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Chapter 1386: 1386

“Take a look at me, am I handsome?!”The moment he said that, Lan Buhui was stunned . I’m reasoning with you… How did it turn into this topic all of a sudden?

“Take note! Please be serious . ” With a stern expression, Tan Tan said, “I’m reasoning with you right now!”

With a straight face, Lan Buhui replied, “This gentleman is, of course, handsome, just that your handsomeness is very subtle . Most people would not be able to realize it . ”

This sentence seriously contained much subtlety .

So much so that there were people among the Lan Clan members who almost burst into laughter . Even though this sentence did not directly say that he was ugly, the meaning behind it seemed to be exactly the same?

Tan Tan snorted . “What do you mean by… my handsomeness is very subtle? What you’re saying is that… I’m still very ugly?”

Lan Buhui gave him a wry smile . “I had thought that I wouldn’t need to explain… In the art of face reading in the Nine Heavens, there is a certain look called the look of creation of the world — One eyebrow piercing the heavens and one eyebrow digging into the earth! In the case of your eyebrows, one of them has reached into your hairline while the other points straight down… fitting exactly the description of this fascinating look . How can such looks be said to be ugly?”

Tan Tan was astonished . This was the first time he had ever heard of such a thing . Full of excitement, he asked, “What you mean is?”

Nodding, Lan Buhui replied, “What I mean is that there are very few people who would be able to appreciate your handsomeness . ”

Tan Tan said furiously, “But when I had wanted to come in earlier, your door guards said that my looks were intolerable by the heavens! What did he mean by that? And I was with a female companion at that time… I… Don’t you think that I’ve been thoroughly embarrassed?”

Lan Buhui was stunned . “Just because of this?”

Tan Tan was terribly enraged . “‘Just because of this’? Is that not enough?!”

Lan Buhui stared at him in utter astonishment for a short while . Then, his face contorted…

Turning, he took a look at the corpses on the floor, the 40 to 50 injured men moaning non-stop as they were helped to their feet, and then at the Lan Clan main gates which were still on fire and emitting thick black smoke . Right away, thick black lines covered his forehead .

So… This big and shocking incident had been brought about… just because… the door guards had insulted him and called him ugly? This terrible tragedy was caused just because of that?

Lan Yingfeng and the others in the vicinity also froze .

The way they looked at Tan Tan also became increasingly astounded .

My great uncle! You’re seriously my great uncle! Just because others had insulted you and called you ugly, you almost wiped out the Lan Clan who’s one of the Nine Super Clans! My god, aren’t you… being too intense?

“So that’s what happened…” Lan Buhui was pretty speechless .

“Therefore, your clan must give me an explanation for this!” Tan Tan went on with much righteous indignation . “My pride has been traumatized by people from your clan… You have no idea how much this has hurt me!”

Lan Buhui took a deep breath . Somewhat suppressing his indignation, he replied, “What… kind of explanation would you like?” This was a time of emergency; it was seriously unwise for them to make another strong enemy such as him .

When this matter blows over and we manage to trick this fellow into leaving, I’ll look for a few old buddies and demand for a counter-explanation . All of us are ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists here; I really don’t believe that four to five of us can’t take care of just you alone?

Tan Tan was stupefied at once .

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Right from the start, he was just being unreasonable and deliberately kicking up a fuss . Intending to be fully absurd from the start, since when had he ever thought of compensation conditions to ask for?

At last, embarrassment turning into fury, he replied, “In any case, it’s your fault for insulting me! I must demand this explanation! Compensation is absolutely necessary! But these conditions that you ask from me, there isn’t freaking any! But I want all of you to lay down your conditions yourself instead . If your conditions do not satisfy me, I’ll burn this place down into ashes today!”

He had decided to just not care anymore!

Such clear unreasonableness and sheer stubbornness made Lan Buhui almost pass out from fury!

There was seriously no way he could put up with this anymore .

Against someone like him, the more one backed down, the more the other party would press on .

Lan Buhui took a few quick breaths before he said in a low and slow voice, “Since that’s the case, this old man can only…”

Right at this moment, a voice drifted over from outside the burning gates . “What are you still doing inside? Hurry and come out! Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough yet?”

As the voice rang out, a man wearing a golden mask walked in, an imposing aura all around him .

Everyone was startled . This man had walked slowly right through the fire, as though he was taking a stroll in the garden . And… all of them similarly couldn’t see through his cultivation .

That ugly freak who had been swaggering and putting on airs just a few moments earlier suddenly let out a few dry laughs, much like a mouse that had just run into a cat . “Hehe… Why are you here… I was just thinking of…”

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That golden-masked man replied coldly but irritably, “Why wouldn’t I be here? It’s only been so long and you’re already out here making trouble! Do you think there isn’t enough going on yet?”

As though he had been wronged, Tan Tan said, “Aren’t I…”

“Aren’t you what?” Snorting, that man said fiercely, “Come back with me! Look what you’ve turned other people’s home into! To think you have become this daring after just a few days of separation! Hmph…”

Tan Tan smiled obsequiously incessantly, letting out sheepish laughter constantly . As the golden-masked man advanced, he took step after step backward, until he decided to hide behind Xie Danfeng .

A wave of dizziness suddenly came over everyone . This ugly freak was already a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, but upon seeing this golden-masked man, he actually… became so timid?

In that case… What cultivation level was this golden-masked man at?

When they thought of this, all of them felt their heartbeats quicken .

Even Lan Buhui couldn’t help but groan inwardly .

What’s going on today, seriously…

A nervous Xie Danfeng forced a smile and said, “Cough, this… Big Brother, he was also just lost in a moment of desperation… There’s actually no other meaning to this . Really, I promise . ”

The golden-masked man seemed to give this younger sister-in-law of his a lot of face . He said, “Since Sister-in-law is pleading for mercy on your behalf, then we’ll leave it at that… If not, hurhur, I’ll let you have a taste of domestic discipline!”

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All of a sudden, Tan Tan recalled that his cultivation was now much higher than that of this fellow in front of him . And so, he walked out from behind Xie Danfeng and laughed sneakily . “Senior Brother Disciple… hurhur… I was scared of you in the past, but I’m already a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! I’m not scared of you anymore…”

The golden-masked man flew into a rage . He dived toward Tan Tan and grabbed him, punching him left and right . “‘See if I don’t let you be a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! So impressive of you, ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! So impressive, aren’t you… This fellow who’s asking to be beaten up! Try retaliating if you dare…”

Tan Tan cried out and begged for mercy . “Spare me… I won’t do it again in the future…”

Eyeballs fell out of their sockets and bounced about on the ground .

This golden-masked man was actually beating up a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist so badly that he didn’t even dare to retaliate… This… was simply too powerful!

Then, they saw the golden-masked man pulling the ear of the ugly freak and dragging him along as he walked outwards . As he did, he said, “I’m terribly sorry for bothering your clan… I will compensate for your losses… So sorry…”

Lan Buhui was rather astounded — These two were senior and junior brother disciples . There was actually such a powerful sect in this world? They had better not offend people like these; in fact, it was better to befriend them instead .

Just as he was about to say, “You’re standing too much on ceremony . What’s there to compensate…”

He was stunned the next moment . Then, the urge to throw up blood welled up intensely within him…

All because that golden-masked man had immediately tossed out a gold ingot and said, “I’m terribly sorry . This gold is to compensate all of you… Please accept it . With this, we’re now even . We’ll meet again in the future…”

As he spoke, he had already walked out of the burning gates .

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