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Chapter 1383: 1383
Chapter 1383 The Nine Tribulations Sword Master Is My Senior Brother Disciple

All the Lan Clan men were stupefied!

That man who had been slapped to death was a through and through ninth-grade Martial Saint! He was killed by a few slaps just like that by this unbelievably ugly person?

And what was that technique where his arm suddenly extended earlier? They had never seen or heard anything like that!

The most that typical Supreme Martial Artists could do was seal the dimension in mid-air using their Supreme Martial Artist vital energy with a wave of their arm and manifest their energy physically to form a huge palm and crash down upon something!

But that was ultimately still an illusion .

However, this man had obviously extended his arm by several times earlier . His arm had clearly turned as thin as a chopstick .

Yet with just a grab, a ninth-grade Martial Saint expert didn’t even have the time to resist before he was dragged over! In addition, the seven to eight Supreme Martial Artists next to him weren’t even in time to react!

And he had already begun slapping the man .

What must be mentioned was that during this period of time, all the Supreme Martial Artists had thought of saving the man, but whenever the other party’s palm moved, it didn’t seem as if he was delivering slaps but instead, dealing moves .

Killing moves!

Every time he swung his hand, the seven to eight Supreme Martial Artists would simultaneously experience the same feeling — The other party was attacking them! The moment they charged over to him, they would be exposing their biggest weakness to the enemy, allowing the enemy to do whatever he wanted to them!

Thus, all of them actually had no guts to rush over at that point .

Then, after Tan Tan killed one of them, he grabbed another person . Right now, he was questioning him in a fierce and wicked manner, “Am I handsome?”

Even with this action, everyone still couldn’t tell how exactly he had caught hold of that man .

Before they figured it out, they could already sense him reaching out again . Yet another person, a ninth-grade Martial Saint, was now in his hands with nary any power to resist!

All of them took in a sharp breath of air at once . This person was definitely a highly-skilled expert and one whom they couldn’t afford to provoke at all . But… the Lan Clan had records of basically all the Supreme Martial Artists in the Nine Heavens, yet they had no information on this man at all .

Who exactly was he?

The face of the Supreme Martial Artist leading the team twitched a little . Taking a deep breath, he forced a smile and said, “Sir, this is a misunderstanding… Hurhur, we are total strangers meeting by chance and just passers-by . I hope that on account of us being fellow artists in the martial world, you can…”

Tan Tan looked down at him and replied, “Shut up! I’m questioning him right now, are you blind? Or deaf? Or ill-mannered? Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to interrupt when other people are having a conversation?”

The Supreme Martial Artist leading the team felt a ball of fury instantly burning up in him!

Aren’t you being too much?

Even Xie Danfeng at the side felt that Tan Tan was being a little too much today . She couldn’t help but pull on his sleeve, the underlying meaning behind her action being —”They didn’t provoke us anyway . You’ve already killed one of them, don’t stir up any more trouble . ”

Through telepathy, Tan Tan replied, “I’m not trying to stir up trouble… These people are going down to capture Chu Yang’s wife . ”

Xie Danfeng got a huge shock . At once, she understood the reason behind Tan Tan’s domineering and bossy behavior . Even if others weren’t aware of the relationship between Tan Tan and Chu Yang, how would Xie Danfeng possibly not know?

These people were on the way to capture Chu Yang’s wife, yet they had to run into Tan Tan…

It would be truly weird if Tan Tan were willing to let them go .

“Sir, being in the martial world, one ought to understand that what goes around comes around . If you burn your bridges, you’ll only create trouble for yourself in the future!” warned the Supreme Martial Artist leading the team as he clenched his jaw and glared at him .

Tan Tan paid him no heed, continuing to question the man he was holding instead . “I’m talking to you . Hurry and answer me! Am I handsome?”

Enraged, that man was just about to curse and swear at him and refuse to give in when he noticed the Supreme Martial Artist leading the team desperately giving him a meaningful look —”Go along with him for now so that you can keep your life . We’ll discuss this again after we’ve dealt with and sent away this reaper . ”

Left with no choice, he gritted his teeth before he raised his head to face Tan Tan . Then, he swallowed his pride and went against his conscience to reply, “Yes! You’re too handsome for words!”

