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Chapter 1307: 1307
Chapter 1307: Master Of The Interrogation Hall, Lang Yilang

“How wise of the clan leader!” The eyes of all the elders shone . If this were the case… then wouldn’t the Purple Crystal bloodline become the Li Clan’s? If so…

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With a cold and deep voice, Li Wubo went on, “With that, we can turn the Purple Crystal bloodline into the Li Clan’s branch bloodline step by step . At that point in time, the Li Clan will be stable for a long time to come . In addition, no matter when, we will be the first to discover and easily obtain Purple Crystal mines… Once we survive this ten thousandth year crisis and kill the rest of the Nine Tribulations with our mighty strength… and dominate the Nine Heavens… Then doesn’t that mean that we would have established the start of the Li Clan’s true glory!”

Everyone mused heavily over this . This was indeed not impossible . Think about it — After the Nine Tribulations Sword Master united the Nine Heavens, there would be a lot of things to be done . The strength of basically all the top forces would have been depleted completely by then…

On the contrary, the Li Clan would definitely have retained most of their resources and manpower… At that point, if they were to catch them off-guard and stage a rebellion and kill them, it wouldn’t be strange at all .

This was completely within their means .

“This… is certainly rather vicious . However… For the sake of the clan, this is the only way . ” Li Wubo said heavily, “I hope the elders can understand… and execute the plan!”

All the elders got up immediately . “Clan Leader, what are you saying! We have always had nothing but support for the clan’s decisions . There is no reason for us to object!”

Among a vast expanse of snow, Wei Wuyan walked in silence . Three others followed behind him as they sighed deeply .

They were Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan .

There were injuries on all four of them . The one whose injuries were especially serious was Wei Wuyan .

Ever since they left Tianji City, the four of them had traveled together . All of them were experts and they didn’t encounter any trouble along the way either . Contrary to expectations, their days had passed rather peacefully .

One day, it seemed like Wei Wuyan had unexpectedly discovered something and started to head all the way north .

He had discovered Hong Wuliang’s trail!

Toward Hong Wuliang, this person who was both his Teacher and enemy, Wei Wuyan felt nothing but intense hatred . The moment he discovered it, he disregarded everything and followed his trail the whole way .

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Fearing that Wei Wuyan would meet with danger, Wan Renjie and the other two naturally accompanied him .

Unexpectedly, after traveling for a short time, news of Extraterrestrial Demons suddenly started to spread like wildfire in the world . In no time, uncertainty and fear permeated the atmosphere . Everyone was filled with righteous indignation and rolling their sleeves up for a fight .

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Everywhere, people were denouncing Chu Yang for having lost his mind and being so inhumane…

The four of them became more and more bewildered . After asking around for a long time, they finally made sense of the situation . It was because Chu Yang had annihilated the Medicine Valley…

When they finally understood what had happened, the four of them flew into a rage . They got into a huge argument in a restaurant and even came to blows with others!

“How can Chu Yang be an Extraterrestrial Demon? If Chu Yang were an Extraterrestrial Demon, all of you are Extraterrestrial Demons too! Your entire family members are Extraterrestrial Demons!” Bao Buhuan was a short-tempered man . Unable to hold himself back, he raised his voice and promptly proceeded to beat up everyone in the restaurant who were discussing this matter .

The four of them were already in a bad mood from the start . When they discovered traces of Hong Wuliang, they felt even more repressed . And now, people were actually slandering their brother right in front of them . This was absolutely intolerable!

This wasn’t a big deal in the beginning . Even though the four of them were subsequently attacked by the masses, the majority of their opponents weren’t skilled experts . As such, they were able to wallop most of them into submission in no time at all .

But then, the four of them found themselves in an awkward situation where they were surrounded by attackers .

It had only been no more than four hours when someone recognized them . “No wonder these bastards were defending Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon . They themselves are the Extraterrestrial Demon’s accomplices!”

“I’ve seen them before! They were with Chu Yang in Tianji City!”

“They are Extraterrestrial Demons!”

Everything started because of this . Immediately, Wei Wuyan and the other three became the target of public rage!

In the beginning, the four of them didn’t think much of it and thought of it merely as a small disturbance . But as time went by, they found their situation becoming increasingly serious . More and more experts were coming over . The four of them gradually began to feel the strain . When the Nine Super Clans and experts from the Law-Enforcement Hall interfered too, the four of them were completely reduced to having to flee for their lives .

“We’ll go to the south-east and ask Chu Yang what we should do about this!” Wan Renjie gave the final word . “We’ll also bring this piece of news to him while we’re at it… This must be taken seriously . ”

The four then started heading to the south-east . However, they didn’t expect that the journey would become so tough .

Not only were they unable to enter the south-east, but they were also instead pursued the entire way by enemies, with barely any time to catch their breath . The four of them tried various ways to evade their pursuers but were unsuccessful . At last, they finally found a point of breakthrough and escaped, only to realize that this was in the direction of the northwest .

But by now, they were basically already enemies with the whole world . Left with no choice, the four of them could only fight their way through bloody battles and continue on… Through this series of coincidences, they actually fought their way to the borders of the northwest .

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And they could achieve this only because every one of them was a man of long experience . All of them had gone through so much in their lives so that they were practically wily old foxes by now . If it had been others, they would probably have been reduced to dust long ago .

When they reached this area, even though the number of pursuers had lessened, every one of them was a skilled expert .

The four of them were rather miserable .

On top of that, the dispatch of the law-enforcement experts further added to their already dire straits . Once the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall took action, the four of them were basically doomed .

If not for the fact that Lang Yilang, the Master of the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall, had issued strict orders to capture them alive!

The four of them would probably be cold dead bodies by now .

