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Chapter 1339: 1339
Chapter 1339: An Explanation Worth An Exorbitant Price

With a resigned look on his face and in a tone as if he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Ye Chenchen said, “Elder… Even if you were to give me more guts than I have right now, I wouldn’t dare to punish Elder… Since you’ve already meted out punishment to those few ignorant fools… How about we just leave it at that… On account of us coming from the same roots…”

When he heard the words ‘the same roots’, Wu Juecheng’s expression changed peculiarly .

Strictly speaking, they had certainly come from the same roots — Both of them had ties to the Nine Tribulations!

During this period of time, Wu Juecheng’s state of mind had changed . He seemed to have let go of the past somewhat a little . At this point, when he heard these words, all sorts of feelings actually welled up in him .

With an emotional sigh, he replied, “Forget it . Since you’ve put it that way, this old man won’t push things too far then . ”

Ye Chenchen thanked him incessantly .

“We’ll leave it at that if the Ye Clan compensates my little disciple a little for her losses . ” Wu Juecheng looked dotingly over at Chu Le’er . “This little disciple of mine is a little girl . She’s my closed-door disciple[1] and has always been timid and doted on like a treasure . She has been quite badly frightened by the Ye Clan this time . ”

On the outer rim of the experts surrounding them, the expressions on the faces of a few people were rather strange .

Quite badly frightened by us? This little grandaunt had dished out Innate Poison the moment she made her move . Who exactly is the one here who was badly frightened?

Ye Chenchen burst into laughter . “Certainly, certainly . Someone, open the clan treasury and let this little… little…” He uttered a few ‘little’s, seriously having no idea how he should address Chu Le’er .

Even if it wasn’t by the usual custom of age and seniority and simply according to the generations of Nine Tribulations, Wu Juecheng was also someone from his grandfather’s era . Now that Wu Juecheng had taken a disciple…

Was he supposed to address her as Grandaunt? Surely not?

“Cough, you can just overlook it and call her ‘little sister’ . ” Wu Juecheng thought about it . When he saw how sensible Ye Chenchen was to actually open up the treasury… Wu Juecheng also felt extremely glorified and so, he decided not to make things difficult for him anymore .

Otherwise, he would definitely let this esteemed Elder Master of the Ye Clan address Chu Le’er, a fourteen-year-old young girl, as Grandaunt right in front of his descendants!

This was something that our Poison Doctor here was perfectly capable of .

“Yes, bring this little sister… to select a few things she likes . ” Ye Chenchen felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his mind .

“But what if there are a lot of things I like?” asked Chu Le’er pitifully as she looked at Wu Juecheng .

Wu Juecheng frowned immediately . “That’s right, you don’t have a storage device after all…”

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“Prepare a spatial storage ring of the largest capacity for this little sister!” Before Wu Juecheng even finished, Ye Chenchen had made the necessary arrangements . Since it was for certain that he was going to be exploited, he might as well be more forthright . This way, he could be dealt with much less severely…

“Kid, you’re deserving of the title of the descendant of a Nine Tribulations after all . So sensible!” Wu Juecheng complimented him .

Ye Chenchen looked as though he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

He was already ten thousand years old, yet he was being called a ‘kid’ and even received praise for being ‘so sensible’!

I’m too f*cking sensible…

Looking completely harmless and lovable, Chu Le’er very bashfully walked off with little steps and a blushing face as she was brought to the Ye Clan’s treasury to select her ‘compensation fee for mental trauma’ .

Ye Chenchen showed great hospitality as he invited Wu Juecheng into the living room . He entertained him personally and waited upon him carefully .

Outside, the utterly confused Ye Clan experts gradually dispersed .

When they saw how the corpses of the people who had been poisoned earlier had turned black by this moment, all of them were extremely perplexed . Why didn’t the Elder Master ask that old fellow for the antidote?

What they didn’t know was that Ye Chenchen understood this Poison Doctor very well — Since he had personally poisoned them… then it was best that he didn’t ask for the antidote .

Even if he did, there was no use .

