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Chapter 1306: 1306
Chapter 1306: Such Viciousness

With a thud, Chu Yang knocked out the other unconscious person one more time and stuffed him under the bed . The old doctor on the bed was still unconscious . Pulling up the blankets, he made him face the wall .

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Then, he walked out with a face full of worry .

“Old Doctor, how is Lord Zi’s injuries?” asked the few people waiting outside anxiously .

“Cough… This illness of Lord Zi’s… is no small matter . This old man needs to head out immediately to gather some herbs! All of you, stay here and watch him properly . I’ve already used the Great Divine Needle Technique to seal Lord Zi’s life force and prevent it from leaking… Before I return, no matter what happens, do not ever, ever allow anyone to enter the room . If it agitates his life force, there won’t be anything that can save him!”

“We’re pressed for time, I’m going out immediately! It’s a good thing that I know where this herb can be found . I’m afraid that others won’t know the correct way to extract it and end up damaging the divine herb and causing it to lose its effect . As such, I will personally see to this matter and will set off immediately! I leave this place in your hands, everyone . ”

“Do not ever, ever allow anyone to go in before I return! This is absolutely critical!” Old Doctor Chu Yang’s expression was very serious .

“Old Doctor, rest assured that we will definitely guard Lord Zi properly! We won’t let anyone disturb him!”

After giving them a series of serious warnings, Chu Yang the Old Doctor hoisted a hoe onto this shoulder and picked up the medicine box before he walked out proud and openly .

The moment he left, his gait became hurried . Under the snow-lit night and in the heavy snow, he hastily headed in the direction of the mountain pass .

This old doctor was the Li Clan’s number one physician . He had always been well-respected and enjoyed a prestigious status within the clan . He had saved countless lives and everyone in the Li Clan knew him . As such, this journey of Chu Yang was of course very smooth .

There were constantly patrol guards who, upon seeing him, greeted him respectfully .

The old doctor smiled and nodded at them, his footsteps never once stopping .

Although this old doctor’s heart was completely immersed in the field of medicine, his cultivation level had reached third-grade Emperor . Even though it was mediocre in Chu Yang’s eyes, it did not stop him from hurrying on his journey at the speed of a third-grade Emperor .

Seeing that he was already out of the clan’s architectural zone, Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief and continued forward .

Suddenly, a low shout came from the side . “What’s the password!”

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Standing still, Chu Yang stroked his beard and smiled . “It’s me . ”

A large man appeared in the snow . “Oh, you’re the senior pharmacist doctor . Where are you heading at such an early time?”

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Sighing, Chu Yang’s expression was full of gloom . “That Lord Zi is on the brink of death . I have no choice but to head out overnight to gather some herbs for him…”

“But the clan leader has instructed that… no one is to pass through… This…” The man was rather hesitant .

“This old man treating Lord Zi’s injuries is also the clan leader’s top priority order . ” Chu Yang smiled .


“If you refuse to let me out, I’m more than happy to not have to go through this trouble and will just head back . If Lord Zi unfortunately dies… and the clan’s important matters come to a premature end, you’ll just be the one to take responsibility for it, that’s all . The weather is so cold that I don’t want to go out even if you ask me to . ” Snorting, Chu Yang turned to leave .

“Wait, wait… Old Doctor, please wait a moment . ” The man backed down immediately and came forward with an ingratiating smile . “I’m just doing my duty… I have no other choice . Since that’s the case, it’ll be fine as long as the Old Doctor goes and returns quickly . I will not stop you . ”

“Go and return quickly? On what grounds?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes . “Who do you think you are, actually ordering me about… Not only will I not return quickly, but I also won’t go out at all!”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t… Old Doctor, a magnanimous man like you won’t hold it against me, right… I’m nothing but a fart… You can just let me off after relaxing your mouth…” The man smiled at him ingratiatingly and tried to please him .

Lord Zi was someone who dared to scold even the clan leader . His formidability didn’t need any mention… If anything were to really happen to Lord Zi because of him… His entire family would end up very unlucky .

“Smack!” Chu Yang gave the fellow a tight slap across the cheek, berating him furiously in a low voice, “Bastard! Do you use your mouth to fart? Actually wanting me to relax my mouth and let you off? What kind of ridiculous talk is that!”

The man held his cheek, a hint of fury crossing his eyes though he didn’t dare to flare up . “Yes, yes, yes… I said something inappropriate . ”

Chu Yang snorted furiously . “I was already filled with displeasure at having to go out and gather herbs in this weather . To think I have to even encounter someone like you on the way!”

Snorting, he raised his head and walked past haughtily with his beard in the air .

After he was long gone, the man from earlier finally returned to his hiding place with a face full of perplexion . He grumbled non-stop in his heart, “This old fellow has always been very good-tempered . Why is he this unreasonable this time…”

Touching his cheek which was still burning, he said spitefully, “This old guy is just throwing his life away by going out anyway . ”

After going through several tens of mountain passes, Chu Yang finally went out of the entrance of the Li Clan . Looking back, he actually had a kind of feeling as though everything was just a dream .

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He was finally out .

This trip was not made in vain; his gains were monumental .

Chu Yang already had the intention to leave . When he heard that piece of news, all the more he couldn’t stay still . What exactly did the Master of the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall, Lang Yilang, head out personally for?

Chu Yang didn’t have any reliable news, but he believed that Lang Yilang would never make a move for no reason .

