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Chapter 1390: 1390

Gu Duxing felt speechless at once . A sense of ridicule rose inside him . “Tianji, you’re really good at joking…”Mo Tianji sighed . “I wasn’t joking… Duxing, remember they are four people, they can make some trouble, kill a few people to vent their anger, but we are two, so we absolutely can’t show our faces . At most, we cover for them . Understood?”

Gu Duxing nodded his head .

“Entering the Lan Clan… doesn’t require too many to begin with…” Mo Tianji contemplated . “We’ll let the four of them vent their anger . ”

Gu Duxing sighed, watching the viburnum flowers below getting more and more magnificent, he could imagine how far Xie Danqiong’s anger went . He couldn’t help but mutter, “To meet one like Xie Danqiong… It’s really unfortunate of them…”

Xie Danqiong was indeed going mad from fury .

He was out with Ao Xieyun looking for information, yet he didn’t find any new, valuable information . Just as he was feeling down, he saw chaos in front .

The two went ahead to take a look, only to see a group of Lan Clan’s people stealing, bullying and threatening…

There was also a guy who grabbed a young woman, unwilling to let go . This young woman looked pretty, and judging from her dressing, she seemed to also be from a rich family…”

“Let go!” The young woman struggled hard . “I’m from the Cheng Clan!”

“Cheng Clan?” That steward of the Lan Clan smiled perversely . “That’s just nice…”

As he spoke, he reached out to touch the young woman’s face .

The Cheng Clan seemed to be a subsidiary clan of the Lan Clan, and one that wasn’t very big . Several guards of the young woman stepped forward to stop it, only to be pushed aside by several Supreme Martial Artists of the Lan Clan, and the two sides started arguing .

In just a moment, the conflict intensified .

As that young woman kicked the crotch of the steward, he screamed in pain and squatted down . He screamed at the top of his voice . “Beat her! Today I’ll be sure to play with this little woman, if I don’t play with her to her death, I’m not the Nineteenth Lord of the Lan Clan…”

That young woman’s face changed tragically, as she realized this man was actually the Nineteenth Lord of Lan Clan .


Light from blades shone, and the people from the Lan Clan moved first . In almost just an instant, the guards of the young woman lay across the ground, either dead or injured . The woman moved to resist further, yet she was quickly caught and slapped on the face . Immediately, a white and tender face became red and swollen .

She seemed to be raised tenderly back at home, immediately her tears streamed down her cheeks .

That Nineteenth Lord of the Lan Clan stood up, his body curled up as he said with a smirk, “Little slut, pretending to be pure in front of me! I will just make you unable to… Strip off the clothes of this little slut! Cheng Clan… Such a big clan it is, huh . Even if I made this little slut walk across Tianlan City and back naked, what could the Cheng Clan do?!”

“Let go!” Xie Danqiong looked on until he couldn’t tolerate it anymore . He flew into a rage . “Under broad daylight, you’re robbing the daughter of an ordinary family? Is such shamelessness the familial training of the Lan Clan?”

That Nineteenth Lord turned back to look, and immediately his eyes stared straight .

In front of him, Xie Danqiong’s figure was tall and slender, his brows sharp like a sword and his eyes bright like stars . His lips were thin, his tall figure dressed in a black cloak seemed even more handsome from the contrast between white and black .

Even a woman could not be as beautiful as Xie Danqiong .

This Nineteenth Lord turned around, and his saliva dripped out of his mouth . The look he gave Xie Danqiong was like that of a hungry dog seeing a piece of meat, or that of a twenty-year-old bachelor seeing a naked beauty…

Immediately, he felt a little dizzy…

Unconsciously, he let go of that young woman and walked toward Xie Danqiong, smiling perversely . “Ah, I didn’t expect there to be such high-class goods over here… Hmm… Very good, very good…”

He walked around Xie Danqiong and said, “The rarest thing is that the butt is very well-shaped as well…”

He went on . “Since this… haha, Young Brother said I can’t rob a daughter of an ordinary family, then never mind… Let that little slut go, I’m in a good mood today… But hey, Little Brother… To let her go, you’ve got to compensate me, alright…”

Xie Danqiong trembled while Ao Xieyun, beside him, had goosebumps all over .

“What?” Xie Danqiong flew into a rage .

“Haha, I let her go… Now you’ll accompany me . ” The look that the Nineteenth Lord gave Xie Danqiong was already eager beyond waiting . “Such… such a good… rabbit[1]…”

“I’ll accompany you? Rabbit?” Xie Danqiong had long known that there were men with strange preferences in this world, but never in his dreams did he expect that he himself would one day become the target of such men .

“I’ll be very good to you, nice little boy…” The face of the Nineteenth Lord, smiling perversely, was already almost reaching Xie Danqiong’s face . Besides… his crotch actually bulged up . “Come on, go back with me, I’ll make you enjoy yourself greatly… Look at your soft and tender skin… Well, well…”

“F*ck off!” Xie Danqiong flared up instantly . His handsome face immediately distorted .

“You are a rabbit! Your whole family is! I’ll slaughter you rabbits…” Xie Danqiong grabbed this Nineteenth Lord, and in the next instant, viburnum flowers bloomed .

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That Nineteenth Lord didn’t even have time to calm the bulge in his crotch when he became a pile of flesh and blood in the viburnum flowers .

Then, Xie Danqiong went completely crazy .

