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Chapter 1377: 1377

The Sword Spirit recalled that back then, Xue Leihan had set up this many Souls of Purple Crystal here only as a precaution . He even said in self-mockery, “If it were the great Saint himself whose foundation is being built, I wonder if they would be used up? Haha…”

When he thought of that self-mocking laugh of Xue Leihan’s back then, the Sword Spirit started shivering all over .

How could the Sword Spirit possibly not understand what he meant? Even if it were the great Saint himself who was having his foundation built, he wouldn’t need this many Souls of Purple Crystal! Because they were in the Nine Heavens situated in the lower realm . Furthermore, this was just an evaluation of and building a foundation using the body of a regular mortal!

Yet Chu Yang actually hadn’t had enough even after fully absorbing all the Purple Crystals, Purple Crystal Cores, Purple Crystal Jade Essence and Souls of Purple Crystal here!

Which was to say that this was still far from enough!

The moment he thought of this, the Sword Spirit felt the world spin around him!

He hastily went up to Chu Yang . “Lord Sword Master… You must keep this firmly in mind — It’s best that you do not tell anyone at all how many Purple Crystals you absorbed here! This must strictly be kept a secret!”

Chu Yang frowned . “What’s wrong?”

“It’ll only bring you mortal danger!” The Sword Spirit took a breath and said, “And… it’s the kind of mortal danger that will never stop and will go on for eternity until you’re dead . In fact, even the entire Nine Heavens continent may easily be destroyed because of you!”

Chu Yang got a fright at once . “Is it that serious?”

“Even more serious than this!” The Sword Spirit looked very stern and serious, which let Chu Yang understand that he was definitely not joking but relaying an absolute truth!

Chu Yang’s heart calmed down quickly . He asked calmly, “It’s in case there are people jealous of the talented and capable?”

“Not just that!” The Sword Spirit smiled wryly . However, this was something that was truly difficult to explain properly within a short amount of time . “When there’s time in the future, I’ll explain it in detail to you . But… it’s best that you… also keep it a secret from the great Emperor . ”

“Even from Xue Leihan?” Chu Yang found this interesting . The Sword Spirit was single-handedly groomed by Xue Leihan, but he was actually starting to show signs of betrayal because of him now?

“If you tell him… even the great Emperor… may be implicated by you and end up perishing,” answered the worried Sword Spirit .

Just this one sentence of his made Chu Yang so furious that he was almost smoking . “Here I was thinking that you were worried about me… I’m seriously thinking too much!”

“Of course I’m also worried about you!” replied the Sword Spirit rather cautiously .

He had never adopted such an expression before in the past .

But Chu Yang didn’t notice that at all . He was also unaware that the Sword Spirit was currently screaming agitatedly in his heart .

Could this Lord Nine Tribulations Sword Master that I’m following actually be an expert that will be much more powerful than even the Saint in the future?!

Ahhh… I’m in too much bliss… Then wouldn’t that mean that… I may also reach the kind of heights the Emperor is at in the future…

Right at this moment, Chu Yang suddenly felt a warm wave of energy gush out from the Primordial Real Silk strands in his Dantian and flow into his meridians .

Wherever it passed through in the meridians, changes occurred immediately .

First, they became even more robust and started to glow purple . Then, they slowly expanded . Wherever that warm wave of energy passed through in the meridians, it was clear that these changes would take place .

In an instant, they had already gone one whole round in Chu Yang’s body .

All of Chu Yang’s meridians also went through a change in quality at this point .

But before this was even done, another similar wave of warm energy flowed out from his Dantian and expanded his meridians once more .

As if there had been some kind of estimation error the first time round where the force it used was too gentle, so it was specially making amendments for it .

The Sword Spirit pursed his lips and smiled .

He knew what was going on — That Golden Blood Root that Chu Yang had consumed before he laid the foundation for his martial arts prowess when his cultivation was still at a low level . It was only at this moment that all the effects were being catalyzed to its fullest .

That wave of energy had neglected this the first time around, resulting in… insufficient force!

Then, a powerful wave of energy, as though a tsunami, emerged from the Primordial Real Silk and surged into Chu Yang’s meridians . Everything that had happened before was all for this moment!

This was the true privilege given to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master after he obtained the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, meaning — The Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s… power while he was in the Nine Heavens!

Chu Yang felt like his entire body was being engulfed in the blazing heat, as though he had fallen into a pot of hot boiling oil .

The heat, pressure and expanding power in this instant made him almost moan out loud . But similarly, he could also feel his cultivation soaring rapidly at a speed that he could detect!

Chu Yang had only just broken through to a second-grade elementary-level Sword Supremacy after emerging from that 3000 miles-long underground tunnel in the northwest . But right now, this wave of energy had only just appeared and it had already caused his cultivation to break through elementary-level and steadily approach mid-level!

Just like gentle waves in the ocean; they might not look like they contain much power but one must not forget — Behind these slow and gentle waves was the entire ocean supporting them!

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Wherever they passed by, all obstacles were sure to be swept clean!

Bearing the agony in his body, Chu Yang tried to experience in detail the feeling of his advancement this time . Compared to his advancement in the past, this was completely different!

