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Published at 25th of June 2020 03:55:11 AM
Chapter 1316: 1316

The four Interrogation Hall officers and Supreme Martial Artist experts were stupefied!

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 They stared at Chu Yang with their eyes wide . If not for the fact that they were currently in a dangerous situation, even with their self-assurance, the four Supreme Martial Artists almost wanted to yelp in surprise!

 All this time, the Dharma Supreme, whose status in the Nine Heavens was above all, had personally determined Chu Yang to be an Extraterrestrial Demon . He had also announced to the whole world to stand against this person!

 That meant that he, Chu Yang, was an Extraterrestrial Demon even if he wasn’t!

 Because the Dharma Supreme had declared him as one!

 During this period of time, every law-enforcement officer saw seizing and killing Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon as their personal duty . The same naturally went for the Interrogation Hall officers too .

In fact, they had even thought about how they should punish this Extraterrestrial Demon should he ever fall into the hands of the law-enforcement officers… Should they let him have a taste of every torture device and method in the Interrogation Hall?

 But they had never ever expected that at a time where they were besieged by the Li Clan and trapped in a situation where death was certain and with the Master even grievously injured and on the verge of death, the one who would step forward and save them was actually this Extraterrestrial Demon!

 Chu Yang!

 Before they had even realized, the formidable foe whom they kept in mind at all times to arrest and bring to justice had turned into the benefactor who saved their lives! How ridiculous and amazing was this?

 For a moment there, all four of them were rather at a loss as to what to say . They couldn’t help sighing inwardly .

 Dear heavens, could you pull an even bigger prank on me?

 Their reactions landed in Chu Yang’s eyes . Shaking his head, he chuckled lightly and said, “I, Chu Yang, and the law-enforcement officers have never been friends . Even when I saved all of you today, it was because my brothers were there; it wasn’t for your sakes . ”

 His eyes swept warmly across Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and the other two . He said, “Even if all of you weren’t there, I would have taken action too . Therefore, you do not need to feel indebted to me for saving your lives . If you really take it to heart, then you’re looking down too much on me, Chu Yang!”

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 “However, even though we’re enemies, now that we’re all stuck in this dangerous situation together, this is not the time to fight . After we get out of here, we’ll fight it out if you wish to arrest me . When that time comes, even if you don’t come after me, I would probably go after you on my own accord… Hurhur . But right here and now, we need to stick together and brave through this before we talk about the rest . What do you say?”

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 His eyes flickered and he went on seriously, “Of course, if you wish to fall out with me and follow through on the Dharma Supreme’s orders right now, I, Chu Yang, am willing to rise up to the challenge . Even though we’re underground, with just a flip of the hand, we’ll be out in the vast open; there, it’ll be more than enough for us to have a good fight!”

 Chu Yang spoke with an air that was neither haughty nor servile . His mighty brilliance shone fully and his prideful bearing made one hold him in awe and reverence!

 There was a look of pride in the eyes of Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and the other two . They puffed out their chests without even realizing .

 Chu Yang’s words —’If you really take it to heart, then you’re looking down too much on me, Chu Yang’— were simply too cool!

 Yes, exactly!

 So what even if he had saved them? He didn’t need their gratitude! Even if they insisted on being grateful to him, even if he had to go to the extent of greatly offending them again, he didn’t want their gratitude nonetheless!

 There was a smile on the faces of Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and the other two… However, there was an unyielding dignity in their eyes as they looked at the four officers .

 If you make any move, we’ll take action too!

 If you don’t, then you’d better just sit there obediently!

 The four officers were at a loss for a while . One of them then sighed . “Even though we’re all serving our respective superiors… Just as Brother Chu has mentioned, this is a time of emergency . We should stick together and get through it as one . As for what comes later… we can think about it another time . ”

 He raised his head and calmly went on, “However, no matter what happens in the future, we will keep in mind Brother Chu’s kindness in saving our lives . Even if we end up enemies in the future, we must first repay Brother Chu’s great kindness! Perhaps it was not Brother Chu’s intention to save us, but our lives, though they may not be worth much to others, are still pretty important to us . ”

Chu Yang laughed big-heartedly . “Not bad! All of you are good men indeed!”

 The atmosphere in the cave relaxed at once .

 Right at this moment, the weak voice of the supposedly unconscious Lang Yilang suddenly drifted over to them . “Chu Yang… is not an Extraterrestrial Demon!”

 It turned out that he had already become conscious at some point .

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 Everyone turned toward him concurrently . Overjoyed, the officers crowded around him at once . “Master, how are you feeling?”

 Lang Yilang checked his body condition . When he did so, a strange look flashed across his eyes . Shaking his head, he replied, “My body has been more or less healed by this Brother Chu here . However, my Purple Crystal Revival secret technique has already exhausted all my life force… I’m afraid I’d have to bid farewell to you, my brothers, within these next few days . ”

 Even though Lang Yilang was talking about his own life and death, his tone was extremely detached . There was a vague feeling as though he was relieved…

 In fact, much of that weariness originally in his tone of voice and eyes had already disappeared .

 The four officers were so saddened that they lowered their heads immediately .

 Pausing, Lang Yilang looked around before he frowned and asked, “Why are there only the four of you? Where are the others?”

 “The others…” With a sorrowful expression, the four officers trailed off .

