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Chapter 1333: 1333
Chapter 1333: The Only Chance of Survival

Chu Yang’s Dantian was already locked .

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And his cultivation sealed!

The current Chu Yang was no different from a regular person . With some difficulty, he could only move about, but it was absolutely impossible for there to be even an ounce of strength in him . Even a regular person who had never cultivated before would be able to beat Chu Yang, as long as he was built a little stronger!

This was a perception which Li Qingyu, Li Qingfeng and Li Qinglei shared!

It was also a common cognition among everyone in the world .

There had never been anyone who could still have an outburst of powerful combat ability while his cultivation was sealed! Absolutely not!

Thus, the three of them were very reassured .

And also very smug .

At this point, Chu Yang was no different from fresh meat on a chopping board and was at their complete mercy .

But who could have ever expected that the meat on the chopping board would suddenly jump up and take a vicious bite out of them? This was something that they wouldn’t dream of even in a nightmare!

But this very situation, which they wouldn’t have dreamed of even in a nightmare, was truly happening .

The instant those two large hands grabbed hold of his shoulders, Extraterrestrial Demon Chu, whose Dantian had already been locked and his cultivation sealed, suddenly released an intense bout of domineering, desolate, lonely, destitute, powerful, ancient, imposing, swift and forceful… aura!

Then, Chu Yang’s back straightened . An emotionless and cold look, as though one who viewed all lives in the world as nothing but trifling weeds, shot out of his eyes!

At the same time, a brilliant ray of sword light erupted!

All of this took place in a situation where they were not on guard at all . It happened right in the middle of their beautiful dreams!

The sword light was bright and piercing! It disregarded all in the world!

The two Supreme Martial Artists next to him were struck by the sword at the same time!

“Be careful!” At this point, the voice of Li Qinglei, who had been so shocked that he turned into a wooden block, finally reached them!

With blood spraying from all over their bodies, Li Qingyu and Li Qingfeng fell backward with great force!

There was a huge gaping bloody hole in both their chests!

They were critically injured!

When the Sword Spirit took over Chu Yang’s body, he had struck out instantly . However, first of all, he couldn’t expose the devouring ability of the Nine Tribulations Sword; secondly, time was very pressing and there was an even stronger seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist in front waiting for him to launch a sneak attack on .

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That was why these two sword slashes hadn’t been able to take the lives of the two powerful sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists .

But even so, it was enough to critically injure them and send them to the brink of death!

Sword light fell abruptly, as though a waterfall and torrential rain . 999 sword slashes merged into a mighty torrent and stabbed into Li Qinglei like a lightning storm!

Li Qinglei let out a violent shout . Circulating his Supreme Martial Artist vital energy and activating the aura of a Supreme Martial Artist, he started to lock down his defenses and concentrated all his efforts in defense!

In this instant, he could not attack at all . The only thing he could do was defend himself!

Poof, poof, poof…

In just a mere moment, the white robes on Li Qinglei were already peppered with innumerous holes!

Countless streams of blood, as though dense raindrops, spurted out . In the blink of an eye, Li Qinglei had already suffered more than 300 slashes of the sword!

His entire self had turned into a bloody porcupine!

But at this point, his Supreme Martial Artist aura finally erupted!

Amid a ferocious shout, an intense energy wave exploded .

Chu Yang did not have that wild a wish as to hope to be able to kill three Supreme Martial Artists! Currently, when the Sword Spirit took over his body, he could only battle a fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist at best . To be able to critically injure two sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists was already an unexpected and pleasant surprise!

As for Li Qinglei, even if the Sword Spirit were to rely on the Nine Tribulations Sword, he could only break through a thin layer of his defense right now!

A seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist was on a level above the boundary between immortal and mortal . The Sword Spirit was still far from being his match at present!

As such, after this round of attacks, Chu Yang had already risen into the air without waiting for Li Qinglei and the other two to regain their senses . With a loud and violent thunderclap, he transformed into a ray of swift and forceful sword light, breaking out of the tent and shooting out at full speed .

When Chu Yang flew out, the bodies of Li Qingyu and Li Qingfeng, who were spinning as they were thrown out, hadn’t even landed . Li Qinglei was still in the midst of resisting the attack and retreating…

The opponent’s attack was swift and forceful and had come out of nowhere . And the most terrible thing was that the sword was even a divine weapon that could cut through steel as though it was mud!

Li Qinglei held his breath the entire time in defense . During this time, he didn’t dare to even open his mouth to speak!

Because once he did, the breath of air would rush out and the opponent’s sword aura would be able to invade his body right away and turn his internal organs into a heap of smashed rubble!

He could only watch as Chu Yang transformed into a ray of lightning-like sword light and flew out whilst he was still retreating with his face completely red…

After retreating another couple of steps, he finally regained his balance . He let out a deafening shout . “Despicable little kid! You’re asking to die!”

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With a flash, Li Qinglei vanished .

Only at this point did Li Qingyu and Li Qingfeng finally land in a crumpled heap on the ground, completely unconscious!

Li Qinglei went after Chu Yang at full speed . At this point, the raging fury in his heart had already reached a pinnacle! Just a bit more and his body could totally explode from anger!

This was too infuriating!

It was often said that even an experienced nanny could tie the diaper around a baby wrongly and that a boat could capsize in a ditch[1] . There was a mild hint of this in Li Qinglei’s case — Not only did his boat capsize in a ditch, but it was also practically a huge ship that had capsized!

When had he ever suffered such frustration during these several thousand years of traversing the martial world? When had he ever been played for a fool by someone like this? When had he ever landed himself in a situation like this where he was covered in injuries and his clothes couldn’t even cover him fully?

How could he not be furious? How could he not be in a thundering rage?!

