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Chapter 1315: 1315
Chapter 1315: I Am The Extraterrestrial Demon?

In the snow grounds .

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Chu Yang was in the lead as he sped forward with Lang Yilang on his back . Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and the other two followed closely behind him . Till now, the few of them hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak with each other yet!

Scenery and shadows on the sides flashed past them constantly .

Chu Yang’s movements were extremely bizarre . If not for the fact that Wei Wuyan and the rest were following him closely, they could pretty much lose track of him in the blink of an eye!

The four officers followed closely at the back, their countenances filled with grief and fury .

They had especially stayed at the back so that if the enemy caught up to them again, they would emulate the other four and self-destruct to stop the enemy!

They were all skilled experts . After treating their wounds hastily and stopping the bleeding, they launched the Traceless in the Snow technique and glided at high speed . In these snow grounds, they actually didn’t leave any traces behind in the snow!

“Hold your breath! Even if you suffocate to death… you can only take another breath when you’re almost dead!” Chu Yang instructed in a low voice as he flew at high speed .

Nobody responded but it was clear from the look in their eyes that they had heard him .

Everyone understood that this instruction of Chu Yang’s was the key to whether they would be successful in escaping or not .

All of them had sealed off the vitality inside them so that nothing would seep out . Under such circumstances, the sound, heat and smell produced when breathing would become the only thing traceable by the enemy .

As long as they could widen the distance between them and the enemy in the first part of their escape and get out of the enemy’s sight, they would be able to fight for more time if they could also hold their breath to eliminate every possible channel that could expose them!

And this extra amount of time that they were fighting for was the key to whether their escape would ultimately be successful or not!

The true test of courage and wits would take place during this period . Escaping from the enemy’s headquarters required extremely precise strategizing!

If they didn’t have even this period of time to strategize, then that would really be the biggest and most absolute tragedy — Because they would have absolutely no hope of escape whatsoever!

It wasn’t hard for one to realize that once the Li Clan lost track of them, they would definitely activate the strength of their entire clan to look for them . Even if they had to overturn the whole of the northwest, they definitely still wouldn’t let them off!

Should the news of them besieging the Master of the Law Enforcement Interrogation Hall reach the Law Enforcement Hall, the result would definitely be the Li Clan’s nightmare!

As Chu Yang sped on, he constantly released internal energy to disperse and remove the traces of breathing and smell of blood on the unconscious Lang Yilang on his back .

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They followed behind Chu Yang and ran for their lives . After running at maximum speed without breathing for a good six hours, all of them felt like their lungs were close to exploding .

After feeling like they had gone quite a few circles, a flat expanse of land finally appeared in front of them . The flat terrain had resulted in flat snow grounds!

One could pretty much see right through to the end!

If they were to run across these flat grounds, they would definitely be in plain sight of the enemy!

Yet Chu Yang leaped forward without any hesitation and entered the snow grounds with Lang Yilang on his back!

Behind him, Wei Wuyan and the others also kept up with him without any hesitation .

The four officers hesitated for a moment before they finally followed after him as well . Even though they didn’t understand what Chu Yang wanted to do, their Master was on his back after all . They had to follow after him .

In the next instant, Chu Yang halted in his tracks suddenly and stood in the middle of the snow grounds . The others were just about to ask about it when they saw Chu Yang gesture . He pointed to his tightly sealed lips, indicating to them not to speak and not to breathe .

The next moment, Chu Yang’s legs sank soundlessly into the snow grounds . Then, he struck out with his palms constantly . As he did so, the snow on the ground separated in the middle and was pushed to the sides in one motion, revealing black ground .

The snow that had been pushed to the two sides looked as if they were layered on top of the existing snow, but in actuality, they were being held in mid-air by Chu Yang with his internal energy . They floated while maintaining their original appearance .

After that, Chu Yang blasted a hole through the black ground . Underneath the snow was a layer of ice; after the layer of ice was melted, the soil underneath was loose and soft . Very soon, Chu Yang had already created a hole in the ground . He then pointed downward .

Realization dawned upon the others and they hurriedly filed in one by one .

Chu Yang stayed last . He very meticulously circulated his internal energy and quietly shifted the layer of snow that he had kept afloat back to its original position . At the moment where he blocked the entrance to the cave, Chu Yang held the piece of ice layer that he had previously removed above him and stuck it back where it originally was .

The cave turned pitch-black at once .

“Don’t breathe! Dig a tunnel first! The deeper the better!” Chu Yang hastily said .

At this point, the others could only listen to him for the time being .

Everyone there was at least a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist . Digging a tunnel through the ground was totally a piece of cake for them .

“Take note, do not keep piling up the soil . Try to maintain its original form and place them behind you . I’ll take care of the rest!” Chu Yang instructed hurriedly .

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This way, while the others were digging the tunnel at the front, Chu Yang at the back could stealthily use his internal energy to wrap around the soil that everyone had dug out and shift it in the direction of the mouth of the cave and gently fill up the hole .

And then use his internal energy to carefully tamp it down…

The purpose of doing this was so that if by any chance the enemy really overturned the ground to look for them, there wouldn’t be any trace of the ground having been disturbed before even if they were to flip this area over .

As Chu Yang labored meticulously, he took note to leave above them a thin gap the width of a strand of hair for ventilation purposes .