 Lang Yilang took a deep breath . There was surprisingly a hint of a smile on his face as he said, “They’ve gone on first? Just as well; when I leave too, I’ll be able to look for them… The number of souls which we, the officers of the Interrogation Hall, have performed rites for is not a small one . In that cold and dark world, it’s inevitable that our enemies will be everywhere… When I go there, I’ll be able to reunite with the brothers and work hard once more . ”

 When he finished, he turned to Chu Yang and smiled at him . “Thank you very much! Thank you very much for saving my brothers . ”

 Chu Yang returned a small smile . “It was merely along the way . Master Lang saying it like this makes me rather embarrassed instead . ”

 Lang Yilang laughed lightly . “Extraterrestrial Demons do not exist . However, since you’ve offended the Dharma Supreme, I’m afraid your future is going to be a difficult path . Saying that your every step will be filled with brambles and thorns is not an exaggeration; in fact, saying that your every step will be fraught with mortal danger is much more accurate . ”

 Laughing, Chu Yang replied, “One can only become a hero after he has battled through life and death!”

 Lang Yilang laughed as well . “You don’t need to counsel me anymore . I know my own condition best; I’ve really reached the end this time…”

 Chu Yang replied, “To be honest, you don’t have to die!”

 When he said that, the four officers were surprised and overjoyed . They raised their heads and looked at him .

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 Life force depletion due to the Purple Crystal Revival! This was no different from dying from natural causes, i . e . dying from old age . Such deaths could be said to be incurable . But right now, Chu Yang could actually do something about it?

 One of the officers suddenly got up . With a serious expression, he said, “If Brother Chu can save my Boss, I swear that this life of mine will be yours from now on!” Gritting his teeth, he continued, “Even if I have to switch sides and go against the law-enforcement officers! I will still do it without any hesitation!”

 The other three echoed him . “And us as well!”

 Chu Yang chuckled wryly . “I wish I could too… and I do have the means to as well . Everyone here knows that I have gotten a piece of Heaven Nourishing Jade when I participated in the Medicine Banquet . Although the majority of it has been snatched away, I had taken precautions and broke off a small piece of it long ago… I haven’t used it yet . ”

 The eyes of the four officers lit up intensely . The Heaven Nourishing Jade!

 There was hope for the Master now!

 Chu Yang had no choice but to say so either . The Heaven Nourishing Jade being snatched by someone was something that the whole world was aware of . Chu Yang couldn’t possibly say that that was something that he himself had arranged…

 Chu Yang then said, “The Heaven Nourishing Jade can replenish the power of the spirit… It’s enough to slightly recover Master Lang’s life force . As long as he can get past his current mortal crisis, with some recuperation, he can slowly recover in the future… Master Lang, the world is so vast and the Nine Heavens are filled with so many exciting things… Hurhur, although you’ve experienced much of it, it’s not a lot, right? As for what’s above the Nine Heavens… Aren’t you interested in heading up for a look?”

“You’re already a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist who has crossed the boundary between the immortal and mortal! At the rate that you’re going at, you can reach the level of a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist within a thousand years! When that time comes… the fantastic view of the Nine Heavens Imperial Court…” Chu Yang chuckled .

 Among everyone present, only he and Wei Wuyan could sense what kind of state of mind Lang Yilang was in right now .

 It was a kind of state that one reached after letting go of everything and completely relaxing… Being absolutely free of all constraints and attachments in this world

 There was no longer anything in this world that could interest him or make him reluctant to part with!

 That was Lang Yilang’s state of mind right now . It wasn’t that his heart was dead; rather… he no longer had a heart anymore!

 That was why Chu Yang painted a picture of a boundless future . As long as it could move Lang Yilang even the slightest bit, he could live on!

Shaking his head, Lang Yilang sighed with a smile . “Chu Yang, you’ve really put a lot of thought into this . ”

 With a smile on his face and tranquility in his eyes, he struggled to his feet . His internal and external injuries had already been mostly healed by the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill . He could already move without any problem .

 Taking a deep breath, he said, “I, Lang Yilang, encountered a great tragedy during my childhood years . After I lost my family, I roamed the world and started fighting my way up from the very bottom…”

 “During this lifetime, I’ve cried, suffered and laughed . I’ve also loved, hated, had moments of glory as well as moments of humiliation…”

 “I climbed up step by step until I became the Master of the Interrogation Hall . In these Nine Heavens, I can be considered as someone in a high-ranking position of power! But what I want is neither status nor power, and even less of glory . What I want is revenge!”

“It’s very narrow-minded of me, I admit . But that was the biggest motivation in my life that had supported me and allowed me to live on till now!”

 “Hong Wuliang ruined my entire life; however, without him, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to reach this point of my life . He is the enemy whom I hate with all my guts; even after his death, he remains so . But he is also the reason for me living on!”

 “And today, I killed him with my own hands! Using the absolute most ideal way that I had imagined . I am very content!”

 “I am filled with yearning toward the Nine Heavens Imperial Court… However, if I were to go up, I would have to start fighting my way up from the very bottom again . I’ve already done it once; I don’t wish to do it anymore . ”

 “I’m already sick and tired of this material world! I really… hate it very much! Very much!”

 “I’ve gotten tired! Therefore, I’m going to leave . I want to go to that world…” Lang Yilang went on serenely, “Now that Hong Wuliang does not exist in that world, that is exactly the environment which Xia’er and I had dreamed of . Xia’er must be waiting very anxiously for me right now… If I keep her waiting any longer, wouldn’t I be letting her down? I’ve already let her down an entire lifetime; am I supposed to miss our reunion in the underworld too?”

 “Right after Hong Wuliang was killed by me, I coincidentally suffered these injuries . This is my destiny! It was meant to be! And I accept it . ”

 He looked at Chu Yang meaningfully and gave him a profound smile . “Perhaps you desire to go against the Heavens, but I don’t wish to do so . ”

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