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Chapter 1335: 1335
Chapter 1335: Gathering in the Northwest

Unless they witnessed with their own eyes, no one would believe that Supreme Martial Artists could be so satisfied with such an ordinary wine .

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Without experiencing it themselves, Interrogation Officer One and the others would also never believe that they’d be so helpless…

They finished eating and drinking .

Everyone had only just started to feel satisfied with the food and their stomachs were only half full .

“Done eating? Let’s start working . ” Chu Yang started leading the way without looking back and continued the grand mission of underground digging .

Everyone complained .

“Holy shit, this one is even more terrible than a landlord! To exploit labor with such intensity…”

But they only moved their lips to complain, none of them would really get angry .

At such a time, complaining was actually… a sort of strength as well . Besides, it was a way of deepening their bond…

The digging continued .

Interrogation Officer One, Wan Renjie and the others gradually realized a strange problem: that Chu Yang’s temperament would change .

Sometimes, it was gentle and calm like the spring wind, with a confidence that didn’t show as pride .

But sometimes, it was actually very lonely and desolate, making one pity him…

Everyone felt strange: could such a young man actually have a painful past?

Whenever this happened, the speed would always be very fast .

Chu Yang seemed to be venting his anger from constantly mining the rocks while the others hurried to work, completely silent…

Everything happened quietly .

They only felt strange: this guy’s stamina is really beyond the ordinary . All of us are panting heavily from the tiredness while he’s still totally energetic .

Naturally, everyone didn’t know that in the middle of such high-efficiency work, Chu Yang’s soul had already switched seven or eight times . The Sword Spirit and Chu Yang took turns .

Though the Sword Spirit was unwillingly shouting “I, the Sword Spirit, am a top-notch person, I’ve never ever dug rocks…”, under the tyranny of Lord Sword Master, the Sword Spirit had no choice but to participate in the work of digging rocks…

On the third day, a new problem appeared .

Though the difficulties of eating and drinking were settled for now, humans had another bodily need .

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Well… What about defecation?

Even Supreme Martial Artists could not go without that .

In this regard, Chu Yang’s response was simple: find a way to settle yourself . The only requirement was: don’t let me hear it! Don’t let me see it! Don’t let me smell it! Don’t let me know about it!

So right now, everybody went to defecate by secretively going to the back like a thief and settling it quickly .

Anyway, soon it would be covered by large rocks .

After three days…

When everyone was resting, Chu Yang brought out dry food, fresh water and fine wine . When everyone was waiting eagerly…

Chu Yang took out the wine jar and filled the cups in front of everyone . When all of them had food in their mouth and tasted the wine with their faces full of enjoyment, Chu Yang said very embarrassedly, “Bon appetit . I’ll go back to take a shit . Well, I can’t hold it anymore . I farted just now, did you smell it? Even I myself find it smelly…”

With this one sentence, everyone’s countenance turned ghastly immediately .

At this moment, they were chewing food in their mouths and he said such a thing!

F*ck! How much more despicable could he get!

Cheng Duying felt especially helpless at this moment: just now, Chu Yang worked close in front of him, with Chu Yang’s butt only centimeters away from his nose…

At this moment, Wan Renjie was filling his mouth with food and about to swallow it…

In a moment, he felt the food, which was fragrant and delicious in the last moment, turn as disgusting as feces . He retched, almost vomiting…

“F*ck! Beat him!”

The rage of eight men was like a fire . They rushed up and pressed the kid underneath, beating him up violently…

After a long while, Chu Yang, with blue eyes and a swollen face, slipped to the back on his own .

Everyone else exchanged a look and smiled together, covering their mouths . Well, for the sake of caution, they didn’t want to make any sound…

They felt touched internally .

The suppressed emotions from carrying out such boring work for a long time underground was really unbearable . None of them were young, even the youngest was more than one thousand years old, and they did not have the energy to have fun .

The joke that Chu Yang made just now actually got himself the target of violence . With a good laugh, all the emotional distress disappeared without a trace…

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It was impressive that he was so considerate .

At the same time, all of the eight people actually discovered something .

Chu Yang’s dry food seemed to be endless . The nine people had been eating it for seven days and it could still make them half-full for each meal . They really didn’t know how much stock Chu Yang had .

But no one stated it .

As for wine, it was three cups for each person every time . It had been seven days, and however big that wine jar was, it had to be long emptied . If one made strict calculations… at least three jars had to be emptied .

But Chu Yang’s wine jar actually still seemed full and able to pour out three cups every time .

Something was obviously strange .

But no one mentioned it either .

All of them knew that Chu Yang, as the person in charge of supplies, had been bearing much more emotional pressure than themselves . For a young man like him to be able to do this, how could them old guys not relieve some of his burdens?

Soon, Chu Yang was back and they started working .

Within this period of time, they rested once every three days .

