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Chapter 1337: 1337

Chapter 1337: The Poison Doctor Teaching His Disciple

Wu Juecheng’s teaching method was no doubt very efficient .

And with Chu Le’er’s intelligence, she was able to infer more than usual just from this piece of advice alone! Right away, she fully understood and thoroughly executed her Teacher’s advice . And in a way that was extremely well done!

Even Wu Juecheng himself didn’t expect just what kind of influence these words of his would have on his disciple’s entire lifetime .

And all the more he couldn’t have expected that it was precisely these words of his that would open the curtains to the prologue of the Nine Heavens being slaughtered! And even lead to a cruel and inhumane prelude to the Extraterrestrial Demons above the Nine Heavens Imperial Court in the future!

From the start, Wu Juecheng was someone who stood ambiguously between good and evil . He was someone who did whatever he wanted . When he imparted knowledge to his disciple, he naturally instilled in his disciple his own set of principles .

Him being addressed as ‘Poison Doctor’ back then… To put it frankly… He wasn’t much of a good guy either .

Wu Juecheng was someone who was very clear-cut about what he loved and what he hated . His actions stayed true to himself . And it was precisely this personality of his which led to him being somewhat obstinate and conceited .

As the saying goes, one is marked by the company one keeps . Under the guidance of such a Teacher who taught and set an example by his own deeds and actions, Chu Le’er improved very fast .

After these repeated teachings from her Teacher, the next moment, Chu Le’er, who had reached her limit, waved her hand in a fit of rage . More than ten people — the ones who had been the most active in saying vulgar things earlier — collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing immediately .

Thereafter, Chu Le’er asked someone who was standing at the side, “Do you think they deserved to die?”

This person was still in his dreams and unaware of what had happened . The moment he opened his mouth, he said, “Little whore…” Before he had even finished, he had already been poisoned .

But this time, he didn’t die right away . Instead, he was put in a living hell where his entire body began to rot . He screamed tragically as his flesh rotted away .

The ones standing around, who were initially puzzled as to what was happening, were frightened out of their wits at once . Their eyes, as they looked at this little miss who looked no different from a fairy, were filled with fear .

Chu Le’er seemed to have been enlightened . “Killing someone unnoticeably doesn’t work either . It needs to be seen by others before they will fear you!”

Wu Juecheng was extremely approving of his disciple’s intelligence which exceeded most regular people . “Yes! You’re totally right…”

And so, Chu Le’er waved her arm once more . The moment she waved her fair and tender little hand, all the big and tall men who had teased her earlier collapsed one by one and started wailing and moaning pitifully .

Chu Le’er very patiently asked them one by one, “Are you afraid of me?”

“Yes! Yes, I am… Grandaunt[1]… Please spare me…” The man being questioned was in the midst of experiencing extreme agony . The feeling he got when he suddenly heard such a question was seriously indescribable .

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“Is Chu Yang an Extraterrestrial Demon?” asked Chu Le’er again .

“No! Definitely not!” The man was in so much pain that even his facial muscles were spasming . He swore to the heavens, “Master Chu, Chu Yang, is honorable and courageous, and a peerless hero! Whoever dares to say that Master Chu is an Extraterrestrial Demon, I, I, I… I’ll desecrate their ancestral graves!”

“Alright . ” All smiles, Chu Le’er waved her arm again and alleviated his agony .

Then, she asked the next person, “Are you afraid of me?”

“No, no, this won’t do!” Wu Juecheng shook his head vehemently . “You’re too kind . How can you let off those who have offended you? Even if he’s afraid of you, it’s not impossible for him to try and take revenge against you… Therefore, you must eliminate the cause of danger at the root! Directly resolving everything by solving the main problem is the best policy!”