Chu Yang did not forget that if the entrance were really filled up completely, they would probably suffocate themselves to death deep down in the underground! Because even till now, everybody still hadn’t gotten to breathe yet…

After doing this repeatedly, all of them had already reached a point where they really couldn’t take it anymore . Chu Yang finally showed them mercy . “You can take a breath now . ”

Right now, they were already at least 150 meters away from aboveground!

Everyone felt as if they had been granted vast royal clemency . All of them released a long pent-up breath and then quickly gulped down a breath of air .

Even though they still didn’t dare to pant too heavily, the fresh air entering their lungs gave everyone a feeling as though they had been ‘reborn’ .

Although the air underground was not particularly great, who could be bothered with the smell right now? Being able to breathe was already a favorable situation…

But they had only taken two breaths when Chu Yang instructed them once more . “Stop breathing and resume digging! We must go at least another few hundred meters further down!”

Everyone was close to tears . Wasn’t this too… inhumane? Even their breathing had to be controlled by someone else…

However, they all understood what Chu Yang meant . After entering the cave, they had already understood whatever they didn’t understand initially .

If they were to blindly run for their lives, even if everyone was ten times stronger than what they were, they would be caught up to eventually . Therefore, finding somewhere to hide in was the best solution .

But in this northwest region, there was probably not even a single hiding place that the Li Clan wouldn’t be able to find .

Therefore, Chu Yang decided to make use of a blind spot in people’s mentality altogether — hiding straight into flat land that was the most level and unable to hide people!

This was a blind spot!

Even if the Li Clan pursued them all the way here, when they see this expanse of flat land, they would just fly straight past it . Nobody would think that there were people hiding underneath .

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As long as they had left this area, even if they came to realize belatedly and returned to look for them, it would be no different from looking for a needle in a haystack .

This was the cleverest method . Everything which Chu Yang had done, such as not allowing them to breathe or use their divine sense to probe around earlier on, was for this!

Even though this solution still had its own fatal flaws, going by the current situation, this was already the absolute safest solution!

At last, everyone gradually stopped digging . Completely worn out, they leaned against the walls of the cave and lay on the ground, panting heavily .

They could finally breathe a sigh of relief now .

When Chu Yang was done meticulously handling the last batch of soil, he finally breathed a sigh of relief . He lay Lang Yilang down on the ground and panted heavily .

During this entire process, Chu Yang was no doubt the most tired one!

If not for the fact that he possessed a treasure like the Nine Tribulations Space, he would probably have collapsed long ago .

Right now, the other eight people were looking at him as if they were staring at a monster . This fellow had been carrying someone on his back during the whole process and his workload was even several times that of the others… Yet he had actually managed to pull through?!

This kind of godly person was seriously worthy of worship .

“Is Master Lang alright?” The four officers looked at the unconscious Lang Yilang in concern .

“He’s alright for now,” replied Chu Yang while panting . “However, that Purple Crystal Revival of his has completely drained his life force . Once he wakes up, he probably won’t last long . ”

While fleeing earlier, he had already fed Lang Yilang an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill .

His injuries were no longer an issue for now, but the exhaustion of his life force was a major issue!

The countenances of the four officers were mournful . They hung their heads low, their hearts terribly pained!

“We need to stay here for at least three days!” Chu Yang took a breath and changed the topic . He stated solemnly, “The four of you, in particular, must go back alive!”

He said to the four officers .

The four of them nodded slowly and replied in a low voice, “Yes, we must bring this news back to the Law-Enforcement City!”

They clenched their jaws at the same time, a deep hatred in their eyes . “The Li Clan! Li Clan!”

Chu Yang nodded slowly . “Yes, all of you must bring the news back!”

The four of them nodded heavily .

Only after a long while did the four of them suddenly look up . Rather astounded, they looked at Chu Yang . “May I know who you… well… We are extremely grateful to you for stepping forward during a time of danger to help us . Please tell us your name, so that we may… keep your great kindness in mind at all times . ”

Chu Yang leaned against the wall tiredly and lay on the ground . Stretching his legs out, he smiled rather strangely . “Err, I think it’s better that you don’t know my name . ”

Even under such terrible conditions, when Cheng Duying heard the peculiar emotions in this strange tone of Chu Yang’s and thought of the reason why, he almost burst into laughter .

“Why?” The four of them were bewildered . “Are we not supposed to know your name even though you have saved us all?”

Chu Yang rubbed his nose and gave them a wry smile . “Cough, because I… cough, if you know my name, you’ll be put in a spot . ”

“What’s there to be put in a spot about?” The four of them were even more weirded out . “When you put it like this, we’re even more curious now . ”

Chu Yang held his hands out . “Because we’re enemies . ”

He paused for a moment before revealing everything . “I am… the person whom you law-enforcement officers have announced to the whole world recently that you are after — the so-called Extraterrestrial Demon, Chu Yang!”

“Huh?!” The four of them were truly flabbergasted at this moment!

The Extraterrestrial Demon, Chu Yang?

This person who had saved them and Master Lang was actually… the legendary wicked and evil Extraterrestrial Demon… Chu Yang?

Chu Yang rubbed his nose in resignation and let out a wry laugh . “Look at me… I’m so handsome, which part of me looks like an Extraterrestrial Demon?!”

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