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Chapter 1338: 1338
Chapter 1338: The Great Miss Heavenly Poison

Chu Le’er felt indignant .

Now that I’m alive, why can’t I live the life I want? And do the things I want to do the most? Why should I be constrained by anything?

If you were to compliment me for being genuine, I would naturally be very happy . But I don’t care even if you were to condemn me . You can continue your condemnation while I continue to kill whoever I want .

As long as my big brother, father and mother do not condemn me…

Isn’t that good enough?

When one is alive, he should live willfully! He should live as freely and easily as he wishes! He should live unconstrained! He should do things his own way! And should do whatever he wants!

Only then will he not let down his precious life and the prime of his youth!

Wu Juecheng began the second stage of imparting knowledge to his disciple .

“Le’er, look at the way you use poison . You’re being too wasteful . You must understand that poison is something bestowed upon us by Heaven . Every type of poison has its own unique value . Therefore, they mustn’t be used carelessly . ”

“What Teacher wants to say is?”

“When we use poison, we must use the exact amount needed, not one bit more and not one bit less . An amount just right to kill someone and yet not waste any bit of it… For example, if you can kill a chicken by using just three grams of Ecstasy Herb, then if you were to use double the amount, wouldn’t that be a waste? You must make every bit count . ”

“I see . ”

“The use of poison is divided into several stages . The first stage — As long as you can kill someone, it’ll do . Any kind of poison may be used . This is the most inferior method… because you don’t have a good grasp of the nature of the poison yet . The second stage is accuracy; it differs from person to person . The third stage is to use poison capable only of killing a King-level to kill a Martial Saint . This is an area that requires much study… It concerns one’s body constitution, skill techniques, environment, state of mind and more… As for the fourth stage, one must use herbs with strong nourishing properties to poison someone to death… Hmm, when you reach the fifth stage, you will be able to change your stance anytime . That is to say, I can use herbs capable of killing someone to save someone, while I can also use herbs for saving someone to kill someone . At that point, you’ll be considered a divine doctor as well as a poison saint . Only then will you be considered to have learned the basics . Such as I, your Teacher!”

“Right now, you are at the first stage . You must make full use of the time you have and push forward to the second stage!”

“You should use poison that’s appropriate for the person you’re using it against . For example, against a King-level, Tricolor Poison would actually have been enough to send him to hell, but instead, you used Shadowless Poison which is capable of killing a Martial Saint . This is… too much of a waste . And it’s also putting him on too high a pedestal… Dying from such a high-grade poison is too much of a privilege for him! He’s just a duck from Lower Three Heavens, yet you insist on catching it and bringing it to the Nine Heavens Imperial Court to kill him — That’s killing him on too high a pedestal!”

“What Teacher means is…”

“As the saying goes, a person uses things appropriate for his level . What poison you use should reflect your personality; the two must be suitable for each other . This will be advantageous to yourself in controlling your poison techniques, such that it won’t be in disorder…”

“Hmm, I understand now…”

“That’s great . Take a brothel for example — A talented and romantic scholar and a regular peddler definitely will not go to the same one… Cough, Teacher has said something indiscreet… Actually, I don’t go to such places…”

“Yes, I believe that Teacher definitely won’t go… just once!”

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Wu Juecheng covered his face and ran off in tears .

“One must be open and aboveboard in everything he does!” The Poison Doctor Wu Juecheng said sanctimoniously, “Therefore, when you kill someone, you must tell them who you are! If you do that, you will have a clear conscience!”

“Yes! Whether in my travels or at rest, my name stays the same! I am Chu Le’er!” Chu Le’er declared .

“That won’t do!” Wu Juecheng frowned . “The name Chu Le’er lacks oomph . When going around in the martial world, a loud and resounding nickname is necessary… We must think about this properly . ”

“Yes, Teacher is right . Let’s discuss this . ”

Both Teacher and disciple racked their brains over this for a long time . After rejecting innumerous nickname choices, a nickname that both Teacher and disciple were satisfied with finally appeared .