“Do you see it now? The Dharma Supreme created the rumor that your elder brother is an Extraterrestrial Demon and everyone believed him . Why is that?” Wu Juecheng patiently taught her over and over . “Because the Dharma Supreme has status! He has power! And influence! That’s why everyone believed him . ”

“But under your efforts, there are now people saying that your elder brother, Chu Yang, is not an Extraterrestrial Demon . Why is that? Because you have power . That’s why they are scared of you! That is why they’ll agree with whatever you say…”

Chu Le’er was extremely intelligent . She was able to infer several points from just one example . “Therefore, as long as I have enough power and status, if I tell everyone not to believe the Dharma Supreme’s words! Then, no one would believe him! If I say that the Dharma Supreme is a bastard, then they would also echo me and say that the Dharma Supreme is a bastard!”

“Exactly! This child is worth teaching indeed!”

“But how can I make others fear me? Surely I can’t poison someone the moment I see him?” Chu Le’er furrowed her pretty little brows .

“That’s not necessary . You can look for a few people whose status is high enough… Yes, such as doing this and this, and give him hell . As you go about, your reputation… will also naturally ring out loud far and wide in the world,” answered Wu Juecheng with a kindly expression .

“That’s true . Only the words of people with status would spread far…”

Chu Le’er was deep in thought .

“But they didn’t offend me…” Troubled, Chu Le’er said, “Striking out against others so rashly doesn’t seem like a good idea…”

“Silly girl!” As though exasperated at her inability to live up to his expectations, Wu Juecheng said, “Isn’t it something very simple to get them to offend you? Just give them the opportunity to offend you!”

“Teacher is right…”

And so, as they traveled on, not only did Eldest Young Miss Chu Le’er punish everyone who dared to say ‘Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon did so and so’ along the way, after they left, all the brave local men with even a bit of reputation started to have nightmares one by one .

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Some of them got it so bad that even after Chu Le’er had gone for quite a few months, the moment they recalled what had happened, they would shake all over .

This entire journey was certainly filled with colorful adventures…

“But Teacher, if I go on killing people like this, aren’t I killing too many… It’s a little against the natural harmony of the world . ” One day, Chu Le’er finally found it a little too cruel .

“Against the natural harmony of the world? What nonsense!” Wu Juecheng educated her seriously . “We’re enforcing justice on behalf of heaven! Understand? Look, everyone whom you’ve killed is a bad person, right?”

They said that Big Brother is an Extraterrestrial Demon and even outraged my modesty . Of course they are bad people!

Chu Le’er nodded somewhat ignorantly…

“Do you know the danger a wicked person can bring?” Wu Juecheng said, “A gangster can bring disaster to an entire street . A tyrant can bring disaster to an entire village and even a town . A gangster with a bit of cultivation would be able to bring disaster to a province . If it’s a wicked person whose cultivation level is King-level, Emperor-level, Monarch-level or Martial Saint-level and above, then he would bring real disaster to… the effects are too many to be listed . Right? The extent of a bad person’s wickedness is directly linked to his cultivation . ”

“Teacher is right,” replied Chu Le’er .

“When you kill an insignificant gangster, you would have saved the people of an entire street . When you kill a more impactful gangster, you would have saved an entire town . When you kill a Martial Saint-level gangster, you would have saved a large number of people which can come up to a few cities’ worth of people,” said Wu Juecheng .

“Teacher is right! We are enforcing justice on behalf of heaven by doing this!” Chu Le’er was very happy .

“Therefore, when you show kindness to a villain, that is the same as being cruel to good people . When you show mercy to a villain and he brings disaster to good people in the future, that would be no different from you committing these sins…” Wu Juecheng went on, “But you’re such a kind girl, so why would you commit sins?”

“Teacher is right!” Chu Le’er nodded heavily . She certainly would never commit any sins!

“Therefore, when you see bad people in the future, if you decide to kill them, then you must kill them all! Do not give them any more chances to do evil! Don’t let yourself commit any sins,” said Wu Juecheng .

“But what if they turn over a new leaf… Wouldn’t they become a good person then?”

