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Chapter 1354

1354 King Versus King!

Ye Zui!

The Eldest Young Master of the Ye Clan .

His original name was Ye Canmeng . Later, with the reason that Canmeng was an inauspicious name, Ye Clan changed the name to Ye Shitian, taking on the ‘Shi’ seniority in the clan .

However, upon turning adult and having accomplished his swordplay, he changed his own name to Ye Zui!

This man could be considered as the number one talent amongst all the younger generation individuals . He was the king of swords!

Ye Zui was fascinated with swords ever since he was young .

When he turned a year old, he had already made contact with a sword . At the age of three, he started to practice his sword technique . By the age of fifteen, he was already a Sword King . With all the huge resources of the clan supporting and urging him on, he rose up all the way to a ninth-grade Sword King! However, he reached a bottleneck soon for the next level . Only by the age of twenty-five did he finally become a Sword Emperor!

Although he was delayed for ten years, he was still the only Sword Emperor amongst all his peers in Nine Heavens at that time!

Ever since he became a Sword Emperor, it was like Ye Zui had managed to unlock and open the door to the path of swords . Within three years, he rose up to become a Sovereign of Swords . Within another three years, he became a Sword Saint . Just within another eight years, he became a Sword Supremacy!

By now, there had been rumors that Ye Zui was already a third-grade Sword Supremacy . Some people said that he was fourth-grade while others said he was fifth-grade .

There were even others who claimed that the sword cultivation of Ye Zui was no longer inferior as compared to the legendary Supreme Martial Artist Bu Liuqing!

Of course, Chu Yang scoffed at the last claim .

However, all these also proved how terrifying Ye Zui was .

Throughout these tens of years during Ye Zui’s growth, regardless of it being power or influence or female sex appeal, in the eyes of Ye Zui, it was nothing but emptiness . In his mind, he only cared about swords!

Ye Zui heard of one saying: Only those who are fascinated and obsessed with swords can become the sword itself!

Ye Zui originally wanted to change his name to Ye Zuijian[1] . However, the name did not sound nice and therefore, he had no choice but to use just two characters for his name .

Now, this crazy person in swords was facing off head-on with Chu Yang!

In the midst of all helplessness, Chu Yang did not know whether to cry or laugh . He said, “This expert, have you mistaken me for someone else?”

Ye Zui stared at Chu Yang for a moment and gave a cold smile . “I have often heard that members of the Holy Tribe, especially those powerful ones, change their appearance all the time . I did not think much of it until I witnessed it myself today . Then I realized that it was indeed as expected! Third Elder, you actually managed to even change your temperament…”

Chu Yang grimaced and said, “You have really mistaken me for someone else!”

Ye Zui gradually calmed down . “Why are you still not coming down; could it be that you want me to come up to invite before you are willing to come down!”

Chu Yang let out a huge sigh and jumped down from the tree . “May I ask this Eldest Young Master which part of me… looks like the Third Elder?”

The sharp eyes of Ye Zui slightly squinted . “He he, if you are not Third Elder, then how did you know that I am Ye Zui?”

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Chu Yang was speechless . “Just now, the few people whom you killed were shouting your name… you didn’t think that I was deaf, right?”

Ye Zui smiled coldly and raised his long sword slowly before pointing the sword point at Chu Yang . “Let me ask again, Third Elder, will you leave with me?”

Chu Yang was going crazy as he replied, “You are really obstinate and a person with just a one-track mind, aren’t you? I am really not…”

Before Chu Yang could finish his words, the biting cold sword aura had already rushed forward .

Chu Yang let out a cry and turned around to escape immediately .

He thought in his mind, “This person is a third-grade Sword Supremacy and above, maybe even fourth-grade… Furthermore, he is a direct descendant of the Nine Super Clans . ”

“If I don’t use the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique, he would simply overpower me strongly . If I were to use the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique, he would recognize me… Under such circumstances, I can only run!”

Ye Zui’s eyes had a trace of praise for Chu Yang and immediately after, Ye Zui went to chase after Chu Yang .

Chu Yang was definitely not that Third Elder, regarding this aspect, Ye Zui was naturally very clear of this .

