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Chapter 1384: 1384
Chapter 1384 The Nine Tribulations Ascending To Heaven

“The Nine Tribulations Sword Master is my senior brother disciple!”

The Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist’s peculiar and astounded expression aside, even Tan Tan himself was shocked by what he himself had said .

All this time, that awakening consciousness of the demon king in him had firmly believed that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was his biggest enemy . And yet, the sentence ‘The Nine Tribulations Sword Master is my senior brother disciple’ had come out of Tan Tan’s mouth so naturally!

Yes, so naturally!

Why was that? Why did it change? Tan Tan reflected upon this with some perplexity, a look of deep contemplation on his face . Then, before he even realized, he had broken the neck of this Supreme Martial Artist with a loud snap .

“I get it now…” The Supreme Martial Artist took his final breath . So that was the reason why!

One couldn’t tell how he felt right before his death — This was something that couldn’t be determined .

However, the peculiarity in his mood was for certain .

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s junior brother disciple was the king of the Three Star Divine Clan!

While the Three Star Divine Clan, after disappearing for tens of thousands of years, had started to resurface in the world more often recently…

Who could say what kind of impact this would create on the world?

“Tan Tan, what’s wrong?” asked a worried Xie Danfeng when she noticed Tan Tan’s strange expression .

“It’s nothing . ” Tan Tan grinned at her . He chased that strange emotion out of his mind, thinking to himself, “What’s the problem with that? Is it that strange? Chu Yang really is my senior brother disciple after all…”

It’s not like he’s not my senior brother disciple anymore after he became the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, right?

Since that’s the case, then why do I still feel so weird?

When he thought of that, he let go of the matter at once . Instantly, Tan Tan resumed his usual nonchalance . All of a sudden, he pulled Xie Danfeng into his embrace and gave her an intense kiss on her cheek . Right away, she became terribly embarrassed and pushed him away forcefully .

“This is a little strange . Chu Yang has always been someone who is thorough and meticulous in whatever he does . It has always been him who tricks others; no one has been able to trick him all along . How did the Lan Clan get to know of such important news this time?” With his head tilted to the side, Tan Tan wondered as he muttered to himself, “How did the Lan Clan know of this? This is rather strange… It’s disadvantageous to Chu Yang…”

Xie Danfeng’s eyes swiveled . “Are you thinking of going over to take a look?”

Tan Tan replied, “I definitely need to . If I don’t head to the Lan Clan and figure things out, my mind can’t rest at ease . I’ll kill a few people and set some fires as celebratory fireworks for my return to the Upper Three Heavens . What do you think?”

Xie Danfeng replied enthusiastically, “I’ll go with you . I love fights the most . I’ll set the fires!”

Xie Danfeng had always been a fearless person . Before she met Tan Tan, she was already an energetic person . Now, under Tan Tan’s spoiling and indulgence, she had become more and more eager for chaos to break out in the world .

“If we go, what should we do?” asked Tan Tan .

“Let’s create some trouble first!” Xie Danfeng suggested with great enthusiasm . “When you get there, you can first ask, ‘Am I handsome?’ It goes without saying that you’ll get insulted by others . You can make a huge fuss after that . When it gets out of hand, you can demand an explanation from the clan leader of the Lan Clan and lure him out… It would be easy peasy from then on . ”

“Good idea!” Tan Tan clapped, beaming with joy . Then, suddenly, his expression froze . Slowly, he turned toward her . “Why do I have to use my face to antagonize them? Do you also think that I’m not handsome?”

Xie Danfeng rolled her eyes . “Why do you want to be so handsome to others? It’s enough that you’re the most handsome in my eyes . To others, you can just use your face and that question of yours as a fuse to start war . ”

“My face is a fuse to start war…” Tan Tan was extremely aggrieved . Flying into a rage, he lamented . “It’s all the Lan Clan’s fault for actually giving you such an unforgivable idea… Let’s go! I’m going to settle some scores with them . ”

In high spirits, Xie Danfeng followed after him joyfully .