Even when Lang Yilang previously besieged Hong Wuliang, the biggest foe of his life, he didn’t even attend to it personally . Firstly, he might really have reached a bottleneck in cultivation; secondly, there was probably another reason…

And yet he headed out this time . Considering the timing, it was probably to deal with the Extraterrestrial Demons… Other than that, there were no other major events .

But who were the Extraterrestrial Demons?

Chu Yang thought about it . If it was merely to deal with him, this probably wasn’t enough to alarm Lang Yilang . However… Could Lang Yilang have set out this time because of… Wei Wuyan?

If Wei Wuyan were to be discovered, he could be deemed ‘an accomplice of the Extraterrestrial Demon’ .

Besides, Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan were also with Wei Wuyan . These few had all been seen with him in Tianji City .

Chu Yang had been keeping an eye out for these four people’s whereabouts all this time to no avail .

They were probably the only ones… who could get Lang Yilang to personally deal with them this time .

Because of him, they were now in danger .

How could Chu Yang not panic?

Seeing that he had already left the watchful eye of the Li Clan and that he was completely hidden by the vast expanse of snow behind him, Chu Yang immediately activated his movement techniques . In a whoosh, he vanished without a trace .

After turning the corner at the foot of a mountain, he reverted to his original appearance . However, this time, he didn’t don black robes . Instead, he donned robes of white . As though he had blended into the snow, he sped along as he spread his vast divine sense over a wide expanse .

The most important thing now was to locate those people who had left the Li Clan .

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The Li Clan members wanted to look for Lang Yilang, while Lang Yilang wanted to look for Wei Wuyan .

This was a link .

When Chu Yang was on the way out, Li Wubo and over ten other clan elders were in the midst of discussing the matter about Lord Zi . A total of sixteen people sat all around . They were the nucleus forces of the Li Clan, as well as the decision-makers of this generation .

On this night, after returning from visiting Lord Zi, they came together and discussed a few issues . After finalizing the arrangements regarding Lang Yilang, they saw the team off . At last, they could now properly discuss the matter about Lord Zi .

“Elders, let’s discuss how we should win Zi Xiaoyan over . ” Li Wubo took a breath and said, “Using beauty to seduce him is obviously not viable . The three maidservants in his residence are all gorgeous beauties, yet he was completely unmoved . We don’t need to talk about this aspect anymore . ”

“Yes . ” Another elder said, “Using Purple Crystals to move him obviously doesn’t work either . He himself possesses the ability of the Purple Crystal mine; neither Purple Crystals nor riches will be able to move him . ”

“It’s rather a pity to kill him . ” Another person mused .

“Of course we can’t kill him!”

“But this man needs to be completely under the control of the Li Clan! Should he ever fall into the hands of the other clans, it would be a great disaster . ” The eyes of another elder flickered . “But once we are done using him… There’s no harm in killing him . ”

Everyone fell silent .

Li Wubo took a deep breath . “I have an idea, just that it’s a little vicious . ”

“Clan Leader, please say it!” All the elders said, “As long as the Li Clan can prosper for another ten thousand years, so what even if it’s vicious? Even if the world despises it, this must be done regardless . The clan comes first; under this precondition, everything… can be disregarded!”

Li Wubo nodded . “What I’m thinking of is… When his injuries have recovered a little, we’ll poison him…”

“What kind of poison can affect a Sword Supremacy?” All the elders started to think hard .

“The Soul Control Herb!” Li Wubo replied carefully .

All the elders received a huge shock .

The Soul Control Herb was unique to the north-west . When used together with Congealed Snow, it could control any Supreme Martial Artist! If he were to disobey commands, just a mere thought would let him suffer unspeakable agony and feel worse than death .

However, there was a precondition to using this poison — It needed the power of a Supreme Martial Artist to catalyze it and human life as a key ingredient . Meaning that… Someone must be sacrificed in order to successfully poison him .

“Just as well . We’ll use that physician… That old guy is treating Zi Xiaoyan’s injuries, so he’s the one person whom he will be the least suspicious of,” one of the elders suggested .

Most of these people had received the kindness of that physician and had their injuries treated by him before . He had even saved the lives of a few of them before . Although these few people couldn’t really bear to do such a thing, after thinking about it, they chose to remain silent .

Compared to the clan, how much was a human life worth? Even if he had saved them before… it didn’t matter either .

“Those who should die won’t be able to avoid death . That old man is not young anymore too . It’s not like he’s going to live forever even if we don’t kill him . ” The eyes of one of the elders flickered . “Therefore, I suggest that all of you keep your compassion to yourselves! It’s something that will cause you to lose your life!”

No one spoke anymore .

There was truth in what he said . Even though the physician had saved them before, he was already an old man after all . These last few years, his strength had also somewhat been unable to keep up with his will . Even if they didn’t kill him, was he going to live on forever?

When they thought of it this way, they actually felt somewhat at ease and justified .

Seeing that nobody was objecting anymore, Li Wubo nodded in satisfaction . “Alright, since that’s the case, we’ll go ahead with it . Seventh Elder, I’ll put you in charge of this . This must go off without a hitch . ”

The hawk-nosed Seventh Elder stood and received the order . This Seventh Elder was the coldest and most vicious person among the elders . Li Wubo had gone to the right person by handing this mission to him .

“Once we have him in our control, we’ll need to guard against his counter-attack at all times and tame him… And get him to obey us completely . However, we must not let down our guard . ” Li Wubo’s eyes were cold and venomous . “At an appropriate time, we’ll drug him and get him to mate with women and produce offspring . The more the better, and not limited to males or females . After we let him groom his offspring… and ascertain that the offspring can be used by us, we’ll kill Zi Xiaoyan!”

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