However, if Ye Zui had not forced the identity of Third Elder on Chu Yang, how would Ye Zui be able to force Chu Yang to battle with him?

To Ye Zui, the current Chu Yang was more important than the Third Elder . Otherwise, after finding out that the Third Elder was hiding in that fragment of the tree branch, why would he ignore that fact and come over to find trouble for Chu Yang instead?

Finding the Third Elder was very crucial . There were rumors that he had a really huge treasure with him .

The objective of Ye Zui’s trip was of course to capture him .

However, Ye Zui was actually not interested in the treasure . The only thing that could really interest him was Sword!


Sword Supremacy!

This was where his true interest was!

For the past many years, Ye Zui had never met any Sword Supremacy who was approximately at his own level of strength . Ye Zui felt really solitary . Of course, although there were people who had compared him to Bu Liuqing, Ye Zui knew himself that he was still far from that level .

With his own level of cultivation, not to mention exchanging sword technique pointers with Bu Liuqing, he might not even be able to withstand a glance from Bu Liuqing . Even if he had requested Bu Liuqing to suppress his cultivation level to fight with him, there was no doubt that he would die in the battle!

Right now, on his way to tracking down Third Elder until here, he actually managed to discover a stranger’s aura nearby . To his own surprise, that stranger was actually a Sword Supremacy!


This gave Ye Zui a feeling of suddenly receiving a free gift from heaven!

Under such kind of temptation, why would Ye Zui still bother about the Third Elder?

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Everything else would be moved a step back in terms of priority .

Chu Yang was in front while Ye Zui was chasing at the back . The two figures were like meteors flying on their way out of the woods .

Chu Yang had only managed a 30 feet distance, before he felt cold on his back, due to the impending sword aura . Obviously, the opponent’s speed was very fast!

Chu Yang made a decision, a long sword suddenly appeared and flashed in the air!



It was almost at the same time that both of them expanded their sword aura!

The two swords let out a long groan, King versus King!

With the sword aura intertwining between two Kings, a winner must be decided! Just like there could not be two days in 24 hours and there could not be two Kings in a country . In the world of swords, there could not be two Kings as well!

This was truly a strange but wonderful feeling!

At this moment, the entire face of Ye Zui was glowing madly . He said, “Third Elder, since it is already a King versus King battle, don’t tell me you still want to leave? Stay where you are and fight me!”

This sword of Chu Yang was not the Nine Tribulations Sword .

He had always been careful in front of any descendants of the Nine Super Clans . Unless it was the last resort, he would never use the Nine Tribulations Sword .

Although this sword was not the Nine Tribulations Sword, under the forging skills of Chu Yang, this sword was much stronger than any of the supposed divine swords .

At this moment, Chu Yang also felt the sword aura tumbling within him . Without thinking, he actually said, “Yes!”

This kind of battle between two Sword Supremacy had only happened a few times in the entire history of the world of Nine Heavens!

This was the true battle between swordsmen!

And only this kind of battle would truly provide sufficient growth to a swordsman!

Chu Yang could not help but think of Gu Duxing .

If Gu Duxing was here, even if he were to sacrifice his life, he would fight with Chu Yang to get an opportunity for this kind of battle, right?

To Ye Zui, this battle was like a dream come true . To Gu Duxing, it would also be something that he had desired for a very long time . Even to Chu Yang, it was definitely something that he had wished for as well!

After all, Chu Yang was also a Sword Supremacy!

Ye Zui wanted to improve himself . However, Chu Yang’s desire to improve himself was even more crucial than that of Ye Zui!

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Chu Yang thought of Gu Duxing and his Solitary Swordsmanship and also the Great Oblivion Swordsmanship .

Chu Yang did a flip of his body in the air . The sword aura from his entire body started to diffuse through the air while he slowly dropped back to the ground .

At the same time when Chu Yang was dropping back down, his eyes looked down intently . His entire mind was immersed in the world of swords!

It was not the Nine Tribulations Sword, but Chu Yang could still clearly hear the emotions of this sword . As well as, the sword’s excitement and desire to battle an evenly matched opponent!

That was sheer happiness that came from the sudden relief of an extreme desire and the pain of not getting what it wanted!