Tan Tan flew into a terrible rage . “To think you can bring yourself to say something that goes so much against your conscience! How dare you treat me like an idiot! What’s the point of someone like you with no conscience to speak of living on?”

With a loud snap, he broke his neck .

With his eyes widened and unable to rest in peace, that man slowly crumpled into a heap on the ground .

He didn’t expect at all that he would also be killed after going against his conscience to compliment his looks…

The Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist leading the team became enraged at once . He shouted, “Sir, what exactly do you want? Neither insults nor compliments worked on you . Are you really intending to go against us, the Lan Clan?”

Tan Tan’s left eyebrow turned vertical, his right eyebrow horizontal, his left eye slanted and his right eye glared at him . Raising his chin, he said, “Your words are seriously uncalled for . What do you mean by going against the Lan Clan? I had good intentions of befriending you, so I had asked you whether or not I was handsome . Yet the first person insulted me with all his heart . If I didn’t kill him, was I supposed to keep him around?”

“Since the first person had insulted you, it’s understandable that you would be angry . But what about the second person?” The Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist was so furious that he was close to throwing up blood .

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“Although the second person had complimented me, he was not sincere . He must have been insulting me in his heart too! Since he was such a dishonest man to say one thing and mean another, if I didn’t kill him, was I supposed to keep him around?” replied Tan Tan bossily .

The Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist was so mad that he was trembling all over and gnashing his teeth in fury . “You’re too much!”

Snorting, Tan Tan reached out again and grabbed another person . This time, he caught a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist . He grinned at him wickedly and asked, “Tell me honestly, am I handsome?”

This particular Supreme Martial Artist had been on guard with his full attention the whole time . He didn’t expect to be caught the moment the other party reached out his arm . Right away, he was so frightened that his soul almost left him . He felt extremely troubled .

Am I supposed to answer him honestly? Is this something that even needs to be said… Which part of you is even vaguely associated with ‘handsome’ when you look this hideous?

But if I were to really insult you?

With a troubled expression, he asked, “Sir, do you want me to say that you’re handsome? Or that you’re ugly?”

Tan Tan replied furiously, “I’m telling you to speak honestly . Or are you saying that you don’t know how to be honest?”

“Alright… I’ll be honest… You… actually really cannot be considered handsome!” Bracing himself, the Supreme Martial Artist replied with an honest and sincere attitude .

Tan Tan’s expression changed drastically at once . As though he was close to tears, he screamed and shouted . “You’re lying! You’re telling lies! If I cannot be considered handsome, then who in this world fits the word ‘handsome’? Why are you slandering me like this!”

Letting out a sudden cry, he raised his arm and with a strike of his palm, the perfectly fine and healthy head of this honest and sincere first-grade Supreme Martial Artist was smashed into pieces .

The Lan Clan members watched this scene unfold before their eyes with grief and indignation . At once, their eyes filled up with tears, widened to the extreme!

Just as they were about to charge forward .

The next moment, Tan Tan turned incomparably aggrieved and indignant . He shouted in rage, “All of you say one thing when you actually mean another . Each and every one of you is so unreasonable! Each and every one of you is wicked and malicious to the extreme! Lying through your teeth; is there still justice in this world?!”

Immediately, the facial muscles of the dozens of people opposite him twitched and spasmed, their eyes turning red .

Those words should have been ours!

Tan Tan continued in an overbearing manner . “Tell me, if I don’t kill all of you, would there still be justice in this world?!”

Their eyes had become all red!

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Is there justice in this world?

Why did we have to run into such a lunatic…

“Offer up your lives! You despicable villains!” Tan Tan let out a thunderous bellow . With a mix of grief and indignation, he charged over . “All of you are too shameless . In the name of justice, I will exterminate all of you!”

All the Lan Clan experts were so furious that all of them were flabbergasted! They had seen unreasonable people, but they had never met anyone this unreasonable .