The moment it appeared, due to the fact that Miss Chu Le’er wanted to get her name out far and wide, it immediately raged through the north, south and throughout the world!

The Great Miss Heavenly Poison!

As they continued on their travels, a bloody storm raged the entire way .

Miss Chu Le’er’s poison techniques became closer and closer to the acme of perfection . The more she used poison, the better she got .

From the point they exited the Black Blood Forest and all the way to the Ye Clan’s territory, this whole journey was practically even more brutal than what Chu Yang’s was previously .

Everywhere they passed by, screams and cries followed .

The name of the Great Miss Heavenly Poison spread far and wide . The degree of how much it was trending was practically second to none!

All demons and devils fled the moment they caught wind of her .

Everyone knew that a pretty and delicate little miss known as the Great Miss Heavenly Poison, who was cruel and ruthless and showed no mercy whatsoever, was currently heading all the way north from the south-east!

All of them felt that it was better to just stay far, far away . Displeasing this Great Miss was no joke .

Someone would definitely die .

Those pretty eyelashes of hers didn’t even blink when she took the lives of a whole bunch of people…

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Ever since they entered the territory of the Ye Clan, there were even more disputes and conflicts, as well as even more people condemning the Extraterrestrial Demons . And so, the number of people who died in the hands of Chu Le’er, the Great Miss Heavenly Poison… also increased .

A few members of the clans affiliated with the Ye Clan, upon hearing that the Great Miss Heavenly Poison was as beautiful as a flower, actually started to harbor ill intentions .

Against these traps, it went without saying that both Teacher and disciple walked into them boldly and fearlessly .

Following which, the clans that had set up the traps went out of luck .

After these clans were tormented, robbed and subsequently fleeced and threatened, they ran overnight to the Ye Clan to pour their woes . The Ye Clan naturally had to stand up for their subordinates .

And so, wave after wave of people came…

Going from weak to strong .

Wu Juecheng saw this as a fantastic opportunity to train his disciple . As such, as long as no real experts above the level of fifth to sixth-grade Martial Saint appeared, Lord Poison Doctor always watched from the side without interfering .

Chu Le’er was already a Martial Saint . Now that her poison techniques had improved by leaps and bounds, she was naturally able to deal with them easily . Besides, the little girl was completely unaware of the Ye Clan; she had no reservations at all when dealing with them . As long as they were people whom she could kill, she very smoothly took their lives…

Things became more and more serious .

When the Ye Clan finally realized that they were up against a formidable opponent this time, tens of Ye Clan experts had already died by the hand of the Great Miss Heavenly Poison .

Including three fourth-grade Martial Saints!

Thus, the Ye Clan dispatched two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists to lead a team to capture and kill the Great Miss Heavenly Poison for revenge .

But after the two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists left, it was as though they had disappeared into nothingness… In the past, there were still people who escaped and returned to report what had happened . However, this time round, there wasn’t even a single person who came back to report…

As such, they went to the extent of dispatching three third-grade Supreme Martial Artists…

In the end, once again, none of them returned…

Sh*t finally hit the fan!

How could the Ye Clan possibly take things lying down after suffering such a loss? And so, they dispatched yet another two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists… But same as always, they went on a path of no return!

This time round, they flew into a panic!

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But just as the Ye Clan was deploying their forces in preparation for a large-scale operation to avenge their past humiliation, they received a letter from the north-west . Before the clan leader had even finished reading the letter, the entire Ye Clan headquarters courtyard suddenly broke out in chaos .

Someone was shouting in fear and panic . “This is terrible… the Great Miss Heavenly Poison has come…”

Wu Juecheng had never been one to hold back because of others . Ye Clan? What Ye Clan? Why were they being so persistent after messing around with them? And so, in a fit of rage, he stormed into the headquarters, determined to demand an explanation .

Everyone from the Ye Clan who heard this found it hilarious and infuriating at the same time .

Isn’t this Great Miss Heavenly Poison seriously thinking too highly of herself? We certainly can’t do anything about you showing off outside because you’re so quick to escape, but now you’ve actually charged into the Ye Clan’s headquarters to kick up a fuss?