It was also precisely because of this order of Lang Yilang’s that the four of them could consistently escape and break out of the sieges… which led to them going in circles in these vast snowfields right now…

They had just been through a fierce battle . After breaking through the enemy’s siege with much difficulty, the four of them were currently running through the mountains .

“We can’t go on like this…” Wan Renjie was the most experienced and astute among them . “We don’t even have a target destination… This won’t do . ”

“But we can’t stop now either . ” Cheng Duying had a troubled look on his face . “Our pursuers are everywhere . We should count our lucky stars if we can even rest for a couple of hours… Where are we going to find the time to think of solutions?”

Bao Buhuan nodded incessantly . “Eldest Senior Brother Disciple and Second Senior Brother Disciple are right . ”

Wei Wuyan was silent for a moment before he suddenly said, “Or how about the solution that I mentioned before…”

“Absolutely not!” Before Wei Wuyan even finished, Wan Renjie and the other two were already shaking their heads . “It’s fine and all if the four of us brothers were to die together… But if we were to leave you behind and escape on our own… Wei Wuyan, if you still see us as humans, don’t bring that up anymore!”

Wei Wuyan had a resigned smile on his face . There was a hint of emotion in his dull and lifeless eyes . “I know… All of you are men who value friendship and loyalty . But it currently looks like Lang Yilang is just after me alone . If you are to stick with me, I will only end up implicating all of you . ”

“I’m willing to be implicated by you!” Cheng Duying stuck his neck out stubbornly . “Others are not even of enough status to implicate me even if they wanted to . ”

“Brother Wei! Second Senior Brother Disciple is right!” Bao Buhuan agreed passionately .

Wan Renjie said, “That’s right, Brother Wei . We are one in life and death now! Don’t dissuade us anymore . ”

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“Brother Wei, Eldest Brother Senior Disciple is right!” Bao Buhuan agreed vehemently .

Wei Wuyan took a deep breath . “If you guys live on, you can still notify Chu Yang… But if all of us were to die, who is going to help our Little Brother?”

Wan Renjie chuckled . “Brother Wei, with Moon Breeze by his side, how can Little Brother be in danger?”

Cheng Duying laughed . “Besides, there’s Bu Liuqing too . And there’s even an amazingly strong Lady Zi over there! If we go to him, we’ll end up becoming Little Brother’s burden instead . ”

Bao Buhuan nodded wildly . “Brother Wei, Eldest Senior Brother Disciple and Second Senior Brother Disciple are right . ”

Wei Wuyan couldn’t do anything about them…

Behind them, numerous shadows moved . Their pursuers were here again .

Sighing, the four of them increased their speed . Leaving behind a trail of snow dust, they vanished into the deep corners of the snowfields…

After another three days .

Wei Wuyan and the other three were already exhausted and out of strength . However, they had also finally thrown off their pursuers for the time being . Panting heavily, they leaned against the walls inside a valley and tried to catch their breath . “I seriously don’t know how Little Brother has offended the law-enforcement officers . Why are they so crazily persistent?”

It was only now that Cheng Duying finally got a spare moment to treat his wounds that had almost frozen over .

“But no matter how he has offended the law-enforcement officers, there’s no excuse for them to come up with this ridiculous Extraterrestrial Demon crime to frame him!” Wan Renjie said furiously, “If the law-enforcement officers can do that, then are they going to just accuse whoever they don’t see eye to eye with as ‘Extraterrestrial Demons’ from now on? And do whatever they want with no regard for anything? This is preposterous!”

Wei Wuyan sighed . “That’s how the law-enforcement officers are… All of you are experienced men of the martial world . Why is it that you can’t even see through something as simple as this?”

The three of them sighed in unison .

Even though they knew that the ways of the world were unjust, what could they do? All they did was speak up for their brother and they were already seen as accomplices, causing them to be pursued by the whole world .

If the three of them were to die… Was there even anybody whom they could go to to redress their grievances?

How many were there left in this world who swallowed their pride and endured in silence?

“Law-enforcement officers… Hurhur…” Sneering, Bao Buhuan scoffed in a low voice, “The law-enforcement officers are nothing impressive!”

The three of them nodded simultaneously .

Right at this moment, an emotionless voice drifted over to them . “You’re right, the law-enforcement officers are nothing impressive! However, all of you have forgotten something — the law-enforcement officers are law itself! When you have the ability to make the law, you can also play with the law!”

This voice came unexpectedly . It actually seemed to be coming from above them .

Blood drained from their faces . Leaping into the air at the same time, they rushed out of this shelter and looked over .

At the top of the valley, ten black-clad figures stood in an imposing manner . Ten pairs of cold and emotionless eyes looked neatly toward the four of them .

In this instant, the four of them felt like they had fallen into an ice cave! A sense of hopelessness welled up in their hearts!

The man at the front was dressed fully in black with a red ribbon tied around his forehead . His face was thin and gaunt, his countenance solitary and his eyes ruthless and harsh . He had a thin and tall physique . None of the others beside him wore capes; he was the only one wearing a huge black cloak which flapped fiercely in the wind .

Even though they had never seen him before, the four of them recognized him instantly!

Judging from his manner of dressing, this was the Master of the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall — Lang Yilang!

The other ten people were all Supreme Martial Artists! The bearing of an expert was already apparent just by them simply standing there .

“Lang Yilang?!” Raising his head, Wei Wuyan asked slowly .

“How audacious! How dare you speak the name of the Master!” scolded a black-clad figure at the side harshly and loudly .

Waving him off, Lang Yilang gazed at Wei Wuyan with some interest . “So you are… Hong Wuliang’s disciple, Wei Wuyan?”

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