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Chapter 1365
Chapter 1365 Extorting A Confession Through Torture

At once, Chu Yang relaxed and his entire body turned limp . “My god, so it’s you…” He fell onto his bottom with a thud, breaking out in perspiration all over .

He had honestly gotten quite the fright earlier, so much so that his heart had almost jumped out of his throat .

This was actually someone he knew!

A familiar somebody whom he hadn’t seen in ages!

Ning Tianya!

Chu Yang set his mind at ease completely .

I’m safe now… I’m finally safe .

“Why are you here?” A frowning Ning Tianya side-eyed Chu Yang, staring at him . “What are you here for?”

Chu Yang let out a snort and hurriedly began to treat his wounds . “That’s my question . Why are you here?”

Facing Ning Tianya was definitely much easier than facing Bu Liuqing .

In Chu Yang’s opinion, Bu Liuqing was rather disagreeable but Ning Tianya wasn’t . Moreover, from Mo Qingwu’s recount, Ning Tianya was also someone who doted on his disciple the most .

“Of course I came here for a reason! There’s a reason why I had to come here!” Ning Tianya was very uncomfortable . This fellow’s attitude wasn’t very respectful every time they met . He was too casual… Back then, at the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens, this fellow had gotten the better of him .

“Of course I came here for a reason too! I also have a reason why I needed to come here!” Chu Yang raised his head after giving his injuries adequate treatment .

Ning Tianya replied huffily, “What nonsense, if not for all of you, why would I be here…”

Chu Yang was greatly surprised . “Because of us?”

Sighing, Ning Tianya replied, “Yes, because of all of you!”

Back on that day before the Slaying of Tao took place, Ning Tianya had been ambushed by the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng and ended up suffering grave injuries . Unable to recover for the time being, he could only look for somewhere to hide .

However, during the process of the Nine Tribulations stealing fate energy, Ning Tianya had also received a share of that enormous amount of fate energy . Using the power of the fate energy, Ning Tianya tided over the initial crisis and his injuries recovered slightly . Gradually, the destructiveness of the sword intent dissipated from his body .

It was only after that that he finally began to truly recover .

As the top expert in this world, Ning Tianya naturally knew very well what sort of places were most beneficial in helping his injuries to recover . As such, he traveled through the night and came here to the Pagoda Mountain . Even though Ning Tianya didn’t know what had happened to lead to him receiving the fate energy, he knew for sure that it had to do with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Since the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was able to achieve this, then in Ning Tianya’s eyes, the crisis on the other side must have been resolved .

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Therefore, he started to treat his injuries with his mind at ease .

After all, there was Bu Liuqing to take care of his disciple, so Ning Tianya’s mind was very much at ease .

It was only after a few months later when Ning Tianya, whose injuries had mostly healed, went out of the Pagoda Mountain that he accidentally heard of the Slaying of Tao . He got a huge shock on the spot .

However, the actual process and conclusion of the Slaying of Tao was something that was unknown to anyone .

Even after asking around several places, Ning Tianya only managed to know that the Eight Great Clans’ second grandmasters and several hundred Supreme Martial Artists had all been annihilated, while nobody knew what had happened to Chu Yang’s faction .

After another period of time, he heard that Moon Breeze was still alive .

But there was no more news of Bu Liuqing ever since .

Ning Tianya became terribly anxious, which nearly ended up causing a relapse in his injuries . With no other choice, he could only force himself to calm down and focus his full attention on recovering first . And now, only a few days after he had recovered, just as he was about to leave, Chu Yang coincidentally came crashing into the area .

It was only when Chu Yang heard what had happened to Ning Tianya that he realized that Ning Tianya had also joined in their battle on that day outside Tianji City before the Slaying of Tao!

“How are your injuries now?” Chu Yang asked .

“Of course I’m alright now,” replied Ning Tianya, rather smug . “If we were to talk about our actual cultivation level, Wu Juecheng is just about the same as me . Moreover, when one reaches a level such as ours, as long as his poison isn’t personally planted by him into my internal organs, it can’t do much harm to me . It was just that strike by the sword intent that had caught me greatly by surprise…”

“The next time I see Wu Juecheng, another battle is inevitable!” Ning Tianya let out a sneaky laugh . “I can’t let this bastard take advantage of me and just forget about it . ”

Chu Yang’s mouth moved slightly but didn’t speak .

“Oh yes, what about Bu Liuqing? How is he? Where’s Little Wu?” Ning Tianya asked enthusiastically .

Outside, Ye Zui’s screams and shouts got nearer again before moving off once more .

“Little Wu is at my home now . She’s very safe,” replied Chu Yang .

Ning Tianya became alarmed at once . “What about Old Bu?”

Chu Yang sighed . “Elder Bu participated in the battle of Slaying of Tao as the main force . He fought Wu Juecheng, the Dharma Supreme, the second grandmasters of the Eight Great Clans and more than 600 Supreme Martial Artists from the law-enforcement ward and the Eight Great Clans…”

Ning Tianya’s complexion turned pale and ashen .

Against such a lineup, even if both he and Bu Liuqing had been trapped in it together, there was no chance of survival…

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In that case, could Bu Liuqing have…

“What exactly happened to him?!” Ning Tianya bellowed in a low voice .

“Supremacy Bu, he… After that battle, he… he has gone to heaven!” replied Chu Yang as he sighed .

“Huh?!” Ning Tianya fell into a daze . “Could it be… Could it be… that Little Bu’s soul has actually disintegrated? If not, why do I not sense him anymore?”

Chu Yang muttered, “He just went to heaven, that’s all…”

“Bastard!” Ning Tianya’s eyes turned red . “Who was the one that killed him?”

