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Chapter 1364
Chapter 1364 Showing No Mercy After Falling Ou

“After that, I came here countless times to look for it . But because I was in a daze at that time, I was basically going around without any idea where I was going, so I do not remember the location anymore . Even till now, tens of years later, I’ve never found that strange cave ever again!”

When Ye Zui reached this part, that grey-robed man at the mountain summit sighed and muttered, “So that’s the reason why . I was wondering why this fellow was coming here once every two to three days… So that’s why…”

“After I got this amazing chance encounter, I kept it a secret and cultivated diligently . Within three months, I became a Sword Emperor! During a clan martial arts tournament, I emerged from nowhere and killed that Eldest Young Master who had taken my place! At the same time, I defeated all the brothers in the same generation as me and killed six of them! Out of the six, two of them were my biological brothers whom we share the same mother! And I took back the title of the clan’s Eldest Young Master!”

Ye Zui continued to speak, satisfaction flashing in his eyes .

Chu Yang sighed somewhat .

Even if they had done something wrong in the past, they were ultimately your brothers! Yet you killed them just like that? And without even the least bit of guilt?

“It was only after that that I discovered that my personality had also changed as I continued to practice the sword technique . I became ruthless and heartless! I became someone who viewed human lives as nothing but weeds . Every time I killed someone, I would feel my blood boiling and get incomparably excited…”

“My cultivation improved faster and faster but my personality became colder and colder . ” When Ye Zui reached this part, it seemed as though it touched a part of his heart which was once soft and tender . He actually sighed lightly . “To be honest, back then, I… was also once a kind and honest person . And I was full of dreams and aspirations . ”

“I wanted to use my strength to allow the clan to dominate the world and protect my parents and my siblings . I wanted to use my power to help lots of people and let everyone sing praises of me…”

“I even thought that once I have become accomplished with the way of the sword, I would marry and settle down with beautiful wives and pretty consorts and live a wonderful and peaceful life . ”

“But ever since I started to practice the Great Heavenly Demon Technique and the Demonic World-Slaying Sword, I became colder and colder in nature instead . No matter how beautiful a woman was, in my eyes, she was nothing more than a body waiting to be killed by me . ”

“Only practicing the sword and killing people gave me some form of pleasure . Other than that, I was completely disinterested in everything else . Up till now, I’ve never taken a wife . All the women in the world only disgusted me instead of attracting me…”

“In addition, when we were being pursued earlier, I was wounded in several places and was in extreme agony . That sword scabbard actually emitted a great deal of demonic aura of its own volition and modified my body and healed my wounds… But as the demonic aura was released bit by bit, even I could feel myself becoming crueler and crueler…”

Somewhat agonized, Ye Zui said, “I was also a gentle and kind scholar and a handsome young man who dabbled in poetry and literature in the day and drank in the beautiful nights once upon a time…”

Three people heaved a sigh at the same time .

One narrator and two audiences — One in front of him and one hidden in the shadows .

Both audiences thought of the same thing at the same time — The Extraterrestrial Demons were terrifying indeed!

Then, a second thought crossed their minds at the same time — So there was a sword like that in this mountain!

A demonic sword!

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Right at this moment, Ye Zui suddenly shivered all over and jumped to his feet in shock . He stared at Chu Yang as though he was staring at a ghost . “You… You bastard! What did you do to me?”

Chu Yang wanted to faint . Mystified, he asked, “What did I do to you?” Then, he flew into a rage . “What can I do to you?!”

Ye Zui was in a panicked rage . “You bastard, you must have cast a demonic spell on me!”

He couldn’t be calm .

Because he had suddenly discovered that before he even realized, he had actually revealed the deepest and darkest secret in his heart in incredible detail!

This was an absolute secret that he had relied on for his personal conduct and self-preservation!

Before this, other than himself, there was no other person in the entire Nine Heavens who knew of it!

“Chu Yang! You’re an Extraterrestrial Demon after all . I didn’t expect you to possess such a skill that could enchant and confuse people…” There was murderous intent all over Ye Zui’s face .

Chu Yang was utterly bewildered . “Do you even know what you are saying?”

Ye Zui gave him an icy smile . “Of course I do, but I know even more that you’re an Extraterrestrial Demon! I must get rid of this danger for the Nine Heavens today!”

Chu Yang became confused at once .

Entirely and completely confused .

Goddamnit… What exactly is going on?

I really didn’t force you to say anything…

“Chu Yang, to think you used such a despicable trick on me! Hand over your life!” Ye Zui yelled and drew his sword . All of a sudden, the demonic aura around him surged dramatically!

Chu Yang jumped to his feet hastily, completely unaware of what was going on . Drawing his sword to block the attack, he yelled furiously, “What exactly is wrong with you!”

Ye Zui did not respond . However, his sword moves became more and more swift and forceful . His countenance was fierce and ruthless, and the aura around him was as if he wished for nothing more than to chop Chu Yang into pieces with his sword!

Chu Yang retreated several steps, displaying the Gentle Water Sword Intent instinctively and matching the other party’s attacks blow for blow .

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But for some reason, Ye Zui’s cultivation had surged tremendously all of a sudden . During the battle earlier, Chu Yang could still hold his own against him, but right now, he actually found himself in a state where his spirit was willing but the flesh was weak .

Ye Zui’s eyes turned more and more brutal . “Chu Yang, it is impossible for both of us to coexist!”

Chu Yang felt seriously wronged .

Running into such a nutcase was something that could make anyone frustrated .

