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Chapter 1389: 1389
Chapter 1389 Tianlan City in Chaos

The Lan Clan was really out of luck these days .

When the second batch of people left for the Lower Three Heavens, the Lan Clan finally started to sort out their mess . The majestic main gates that had stood for ten thousand years were directly burned into a pile of black ash and could not be used anymore .

Naturally, the Lan Clan had to do a thorough renovation .

About this, Lan Clan had to comfort themselves: It’s been ten thousand years, we’ve long disliked it . Now that it’s burned, it’s a perfect chance for a nicer new look .

For the Lan Clan to embark on their great construction project, it naturally required purchases . Yet so many had died in the clan, and naturally, their funerals needed to be done . All the higher-ranking members of the clan were busying themselves with important matters, and all the matters they saw were important, how would they have any energy left for such trivial matters? Naturally, they simply ordered their subordinates to do it .

Besides, basically 70% to 80% of the Lan Clan’s martial power was gone now: In the secret troops, more than one hundred Supreme Martial Artist experts had rushed to the north to besiege the Li Clan, another batch of Supreme Martial Artists went to the Lower Three Heavens, and the passageway of the Upper Three Heavens needed another batch of trustworthy experts…

Besides, the number of super experts dead within the past two years had already exceeded 200 .

Under such circumstances, there were really not many professionals left in the Lan Clan; even among the most trustworthy experts, many died, were disabled, or went out…

Under such circumstances, the jobs of the big construction project and organizing funerals naturally fell into the hands of the ordinary members of the Lan Clan .

And this time, it had exposed the long-term disadvantages of the Lan Clan!

To be honest, the Lan Clan, in its 10,000 years of heritage, had been weakened to the extreme; but usually, there were those experts controlling situations and managing affairs; these people were all experts, and they did not have much desire for things like women and property anymore…

So even if something went wrong, it was only because the people in the lower ranks were secretly doing things to fill their own pockets; there were naturally incidences of bullying as well .

But everyone only turned a blind eye…

But this time, it became simply blatant .

‘The monkey reigns in the mountains when the tiger is not there . ’

Therefore, the second grandmasters of the Lan Clan were all mobilized . This time, Tianlan City fell into chaos .

Funerals, of course, required hiring priests and priestesses; and though there weren’t many of those in Tianlan City, there were sufficient . But how could these people come out simply to do this?

Things like incense, paper money and soul-raising flags also had to be purchased . But… in this purchase, how could one only want these?

‘With such a god-given opportunity, you could line your own pockets, if you didn’t line them properly, how would you face yourself?’ Although the ancestors died, and it was not good to make a fortune using this opportunity… how could one bother about that now?

Suddenly, it was as though a pack of wolves entered Tianlan City .

The gates of the Lan Clan opened and let out a group of wild beasts .

Everyone in Tianlan City suffered .

At the Wanli Mansion, Mo Tianji stood on the balcony, contemplating . Gu Duxing sat by his side, looking indifferent . There was no knowing where the rest of the brothers went .

Suddenly, there was chaos below, and several finely dressed people approached, barging in . Their voices were heard from afar .

“What’s this? Hmm, looks good, the Lan Clan will take it!”

“What? Money?!”

“Pull it away, pull it away! F*ck! You old thing… actually want money…”


“Such madness, get him to the mass grave to feed the dogs!”

“The Lan Clan is requisitioning it, do you have an opinion?”

“No opinion? Why no opinion? F*ck! I’m taking your thing without paying and you’ve no opinion? Are you a bastard? What? You have an opinion? Shit, you dare to have an opinion when we take your thing?”


“Here, here, come over here, don’t hide… Little girl… Haha, you look very cute, how old are you? Hmm, Madam still requires a maid, take her!”

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“What’re you crying for? It’s your blessing that we see value in you… I’ll beat you to death if you cry any more!”

Immediately, there was an outburst of crying down below .

A finely dressed middle-aged man held a young woman down with one hand and walked back . Behind it, one who must be the mother of the young woman chased after her, crying, shouting, and kowtowing non-stop . Yet she was kicked out to the side by that middle-aged man, blood spurted out of her mouth, and she immediately died…

That young woman screamed miserably and was just about to throw herself out when she was forcefully held back by the middle-aged man . She bent down, bit his hand, and then jumped toward her mother’s corpse .

The blood started dripping with this bite, and the middle-aged man gave in to his beastly nature . He screamed in pain, pulled out his saber rapidly, flung forward, and thrust the saber into the girl’s back . Smirking, he stabbed the flower-like body into pieces . “Don’t know how to appreciate favors!”

Immediately, cries and screams filled the street, and everything fell into a mess .

Anger shot out of Gu Duxing’s eyes . He was about to jump down when Mo Tianji held him back . “What are you doing?”

Gu Duxing raged . “Killing these scums!”

“Nonsense!” Mo Tianji raged . “If you expose us now, how are we going to carry out the great plan?”

Gu Duxing sneered . “Are we gonna watch these bastards betray their humanity? You and I have the power to stop it, yet we stand by and do nothing? Mo Tianji, where did your righteousness go?”