Grabbing hold of Chu Yang’s collar, he shook him back and forth brutally . “Even if I am under restrictions and cannot participate in the Sword Master’s battle of the Nine Heavens, I must also wipe out the entire clan of that person who killed Little Bu and leave not even a single fowl or dog alive!”

Chu Yang was shaken so badly by him that his entire skeleton frame was close to falling apart . “Who said… that Bu Liuqing has been killed?”

Ning Tianya was stunned immediately . “What do you mean?”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and replied, “What I mean is… he has gone to heaven . I didn’t say that he died…”

Ning Tianya was stupefied once again . “W-what does that mean?”

“Cough, he has sunk the heavens and broken through the void,” replied Chu Yang as he rubbed his shoulders .

Ning Tianya remained in a daze for a short while . Suddenly, he flew into a great rage, his face all red, and he grabbed Chu Yang . “You bastard! How dare you make fun of this old man! See if I don’t turn you into 3,600 different shapes…”

Chu Yang struggled and yelled, “From the start till the end, I’ve never once said that he died… You were the one who said it…”

Before he even finished, Ning Tianya’s palm had already come slamming down on him .

Chu Yang let out a tragic cry . He could clearly feel his butt splitting into eight segments!

This was by no means just a description; his butt had really literally split into eight!

Two buttcheeks were split into four respectively and his flesh completely split open…

Even Chu Yang’s tragic screams had turned into a different pitch . “You… Who can you blame for your own misunderstanding? I’m so pitiful, I’m even gravely injured…”

Ning Tianya ignored him completely, smacking him yet another palm strike . This palm strike, however, reinstated the eight segments of his butt back into two . Then, he dealt another strike and they split again into eight segments that were shaped differently…

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Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack…

Chu Yang went to hell and back .

Regret surged like turbulent waves in his heart .

Wouldn’t it have been alright if I had just told him everything honestly? I just had to think that since I was already safe, I could play a prank on him…

And now this prank has become such a… Save me…

“Wait!” As Chu Yang shivered, he finally thought of something . “If you continue to beat me up, I’ll beat up your disciple when I get back!”

At once, Ning Tianya was stunned . He paused for a moment before flying into a terrible rage . “To think you even dare to threaten me… That disciple of mine has already had her heart stolen by you long ago . She’ll be your wife sooner or later anyway, so what does you beating your wife have anything to do with me!”

Smack, smack, smack, smack…

He became more and more heavy-handed!

Chu Yang was in a state that was beyond tragic . He yelled as he struggled . “Spare me…”


“Before he went to heaven, Elder Bu left you a message,” said Chu Yang while groaning .

Ning Tianya halted his movement right away . “What is it?”

Right at this moment, Ye Zui’s voice drifted over . “Chu Yang, hand over your life …”

Ning Tianya’s brows furrowed while he grabbed the two mounds of flesh that were Chu Yang’s buttocks and flew out holding him just like that .

Chu Yang felt extremely terrible . He grumbled in dissatisfaction, “You might as well just kill him; wouldn’t that end this once and for all? How peaceful would that be?”

“Me killing him personally?” Ning Tianya snorted . “Isn’t that holding him in too high a regard?”

Chu Yang truly fainted at what he said .

In the blink of an eye, they had entered the hazy fog . Chu Yang felt himself swooping upwards at an incredible speed, and also felt the temperature around him gradually dropping…

Below, Ye Zui’s voice was, needless to say, no longer audible .

Ye Zui continued to search in a craze for a while before he finally gave up begrudgingly . After he found his way out, he sped all the way back to the clan .

I must gather a bunch of experts to come here . First, to teach Zhuge Hun and those few bastards a good lesson and second, to stand guard at all the pathways leading out of Pagoda Mountain . No matter which direction that fellow comes out from, I absolutely mustn’t let him go back alive!

Ye Zui clenched his jaw . Chu Yang now knew his greatest secret; if he left the Pagoda Mountain alive, then… would his secret still be a secret?

It was hard to guarantee that he wouldn’t spread it to the entire world…

Chu Yang was only a fake Extraterrestrial Demon . However, he seemed to be much more of the real deal than he was… At least, he had even inherited a legacy .

In the blink of an eye, Ye Zui disappeared into the horizon…

Right now, at the summit of Pagoda Mountain, Chu Yang was facing a strict and rigorous interrogation!

“Hurry up and tell me, what did Bu Liuqing say before he sunk the heavens and broke through the void?” Ning Tianya was rather anxious .

At this point, Chu Yang felt like his buttocks were no longer in eight segments but in seventeen to eighteen segments instead . Groaning, he replied, “Supremacy Bu burst into laughter that time and said… he said…”

“What did he say?” Ning Tianya pressed on .

“Supremacy Bu said, ‘Ning Tianya, you old bastard . You’ve fought with me for fourteen thousand years, but you were beaten up by me into salted fish every time and hung on the tree to dry . Every time, I thrashed you so badly, you old bastard, old shameless thing… you old man that just won’t die…’” said Chu Yang spitefully as he continued to groan . Then, he added, “I implore you to absolutely believe me when I say that Bu Liuqing really did say it like that!”

Ning Tianya’s face had already become distorted and even his nose was crooked . “I believe you! I believe you! See if I don’t!”

What followed closely was yet another bout of torture . At this point, Chu Yang couldn’t even cry out in pain anymore . However, he finally sprayed a cloud of black aura out from his mouth . Then, he hastily begged for mercy . “Alright, alright… There really isn’t any demonic aura left… It has all been forced out, you don’t need to beat me up anymore…”

Ning Tianya flew into a terrible rage . “You’re actually making use of my anger to expel demonic aura…”

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