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Chapter 1336: 1336
Chapter 1336: The World is Shocked

“Violet Aura from the East, a bright moon comes out above the mountains . When heaven and earth are covered in the same light, the night is cold and chilly . ”

These were the words Lang Yilang had said back then via telepathy .

Chu Yang had thought it over and over for countless times within these few days .

‘Chu Yang, do you understand?’

Do I understand?

How can I f*cking understand!

‘Violet Aura from the East, a bright moon comes out above the mountains . ’ This first sentence is full of extreme contradictions . “Violet Aura from the East” usually happens at dawn, but “a bright moon comes out above the mountains” was actually at night .

‘When heaven and earth are covered in the same light, the night is cold and chilly . ’

It was even more contradictory! Heaven and earth are covered in the same light- this was apparently during the day . The night is cold and chilly- How could there be a night cold and chilly then?

He sighed .

Chu Yang remembered Lang Yilang’s words: the exact address of that place cannot be given . It can only be found out by yourself! At the very least, he had to talk about how he found it, what was his experience, what was the direction, and general location…

But back then, Lang Yilang’s breath was already very weak and he was being so sorrowful and emotional about the past and present . Before he had time to say anything much, he died . Though he wanted to say it, he couldn’t anymore .

Though Chu Yang had been kind to him, in the last moments of his life, he had to arrange for his own brothers before he talked about other things . But at that time, he already had no more strength to talk about other things .

Therefore, in the end, he said with great anxiousness, ‘Chu Yang, do you understand?’

There was another surface-level meaning to this sentence: ‘I’ve made arrangements for my brothers . Chu Yang, you being the Nine Tribulations Sword Master… don’t kill my brothers! They will not be your enemy . ’

‘So, do you understand?’

And there was another possibility: this address that I have given you, do you understand?

Chu Yang was really confused .

Inside the cave, Chu Yang was laying down, resting . Beside him, all eight men were already fast asleep . Only Chu Yang couldn’t sleep .

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These words were of great importance . It was related to the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

If he couldn’t figure it out, where was he to go and find the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword?

“Sword Spirit, do you know anything about this area?” Chu Yang asked in his consciousness . “So many Nine Tribulations Sword Masters have once found it…”

The Sword Spirit looked hesitant and said, “About this, I’m really not sure . All the past Nine Tribulations Sword Masters found it themselves… Besides, the places and conditions of storage were absolutely all different . None of them were as complex as it is now . But I can give you some hint based on the search trajectory of past Nine Tribulations Sword Masters . ”

“Hint?” asked Chu Yang in confusion .

“Usually the places, where the Nine Tribulations Sword Masters find this sixth sword piece that allows one to traverse all three heavens, are of great blessing!” said the Sword Spirit .

“Places of great blessing?” asked Chu Yang speechlessly . “Am I supposed to go and study Fengshui again?”

The Sword Spirit coughed a bit and replied, “About the first few phrases… I think they can be easily explained . ”

“How to explain?” asked Chu Yang .

“I think it’s very simple . It means the time when the sun and the moon appear in the sky together . At that moment, one can see that place at a suitable location!” said the Sword Spirit, very troubled . “Why do you always think in such a complicated way?”

Chu Yang suddenly froze .

The time when the sun and the moon appear in the sky together?

There were quite a lot of such incidences in a year… Usually, it happened at dawn or at dusk . Then, the last sentence “the night is cold and chilly” could also be explained .

Then, it’s about the place of great blessing .

What kind of place could be counted as having great blessing?

Shit, on this continent, there were far too many such blessed places…

He thought about it for a long while until he felt a headache but couldn’t figure anything out .

Over there, Cheng Duying was lying sideways, sound asleep . Suddenly, he let out a fart .

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Wan Renjie beside him hummed a little, his mouth flattened and the dry food in his mouth was swallowed . He said, unconscious, “So fragrant . ”

Though Chu Yang was very troubled right now, he almost burst out laughing . He really wanted to kick him up and ask: Is the food fragrant or the fart?

On the other side, Interrogation Officer Three swallowed the dry food in his mouth at once and suddenly started sleep talking . “Wake up, time to start work…”

Immediately, the others looked confused . “Huh, so fast and work has started…”

Chu Yang coughed twice and said, “Well, uh-huh . Hurry up, work is starting…”

All their looks toward Chu Yang were sad and angry . It was like cold and starving tenants looking at the fat, full and evil old landlord .

“What?” Chu Yang yelled angrily . “Hurry, get up and work! Whoever doesn’t get up at the count of three will have their three cups of wine at night canceled!”

Immediately, with a slam, Interrogation Officer Three who was talking in his sleep jumped up first and walked forward half-consciously . “Go work!”

Everyone was shocked and speechless .

If someone woke up so fast, it was understandable, but for someone fast asleep to react like this was really…

Interrogation Officer One kicked the butt of Interrogation Officer Three hard . “Can you have your own will! Three cups of light wine are already enough to lure you to this!”

Interrogation Officer Three rubbed his eyes . “Elder brother, since you don’t care, I’ll help you finish yours at night!”