Chatting heart-to-heart with you the previous moment and then drawing his sword to take your life without any mercy the next…

I’m seriously floored…

“Watch my Demon World-Slaying Sword, the first move! ‘The demon descends upon the world’!” Ye Zui leaped into the air and came rushing down from mid-air!

A faint wave of demonic aura could clearly be seen mixed in within the sword light as it came rushing toward him like a bolt of lightning!

Wherever the sword momentum reached, Chu Yang’s front, back, left and right were sealed by the demonic aura simultaneously .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and brazenly launched ‘Steel walls and bronze gates’, followed by ‘Nine-colored Clouds’!

A loud clang resounded!

Ye Zui’s body swayed while Chu Yang retreated seven to eight steps in succession . Blood trickled down the corner of his lips!

This bastard was actually disregarding his wounds and was already able to display the power of a third-grade Sword Supremacy! And was becoming even stronger!

During that contact earlier, if not for the fact that the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique was incomparably ingenious and that the brilliance of the sword technique far surpassed that of the so-called Demonic World-Slaying Sword or whatever… The impact that Chu Yang had suffered from that blow made him almost unable to move…

“Demon World-Slaying Sword, the second move! ‘The demon spreads its wings’!”

“Demon World-Slaying Sword, the third move! ‘The demon’s sword’!”

“The fourth move, ‘The demon is bathed in blood’!”

“The fifth move…”

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Chu Yang let out a squawk and threw up blood as he turned to flee . As he retreated several steps, he reached a juncture . Chu Yang dashed out at once, not even knowing where he was going in his panicked state .

My god, this bastard has actually gone up to a third-grade peak-level Sword Supremacy… How is this Sword Master supposed to counter that!

“Where do you think you’re going!” Ye Zui’s eyes were blood-red . “If I don’t kill you today, I swear I won’t be human anymore!”

He chased closely after him .

In front, an unbelievably exasperated Chu Yang fled for his life, his heart filled with a boundless sense of misery . What exactly was going on?

Minister Chu naturally didn’t know that Ye Zui’s spirit had been under someone else’s control earlier, and that was the only reason why he had revealed his greatest secret .

Under a situation where he was entirely unaware, Chu Yang had been forced into a passive role .

Now that that person who had controlled Ye Zui’s spirit released his control, upon seeing that he had actually told Chu Yang his greatest secret, how could Ye Zui not become furious and worried and somewhat embarrassed and even rather concerned…

Right now, he had already reached a point where he would never give up until he killed him…

On the mountain summit, the grey-robed man held his stomach as he guffawed so hard that he couldn’t even catch his breath . “That’s for always taking advantage all the time . Today, I’m going to let you know that some advantages can’t be taken so casually…”

With one fleeing and the other chasing, both of them had already gone quite a few rounds in the span of an instant . The terrain here was unbelievably complex, but as Chu Yang fled for his life in front, Ye Zui gave chase behind him without any problem at all .

Chu Yang understood at once —”This fellow must come here frequently and know the terrain of these bottom few levels like the back of his hand . If I continue to run around in the bottom levels, he might really catch up to me…”

The moment he thought of that, he stopped running downwards . When he reached the next intersection, he leaped and rushed upwards along the mountain path .

Ye Zui came chasing after him in a rage . “Stop running! Hurry and let me kill you! I’m going to swallow all your flesh and blood and see whether I can take over the dragon energy…”

Chu Yang felt his hair stand on end . Cursing him for being a pervert, he increased his speed even further…

In an instant, after passing by several junctures that looked no different from a maze, Chu Yang had already sprinted up to the fifth level and hidden himself in the fog . Ye Zui continued to chase after him, but the distance between them had already been widened slightly further . .

At last, when he reached the sixth level, Chu Yang felt his body sink abruptly . The pressure on his body suddenly increased several hundred times . Forcing himself to bear with it, he changed direction randomly and sped up, turning seven to eight corners continuously . When he finally threw Ye Zui off his trail and could no longer see him, he released a long breath of air and leaned against the stone wall to rest .

Ye Zui’s loud ranting voice was almost right where he was, but he continued to run without rest while searching for Chu Yang .

Even though Chu Yang was hiding nearby, he actually couldn’t find his way there at all .

“There’s something strange about this mountain indeed!” Breathing a sigh of relief, Chu Yang thought to himself, “You can continue to go around in circles and look for me! It’s best if it tires you to death!”

He hurriedly consumed another incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill and circulated his energy to treat his wounds . Then, he suddenly discovered that wisps of black aura were being forced out from his hand .

Demonic aura!

Chu Yang couldn’t help but be astounded .

During their battle in the forest, Ye Zui hadn’t been able to release demonic aura yet, not to mention using it to invade and contaminate someone’s body . But now, he had actually reached such a stage?

Could today’s battle have really given Ye Zui such a huge improvement?

Chu Yang began to feel more and more that leaving this Ye Zui alive was definitely a danger! But there was honestly nothing he could do about it at the moment . Right now, he was even hiding from him… much less capable of killing him .

“What can I do to kill him?” Chu Yang’s brows drew together as he thought long and hard about this .

He had already changed his mind by now . Using Ye Zui to infiltrate the Ye Clan was no longer viable . Since that was the case… then what loss was there in killing him?

“You want to kill him?” A soft voice appeared right next to Chu Yang’s ear . In fact, he could even feel the warm breath by his ear…

A hand clapped onto his shoulder lightly and even patted him .

For a moment there, Chu Yang was frightened out of his wits . Chills ran down his spine and the hair all over his body stood on end . He sprinted out in a whoosh . “Oh my f*cking god, who’s there?”

He turned to look, only to see a grey-robed man with his eyebrows raised looking at him with an expression full of interest .

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