Viburnum flowers rushed out . Along the way, everyone in the Lan Clan’s clothing was swept away by him . His figure moved like a wild gust of wind, leaving broken pieces of body parts behind…

Behind him, Ao Xieyun followed while laughing badly that his whole body trembled .

Xie Danqiong killed all the way .

He was furious to the point of madness… He had restrained himself the whole time, but now he could no longer do that . Nevertheless, it had already started, killing one was killing, killing a bunch was still killing .

The road was really bloody .

This road was originally the busiest and prosperous street in Tianlan City . This time when the Lan Clan came out, this street was also their main destination . Xie Danqiong killed many people along the way .

Suddenly, cries and gasps were all around .

Xie Danqiong was a peak-level second-grade Sword Supremacy . This time, the killing was aimed at only the people sent out by the Lan Clan, and he could kill a large group by moving one finger… Not to mention that he used the viburnum flowers!

The blood was streaming…

Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji looked at them from the top and were also shocked . They had never seen Xie Danqiong in such a temper .

Especially the sentence “You are a rabbit! Your whole family is!” really revealed the truth of the matter, so that Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing, two people who didn’t usually laugh much, also felt amused: It was true .

The other side was also in trouble .

Obviously, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi were two people who craved chaos and disorder . When they heard this fight and Xie Danqiong shouting, they directly started fighting from the other side .

“Woohoo… Kill the rabbits!”

“Dogs… F*ck them…”

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These typical curses sounded; how would Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing not know what happened over there? Immediately, they both stroked their foreheads and felt speechless .

These two were indeed unwilling to be lonely and made trouble…

“Prepare to receive them… This is the headquarters of the Lan Clan…” Mo Tianji sighed, feeling a headache . “Can’t these bastards save some strength for my grand plan?” Gu Duxing laughed and turned to walk down .

The Lan Clan who was having a rough year was sent into chaos once more . Half a day after the people they dispatched went out, they were pretty much all slaughtered . The Lan Clan was furious and sent someone to investigate immediately!

These people naturally did not say what they did when they went back, but they said that a few foreigners were arrogant and domineering, specifically bullied the people from the Lan Clan, so and so…

They searched around for the Supreme Martial Artist experts dispatched but to no avail .

Seeing it was already afternoon, two guests suddenly appeared outside the gate of the Lan Clan .

It was two young men . One was polite and elegant, one sharp and indifferent .

“May I ask if the Sixth Lord is in?” Mo Tianji bowed politely . “Please report that an old acquaintance from the Middle Three Heavens is here to visit, hoping that the Sixth Lord can grant me a meeting amidst his business . ”

Last time, during the battle of Lake of Despair, only a middle-aged man was sent by the Lan Clan, and he was very low-key .

But Mo Tianji, being who he was, did a thorough investigation of all available information, and also got the identity of the Sixth Lord of the Lan Clan .

Back then, this Sixth Lord of the Lan Clan once wanted to solicit Gu Duxing… And now, Mo Tianji was just using this long-forgotten reason from back then to come to his gate .

“An old acquaintance from the Middle Three Heavens?” The guard at the gate looked much more friendly .

Since the last time someone’s whole family was almost slaughtered because of calling someone ugly, this time the gate guards of the Lan Clan had become kinder and amiable …

“Just a moment, I’ll report to Sixth Lord,” said the guard .

“I’ll trouble you, Elder Brother . ” Mo Tianji passed over two pieces of Purple Crystals quietly .

The guard’s eyes brightened as he took it silently .

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Soon, a person came out of the Lan Clan’s compound, it was indeed Lan Yingyu, the Sixth Lord of the Lan Clan who went to the Middle Three Heavens back then . He looked confused . “Looking for me? An old acquaintance from the Middle Three Heavens?”

Mo Tianji saw him from afar and immediately smiled brightly . “Sixth Lord of the Lan Clan, do you remember the battle of Lake of Despair?”

Lan Yingyu remembered immediately . “Oh, you are the one from… the Mo Clan? Haha, isn’t this the young Sword Emperor? Such a rare guest, please come in . ”

Mo Tianji said gratefully, “I didn’t expect the Sixth Lord to remember us… Haha, we brothers are really flattered . ”

Lan Yingyu sighed . “A young talent, of course I remember… But this time you two are coming to the Upper Three Heavens to…”

Mo Tianji smiled reservedly . “Though the Middle Three Heavens are big, they’re not comparable to the beauty of the Upper Three Heavens…”

Lan Yingyu’s eyes brightened . “Oh? What does Young Master Mo mean?”

Mo Tianji said, “We’re wondering if the Sixth Lord would give us a job… Haha, we brothers came a long way searching, we did feel quite unsure… After all, in the Upper Three Heavens, if we were all alone, that would feel… Haha…”

Lan Yingyu was overjoyed . Now, the Lan Clan was in a state of extreme manpower shortage . The two of them came together, one good at predictions, one good at the martial arts, it was really a rare gain . But to maintain the respect, he said, “But I don’t know if the cultivation of you two…”

Gu Duxing said, “Sword Saint… sixth-grade!”

Mo Tianji said, “I’m ashamed, my cultivation hasn’t changed much…”

But Lan Yingyu already could not hear Mo Tianji’s words! He was completely shocked by the words “Sword Saint, sixth-grade”!

[1] A pejorative term for gay men

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