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Chapter 1314: 1314
Chapter 1314: Breaking Out

Bathed in blood, Wei Wuyan led his brothers and charged ahead . He happened to look up and then, his eyes suddenly brightened .

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About 30 kilometers right opposite them, a shining ball of sword light carrying an air of dominance capable of devouring everything was gathering rapidly!

A white-robed figure appeared soundlessly .

It was actually Chu Yang!

Wei Wuyan was overjoyed! Although he had no idea why Chu Yang would come to this place so stealthily, judging from the current situation, as long as Chu Yang matched their actions and supported them from the outside, breaking out of the enemy circle was not a problem .

At last, there was no more need for Wan Renjie and the other two to lose their lives because of him!

A soft hissing sound suddenly rang out in the atmosphere, as though something forming and trembling intensely .

It was as if these heavens and earth were also shaking and trembling in fear along with this peculiar sound…

Someone from the Li Clan seemed to vaguely sense something amiss . When he spared a moment from his busy movements to look back, he noticed a ball of light that had already taken form . During this moment of him looking back, it actually became a ray of sword light spanning a circumference of 30 meters . Brilliant and dazzling, it shot toward them just like a long rainbow arc!

Frightened out of his wits, the Li Clan expert bellowed, “Enemy attack!”

The other Li Clan members nearby didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry in response . They were right in the midst of battle; how could there be no enemy attack? This bastard must have gone silly!

However, a swift and forceful wind suddenly howled the next moment!

This sword move of Chu Yang’s had already exceeded the speed of sound . Right after the sword light shot out, it had already reached its target . It was only then that the howl of the sword finally reached them!

They were caught completely off-guard!

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This was totally out of their expectations .

A sword shot through the air mightily, bringing with it a sword aura capable of destroying everything in this world and savagely dived into the swarm of humans! Just like a gigantic whale full of destructive energy diving into a group of tiny little shrimps!

After Chu Yang’s sword flew out, he shouted, “This way!”

Sword light exploded violently amongst the swarm of humans, as though crashing lightning and thunder! Amidst tragic screams, decapitated heads shot high into the sky and broken limbs flew in every direction .

By this time, Chu Yang had already charged into the encirclement . His sword clashed wildly with Li Qingyun’s as the latter tried hastily to deal with the sudden turn of events . At once, Li Qingyun was attacked from the front and back simultaneously . In front of him was Lang Yilang, who was rushing at him without any regard for his own life whatsoever; and behind him, a sudden sneak attack that had caught him completely off-guard . A loud cry escaped him as blood sprayed from his mouth . Turning and tumbling, he retreated while staggering and swaying unsteadily .

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The recoil from attacking a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist caused blood to rise up Chu Yang’s throat . Blood almost spewed out of his mouth, but he swallowed it back down immediately . At this moment, the spinning force that he had prepared in advance erupted and his body spun half a round with great force . In the span of a breath, sword light exploded once more within the area of radius 30 meters of where he was!

However, its direction had changed to where he originally came from . Stepping on a ground bathed in blood, he charged out .

“Come with me!”

Lang Yilang gave way to him immediately . They had already lost one of the nine officers; the other eight and Wei Wuyan etc followed behind Chu Yang and charged out in one vigorous move .

Lang Yilang stayed at the back and brought up the rear!

When killing enemies, he would stand at the forefront!

When breaking out of an enemy circle, he would bring up the rear!

Lang Yilang let out a sad laugh . He thought of the old times when he was still friends with Hong Wuliang and treated each other with absolute sincerity . Hong Wuliang had once told him that while thumping his own chest in promise . He even said, “We’re brothers after all!”

Although Hong Wuliang had neither stood at the forefront while they were killing enemies nor brought up the rear while they were breaking out of an enemy circle, Lang Yilang had always put into practice throughout his entire life these two lines that he first encountered as the party on the listening end!

Perhaps Hong Wuliang would never have expected the one moment where Lang Yilang’s heart had been touched by him back then to lead to his current achievements . Lang Yilang ran quickly behind his brothers . His left hand was severed and it was still wet with blood, but he didn’t care in the least .

He continued to run while keeping an eye on enemy movement behind them!

After their momentary shock, the Li Clan members let out a ferocious roar of fury and grief!

The sudden sword attack earlier had caused more than twenty members of the Li Clan party to perish!

“Go after them! Spare no cost!” Someone bellowed, “Avenge our brothers! Kill this bunch of dirty bastards!”

Li Qingyun staggered as he landed on the ground . Without even bothering to catch his breath, he chased after them at once, a deep hatred in his eyes!

No matter what, even if he were to die right away, he must kill Lang Yilang first!

Like a raging whirlwind, the Li Clan members chased after them .

Thud, thud, thud…

It was only now that those heads which Chu Yang had decapitated out of the blue earlier fell onto the snow grounds one by one… much like a cart of watermelons that had been overturned, rolling about here and there on the snowy ground…

Lang Yilang, who was running at top speed, suddenly stopped in his tracks . His body and arms did a series of odd shaking movements . Taking a deep breath, he suddenly struck out the next moment!

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His body bent forward forcefully in the direction of the pursuers and he shouted ferociously, “‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’!”

This was the most powerful move among all the martial arts techniques he had learned in his entire life!

‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’!

It was also the origin of his nickname, ‘Lang Yilang of the boundless and billowing violent waves’!

‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’ was a move of incredible power . Its might was like the rising tide of the ocean, one wave coming in after the previous . Someone had once joked, “Boundless tides ravage and level the grounds; millions of lives won’t last long . For Lang Yilang of the boundless and billowing violent waves, each wave is even wilder than the previous[1]…”

Cough, although this was a joke, this ‘each wave is even’… cough…’higher than the previous’ was certainly an accurate reflection of the move .