This old fellow was really impressive too! Actually coming all the way to the Ye Clan’s headquarters to demand an explanation? He obviously didn’t know what death was!

With a word of command, layers of Ye Clan experts surrounded both Teacher and disciple .

And so, Lord Poison Doctor flew into a rage!

With a howl and a wave of his arm, people fell to the ground in heaps .

In the end, this matter alarmed the number one Elder Master of the Ye Clan — Ye Chenchen!

Ye Chenchen was in the midst of seclusion then . When he heard the chaos in the clan, he brought a few expert guards along with him as he came out to take a look, longing for action for a prolonged period of inactivity . It wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t take a look; but the moment he did, he practically got a fright and got a severe headache instantly!

Oh my god, how did they displease this old master? And even provoked him all the way back home here?

Wu Juecheng was an expert of a generation . Even if Ye Chenchen hadn’t seen him in person before, he had at least seen portraits of him . How could he possibly not recognize that this old master was the Poison Doctor, Wu Juecheng?

Without any other choice, he hastily came forward and bowed in respect . “Elder Wu… Where did you find the leisure to visit the Ye Clan today?”

This was something indisputable . In terms of age and seniority, Wu Juecheng was one of the Nine Tribulations from the previous, previous, previous generation, while Ye Chenchen was the son of the previous generation’s Nine Tribulations . There was a huge disparity in their levels of seniority .

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Ye Chenchen didn’t say anything; but the moment he did, everyone fainted from shock!

Even the number one Elder Master who had lived for ten thousand years was calling him Elder… Every single person in the Ye Clan was flabbergasted .

What exactly had they messed with and brought back home?

Looking over, Wu Juecheng replied, “People from your Ye Clan are seriously too insensible . They constantly sent people to bully my disciple . After sending Emperors, they sent Monarchs; after Monarchs, they sent quite a few waves of Martial Saints . When the Martial Saints couldn’t take us down, they decided that they might as well send wave after wave of Supreme Martial Artists… Seeing that it must be tiring and really troublesome for all of you to deploy troops time and again, this old man decided to just send himself here directly…”

All at once, Ye Chenchen’s face turned deep red .

He glared at his descendents furiously . These people were really capable of stirring sh*t . Previously, they provoked an ultimate expert from beyond the Heavens and even his son had died, together with more than a hundred Supreme Martial Artists from the clan . Now they were doing even better, actually bringing the Poison Doctor Wu Juecheng back home…

Even a regular person knew to pick the weak to bully, but this huge clan of his whose lineage had passed down for ten thousand years didn’t even know to pick someone weak when bullying others… They seriously deserved a f*cking lesson!

Wu Juecheng… Was he someone whom they could provoke back home?

He’d rather they have riled up Ning Tianya, Bu Liuqing, Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou or even the Dharma Supreme and brought them all back home than bring home Wu Juecheng .

This fellow was right in the heart of central ground in the Ye Clan . Just a mere thought and…

A plague would sweep through the surrounding area of several hundred kilometers!

“Elder is too humorous… Hurhur…” Ye Chenchen’s expression darkened . “Who’s the one who offended Elder Wu? Step forward and apologize for your wrongdoings!”

This deep shout was, of course, extremely imposing .

However, not a single person stepped forward .

“Cough, those few people who have displeased me, this old man has already sent them to have some tea with your father . ” Wu Juecheng continued leisurely, “The reason why I’m here today is because I was afraid that all of you weren’t adequately prepared, so I came forward on my own accord to accept your punishment… Well, if you don’t intend to punish me, then I’m going to demand an explanation . ”

He paused for a moment before he nodded affirmatively . “Yes, this explanation is something I must demand . ”

The Ye Clan members all around him were rather flabbergasted . Wasn’t this old fellow being too arrogant? Even if he was an elder… he had already killed every single person who offended him, and they hadn’t even settled this score with him . Yet he was here demanding an explanation?

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