“Cough, old habits die hard . A wolf will always bring harm to people! Haven’t you heard the saints say this all the time — It’s easy to change rivers and mountains but hard to change a person’s nature! How can bad people ever become good people? Counting on them to turn over a new leaf is a concept that’s so distant and vague . We don’t have the time to invigilate and watch them turn over a new leaf one by one either . Isn’t killing them so much more efficient…”

“Teacher is right!”

“Therefore, every person you kill is a charitable deed that you have done . The agent enforcing justice on behalf of heaven is precisely Miss Chu Le’er!”

“Yes! I am the one to enforce justice on behalf of heaven!”

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“Uhh, but Teacher, look at how these regular folks are also looking at me with so much fear…”

“That’s because they don’t understand how much good you’ve done for them! When you kill a tyrant, the ones who benefit the most are precisely these people . They may be afraid of you now, but when they lead a happy and peaceful life in the future, they’ll slowly come to understand your kindness . Besides… even if they don’t ever understand it, when we do good and mete out justice, we’re not after people’s gratitude and repayment of kindness, right? Wouldn’t that make us inferior people?”

“Teacher is right! I don’t expect them to repay me…”

“Think about it — How many bad people have you killed along the way?”

“There should be a total of 110 of them . ”

“Then how many good people have you saved? Countless, right?”

“Yes!” She nodded happily .

“You feel happy in your heart, right?”


“Exactly . When you expect others to know when you bequeath kindness, that’s being hypocritical . Only when you keep yourself and your identity a secret would it then be true kindness . ”


“Do you also feel that killing people is very disgusting?”

“Yes, it’s too disgusting…”

“But think about it — How many people are now able to live a good life because you have killed the evildoer? Are you not willing to bear even a little disgust for the sake of so many people?”

“Of course I can!”

“Therefore, even if it’s disgusting… you must also kill the evildoers and do good!”


And thus, the first stage of Wu Juecheng imparting knowledge to his disciple was pronounced successful!

If Chu Yang were to hear this conversation, he would definitely fight it out with this old fellow! If anyone from the Chu Clan were to hear it, they would also bring Chu Le’er far, far away from this Teacher of hers right away…

Therefore, this was the true reason why Wu Juecheng had been so quick to bring his disciple out for training this time before his injuries had even healed .

He, however, had also found the correct person to impart this logic and reasoning of his to .

Chu Le’er was exceedingly intelligent . How could any old regular conning be able to sway her?

But she had been tormented by pain and disease ever since she was young . Her heart had already become as firm and resolute as bedrock in the vast and boundless pain and agony . Her will had also long been polished among boundless despair .

Perhaps most regular girls of her age would be so frightened that they would shake like a leaf if they were to see others slaughtering a chicken . But to Chu Le’er, killing a few people by her own hand, especially when they were evil-doers… The psychological pressure was seriously not a lot .

As for Wu Juecheng’s teachings, to be honest, just guiding her to the train of thought was already enough . What he had said after that was what Chu Le’er felt that she herself wanted to say as well .

Wu Juecheng was naturally obstinate and conceited, but Chu Le’er was even more clear-cut on her love and hatred! The extent of it had already reached a point where it could be considered a medical condition! In Chu Le’er’s heart, her love and hatred were separated even clearer and more precisely than her Teacher!

Since the person was bringing harm to others, why couldn’t she kill him? Was she to leave him be and allow him to continue harming others?

Chu Yang was her elder brother and also the person who treated her the best in this world . If someone were to insult him or wish to kill him, then even if he were a good person, she would kill him too! What more if he were a bad person?

As for being sympathetic… Everyone naturally had their reasons for being a wicked person . At the bottom of it all, they were all deserving of forgiveness and sympathy . However, was she capable of sympathizing with them? Besides… The moment she was born, she had been confined to bed . At the point where she was constantly going back and forth in front of the gates of hell back then, who had ever sympathized with her?

[1] This term is also used to address women whom one cannot offend for whatever reason; it’s also used by women to address themselves when they talk big about themselves

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