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Chapter 1340: 1340
Chapter 1340: As Long As One Wields The Hoe Well

The Dharma Supreme wished to avoid Wu Juecheng more than anything else right now . How would he possibly dare to approach him?

At least… Before he completed that divine technique, when the Dharma Supreme saw Wu Juecheng, he could only… hide as far as he could .

Besides, when the Dharma Supreme heard that Wu Juecheng and his disciple were heading to the northwest, despite having been thinking of going over to the northwest to take a look, he canceled his plans .

Moon Breeze and the others had assumed that Wu Juecheng most likely intended to look for the Dharma Supreme to settle their scores during his expedition this time, but unexpectedly, Wu Juecheng actually had no such intention .

He trained and taught his disciple wholeheartedly .

It actually seemed as if he didn’t care about the Dharma Supreme’s past betrayal and deception…

If news of this state of mind of his were to spread, it was likely that everyone who knew what had happened back then wouldn’t believe it at all . Was this still Wu Juecheng they were talking about?

“You’re not me, so you don’t know my happiness!” said Wu Juecheng silently in his heart . Watching an extremely talented young genius under his guidance gradually give out a shine that could astound the Nine Heavens… This sense of accomplishment was something that even killing ten thousand Dharma Supremes couldn’t compare to!

This pair of Teacher and disciple heading toward the northwest aside…

Let’s talk about Minister Chu who was still stuck underground instead . Right now, he was looking extremely worse for the wear .

In the blink of an eye, they had already been underground for a month . And had been working non-stop with no regard as to whether it was day or night!

Looking at their progress, they had most likely already dug through more than 2,000 kilometers .

But for safety’s sake, Chu Yang decided to dig a little further nonetheless . Since they had already stayed underground for a month, what was another month more?

If they went out now and ended up having done everything for naught, then that would truly be a waste .

Chu Yang’s forbearance showed through clearly during this one month they spent underground!

His resilience greatly astounded the eight old fellows who had lived for more than a thousand years .

There was no way a normal person could stay in a humid and dark place for a month at one go . Moreover, they had to do hard labor without any rest . Even the eight of them couldn’t tolerate it .

But it was precisely during this period of time that Chu Yang single-handedly made these dark days devoid of any sunlight interesting!

Be it pranks, jokes or deliberately being serious and baiting them into consoling him and then suddenly bursting into laughter and saying, “You fell for it…”…

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Or enticing them with food, luring them with delicious wine or…

He frequently announced that he was out of dry rations and that he only had enough to last one last day . From then on, all of them would have no choice but to starve .

And so, all of them cherished their dinner to no end .

But when the next day came and they were all prepared to look for whatever they could eat underground, such as earthworms and the like…

Chu Yang would stand at the side and do nothing, all the while heaving sigh after sigh .

When they finally went to the trouble of digging out a few earthworms and, while looking at the wriggling earthworms, retched at the thought of eating these things raw… Chu Yang would, in a tone as if he had just discovered the new world, suddenly say, “Oh right, I didn’t finish my words last night… I’m out of dry rations, this is something indisputable, but… I still have meat with me… and they are all cooked…”

In that instant, all of them were so overjoyed that they almost wanted to rip that wicked smile off that fellow’s face and use it to wipe their ass…

After drinking for a few days, they finally finished the delicious wine .

When they saw Chu Yang toss out more than ten wine jars, all of them finally lost hope . There really wasn’t any left…

But when night came and all of them were about to eat in silence, Chu Yang would sigh and say, “This is so depressing… We’re out of wine…”

Everyone kept quiet .

“Sigh, I had thought that the wine would last us till we got out . In the end, it still wasn’t enough . I miscalculated…”

Everyone remained silent .

“Sigh, I still have in my ring a few jars of wine of even better quality that I was intending to leave for myself to secretly drink when I get out… Looks like I can’t do that anymore…”

And then, everyone’s eyes widened big and round .

“Do you want some?” At this point, Chu Yang’s eyes would be full of mischief .

And so, all of them cursed and swore while beating up this fellow again . Then, they threatened the bruised and battered fellow to bring out the wine…

Everytime that happened, all of them totally didn’t feel like they were underground at that moment but in heaven instead!

Everytime they were out of dry rations, there was meat . When they were out of leopard meat, there was bear meat… and other… meat…

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After drinking a few days, the wine ran out… And so, he brought out something better… When it ran out as well, after giving them a cliffhanger, he was actually able to bring out more…

The cruelest episode was that one time when Chu Yang had said that there was no more wine . No one believed him but when night came, there really wasn’t any . The next day, there still wasn’t any…

By the third day, they had already resigned themselves to fate . There really wasn’t any left…

But on the third day, Chu Yang would say in an extremely embarrassed manner, “After rummaging through the ring, I discovered that there was still a jar of brew…”

Usually, at this point, Chu Yang would be beaten up even worse than usual…

All these actions of his were considered pranks . If he had done this repeatedly in the outside world during regular times, everyone would probably have gotten tired of it and become irritated long ago .

But in this dark underground world devoid of light, by relying on these endless pranks by Chu Yang, everyone actually passed the days extremely happily .

He had something new up his sleeve every day . Everyone also deliberately let themselves turn obtuse and didn’t bother thinking about anything at all . They allowed Chu Yang to prank and make fun of them — After all, this fellow would still be beaten up by them in the end anyway .

No loss!