Mo Tianji snorted and replied, “My morals are in my chest; such clans, they must be uprooted entirely . If you go out like this, you can only kill these men, but you’ll expose yourself and put all of us into a passive position . If the enemy sends all their experts to attack us, how many can we kill then?”

He patted Gu Duxing’s shoulder, “Be calm and rest assured… Duxing, we’ll do something about all this . ”

A sharp murderous intent shot out of Gu Duxing’s eyes . He snorted heavily and said, “If you can’t figure out a way, I will go killing into the Lan Clan compound on my own!”

Mo Tianji grinned and said, “What you see is the chaos in front of you… but what I see is not . ”

Gu Duxing frowned . “Oh?”

The chaos down below continued, expanded and intensified . It was as though the place was filled with such situations all around them…

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There were also some Lan Clan members holding a name list and looking around . On the list were the pretty girls’ names in Tianlan City, their family addresses, and their parents’ names… The details on it were really specific .

Mo Tianji sighed deeply . “Duxing, you see how skilled and unscrupulous Lan Clan members are in doing such things . This proves that… this is not the first time… there have to be at least dozens of times, even hundreds of times before they can be so familiar . It is completely rampant… What does this prove?”

Gu Duxing replied coldly, “It proves that it’s time for the Lan Clan to be exterminated!” Mo Tianji nodded gravely . “It is said that before the appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, no clan can last ten thousand years… And it is worth noting that even the dynasties in the Lower Three Heavens usually don’t last more than one thousand years …”

“Why? Because once it has been passed down for a long time, it will inevitably decay! Richness cannot be inherited for more than five generations, poverty cannot be inherited for more than five generations . This is a fixed matter . Even if a clan from the Middle Three Heavens has been passed on for more than hundreds of years, a large number of the family members will be good for nothing . The Lan Clan, upon seeing this situation, is already rotten to the bones . ” There seemed to be deep meaning in Mo Tianji’s voice .

Gu Duxing frowned . “You mean…”

Mo Tianji said leisurely, “The Lan Clan today is the Gu Clan, Mo Clan, Dong Clan… after ten thousand years . Do you understand?”

Gu Duxing’s body trembled, and he stared at Mo Tianji, his eyes widened .

“We are the Nine Super Clans of the future . ” There was a sense of coldness in Mo Tianji’s expression . “Our clans can pass on for ten thousand years as well… But I predict… Probably before ten thousand years, or in several thousand years, it’d become what the Lan Clan is right now- a tumor growing on the Nine Heavens Continent!”

Gu Duxing fell silent . He looked at the ongoing chaos down below, the cries of countless people sounding in his ears . He couldn’t help but ask himself, “If the ones doing such disgusting things below… were my descendants, what would I do? How would I feel?”

“There’s no way to avoid it?” Gu Duxing’s voice was a bit dull . “Like… Ancestral rules for the clan…”

“Absolutely impossible!” Mo Tianji slowly shook his head . “Any strict family laws, any ancestral rules, they are all powerless against such situations… One can only let it decay and let other righteous people come to obliterate it . And then, those righteous people will form new clans and wait for its own decay after thousands of years… And then, it is obliterated once more!”

“Yet, the world cannot do without such clans or countries… So, humans are simply repeating everyone’s fate in times and times of establishment and destruction…”

Mo Tianji said, somewhat bitterly, “A heroic family is sure to see cowards after several generations! Several generations after the cowards will be wasteful and good-for-nothing people… After those, it will be those without humanity, and then it sees its end…”

“Today we obliterate the Lan Clan, and we can see how our own clans will be obliterated by others after thousands of years…”

Gu Duxing sighed and said gravely, “Luckily, now that we still have some humanity, we can slaughter these shameless beasts! In the future, if my own descendants were like this, how would I exterminate my own blood?”

Mo Tianji shook his head gently . “That’s right in theory… But there’s no knowing where you’ll be by then…”

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Gu Duxing was shocked . “Where can I go?”

Mo Tianji’s eyes were deep . He looked up slowly at the endless sky and exhaled deeply .

Below, there was suddenly a scream at the end of the street, and a rush of blood appeared somewhere .

Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji looked down and saw that there was actually a splendid brightness over there, as though many flowers suddenly bloomed over there!

“Viburnum flowers!?” Gu Duxing couldn’t help but be shocked . “Xie Danqiong is fighting? What’s going on? He’s pretty mature around Ao Xieyun . I thought Ji Mo and Luo Kedi will be the ones to make trouble first, how can it be the two of them?”

Xie Danqiong’s enraged voice came from afar . “Your dog eyes are blind, heh?”

Mo Tianji sighed . “Well from this sentence, you’ll know . I’m afraid it’s because Xie Danqiong is too handsome…”

“Too handsome?” Gu Duxing felt a little confused .

“I heard that some people from the big clans… are tired of playing with pretty women…” Mo Tianji actually grinned . “…That they prefer pretty men . ”

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