They were doomed to die the moment they were poisoned!

Those who were indignant asked around about the background of that old fellow . The ones in the know responded with a few heavy words — One of the Nine Tribulations from thirty thousand years ago and the Poison Doctor, Wu Juecheng! The only successor to Supremacy Chen Feng!

These few words reverberated through those who didn’t know the truth and nearly made them trip over their own feet .

Oh my god!

They had actually slammed into the top-class number one iron plate when they helped to stand up for the clans affiliated to them!

In this instant, they even wished they could annihilate those few clans affiliated to them . No wonder the Elder Master was so courteous . Wu Juecheng entering the clan was practically… a situation without any solution!

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If they had been besieged outside, they still had some hope of escaping if the winds were strong and the air was humid, because poisonous gas would be hard to use in that case . Or if their luck was good and their setup apt, they could even finish off the old fellow… But in their own home… Unless they didn’t want their descendants to live anymore…

Ye Chenchen and Wu Juecheng sipped their tea . After a while, a bashful Chu Le’er finally came in looking all frail and delicate and stood obediently behind Wu Juecheng .

Bursting into laughter, Wu Juecheng didn’t even ask what his disciple had taken and bade farewell right away .

Ye Chenchen was more than happy for them to leave and hurried to see them out .

After sending out both young and old, Ye Chenchen prepared to return to seclusion . After all, it wasn’t as if he could give his descendants another huge lecture over this matter, right? Since it was over, then that was it…

Then, he noticed that the complexion of the warden, who was in charge of bringing Chu Le’er to the treasury, was rather ashen and his eyes shifty . Out of a moment of curiosity, he asked, “What did that little girl take?”

“She…” Large droplets of perspiration dripped down the forehead of the warden as he stammered, “She took… she took… the Sovereign Sword, the Bloom and Fade Flower, a piece of Soul of the Purple Crystal, two stalks of Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, a piece of Exquisite Gold Jade Essence, some Heavenly Moonlight Essence, as well as seven to eight eleventh-grade and twelfth-grade spiritual beast cores…”

“What?!” Even with the willpower that Ye Chenchen had cultivated over ten thousand years, he couldn’t help but hold his forehead and stagger .

Beside him, the eyes of the two ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists who accompanied him during his seclusion couldn’t help but shoot open as well .

These were all heirlooms of the Ye Clan! Every item was extremely rare!

It could be said that even the lousiest one out of the lot was a premium-grade Heavenly Treasure that could astound the entire Nine Heavens!

The Sovereign Sword was a divine weapon masterpiece . One needed only to infuse internal energy into it and it would become capable of cutting through steel as though cutting through mud . Its appearance was also grand and beautiful . In addition, its blade was tough yet pliable; when not in use, it could be wrapped around the waist as a belt .

The legend went that this sword was made by a sovereign from beyond the Heavens! And had unexpectedly made its way into the Nine Heavens realm . The Ye Clan had always treasured it greatly and never dared to show it to anyone . They didn’t expect that before the Ye Clan could even debut it, it had already changed owners…

The Bloom and Fade Flower bloomed once every five thousand years . The moment it bloomed, it would wither . And once it withered, it would lose all effect it held! Only when it was picked at the very moment it bloomed would it then be an ultimate medicinal herb .

The blooming Bloom and Fade Flower could preserve one’s youth for eternity and permanently stabilize one’s soul .

The Soul of the Purple Crystal and Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng didn’t need further introduction .

The Exquisite Gold Jade Essence was a fascinating and rare treasure . Soft to the touch, it was as light as a feather, just like Cloudy Steel . However, its value was a hundredfold that of Cloudy Steel! Using it to forge weapons would result in a sturdy and indestructible weapon . Furthermore, it could merge with the spirit to become a divine weapon imbued with spirit and intelligence!

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The Heavenly Moonlight Essence was essence formed by pure moonlight in a special dimension . Even the Ye Clan had never figured out its use even when they were in possession of it . The only thing they knew was that this was a powerful item but didn’t know what it was used for…

As for those seven to eight eleventh-grade and twelfth-grade spiritual beast cores… Any of them was worth a great fortune of astronomical amount!