As they managed to slowly pass the days, the eight of them seriously started to hold more and more admiration toward Chu Yang . Where did all this impressive mental strength come from? This tenacity was seriously overflowing!

When they were free, of course they couldn’t just work and do nothing else . During this period of time, all of them boasted about their respective lives . In the beginning, it was still alright; everyone listened with great interest .

But as time went by, repetition was inevitable . And so, when one boasted, the others would expose them . “Hey, that’s not right . Didn’t you say that that enemy of yours was shoved into a washlet by you and died from suffocation? How come he died from slow torture now?”

“There’s a loophole here… Didn’t you say that your second grandaunt’s father-in-law’s brother-in-law’s sister-in-law’s second cousin’s cousin-in-law’s eldest son’s mother-in-law’s sister-in-law was a ninth-grade Martial Saint expert? How did she become a restaurant owner now?”

“Hissss, this still isn’t right . Your second grandaunt is a woman, right? How can a woman have a father-in-law from her wife’s side?”

At this point, usually an argument would break out . The one being exposed would defend himself agitatedly while the others looked at him in contempt in unison…

When it was Chu Yang’s turn, Chu Yang said, “I’ll tell you about my personal experience . ”

And so, the others became all ears .

Chu Yang said, “I remember that in my previous lifetime, my name was also Chu Yang . I did this and this… and then, I was killed when I was in my teens… Then, I suddenly discovered this lifetime…”

Everyone held their stomachs as they guffawed and rolled about in laughter .

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This guy could really goddamn boast, actually talking about his past lifetime and this lifetime… Why didn’t he talk about his next lifetime then…

Chu Yang laughed along with them too . He laughed carefreely and absurdly…

As they chatted, they reached the topic of their future .

“I really find this very strange . Why does Boss Lang want us to resign and roam the martial world after we return?” Interrogation Officer One was rather perplexed . “No matter how powerful the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is, surely he can’t annihilate the law-enforcement officers, right?”

Chu Yang replied furiously, “This mindset of yours isn’t right! No matter who you doubt, you cannot doubt your own Boss! Think about it, were Master Lang’s last words said with your wellbeing in mind?”

The four of them nodded together . “There is no doubt about that . ”

“Exactly . ” Chu Yang continued, “Think about it again — in the past hundred thousand years, all those who went against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, did any of them have a good ending?”

There really wasn’t any! This was something everyone could be sure of .

“The law-enforcement officers may be powerful now, but who knows how strong the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is? If the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would fail instead… then isn’t he unable to go against the heavens? How could that be?” Chu Yang said, “Therefore, there is no doubt that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is sure to win, while the law-enforcement officers are sure to lose . ”

“You’re right . ”

“So, if all of you were to continue as law-enforcement officers, isn’t that the same as waiting for death?” Chu Yang guided them patiently .

“But… if we don’t do this, what can we do?” Interrogation Officer One was very troubled . “Us brothers, other than fighting and killing, really don’t have any other skills… Besides, if the entire continent is going to be in chaos, even if we live in seclusion, where can we hide?”

Chu Yang replied in an upright manner, “You can come to the south-east and look for me, isn’t it! Over there, I have Ning Tianya, Bu Liuqing, Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou and Wu Juecheng, the five great experts holding the fort! As long as I don’t deliberately stir up any trouble, even if it’s the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, surely he can’t do anything to me?”

Interrogation Officer One and the others brightened at once .

“Besides, as the force of an area, an interrogation department is necessary and I happen to lack talents such as the few of you . When you come to my place, it’ll still be an interrogation hall too . Besides, nothing could go wrong and you can even hide from the maelstrom of the world… So why not?”

Chu Yang persuaded them patiently and painstakingly . “I have good intentions when I invite the big brothers here to join my alliance! Of course, if Master Lang hadn’t said that, I wouldn’t headhunt law-enforcement officers either… but are you really not going to heed Master Lang’s last words?”

Interrogation Officer One and the others were greatly tempted!

This really was a good solution that could kill two birds with one stone…

“This is really not a bad suggestion…” Greatly enticed, Interrogation Officer Two looked at Interrogation Officer One .

“Yes, it’ll be very hard to find someone like Brother Chu elsewhere…” Interrogation Officer Four, who was usually a man of few words, also added .

“Yes…” Frowning, Interrogation Officer One thought about it . “If all the brothers are agreeable… When we’ve avenged the Master, we’ll bring the brothers and head to the south-east…”


At the side, Wan Renjie suggested, “Then… why don’t we go to the south-east as well?”

“Yes, yes, how awesome would it be if all of us were together . ” Rubbing their fists and palms together, everyone approved of the suggestion .

Chu Yang grinned secretly .

Yes, the first step of the headhunting plan was successful!

Since food and water weren’t an issue and they had even settled their future plans, everyone was filled with drive . Their progress actually quickened significantly .

As days went by, another incident that stunned and gave everyone a pleasant surprise happened .

In this dark underground tunnel devoid of light, after excavating rocks and digging a tunnel for one and a half months, each and every one of them actually discovered that they were… about to break through?!

What was going on?!

The one who first discovered this was of course Chu Yang . “Hmm, there’s something wrong with my cultivation… It’s actually becoming restless . Could it be that I’m about to break through to second-grade Supreme Martial Artist?”

The moment Chu Yang brought this up, everyone else, who had felt extremely full of vigor and energy recently, also checked their own cultivation . The moment they did, each and every one of them let out cries of surprise .

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