Although there wasn’t any water here, there was snow .

A boom echoed, as though there were snow avalanches in all the surrounding mountains .

A wall of snow suddenly piled up in front of Lang Yilang before they subsequently turned into fierce and turbulent waves of snow . Easily spanning 120 to 150 meters wide, they surged toward the Li Clan members who were catching up to them and crashed into them right in the face .

Behind, waves of snow continued to form and crash toward them…

Distressed cries and grunts could be heard constantly .

And then, an enraged shout came next . “This is ‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’!”

Someone blasted a large hole through the wall of snow . In the blink of an eye, a shadowy figure broke through the internal energy barrier and swooped forward . The moment he appeared, he dealt out two mighty palm strikes and struck Lang Yilang on the chest!

Lang Yilang’s body jerked and shook . Blood spurted from his mouth as he looked at his assailant in disbelief . “Li Qinglei… You!”

Before he even finished, a snap was heard coming from his chest and then his entire chest sunk inward . He was thrown out like a kite with a broken string .

Li Qinglei!

He was a seventh-grade elementary-level Supreme Martial Artist .

He was the true main force and commander-in-chief in this operation to capture Lang Yilang .

At first, he didn’t plan on taking action at all; he had thought himself above personally taking action because of his status . He only intended to boost the morale of the troops by being there and let them quickly capture Lang Yilang . After all, with such abundant manpower, if they couldn’t even take down a mere Lang Yilang… then… these people ought to really hang themselves!

Moreover, Li Qinglei was also rather fearful toward Lang Yilang’s Purple Crystal Hand . If by any chance… he unexpectedly suffered a loss in this easy task, then he was really finished .

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One must know that the Purple Crystal Hand was incurable .

However, he really didn’t expect things to turn out like this!

To him, Li Qingyun getting injured was pretty much no different from him asking for death! He knew full well that the other party was a practitioner of the Purple Crystal Hand and yet he went so near to him . He knew full well that the other party had just taken revenge for the deepest feud in his life and that he was prepared to give his life for his cause, and yet he went up to him intending to pull him down to hell too…

He could only say that Li Qingyun was a fool! But it didn’t affect the overall strength that the Li Clan had sent out this time by much!

However, he truly didn’t expect that there was actually someone who was also hiding nearby, and that he would launch a lethal attack on his men right under his nose!

Leading to Lang Yilang and the others temporarily breaking out of the encirclement!

This was no doubt a big slap across Li Qinglei’s face . That was why he had flown into a rage and disregarded his status and struck out so forcefully!

His first move injured Lang Yilang grievously!

The internal energy which Lang Yilang had amassed using Purple Crystal Revival was completely dispersed by the two palm strikes!

It was as if his body had become weightless, gliding through the snow and flying backward .

The ‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’ that he had created was still rampaging, but he himself had already lost consciousness .

In the snow, a figure suddenly appeared — it was Chu Yang . He reached out and caught hold of Lang Yilang . With a spin of his body, he took advantage of the one instant that Li Qinglei was still neutralizing the recoil from Lang Yilang and dashed out like a bolt of lightning .

Li Qinglei flew into a rage . “Stand right there!”

He chased after him .

Four shadows suddenly appeared . It was surprisingly four of the officers who had turned around and come back .

“Take our Master and leave! Please!”

The four of them implored Chu Yang . Then, almost without any hesitation, they charged toward Li Qinglei .

The power of ‘Boundless and billowing violent waves’ finally ebbed and faded . The Li Clan members then rushed toward them swiftly!

Letting out a loud laugh, the four officers suddenly took hold of each other’s hands . Then, they charged toward the Li Clan members where Li Qinglei was right at the front .

At the next instant!

A deafening boom resounded throughout the heavens and earth!

A mountain peak 300 meters away actually collapsed from the reverberation!

A Supreme Martial Artist taboo… It meant that once this move was launched, even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist would stay away from it! At the very last moment, the four officers and Supreme Martial Artists activated the secret technique of life and gathered all of their life force in this instant . Using their bodies as the host and the universe as the medium!

They launched the Supreme Martial Artist taboo — Self-destruction! They turned their own bodies into a giant bomb; and when four people self-destructed as one, the power generated was even more horrific!

A Supreme Martial Artist taboo… It meant that once this move was launched, even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist would stay away from it!

What more when four people self-destructed as one?

Letting out a weird cry, Li Qinglei forcibly pulled the brakes on his momentum . Then, he retreated as far as he could!

Instantly, he felt a weight on his back, as though an entire mountain had suddenly pressed down on him without any warning! He quickly retreated to an area a few hundred meters away and spun seven to eight rounds . Only then did he manage to neutralize the pressure .

The few right at the front of the Li Clan members who had already charged over suddenly cried out weirdly . Then, as though a regular human being rammed by a mad bull, they were thrown back with their limbs flailing wildly while screaming .

When this explosion ended, a gigantic pothole had formed in the ground . Several hundred meters deep, its length and width were even more shocking!

Almost one-third of the Li Clan members had suffered serious injuries in this explosion . All those whose cultivation was below first-grade Supreme Martial Artist were all injured by the reverberation . More than ten people even died!

Amidst the snow in front of them, the group of people escaping had already vanished without a trace . And they didn’t even know which direction they had gone in!

A raging snowstorm could cover any tracks left behind in just a mere passing moment . What more when coupled with the power of this terrifying explosion?

“Go after them! Dead or alive, I must see them!” Li Qinglei had a terrible look on his face . “Even if you give them wings, they definitely won’t be able to escape in the northwest!”

[1] There are several puns in this poem . The character for Lang Yilang’s surname is also the word for ‘wave’; at the same time, it is also a term for being wild and unrestrained

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