two young men but rather, respect for the two words —’Nine Tribulations’!

Because his father was once… one of the Nine Tribulations!

After staying quiet for a moment, Mo Tianji said softly, “Should I be fortunate enough to survive, my son will also establish one of the new Nine Super Clans… and become the founder of one of the ruling clans!”

Lan Buhui agreed respectfully . “Yes!”

Shaking his head, Mo Tianji sighed with a laugh . “May I ask your name?”

Lan Buhui replied, “Lan Buhui!”

“Buhui[1]…” Mo Tianji mused for a moment distractedly before he said approvingly, “It’s a good name! When your father chose this name for you, he must have been hoping for his son to refrain from doing things he would regret, and not to harbor any regrets in his life!”

“No!” There was a gleam in Lan Buhui’s eyes as he slowly said, “This name that my father chose for me refers to how he had spent his life instead… During the span of my father’s lifetime, he braved through thousands of fierce and bloody battles in the martial world and went through countless trials and tribulations where he narrowly escaped death . However, he has never regretted any of the things he has done in his entire lifetime! He has never regretted being one of the Nine Tribulations! He has never regretted anything to do with himself and his brothers!”

“When my father left home for the last time, he asked me over for a talk . He said, ‘I regret nothing in my entire life; and neither should you!’” Lan Buhui spoke softly .

It was as if that awe-inspiring form of his father was right in front of him again . Even his voice had become warm and gentle, filled with nostalgic memories .

Mo Tianji was quiet for a moment before he suddenly asked, “Then, have you managed to achieve a state of no regrets during this lifetime of yours?!”

A violent tremor went through Lan Buhui . His head shot up .

With a smile, Mo Tianji asked, “Over the ten thousand years of the Lan Clan’s existence, do you… harbor any regrets?”

Lan Buhui stared hard at this young man who was a good ten thousand years younger than himself . For a moment there, he actually found himself rather lost for words .

He only felt sweat trickling down his back .

Did he harbor any regrets?

How could he not!!!

[1] His name means ‘no regrets’

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