At the moment when Chu Yang dropped to the ground, Ye Zui, who was opposite him, retreated backward at the same time .

To give Chu Yang a safe landing space .

This was like the tacit understanding between the two swords, giving each other its due respect!

Ye Zui wielded the sword on his right hand, holding it across his chest . He gently brushed the body of the sword using his left index and middle finger . The brushing motion was light and gentle, his eyes burning with fiery perseverance . However, he was not looking at the opponent, but instead, he was looking at the sword in his hands . In his eyes, it was actually filled with boundless love .

It was just like the mesmerized look when he caressed the skin of the person whom he loved .

Ye Zui was emotionless toward everyone in the world . However, toward swords, he was filled with the greatest passion that went deep into the soul!

At this moment, it was as if there was no one around besides Ye Zui himself!

A jolt went through Chu Yang’s heart .

“There are countless martial arts experts in the Nine Heavens . However, the fight between Sword Supremacy had always been rare since the beginning of time . ” Ye Zui looked intently at the sword . “You are an extraordinary person, also a Sword Supremacy! To have such a battle today, it is really a godsend to both of us!”

Chu Yang smiled weirdly . “Why are you no longer calling me Third Elder?”

Ye Zui kept his head down and said indifferently, “Name is just an address . Whichever name I call you by, it does not influence the fact that this battle is going to happen!”

“If that’s the case, let me call you Ye Dogsh*t, how about it?” Chu Yang asked sarcastically .

“That is fine too!” Without even raising his head, Ye Zui added, “As long as you battle me!”

Deep inside, Chu Yang was shaken . He thought that this person must be crazy!

At his mouth, however, Chu Yang was laughing out loud . “Don’t you think that this battle of ours, if we were just martial artists, it would have been fine . However, as a battle between swordsmen, don’t you think that this would be rather unfair?”

“It’s indeed unfair! My cultivation level is higher than yours by two grades . ” Ye Zui said indifferently, “Of course, I would suppress my strength to a level similar to yours! At the level of second-grade Sword Supremacy to battle with you!”

One of the important aspects in a battle between swordsmen was the particular emphasis on the fairness of an evenly matched battle!

This was a rule ever since the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had taken charge of the Nine Heavens! No one would have said a word if martial artists of other levels and grades were to use evil schemes and poisons, or even having a Supreme Martial Artist fighting a King-level .

The overall strength was all that matters!

One could use everything that they could have thought of, including all kinds of evil schemes and poisons .

However, it must be a fair and open battle if the two fighters were swordsmen .

This title of a ‘swordsman’ began with a Sword Emperor!

The higher level and grade it went up to, the more strict it was to this rule!

A proud swordsman and his proud sword!

Ye Zui had suppressed his strength to that of a peak-level second-grade Sword Supremacy, however, that was still much higher than the current Chu Yang . However, Chu Yang did not complain that it was still unfair . This was because he knew that the current aura which he was emitting, at least what Ye Zui could sense, was a true peak-level second-grade Sword Supremacy .

Although in reality, Chu Yang was just a second-grade Elementary-Level .

In this aspect, Chu Yang was totally speechless .

This was originally intended to put up a strong front against the enemies . However, in today’s battle of the swordsmen, it became a significant disadvantage for him!

Ye Zui lowered his head and said, “I allow you to get ready!”

Chu Yang replied sternly, “Lift up your head!”

Ye Zui suddenly lifted his head .

At the same time, both of them took the same actions . They both thrust their chest forward and held their heads high . Their spine let out a buzzing sound like that of spring as they suddenly stood upright .

If both their previous positions were with the sword in its sheath, then at the moment, both of them had drawn their sword out of the sheath!

Ye Zui held the sword in front of his chest . Immediately after, he drew his hands, raised the sword up and pointed the sword point toward the middle of Chu Yang’s eyebrows .

Chu Yang made the same movements!

A ritual of respect for swordsmen before they battle .

Or there might be some differences in between . What Chu Yang paid respect to was his opponent . However, what Ye Zui paid respect to was actually Chu Yang’s sword!

[1] ‘Zuijian’ is the character for drunken sword

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