During the rest, they came out beforehand to make a big cave, allowing everyone to lie down flat and relax their tired bodies to the maximum .

But even when sleeping, Chu Yang didn’t change his demonic nature: he stuffed a piece of dry food in everyone’s mouths and forbade them from chewing it but to sleep with it in the mouth… to prevent snoring…

After all, at such tired times, it was impossible to not snore after one fell asleep, but with dry food in their mouths, it was different… To begin with, they were hungry but prevented from eating it… Even after they were asleep, their mouths naturally produced saliva which melted the dry food slowly…

Chu Yang’s calculations were extremely accurate: when the dry food melted completely, the people were pretty much supposed to be up…

Everyone grumbled .

Ten days had passed!

Calculating their progress, they realized they were already 1,500 miles out!

They heard no strange noises during all this time; it seemed that this time, the Li Clan really couldn’t find them… Everyone was relieved .

After all, in the eyes of the people from the Li Clan, the range of thousands of miles down below Jiuqu Ridge was beyond the abilities Chu Yang and his group of first-grade Supreme Martial Artists…

Therefore, during this period, the world above ground surface was turned upside down .

Li Qinglei and others felt so aggrieved .

Who could anticipate such a situation?

Apparently, the target had already appeared and also fixated on by their group! Everyone went up chasing, surrounding them in all sides and blocking their way, yet after a long time of chasing, they only found that the enemy had disappeared all at once .

Where could they have disappeared to?

After all, if they weren’t up in the sky, they had to be under the ground!

As a result, that whole area, where the Sword Spirit disappeared, was turned upside down by experts from the Li Clan, no matter whether it was hills or mountains . And it was far beyond one thousand feet .

Thirty thousand feet of earth was dug up!

The Li Clan’s labor was well rewarded! Some spirit beasts, such as hundred-year-old huge serpents staying under the ground for warmth, were all dug up .

Even mice were all killed by the shaking .

Every single piece of rock larger than the size of a human head was smashed . Looking over, the whole area of eight thousand square miles was a complete desert .

But they got nothing concerning their real target .

When the Li Clan was notified about such a situation, they dispatched another large group of experts .

The second grandmaster of the Li Clan, Li Xiangsi, personally led the team . He grabbed Li Qinglei and scolded him extremely severely, “What are you good for? You saw them but actually failed to catch them? Chasing after those people for three hundred miles and you actually lost them… And yet you dared say that they disappeared unexpectedly… They aren’t f*cking ghosts!”

Li Qinglei’s head sank upon getting scolded . His veins pulsated .

He didn’t know that one sentence of Li Xiangsi was right at that point: they aren’t ghosts… Yes, the Sword Spirit wasn’t a ghost, but in essence, he was no different from a ghost at all .

In a strict sense, he was indeed an old ghost!

Li Qinglei who was all red in the face from the scolding gritted his teeth and produced useful intelligence: Elder Master, I can promise that these bastards have headed toward the northwest! So long as we keep a tight blockade, there’s no way they can get out!

“What is the f*cking use in saying that to me?” Li Xiangsi raged . “Why aren’t you off to look!”

The whole northwest was overturned . Places that used to be high mountains became flat land over this one single incident…

Mountains were flattened .

One had reasons to believe that the northwest would be renamed Northwest Great Plains in the future!

Several vassal small clans didn’t do their work properly and their whole clans were decimated by the enraged Li Clan members…

Everyone feared for their lives . Even the smallest movement was made a big deal of!

The drastic moves of the Li Clan were so extraordinary, so cruel and so relentless that it of course caught the attention of the eight Super Clans out there .

At once, the eight Super Clans’ attention toward the northwest became even more concentrated and cautious .

Ling Clan, Ye Clan, Xiao Clan and the other clans were quietly infiltrating the northwest with their dispatched personnel . Many law-enforcement officers were also rushing toward the northwest .

The interrogation officers of Interrogation Hall naturally knew where their boss went . Yet after such a long time without receiving any news, they also sent out people to investigate…

The Li Clan was naturally unwilling to let these people in, so conflict at the border grew more fierce by the day…

Over at the southeast side .

Ever since Chu Yang entered the underground, there had been no news at all . Everyone was anxious .

Wu Juecheng’s injuries had been mostly recovered . One who stayed still for a long time would want to move . He accepted the mission on behalf of others, and with the purpose of “training the disciple”, he brought Chu Le’er, changed their looks and walked out of the southeast . He remembered Chu Yang mentioning about going to the northwest…

Therefore, Chu Le’er also went with her master all the way toward the northwest…

Without anyone realizing, this geographically remote northwest actually became the place of gathering of many martial arts experts .

When the whole continent was in a mess, Chu Yang naturally knew nothing underground .

Right now, he was only thinking about what Lang Yilang had said to him via telepathy before he died . ‘Chu Yang, do you understand?’

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