“If I don’t kill you! I swear I’m not human…” Li Qinglei’s voice reverberated throughout the sky and land .

Chu Yang’s voice came from afar . “Kill me? Let’s talk when you’ve caught up to me! Hahaha… I’ll admit that I can’t charge my way out, but if I charge back into the north-west, what can you do about me? If I hide in the north-west for eight or ten years, what can you do?”

Although his voice was clear, it sounded very far away .

All the Supreme Martial Artists outside hadn’t even reacted yet; they were still in a daze . What was going on?

Leaping into the air, the sight of a white shadow in the far distance turning into a white line entered Li Qinglei’s sight . Then, a yell could be heard from afar . “Let’s go!”

A few shadows seemed to rise into the air from both sides respectively before they followed after the white shadow . In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the snow .

“Go after them! You bastards!”

Li Qinglei was so furious right now that he was seriously close to throwing up blood . To think so many people had been hiding in front of the fifth gate and right under their nose . If they had carried out a detailed search, they could’ve found them .

But not only did he not do so, but the enemy had also launched a sneak attack on him one-on-one…

What a disgrace this was!

This was practically an unprecedentedly huge disgrace!

“Go after them! Kill them all!” Li Qinglei howled ferociously in anger . He flew forward like a bolt of lightning as he let out a long howl to signal to the others to assemble . “Attention, frontline… The enemy is rushing in the direction back to the north-west! Intercept them at once!”

“Attention, left and right flanks! Surround them at once!”

“All personnel, proceed with an extensive and detailed search!”

“All Supreme Martial Artists, use your divine consciousness to lock down the place!”

“Do it now! Now! For f*ck’s sake, hurry up!!!!”

As Li Qinglei made arrangements as though he had gone mad, innumerous white-robed men appeared . They discarded the trees on them and jumped out of the caves they were in . The ones standing in mid-air flew out immediately while the ones on top of the trees jumped left and right in quick succession . Large groups of white-robed men leaped into the air from the ground…

Two Supreme Martial Artists quickly lifted the unconscious Li Qingyu and Li Qingfeng and chased after the rest without stopping!

Traces of the enemy had already surfaced . Besides, they had even revealed themselves openly . When should they pursue them at full force if not now?

With a loud howl, the scene in the wide expanse of sky changed!

So many white-robed figures charged into the vast snowfields, as though they were riding on clouds…

The fifth gate, which had been guarded so stringently just moments ago, had already become an empty fort .

“Hurry!” A low voice echoed faintly, as though the whispering of the wind, but its tone was urgent . “This is our only chance!”

Nine shadows darted out lightning quick and flew at high speed while staying low and pressing against the ground . As though a mass of clouds, they rushed through the fifth gate in a whoosh! The next moment, without even a moment of pause, they immediately took on their fastest speed and leaped into the deep canyon that the Li Clan Supreme Martial Artists had excavated!

Below the canyon, a layer of ice filled the whole place . Beneath this layer of ice was a water source .

With a flip of the Nine Tribulations Sword, the nine of them slipped under the ice layer as though they were mudskippers . Then, they sprawled against the rock walls on the exterior at once and stayed there .

Chu Yang used the Nine Tribulations Sword and soundlessly gouged out a large rock the size of a water vat and 15 meters wide . Circulating his energy, he brought it out . Then, he threw the rock behind him, which Wei Wuyan then firmly caught hold of .

Chu Yang had already entered the cave by then .

Rocks flew out one by one…

These rocks were silently placed under the ice layer . Then, after quietly stepping on them… the rocks sank into the mud with a few gurgles, not to be seen anymore…

In the sky, heavy snow continued to fall, covering even this layer of ice…

On the rock wall here, a huge cave, enough to hide twenty people, had already appeared .

They filed in one by one . Wei Wuyan, the last one to enter, used suction force to lightly suck the large rock in the very beginning into the opening and sealed it . From the outside, it was indiscernible even if someone were to dive underneath the ice layer and look at it .

Taking over Wei Wuyan’s position, Chu Yang used the Nine Tribulations Sword to meticulously shave a layer off the rock .

“Why are you shaving off this layer of rock?” Cheng Duying was rather puzzled .

“For air!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes . “We’re going to stay underground for a very long time . Without this little gap, even a Supreme Martial Artist would die of suffocation!”

After hiding into here, all of them finally breathed a sigh of relief .

They were finally safe .

“There’s just one thing that I find strange… I’m not surprised that you were able to return; what I find strange is that you had clearly returned to our hiding place the moment you got out . But why did the entire Li Clan still go in pursuit toward the north? And it was apparent that they might have an even more obvious target now?”

Interrogation Officer One asked . He was absolutely mystified .

If someone had lured the enemy away… then there had to be at least one person fewer here . But no one was missing at all… Besides, the Li Clan wasn’t dumb . If only one of their opponents had gotten away, they would never abandon even the gate just to go after him!

“There’s of course a reason for this,” answered Chu Yang ambiguously with a smile .

The others very wisely chose not to ask any further .

Chu Yang let out a long breath of air .

The one who had lured the enemy away was, of course, the Sword Spirit . The Sword Spirit was the only one who had that sort of power . Creating the illusion of about ten people running away together for a short period of time was naturally not a problem to the Sword Spirit .

From the beginning when Chu Yang had walked in, this had been his exact intention . As for working together…

Before they even discussed the topic of the Li Clan distrusting him, Chu Yang similarly wouldn’t have trusted any of the promises the Li Clan made even more! Right from the start, Chu Yang had never thought of working with them!

The dangerous gamble this time, though surprising, was also extremely daring!

It was indeed also the one and only chance of survival they had if they wanted to move forward! If it had failed, there was really nothing Chu Yang could have done other than to bring the rest along with him and retreat…

[1] A saying which meant that something can easily go wrong in a totally unexpected area

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