One must understand that even though the Ye Clan had existed for ten thousand years… they had only collected these many . And now, they had changed hands so easily…

As he thought of these items, even with Ye Chenchen’s magnanimity, he couldn’t help but feel twinge after twinge of pain in his heart .

He had originally thought that the little girl was frail, delicate and obedient . Besides, she was so young and might not necessarily have the experience and a discerning eye, so even if she had gone to the treasury, he thought that she would just choose a few things that girls would like and weren’t worth much . He had treated it as merely coaxing a child and making her happy…

Besides, judging from the little girl’s bashful countenance earlier, he couldn’t even be sure if she would dare to take anything .

Who knew that he had opened the doors wide and let a huge dragon into a glittering treasure trove…

When he thought of Wu Juecheng’s evaluation of him earlier —’So sensible!’— Ye Chenchen couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly .

I’m indeed too sensible… So much so that even I want to give myself a few tight slaps…

“Sigh… this is also my fault… What was I so generous for!” Ye Chenchen moaned before he sighed and went on, “Why weren’t these things properly safeguarded? She shouldn’t have been able to see them…”

With an ashen complexion, the warden dropped onto his knees . “It’s… Great-grandson deserves to die . That sneaky girl… that bastard… she, she… The moment she entered the treasury, she poisoned the three of us with Shadowless Poison and Innate Poison…”

Ye Chenchen’s jaw dropped immediately in abject disbelief . Shadowless Poison? Innate Poison? That frail little girl?

“S-she… ignored our introductions completely . The moment she went in, she poisoned us… Then, she said… the three of us were to compete with each other and see who could bring her the best item… and she would give the winner the antidote… Then… the one who performed the worst won’t get any antidote…”

The warden’s complexion was ashen . “She didn’t pick anything at all… Great-grandson… this… that…”

“Did she even need to? What was there for her to pick when there were the three of you, the people most familiar with the treasury, doing it for her?” Ye Chenchen took a few hissing gasps of chilly air, as though he was having a toothache . With black lines all over his forehead, he muttered to himself, “Such a frail-looking, delicate and lovable little girl… A cruel and merciless and incredibly greedy female demon full of poison all over… Hiss…”

“The three of you, go to the Disciplinary Hall and receive your punishment… I’m going into seclusion!” Throwing his sleeve backward, Ye Chenchen strode off .

Cold sweat covered the forehead of the warden as he watched the Elder Master leave . Only then did he give himself two slaps across the cheeks, close to crying as he muttered to himself, “What ‘three of you’ is there anymore… I’m the only one left now… The little grandaunt wasn’t satisfied with the things that those two brought, so their poison has already taken effect . Their bodies are now stiff all over . They supposedly need a month before they will recover…”

The Ye Clan passed a strict order — Within the territory of the Ye Clan, no matter what the Great Miss Heavenly Poison did… Everyone was to support it!

Whoever dared to provoke the Great Miss Heavenly Poison… would be punished by the clan!

However, they kept mum about the reason behind it .

First of all, this matter was truly too embarrassing .

Secondly… How unfair was it if the Ye Clan was the only one to suffer losses? Surely Wu Juecheng had to bring his disciple to visit the rest of the super clans, right?

Wu Juecheng and his disciple left the Ye Clan headquarters and headed to the northwest leisurely, ‘punishing the wicked and encouraging good’ the entire way .

Along the way, there were naturally several law-enforcement officers who were talking about Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon . However, they were all mercilessly punished by Chu Le’er!

When several attempts at revenge by the law-enforcement officers failed and their loss of self-control gradually spread, the Dharma Supreme finally received a message by means of an eagle as well . At once, he sent out an order — No one was to provoke this young and old combination .

What kind of person was the Dharma Supreme? The moment he saw the information, he immediately concluded that the old fellow was most likely Wu Juecheng!

[1] The last disciple a person will ever take for the rest of his life

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