“But your cultivation is a little weak…” Tan Tan hesitated for a moment .

“You’re with me anyway . ” Xie Danfeng was full of trust and confidence in him .

“Of course, of course!” A smug Tan Tan nodded repeatedly . And he actually stopped asking further questions and was even proud of it .

I’m just so invincible in my wife’s eyes, hahaha…

One must admit that this male and female were seriously an ultimate match .

When the man wanted to commit murder and arson, not only did the woman not stop him or worry about him, she instead happily threw out ideas and solutions, participating actively and executing the plan eagerly…

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Furthermore, even though the woman’s cultivation was not particularly high, the man wasn’t worried at all . After being praised, his confidence actually flew through the roof at once and was utterly convinced that he could keep all evil away…

After the husband and wife made their initial plans, they enthusiastically headed straight for the Lan Clan, anxious and joyful as though they were going on a vacation trip…

It went without saying that Ning Tianya was unaware of what Tan Tan had done .

He never would have thought that everyone whom the Lan Clan had sent to receive the Eldest Young Master of the Lan Clan had died on the way there . It was fated that Ning Tianya would be making a wasted trip this time . Yet now, he was still hurrying over, thinking to himself, “What should I do if the Lan Clan members are here? Do I kill them? If I do, how should I do it? …”

In the Middle Three Heavens .

Dressed in robes of cyan, Young Master Yu strolled out of the bamboo forest in an extremely graceful manner, his footsteps light and elegant .

Behind him was Jun Lulu, who had a troubled expression on her face .

“Must you go?” asked the woman softly .

“Yes, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master concerns the future of my clan . As the only remaining bloodline of my clan in this world, I have to give the ancestors a proper explanation . This time, whether or not I can be of help or whether or not I can find an opportunity, is of critical importance . Otherwise, I won’t be able to bring it up in the future either . ” The man counseled her warmly .

“In that case… Take care of yourself . ” It seemed like the woman wanted to say something, but ultimately, it turned into a line of entrustment .

“Don’t worry . Whether or not this succeeds, I will return at once and spend the rest of my life with you . ” The man’s usual coldness and murderous intent were nowhere in sight . There was only a quiet and contented gentleness on his face . “The clan’s prosperity ultimately cannot compare with staying with you my whole life… I will try my best . But if it truly cannot work out, even though I will find it regrettable, I will also be relieved . ”

He let out a soft laugh . “The flowers bloom and wither in the valley, who can say that they have no regrets in their lives? But… I’d rather allow other matters to become my regrets than allow you and I… to become my regret . ”

There was a bright look of bliss in the woman’s eyes . She lowered her head and replied in a gentle voice, “I’ll wait for your return . ”

Lowering her head, she looked at her lower abdomen, her eyes full of gentleness .

The man hugged her around the waist gently . “I’m off . ”

“Alright . ”

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Young Master Yu let out a laugh . Then, his cyan robes fluttered as he flew into mid-air . In a flash, he was already several hundred feet away .

A distinct voice drifted over from afar . “A sovereign rules the universe; I rule over all oceans and mountains! Don’t worry, I have already inherited all the legacy and fully awakened my bloodline . Even if there are people stronger than me, there isn’t anyone in this world who can kill me yet! Wait for me, I’ll return soon!”

“I’ll wait for you…” Jun Lulu stared into the distance with deep devotion . “There’s something that you don’t know yet — I’m not the only one waiting for you… Your child is waiting for you too…”

“With your temperament, if I were to tell you, you definitely wouldn’t go and would definitely stay back to accompany me . But if you miss this chance, you would inevitably be filled with regrets for the rest of your life… I’d rather you be disappointed after exploring the world and return to me empty-handed, than let you… be filled with regrets for the rest of your life because of me…”

Gu Duxing looked at the brothers . Everyone was already ready and prepared to set off .

Only Mo Tianji remained unmoving, his head lowered as he contemplated over something .