“You wish!” Interrogation Officer One yelled angrily . “Go work, go work . ”

While cursing, a group of laborers started working…

The passage underground was advancing at a speed of 150 miles per day!

The world above was already fully turned upside down .

Right now, the Li Clan’s main force was almost all at the borders! Just as the people from the eight Super Clans were going to infiltrate, they were faced with a hard hit!

Those people from the eight Super Clans who guarded the border to the Li Clan were mostly intelligence personnel and all they did toward the Li Clan was slowly exerting pressure to influence public opinion, forming a harassment offensive .

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Therefore, there weren’t many real professionals stationed here . Everyone knew that it was far from the final battle .

Besides, the Li Clan had always adopted a tolerant and evasive attitude, so all these people had always done as they liked without caring .

But right now, it was a troublesome period for the Li Clan . All the members had a belly full of anger . Coupled with the strict orders from the clan, how could they still be as good-tempered as before?

Therefore, when the people from eight Super Clans went in arrogantly and uncaringly, they immediately encountered unprecedentedly hard resistance from the Li Clan! From the start, they were badly defeated .

Besides, all those dispatched by the Li Clan this time were professionals…

Now, each of the eight Super Clans threw dozens of corpses here, and the smell of blood immediately covered the place .

With totally no mental preparation, the person-in-charge from each clan was bedazzled . All of them hurried to send messages to their clan headquarters at top speed .

The message sent by Ye Clan was: Li Clan massively deployed its Supreme Martial Artists! They showed absolutely no mercy to our men and killed all they could . My humble opinion is that the Li Clan might go out of the northwest and extend their territory . The Nine Tribulations Sword Master has probably already appeared at the Li Clan!

Xiao Clan’s message was: Li Clan showed strange disturbances . In the recent half a month, there has been a faint earthquake in the northwest direction! We wanted to go inside and check, but we were ruthlessly expelled and killed by the Li Clan! Li Clan’s Supreme Martial Artists guarded the border and seemed to have made a big move . Hope the clan will decide on the next move .

Ling Clan: Li Clan made a massive deployment, I’m afraid something big will happen…

Shi Clan: Li Clan’s Supreme Martial Artists wildly slaughtered our people . The prelude to the final battle has already started…

Chen Clan: Li Clan is in a frenzy, they killed hundreds from our clan . Now, a big battle is coming and tension is high . Hope the clan will send support soon…

Zhuge Clan: …

Lan Clan: …

Yè Clan: …

Law-enforcement officers: I followed the order to monitor the northwest, yet Li Clan had reversed their actions in the recent half a month and made drastic moves! Recently, dozens of law-enforcement officers were injured by them . Moreover, all of the Li Clan’s Supreme Martial Artists came out, seemingly with major actions .

Besides, a few days ago, there was a strong earthquake in the north-west direction, we suspect it may be a strange phenomenon of heaven and earth . If it is, then it is certain that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has already appeared and met with the Li Clan! Hope you will report this to Sir Dharma Supreme and make a decision as soon as possible .

Law Enforcement Hall Blood-Payers Hall: the northwest mission cannot be performed . All blood-payers in the northwest are detained . The vast majority are already killed . The task entrusted to the Blood-Payers Hall cannot be completed…

The world was shocked!

On the other side…

Wu Juecheng and Chu Le’er had already come out of the Black Blood Forest .

There was nothing much in the southeast . But once they got out, the whole world was talking about the Extraterrestrial Demon . Everywhere, there were rumors of Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon being frenzied and slaughtering people across the world .

Such news made Chu Le’er who had always admired and been grateful to her elder brother feel especially uncomfortable inside .

Her lively, bouncing and vivacious normal self turned into an ice-like cold on the very first day . Her little face went gloomy .

Eventually, when they were again having a meal and the whole place was talking about Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon, Chu Le’er stepped forward and cried out . “He’s not an Extraterrestrial Demon! This is defamation!”

This one single sentence caused the master and disciple to be attacked .

There were even dirty-minded ones who, upon seeing Chu Le’er’s fairy-like looks and a young woman’s body shape despite her young age, started to have evil thoughts .

Filthy language and obscenities were endless .

Chu Le’er kept enduring it… until she finally couldn’t anymore .

Because of something her master taught her: ‘The martial world follows the laws of the jungle . The common characteristic of martial artists is that they fear the strong and bully the weak . Being resilient and respectful all the way would only allow them to bully you even more… If one wants to live a respectful life in a martial world like this, there’s only one way: make people afraid of you!’

‘This is no time for saints . If you talk with manners and reason, others will talk to you with fists and strength . Only when you talk with fists to others and be tougher than them would they actually talk with manners and reason to you . ’

‘The most important thing when traveling the martial world is that your heart has to be hard and your ways have to be vicious . Without skills, others would not respect you . But if you can make everyone in the world fear you, they would naturally start to respect you!’

‘So let go and do it . They are not people but ants! Especially people who offend you, they are not people but a group of ants waiting to be killed!’

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