Stopping us, seizing us and then killing us . Whether we complimented or insulted you, you killed us anyway . Our men have even compromised for the sake of the greater good and asked you how he should reply so that you may be satisfied . You wanted him to speak the truth; in the end, when he did, you instead became anguished and furious right away, not only taking their lives but also wanting to wipe all of us out now!


What an insult to the word ‘justice’ to have it come out of your mouth…

However, in the blink of an eye, Tan Tan had already charged into the crowd . Raising his arm, he struck out with his palm . “You hypocrite!”

A kick flew out with a bam . “How dare you bully me…”

With a loud bang, both of them were thrown out .

Even Xie Danfeng was speechless by this point .

Who’s exactly the bully here?

“Stop bullying me . I’m very weak and fragile!” Tan Tan shouted as he charged his way in, his hair fluttering behind him . Within the span it took for him to say a few sentences, more than ten people had already collapsed onto the ground .

“Charge! Fight to the death!” With an expression of grief and indignation, the Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist leading the team shouted, “Kill that lunatic!”

But all of them were well aware — They were definitely not this lunatic’s match…

It was as if Tan Tan was a tiger charging into a herd of sheep . When the enemies formed a circle around him, he let out a loud bellow . “How dare you say that I’m not handsome!”

All of a sudden, with a whoosh, the left side of his body emitted a bunch of burning flames while the right side turned icy cold .

With a flourish of his left arm, flames came spitting out . A man on his left couldn’t duck in time and his entire body was engulfed in flames when he came into contact with his palm . After letting out a tragic scream, he was reduced to a pile of charred remains . With a flourish of his right arm, a Martial Saint expert on his right immediately turned into an ice rod . When Tan Tan delivered him a kick, the body was smashed into ice cubes, which covered the entire floor .

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Blood drained from the face of the Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artist leading the team . “You’re from the Divine Clan! How are you related to the Divine Clan?!”

Tan Tan snickered . “I’ll broaden your horizons and bless you with some joy and happiness, kid . I’m the king of the Three Star Divine Clan! How’s that? Don’t you find it very satisfying and blissful to die in my hands?”

A jolt went through that Supreme Martial Artist at once . All of a sudden, he leaped into the air and retreated at high speed, flying back toward where they had come from . He actually abandoned all his subordinates and fled at the fastest speed he could muster!

The news of the king of the Three Star Divine Clan appearing must be relayed to the clan!

Even if too many people were sacrificed for this, it was worth it! As long as he could bring this piece of news back, all the sacrifices would not be in vain!

Tan Tan burst into laughter . “Do you think you can leave after you’ve insulted my character?”

The Supreme Martial Artist had only managed to flee a total of 400 to 500 feet when he heard a smattering of snaps and cracks behind him . Then, with a loud whoosh, someone caught up to him .

In a panic, he bellowed, “Three Star…”

Although he knew very clearly that the people at the entrance could no longer hear him, he still wanted to try his very best . What if they managed to hear him?

Before he finished, a heavy weight, as though a mountain, came crashing down from above . Tan Tan descended from above and locked him in place with his swift and forceful vital energy . At the back, all of the Lan Clan experts had already perished!

Tan Tan jumped down . The Supreme Martial Artist tried to hurl a punch, but his fist was caught . When he tried to deliver a kick, his leg was frozen in place . With all his strength, he let out a deafening shout, intending to self-destruct . However, Tan Tan swung his fist into his gut ferociously, causing his internal energy to dissipate .

The next moment, his hand was already around his neck . Lifting him into the air, Tan Tan smiled at him . “Do you want to know why I’m killing you?”

The eyes of the Supreme Martial Artist were locked onto him as he shouted hoarsely, “Pray tell!”

He really couldn’t understand . Why did the king of the Three Star Divine Clan suddenly provoke them like this? There shouldn’t be any reason for this .

“Since all of you are going to capture the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s woman, then I’ll kill you…” Tan Tan gave him a strange smile . “I’ll let you in on a huge secret — The Nine Tribulations Sword Master is my Senior Brother Disciple!”

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