In the blink of an eye, he reached mid-level of second-grade Sword Supremacy! That slow tidal wave did not stop . It continued flowing at a steady speed and went straight to challenge high-level and peak-level!

An hour later, Chu Yang’s whole body jerked violently . He let out a muffled grunt, two lines of blood trickling out of his nose .

The bottleneck of third-grade Sword Supremacy had been outright destroyed by that tidal wave in the most domineering fashion ever!

A leisurely wave of energy rushed into the brand-new meridians, modifying and expanding them . Then, it continued to surge ahead, past third-grade elementary-level, mid-level…

When it reached third-grade peak-level Sword Supremacy, the wave of energy suddenly halted its advancing steps .

Not because it had no more energy to continue to challenge, but because it needed to provide Chu Yang time to experience the martial domain realm of third-grade Sword Supremacy!

“So this is the Nine Tribulations Divine Technique!” Chu Yang took a deep breath . It was only now that he finally realized, as well as admitted, that this skill technique, which he had always thought of as unassuming and never once showed any effect, was really and truly… the number one skill technique of the Nine Heavens!

Or rather — The number one skill technique of the Nine Heavens Imperial Court!

Becoming a third-grade peak-level Sword Supremacy just like that was something that Chu Yang found rather surreal . He examined his hands carefully, rather excited .

But what he didn’t know was that at the same time that he became a third-grade peak-level Sword Supremacy and that leisurely wave of energy faded…

An unbelievable celestial phenomenon was suddenly taking place in the entire Nine Heavens!

To everyone’s astonishment, the fair skies suddenly turned stormy and turbulent! This phenomenon occurred at the same time in the Lower, Middle and Upper Three Heavens!

Vast and boundless dark clouds suddenly came from all directions, as tall and thick as a mountain . Swarming and flocking, clustering and pushing against each other, they converged in the sky at the speed of light, surging into the center simultaneously!

All these were taking place quietly .

But everyone who was witnessing this could clearly seem to hear ancient war drums and the roaring of the thunder god . The dark clouds converging from all directions blotted out the sky and covered the sun — This was obviously the war contingents of gods and demons devouring the continent!

Fighting and warring!

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Gradually, patches of fair skies were converted and turned into the color of ink . It seemed like there was an endless amount of blood inside gushing, flowing and then solidifying and blackening, turning into the color of ink .

Countless lives struggled and trembled, wailing, suffering in injustice and being devoured…

Everyone could feel an oppressive force!

They felt like even their souls were trembling and in absolute despair as they wailed mournfully .

When the very last patch of blue sky was engulfed by the dark clouds, everyone felt like they had completely lost all hope — It was all over!

The entire world was plunged into darkness .

Pitch-black darkness!

But they all knew — The dark clouds in the skies had not stopped their movement . Dark clouds continued to gather without rest and oppress them . That feeling as if the world was about to be destroyed bore down with tremendous force upon everyone’s hearts .

What was going on?

Was the continent going to be destroyed?

But nobody dared to move, because the surroundings were completely pitch-black at this moment . They couldn’t see anything at all! Nobody could be certain what they would come into contact with if they were to move .

There were also people who were so terrified that they didn’t dare to move and couldn’t move . Even their legs were shaking!

The might of the heavens knew no bounds .

This boundless darkness and endless silence lasted a whole fifteen minutes .

Just as everyone had lost all hope and were convinced that the world would become darkness from this point on, and that the Nine Heavens continent would no longer exist…

Out of the blue, a golden ray suddenly appeared in the sky!

The sudden appearance of this ray of golden light caught the attention of everyone in the world!

The golden ray was very small — Just a very, very thin ray!

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But right now, in the entire world, there was only this tiny bit of light!

There was no other source of light!

This sudden shine within the eternal darkness made innumerous people weep all of a sudden .

Then, the golden ray suddenly shifted . The next moment, it transformed into a sword!

Facing the wind, it expanded fiercely into a size billions of times larger and stood between heaven and earth!

It shone and sparkled golden throughout, its length spanning 100,000 feet and its width 10,000 feet . It shone brilliantly and splendidly, its might incomparable! At this moment, a sword, with its own light, was lighting up the entire Nine Heavens!

The sword started to swing, as though an invisible giant was lifting the sword . Then, it cleaved at the dark clouds covering the sky!

The sword swung out with great might and dominance . Everywhere it went, bolts of lightning cleaved open the thick and dense darkness, revealing rays of heavenly light!

An opening had surfaced amongst the dark clouds!

The sword continued to stab and cleave without rest . At the top and bottom, left and right, and stabbing towards the front…

As though it was fighting a lone battle all by itself against these gods and demons filling the entire sky .

In the Nine Heavens continent, innumerous people watched with their heads raised, so silent that the world seemed like a dead zone . Just like innumerous regular people watching a hero battle on!

The golden sword shone and glittered . Patches of dark clouds were scattered one by one, gradually dispersing from the center of the sky back towards where they had come from, disappearing without a trace!

The skies resumed its blue expanses once more .

That sword stood high in the sky, a world above others!

Amidst dead silence, the Nine Heavens continent suddenly erupted into deafening cheers! Everyone was elated…

With a flash, the golden sword disappeared . At the same time, all the passageways connecting the Lower, Middle and Upper Three Heavens in the Nine Heavens continent…

Opened wide!

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