He was going over his plan in detail in his mind — How he should take each step, what kind of situations they would run into, how they should respond and whether or not they could handle it; what they should do should the other party hold a forceful and unyielding stance; and what they should do if the other party was of a certain type of temperament…

What kind of mindset he would be in if he were someone from the Nine Super Clans which boasted ten thousand years of accumulated power… And what a person with this mindset would fear the most…

Just for this stretch of road that they would have to travel when they charged up to the Upper Three Heavens alone, Mo Tianji had easily prepared several hundred backup plans .

And now, he went through every single plan and possibility in his mind . When he ascertained once more that nothing would go wrong no matter what happened, he finally got to his feet . Nodding, he said dispassionately, “Start disguising yourselves now . Use the elixirs to hide your presence . Then, go through the drill strictly . Whoever exposes any flaws will act as the corpse . ”

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi’s countenances became troubled at once .

Holding back his laughter, Gu Duxing began to make arrangements sternly .

Meanwhile, Mo Tianji brought out nine shiny copper coins . With a serious and stern expression, he started to make a divination . At the same time, the Controlling the World Divine Technique activated at once .

He intended to break through the fog of confusion and inquire about Heavenly Secrets .

Even though the plan had been finalized, that was merely the intelligence of humans and not the operation of Heavenly Secrets . Therefore, Mo Tianji wanted to, on top of what he had decided based on his own intelligence, act in tandem with the guidance of Heavenly Secrets and create the best fortune and luck for themselves… And reinforce their foolproof-beyond-foolproof plan of entering the Upper Three Heaven once more .

To Mo Tianji, the more dangerous something was, the more he could only act after ascertaining the plans and have the assurance that it would work! A 100 percent assurance was a little low… Who was to say whether or not the heavens would throw them a curveball? Or whether or not accidents would occur half-way?

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Only 300 percent… would eradicate all of these possibilities… While an even higher level of assurance was the true meaning of ‘foolproof’!

Therefore, Mo Tianji’s ideal assurance level was — 100,000 percent… of assurance!

The extent of Mo Tianji’s prudence could be described this way — If he were to send Gu Duxing with his current second-grade Sword Supremacy cultivation to kill an Emperor-level expert, Mo Tianji would, in fact, prepare medication for him . In the event that he was unable to move after his emotions were affected, causing him to lose his mind to inner demons and end up being taken advantage of by the other party…

Therefore, the purpose of this medicine was to calm his mind and take precautions against inner demons .

At that time, Gu Duxing’s cold and perpetually long face had totally contorted because of this concern of Mo Tianji’s…

That night, the few brothers set off with great strength and vigor .

And after Mo Tianji had painstakingly foretold the Heavenly Secrets, the passageway that he had not-so-coincidentally picked was — The passageway that the Lan Clan was guarding .

Because the divination had indicated that if they were to take this path, there would be no disasters or calamities . The journey would be smooth with barely any obstacles . In addition, the Emperor Star[1] was shining above, indicating that there would be a benefactor helping them .

With such a divination result, Mo Tianji was actually still frowning and muttering to himself .

‘Barely any obstacles’ means that there’ll still be obstacles… If there are obstacles, then there will be accidents . With accidents, there’ll be danger . And with danger, there’ll be the risk of all our previous efforts going to waste . Therefore, we still cannot afford to be careless . We must take absolute care to demand even more precision, especially Ji Mo and Luo Kedi . At the critical moment, we must even go to the extent of drugging them with medicine to mute them…

The few brothers remained alert as they traveled on . The entire way, under Mo Tianji’s coercion, everyone had to communicate to him via telepathy and recite the ’99 Rules of Ascending The Heavens’ that Mo Tianji had personally created…

All the brothers missed Chu Yang very much at this point, because… under Mo Tianji’s surveillance and strict demands, everyone found life too tiring and that there was absolutely no more joy in life anymore…

Boss, hurry and save us…

That goddamn Mo Tianji has even restricted our mealtimes, toilet breaks, and romancing time . These aren’t days meant for a human… Just going up to the Upper Three Heavens alone requires 99 rules . Can you imagine the rest…

[1] A major star in a divination technique of the Chinese culture

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